Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 3

Three Meals a Day in DeukRyang Island Episode 3; Fishing Village Edition 3

So we’re back to SeoJin trying not to go to work, using his heart as an excuse, and he doesn’t want to go even more once Na PD tells him what it is – planting 1440 heads of cabbages in return for the permission to pick and eat anything on the island for themselves – hehe.

Eric fires up Ericar and drives them to the other edge of the island where a sizable field lays bare, waiting for them to plant seeds. SeoJin stands up on Ericar and looks around, seeing the perfect view and then suggesting they let him turn the place into a gravesite, HAHAHA.

It’s autumn and that means that all the autumn fruits are ripe and intense in colour, and the root vegetables are fat and plump. The three guys manage to find some sweet potatoes and SeoJin goes right in there to pluck them out himself, heh.

Eric rests on a platform and notes that the place would be perfect for soju and meat when a director tells them that when it’s night, fireflies appear. So cool. SeoJin can’t be bothered by the romance and brings his farming tool and KyunSang automatically gets up to help him. Pfft, he ends up switching places with KyunSang when Eric sees how awkward he is being with the tall tool, giving KyunSang the tool to work with while he just drops the sweet potato plants into it. Then he complains that they probably won’t be able to complete it by the end of the day. These guys need to see what’s out there in Gochang. Your field isn’t even that big!


Back at home, Mong-ie lazes around and stretches alone, since his brother won’t play with him. Heheh, these cats are the cutest little things ever. Soon, with some prodding from Mong-ie, Koong-ie comes out from under his spot under the cupboard and crawls all over the room. They hide in all the smallest spaces and take over the room. Pfft, Koong-ie totally struggles with his big butt not being able to fit under the cupboard!

Uncle Eric returns to the house early and puts on his orange gloves. Hehe, the chef is back and this time, he’s going to try to make Kimchi. Will it taste as good at JiWoo’s, the woman whose Kimchi made SeoJin’s dimples have dimples? It’s his first time making side dishes because usually, it would be his mom making them. But because he’d realised that they were important, even though the PD’s had told him to come without needing to think much, he’d called his mom for SOS and made several kinds of Kimchi with her just a day before he left for this first filming.


Now on the island, he works pretty fast, splitting and salting all the cabbages, chopping the radishes for Kkakdugi in huge pieces (and he does that knowing that they’re going only going to eat them two weeks later, otherwise he would have cut them smaller) and turning all the other radishes into matchsticks for the Kimchi marinade.

He’s soon done with the prep work and asks if he can sleep if he ends early, ahaha. But he just ends up washing the dishes and even mutters like an ajumma as he does, hehe. And after he’s done, he prepares the marinade for the Kimchi (but not before sighing that he’s in trouble because it’s about time SeoJin returns), this time, the fast Eric no more, but back to the super slow Deputy E, HA!

A long time and a bite of pear later, he’s back to quick and fast Eric! Then he puts his gloves on and the staff asks what he’s going to do now, expecting him to finish up on the Kimchi. He replies that he’s just going to make the marinade (that’s it), HAHAHAH. Wah waaah.

He’s nervous about SeoJin coming back fast and checks that he’s not coming back yet right? So he’s going to work slowly. But Sir Grumpypants is already watering the seedlings!

And just that moment, Sir Grumpypants appears round the corner, HEH. Right behind him is KyunSang, carrying everything.

He’s surprised to hear that they’re back so early, then says that because SeoJin hadn’t peeled enough garlic, he’ll need another 30 minutes for everything to be ready, HAHHA!

So the multi-talented tvN10 Entertainer Daesang winner gets round to peeling them. He even notes that they should boil water right now and sends KyunSang to prepare the fire and water. Then he and Eric order KyunSang around, with Eric giving instructions regarding the Kimchi and SeoJin tacking on the other necessary notes regarding the water for his Vongole Spaghetti.

Time passes like that, each of the three islanders doing their work – SeoJin on garlic duty, Eric on the Kimchi and KyunSang on fire.


KyunSang announces that the water is being too calm (not boiling) and SeoJin, probably hungry, wraps the sweet potatoes they picked in aluminium foil and puts them with the fire. Koong-ie comes out and so KyunSang goes to close the door. Koong-ie just sits before the door, right there, and opens the door again. KyunSang closes the door. Koong-ie opens the door again. SeoJinnie locks it, HEH!

Time for Vongole! The boiling water is salted and the spaghetti put into it to boil. KyunSang mans the fire and Eric checks the noodles. He takes them out after testing that they’re ready and so now, it’s time to work on the garlic, the oil and the clams for the Vongole. KyunSang can’t wait. Pfft, SeoJin stands still, transfixed too.

In honour of their italian dish, SeoJin prepares some huge pretty plates for it.

Eric takes the lid off the steaming clams and KyunSang practically drools to see the bubbling liquid and open clams. Eric has a taste of the sauce and throws in the spaghetti that lands with a plop and then decides that there was way too much. So he takes some off the top with his bare hands, HEHE.


He adds the other vegetables and gives it a shake before tasting some and makes a funny reaction, so Na PD goes, “you made a problem right?” But nope, he declares that it’s still edible and it’s ready now.

The time for judgement comes as SeoJin has his first big bite. He eats once…  chews… says nothing… then goes again. This time, he just nods his head, but he still says nothing. Luckily for Eric’s blood pressure, he declares Eric did well. Na PD, the one who knows him best, notes that he nodded his head like 17 times, hehe.

They all dig in and it must be AWESOME because SeoJin actually eats straight from the pan, PFFFT. He’s even more amazed that the pickles that Eric just made came out so well too.

Na PD asks if the taste of the clams is apparent and SeoJin agrees.

So of course, Na PD has to have a taste and I present you part 2 of the “Model of a University Student”. He actually takes the whole pan away to share with the production crew, heh.

They finish their lunch and they even get dessert! It’s the sweet potato that SeoJin left to roast. Eric mutters that it tastes like sweet potato cake… so SeoJin asks him if he knows how to bake one, HAHAH!

Now that they’ve all eaten, it’s back to making Kimchi and SeoJin is in such a good mood that he actually feeds KyunSang some.

A long time later, they’re done with two different kinds of Kimchi and head out to the sea, to go back home.

SeoJin left with a smile… but came back weeks later with a total frown because it’s RAINING, hahhahah! And worse, they keep getting splashed by salty sea water. At least he doesn’t slam the boat into the jetty to stop it this time.

It’s been three weeks since they last came but the house hasn’t changed much, other than it being wet and cold because of the rain.


First thing KyunSang does is to search for Koong-ie and SeoJin even goes to stroke the cat, amazed that it’s so calm. KyunSang comes out without changing his clothes and Na PD nags him to go change. What’s the point when he’s just going to get wet while building the fire anyway? And SeoJin has a moment of connection with the maknae as he agrees, HEHE.

Meanwhile, Chef Eric changes while Koong-ie relaxes in the same room. HEHE, He even greets the camera and asks if it has eaten. He has. What a sweet guy.

SeoJin takes the Kimchi out and we actually get to see how it fermented in the three weeks they weren’t here. That’s so cool. SeoJin and KyunSang try the Kimchis and one of them is a sour but the other one is perfect.

Kimchi tasting over, they need to set the fire up in the fire pit outside but… it’s raining! How?


So SeoJin to searches the back of the house for things to make a shelter with. He checks the roof too and, HAHHAHA, he stands on the tall platform while KyunSang stands on the little step around their washing area and yet they’re the same height!

SeoJin sends KyunSang to get some poles and a ladder. In the meantime, Koong-ie has managed to open the door and pop out. KyunSang tries to grab an anchor point on the roof but it’s dangerous so he comes back down. Eric tries the same thing and practically lies on the roof, getting a foot up on it, HA! But it works!

So they manage to anchor a string to the roof and Eric goes back in to find something to cut the vinyl with. HAHA, he comes out with his new switchblades and SeoJin plays around with it with Eric instructions, ignoring Na PD’s teasing and calling it fun

What’s with the editing, heh. He’s making it like SeoJin just found his long lost brother, the one who completes him and changes him into a nice person!

In his personal interview, Eric confidently says that you do need people like SeoJin. Then there’s an awkward pause, because he can’t come up with any reasons why you’ll need SeoJin, HAHAHA. But in the end, he concedes that SeoJin is like endorphin.

They manage to set the vinyl up pretty well but…. KyunSang pulls on a pole a little too hard and the portion attached to the roof comes off. Ooops.

So they try with a tougher fabric next and heh, they laugh over how SeoJin creeps towards Eric like a sharks from JAWS as he cuts the fabric while Eric and KyunSang hold the edges. There’s another problem – shelter caves in. So Eric heads behind again and pulls out a really, really long wooden stick, heh. He goes off to cut it at SeoJin’s instructions, doing it roughly like he’s angry at it. It works!  And later, the firewood refuse to split for KyunSang so the giant baby shows it just what happens when things don’t go a strong angry person’s way, HAHA.

It’s curry rice for lunch and Eric had brought some ingredients for curry (since they talked about it in the previous filming). He goes to his room to take them and coos over Koong-ie at the same time.


SeoJin works on the potatoes and even peels the carrots. He even peeled the onions. You know SeoJin loves Eric just from that. But he’s shy and can’t stand sitting right opposite the guy, across a small bin, hee.

Eric prepares the vegetables, cutting them into big pieces for the curry while SeoJin peels the garlic. Oh, they actually get meat from Na PD?! Eric thinly slices them and then sighs that they’ve got too much meat. Oh right, they don’t have a fridge.

SeoJin is done working for the day so he goes around waging war on all the insects in the house, even those under Eric’s butt. He even holds up the pole in the middle of their shelter that keeps falling and helps KyunSang with stacking the firewood. With KyunSang’s mighty power, the fire blazes even under the rain.

SeoJin’s surprised when Eric passes him some seaweed to soak and Eric explains that he’s going to make Cold Cucumber Soup.

SeoJin to Na PD: “Why are you so surprised?” Hehe.


Eric easily juliennes the cucumber and easily makes the “broth” for the soup.

He sends a pot to KyunSang to fill with 1/3 of water and set to boil. Then he goes off to get chilli leaves. Ha? He blanches them in the water KyunSang had set to boil. Then he returns to his kitchen and prepares a side dish with it for the curry. Whoa.

Meanwhile, KyunSang sets the rice to cook. PFFFFTTTT, today must be an angry day because even the fire in the fire pit beside it burns like it’s from hell. Eric gets so scared that he cooks far away from the fire. While SeoJin complains, “Hey, food must have the taste of fire!”

While he cooks, SeoJin sees the coconut milk and wonders what the heck that is. I’m kind of amazed that Eric’s making the curry from scratch. Most people usually just pour a pre-mix in. This curry isn’t a recipe from O’live TV. It’s from a comic book, HEHE. Heh? He adds dark chocolate into the curry, which he says is in Japanese curry.

Sometime later, the curry starts to look finished and so SeoJin prepares their Kimchi while Eric finishes up the cold cucumber soup.

SeoJin gets the rice and complains about them production filming it, accusing them of expecting it to burn, HAHA. Put some curry on it and curry rice is done!

They gather round their table at the porch and begin to eat lunch, the first meal of their second stay at Deukryang Island. SeoJin eats everything and then offers to open a restaurant with Eric, hehe. This is like watching Three Meals a Day in Gochang. But instead of Chajumma, they have Ejumma here. Ejumma doesn’t sound catchy. Anyone have any other idea? Chef E? But he wears that hairband like an ajumma!

While they eat outside, the cats doze off inside, Koong-ie on the floor while Mong-ie takes over the bookshelf, HAHA! This cat likes his books.  So it ends up that Koong-ie is the only one receiving all of daddy’s love (because Mong-ie is not accessible where he is). Then KyunSang heads out again.


Eric already has a menu in mind for dinner and that makes SeoJin happy enough that he doesn’t complain when they head out to go clam digging even though it’s raining. The evil business management graduate even plots to open a restaurant with Eric (and steal his recipes) before leaving in a year, HAHA!

Off they go, to the mudflats!

The mud flats are teeming with life of all sorts, though the inexperienced fools can’t find any for a good long while, heh. But Eric has all the luck in the world and finds one just lying on the ground a short distance away. KyunSang finds one too. No, they aren’t the luckiest people on the planet. They just managed to get to the mudflats at the right time, right when the tide that brought all the goodies had just backed off, leaving them with easy-to-pick gold off the ground.

SeoJin digs a spot and finds something huge. He can’t get it out, so KyunSang takes over and it’s a big razor-clam. Oh! They find more of those around the beach, one after another and slowly, KyunSang’s present-bucket gets filled up.


They find something alive in the ground, but they never manage to catch it because it always sneaks into the ground way too fast.  KyunSang picks up something, though he’s not sure what it is at all, but that’s okay to SeoJin. Because they can put it in their tanks and make it worth money! They find all sorts of marine animals and Eric even finds a golf ball and adds it to their bucket, HA!

The sun sets and they head home, groaning at how tired they are. HAHAHA, SeoJin totally adds that golf ball into the tank.

KyunSang is given clam-washing duty and he cringes when they move.

They realise that they have 8 kinds of clams (including that questionable thing KyunSang picked) and SeoJin informs Na PD of that with a smile. With the crabs and the puffer fish, they have the requisite 10 species in their tanks! HAHA, Eric demands 100 bucks (while SeoJin asks if it wasn’t 50 bucks instead) but Na PD complains that those inedible shouldn’t be counted.  No way!

No dice, so Na PD sneakily asks if they’ll use that earning to pay back that debt they took out earlier and SeoJin very nearly falls for it while Eric is like, “we paid it with work!” Well now, I see that someone’s losing his touch and when it comes to money, don’t mess with Eric and he gets calculative with Na PD, hehe.

He takes the money back to his room and plays with Koong while KyunSang happily adds their “catch” into the tank.

Eric has decided to challenge making Japchae for dinner, something that’s actually quite difficult/troublesome to make as Na PD points out. SeoJin retorts that it’s why one has to eat Japchae on one’s birthday. Plus, eating Japchae means you’ll have a long life! “I like Japchae!”

Eric easily prepares all the vegetables, and even pulls through with one of his E-cipies, marinating the meat in the plastic bag that it was in all along. He even makes the eggs for SeoJinnie, frying it in the fry-pan’s residual heat in order to ensure that he gets a thin layer. Oof, he accidentally rips it. But that’s okay!


Eric has brought a can of mackerel pike too… the only thing that SeoJin said he could cook/prepare. Hehe. So, we actually get to see SeoJin cook this time. He quickly peels the potatoes and Na PD asks KyunSang if he doesn’t have any intent to learn that. KyunSang says no, just in case SeoJin gets bored (because he stole his work away).

SeoJin: “No, (I won’t)!” and then he proceeds to flick his potato into the trash bin, HAHAHHAHAHA!

OMG, SeoJin is actually cooking! Mackerel Stew, guys. We should give him an award!

Eric brings out the wok, their new tool, since all the pots are used. He boils the sweet potato noodles in that and sautees the onions in that too. He then sautés the spring onions, the chives and then the carrots, all separately (and this is why Japchae is difficult to make). Lastly, he adds in the meat to cook. He’d actually cooked them according to colour, from the lightest to the darkest.

SeoJin and KyunSang watch in wonder from behind him.


They decide to eat their clams right now and aw, SeoJin keeps reminding KyunSang to watch his hands while cleaning the clams. KyunSang cleans those clams according to Eric’s instructions.

While the two others busy themselves with that, Eric mixes the Japchae up, adding soy sauce and sesame oil. SeoJin grills the clams over bare flames and KyunSang sighs that it really seems like they’re in a fishing village.

He even gets to eat the Japchae first as guinea pig and though it’s good on its own, he admits what if they were to eat it with rice, it needs to taste stronger. So more soy sauce goes into it.

The clams that have been bubbling in their own juices are soon done and the Hyungs give a whole piece to KyunSang to eat first even though he’d suggested to cut that one piece. SeoJin, “What do you mean cut?!”

SeoJin even feeds Eric before him and it’s like a whole new world to him. SeoJin gets a piece himself and he basically just nods his head. But you know that it’s good because KyunSang asks if the mudflats will appear tomorrow too (at 4.15 am!) and SeoJin goes, that’s the exact time KyunSang wakes!

Dinner is finally prepared and SeoJin gets to finally eat his Japchae that he insisted was a food that must be eaten on one’s birthday. So Na PD now wishes him a Happy Birthday, HAHHA! But his birthday is in January!

Hey, even SeoJin’s Saury Mackerel Pike Stew is delicious!


The big baby slurps everything up and that’s a good sight to SeoJin, who’s been worried over how he hasn’t been eating well, since he’d been so conscious of them. KyunSang laughs that he’s not sure whether the food tastes good because he’s worked so hard or whether it’s because Eric’s food is really that delicious.They talk about that afternoon’s Vongole and KyunSang even mimics The Voice, from Lee SeonKyun’s drama Pasta, HEHE.

KyunSang washes the dishes and all three guys actually gather over that one chore. Poor Koong who comes out but has no one to play with. Hehe, he’s been doing that (coming out of the room) a little more as time passes but always running back to hide after a while. Long later, it even crawls into the kitchen. That just endears him to SeoJin.



Next Week!

Every day is SeoJin’s birthday! And Eric wrestles with an octopus with a toothbrush still in his mouth.


21 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 3

  1. Thank you for making me easier to understand coz no translation yet. Lee Seo Jin has transformed to the very sweet brother. I think we should thanks Eric for that. Less screen time of Kyun Sang but it seems PDnim wanted to show more Bulsae couple chemistry. I really think Seo Jin adores Eric, either his food or trully himself.


  2. Thanks for the recap. Viewers found the comic Eric said he learned the curry with dark chocolate from. It’s the Japanese Black Butler manga

    I really love this EP.03. The chemistry among the 3 guys are great, though we didn’t see much of Kyunsang this episode. I can’t with Seojin keeps asking Eric to open a restaurant with him… I doubt Eric would want to turn a pro-chef hahaha

    The pocket knives Eric gifted Seojin & Kyunsang are probably the same one he bought for hisShinhwa member Minwoo when Minwoo joined Law of The Jungle (Brazil).

    Captain Seo’s face riding his boat to the island this time crack me up. What a change from the cool departure from EP1 hhahaha


  3. btw, the pork that they had for Japchae, it was from the production? How did they give to the trio just like that? was it an advance too? 🙂


    1. i think eric brought it over from seoul. in the scene when they just arrived and he was unpacking ingredients from his black bagpack, the meat appeared. he did not use all the meat for the curry so there was leftovers for the japchae.


  4. Thanks again for the recap ^^
    Chef Moon is going beyond believe with his cooking skills! even the Kimchi!!!! So proud of him! *_*
    Seojin’s love for Eric is skyrocketing in this episode xD .. & Eric’s knife gift to them reminded me of when he gifted Minwoo the same knife.. Thoughtful Eric ~ .. Loved it when he wore shades,, even wz no makeup & no styled hair, & simple clothes, yet so elegant hahaha *_* .. but seems like I’m the only one who loves him wz that hairband lol, maybe coz it reminds me of old days when he used to wear it ~~
    That curry dish! woow so much to my liking! luv curry & the way veggies were cut & cooked, but am vegetarian so thinking of substitute to meat that gives a delicious taste as well kkk
    I love this episode,, & how the PD was focusing on Firebird couple xD .. not to mention the cute cats & their big boy papa KyunSang ^^


    1. Lol, that hairband. I guess it’s not that bad but… he’s so handsome, why ruin it?! I liked the green cap he wore while making kimchi better. That kept his hair out of his face too.

      Maybe you can substitute meat with tougher tofu.


  5. Thank you for the recap.
    Anyone know the recipe / ingredients that eric used on his Japanese/Thai Curry? I’m hoping to get them and try cooking for myself. 😀
    If anyone knows every ingredients may I have them? Thank you. 🙂


    1. Looks like 1 – 1.5l of coconut milk, a whole white onion, a carrot, some potatoes, thin/ chunky-ish slices of meat (probably pork shoulder butt) and curry powder. And dark chocolate, lol. Maybe it’s a good idea to check that manga Phi talked about out.


  6. I seriously wanna try the menu in this season. E-cipe seems not difficult to follow (maybe because he’s slow mode on) but I start to think Eric is smart when it comes to make cooking easier. And the way he prepared those fishing stuff was so cool. And his handsome looks, ah..why he’s so perfect. Does he has girl friend? Imagine how lucky that girl can try all of Eric’s food.


    1. I prefer no guest but more challenges. But, if there is a guest, I hope it will be three female guests at the same time. One for each lol. There is gorgeous hunk called Eric in this show. PDnim should ‘use’ him appropriately for making the most romantic love line ever in variety show 🙂


      1. There will MANY angry fan girls if they bring a woman on the island. Eric is well loved by the ladies! He’s also really shy with people and women especially so I wouldn’t want to see him out of his comfort zone. I do think he needs to get married but I’m sure his parents are working on it.

        It would be interesting to see women on this show…. or Shinhwa members.


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