1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 147

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 147: Kim JunHo Housemate Special

We now have Kim JunHo’s new-to-KBS-variety roommates with us on 1 Night 2 Days, and as Yoo Jitae says, “Come follow!”

The episode opens to show Jongnokwon, a 31m2 piece of land covered with bamboos. It’s the location of many drama and CF-filmings (and also season 1 of 1 Night 2 Days, hehe).

It’s not 1 Night 2 Days if our guys don’t lie down the moment they find a place to lie down, heh. So they lie on the huge bamboo platform that they find and JongMin asks why it feels so refreshing (cooling). The answer is because bamboo probably can’t hold heat though when JongMin questions why, MyeongHun admits that he doesn’t know, heh.

They lie there for a good long while, even singing the song Because I Love You by Yoo JaeHa, which shares the same title as the movie that TaeHyun produced with his brother (according to JunHo who then thought incorrectly that JiTae had participated as an actor in, hee) and someone yawns, pfft. JiTae sings while MyeongHun prods him to continue like an MC. TaeHyun has just drifted off to sleep. Then JunHo asks who made the movie Because I Love You.


Defconn: “Hyung, you already said that it is TaeHyun’s movie!”

They finally get up and gather for games for lunch. EEEEE!!!!! It’s HanWoo Ddeok-galbi!!!!!! JiTae seems to love it as much as I do. They split the group 4:3, with JunHo and his buddies in one team and the rest of the 1 Night gang in the other.

JunHo declares that they’re good though, because MyeongHun is athletic, JiTae is strong… while he has his YAPS. HAHAHA.

First game for lunch is: Flour Candy. Hehe, their feet will be tied together and they have to move as a team towards a tray of candies covered in flour. Using nothing but their faces, they have to eat a candy each.

Team JunHo tries walking together and JunHo keeps messing up, hehe. But it makes JiTae think back of his university days playing Choo-choo with JunHo in a very embarrassing manner. JunHo laughs at the memory and sighs that it was fun back then but thinking about it now, they seemed crazy.


Over at the other team, JongMin leads the others and JunHo points that out, going “the babo is the leader!”

It’s time for the game to start and Team 1 Night 2 Days totally charge towards the table. But in the end, both teams reach the table together. JiTae gets a candy and so does MyeongHun, though the latter drops his while coughing from the flour.

The other team goes off first, thanks to JunHo who can’t find a candy and HAHAHAHHAHAHA, JunHo and team eventually turn to return, coughing like old grand-uncles the whole way.

The next game is to do the elephant turn and mark a mole on the face of a member of the same team. The mole has to be at the same place as those of the persons whose photo they picked.

Team 1 Night 2 Days goes first, with Defconn as the poor sacrificial goat whose face they’ll have to draw on. This team manages to get two moles right, because DongGu unfortunately marked his mole too late.

Team JunHo goes next and when someone insists that JiTae be the one the mole is drawn on, he refuses. “Why should I?!” Hehe. So it ends up that JiTae spins elephant spins all over the place, far, faaaaaaar away from the starting line while JunHo spins and can’t even get up long enough to mark anything. This team doesn’t mark any mole at all because they all went way over the time limit.

So Team 1 Night wins everything and they don’t even have to play the third deciding game. But they feel bad for the losers since they’re the guests. They offer to play another game  and offer one of them Ddeok-galbi. Yoo PD suggests the babo game.

JiTae: “We’re already Babo-s but you want us to become even more Babo?”


TaeHyun and JongMin explain the rules and JunHo and JiTae go for a practise round. And it’s JunHo who messes up immediately, HAHHA! In the end, JiTae plays against MyeongHun and ends up winning it after a long relay. Hehe, JiTae’s struggles are so visible. He plays against JunHo again and it’s JunHo who fails in the end, HEHE!

It’s time for lunch and the winners revel in the soft and chewy Ddeok-galbi. Me too! Gimme some too! They even have Bamboo rice! Of course, JongMin teases the losers with the Ddeok-galbi but JiTae refuses to fall for it. Still, he has been promised one Ddeok-galbi, so he demands his.

He looks like he’s seen a whole new world the moment he has a huge bite of the Ddeok-galbi and even though he wasn’t supposed to share it, he sneakily passes JunHo and MyeongHun some. Then JunHo brazenly demands for Kimchi from DongGu. DongGu ignores him, HAHHAHA!

JiTae tries to get some from his Yoo-clan mate but Defconn refuses to give it so easily. He and Yoo PD insist on him displaying a personal talent which he says he doesn’t have. So they make him repeat a 13-year-old iconic line of his and he pulls it off super well, sounding exactly the same as then.


JunHo says that MyeongHun can mimic the sound of a bike and end it off sounding like a duck. That just sounds funny, heh, and they can’t even laugh after MyeongHun demonstrates because it’s just embarrassing.

JiTae tries to save their team and does a complicated yoga pose (a headstand), asking them if they’ll give him a Ddeok-galkbi if he succeeds. He succeeds! I guess he can do everything except elephant spins.

Pfftt, JunHo tries to copy but can’t lift his legs at all. He looks like an insect, HAHAHHA and for all his troubles, he just gets red eyes. But MyeongHun can do headstands too. Aw, JiTae gives the Ddeok-galbi to JunHo, saying that he’s full and when JunHo tries to play around with MyeongHun, pretending to feed him a whole spoonful of Ddeok-galbi, MyeongHun knows what’s coming up. So he feeds himself the first time, then steals JunHo’s food the second time, HAHA!

They get on a bus and Yoo PD gives them a coffee to share and JunHo has a taste then declares that it’s not drinkable. JongMin smacks him, heh. Yoo PD says that it’s only for the two guests but JiTae shares it, arguing for a sip for all of them. When JongMin has a rather big gulp, everyone smacks him, hee.

Talk turns to JiTae not being easy to invite to variety shows and JiTae explains that it’s because he doesn’t have the talent needed. What rubbish. Defconn lists out all the games that he’s good at (Elephant turns!) and TaeHyun understands him coming now, saying that once you have a kid, you’ll just do anything.

Defconn starts to get jealous of JiTae’s son, SooIn, for having Yoo JiTae as his dad and Kim HyoJin as his mom and JongMin shouts that he wants to be their kid too. HAHAH, everyone laughs that JiTae and HyoJin’s DNAs added together won’t equal to him!

DongGu asks JiTae what other memories he has of living with JunHo and JiTae simply answers that there’s a lot. But when JunHo starts talking, he gulps nervously, hehe. JunHo declares that they were just normal university kids, drinking alcohol, dancing and JiTae throws JunHo under the bus, saying that it’s (only) JunHo who liked those, HAHA! So JunHo serves it right back by saying he did modern dance right in the middle of the ballroom/dancehall. HEHE. He even shares how he did two, three turns! Defconn suggests that he show them that tonight. He’ll make a twilight zone just for him!


But JunHo stops them all, saying that he wants to keep JiTae (as a friend). HA.

They get off that bus and get onto another tour bus to another place with clear skies, clear waters and lush green forests. That secret place is open to the public only after 30 years because the authorities had wanted to preserve the water quality. It’s only open 3 days in a week and you have to have permission from the authorities before you enter.

They arrive at wherever that place is and climb up several steps to see the HwaSun Jeokbyeok or the HwaSun Red Cliffs. They’re a range of cliffs shaped by nature. The sight awes them and JunHo sighs that Korea really does have many beautiful places. They take a wefie together (that shows nothing of the cliffs, lol).

They move on to another place to see the view better and take a wefie there too, but they mess around and produce terrible shots, heh.


The river behind them didn’t use to contain so much water. However, for the sake of water accumulation and supply, the Dongbok Dam was constructed and completed in 1985 and in the process, it drowned 15 villages and forced their people translocate. So in memory of their hometowns that they can never return to, the villagers constructed the Manghyangjeong. DongGu sighs it wasn’t that long since the villages drowned – he was born around 1985.

Pfft, the sun there is a little too intense so JiTae wears a cap and JunHo and JongMin attempt to mimic his coolness.

They’ll play their dinner game right in front of the Manghyangjeong and JiTae checks that they’re not going to be doing Elephant spins right?

Today, they’ll be playing for ingredients to cook their dinner with, which brings up bad memories of a certain cheese stew for TaeHyun.

He also argues for the basic seasonings, like Ramyeon soup packets, and Yoo PD tells them that for this game, they’ve brought the contents of a certain someone’s refrigerator. WHAT?!

The iceboxes and three baskets full of Ramyeon goods appear (along with a thick stack of 10 dollar bills) and HAHAHAH, it’s the contents of JunHo’s refrigerator.

We get a preview of the real refrigerator of the guy and it’s all alcohol in that fridge, plus one egg. Pfft. We see how the staff had raided JunHo’s fridge and food cupboard and found a stack of money in there.

Back to the present and the cast have found packs full of yagwanmoon, which is literally called “door to the night”. Pfft.  I think Kim KwangKyu thoroughly enjoyed drinking that tea on Three Meals a Day. A Korean Oriental Medicine doctor informs us that it’s good for one’s physiology and energy and the production takes that as the reason for why JunHo was so active when he was King YAPS. Pfft.


JunHo picks out the container of herbs from Ulleungdo from six months ago and admits that he never opened it. DongGu finds a pack of cigarettes in the pile (there’s not just one) and TaeHyun pulls out an expired bottle of Makgeolli.

JunHo: “You have to check them well! Every single one of them!” HAA!

MyeongHun even finds a pack of spaghetti and knows that it’s from when he lived with JunHo, because JunHo would never cook that. He only cooks Ramyeon.

They throw out food from 2014 and 2015 while JongMin picks up all the 10 dollar bills. Pfft, they find a box of Kimchi liquid without the Kimchi and JunHo pulls out the pack that his mom made for him recently.

So dinner is simply played 3:3, with JunHo joining both teams for their games. It’s team JiTae versus Team MyeongHun and JiTae gets to choose TaeHyun first and then gets Defconn. The three of them are all born in the year of the dragon.  MyeongHun gets JongMin and DongGu.


The game they have to play is charades and the winner gets to choose 5 types of items from JunHo’s dried food pile while the losers get to choose 5 other types after them. The three team members will have to act out the word and JunHo will have to guess the word (for both teams).

MyeongHun has to act out the word “sad” but he just looks hungry to me, heh. JunHo gets that wrong. They get the second one right (JiTae’s movie) and they get another word to guess. DongGu doesn’t understand what the hell MyeongHun is trying to do and so JunHo gets it wrong. They all finally hear the first and last word MyeongHun was supposed to act out and laugh at the ridiculous actions he chose to do.

JiTae’s team goes next and it’s Defconn who reads the words first.

They get the first question right but the second one wrong because JiTae added extra actions into it. Heh. Defconn is doing pretty well though? HAHAHA, all of a sudden JiTae acts coy and JunHo fails that question because the answer was “shy”.

So it ends up that both teams got only 1 question right each.

They need a tie breaker, so MyeongHun’s team goes next, this time with JunHo at the head of the line. He has to act out an emotion and starts cocking his eyebrows and looking nefarious. MyeongHun copies that and when it comes to JongMin, he’s suddenly leering, pfft. DongGu guesses that the word is petty or trifling (WHAT?!) and TaeHyun falls over screaming in laughter because the actual word is wickedness.

They fail, so they try another word. JunHo starts acting like the hulk, raging in anger and so DongGu guesses that the word is anger. No, fury. But the actual word was excitement. HAHAHHAHAHA.

Their next word is a movie title and JunHo starts acting like a lonely lady at the corner and DongGu gets it right. Gokseong. (The Wailing.)

They test MyeongHun and check what he guessed right. He got the word for wickedness right but guessed anger when the word should have been excitement. JongMin thought wickedness was supposed to be sexy. Pffft, how… And so JunHo acts out what he would have done if the word really were sexy.


In any case, they took 4 minutes and 26 seconds to get one right answer.

JiTae’s team goes next and Defconn starts dancing to the title of a movie. JunHo dances after him and adds leery sexy moves after that.  So JiTae sees that and sways his hips in a damn pervertic way. TaeHyun: “Dirty Dancing!” Correct! And they got it in 57 seconds. Hehe.

Yoo PD announces that they have won but wanted to see what they would do with the word describing an emotion so they go again for a bonus. PWAHAHAHAH, Defconn and JunHo act like a pissy lady and then JiTae follows that. TaeHyun gets confused so JunHo joins in the pissy lady act. But TaeHyun’s wrong when he guesses “pissed” because the word is actually “provocative” (as in annoying and not sexy).

How long does this bonus last? Because they continue to act out words of emotion.  PPFFFFFTTTT, what the hell is JunHo doing, knocking his head into JiTae’s chest and acting like he’s holding his anger back. That’s what TaeHyun guesses and suddenly all three of his team members start pointing their fingers angrily at him.


He guesses wrongly, because the answer is “deeply offended”.

In any case, JiTae won, so they get to choose 5 kinds of food, of up to three units. They take three packets of Ramyeon, three packs of curry, three packs of canned tuna, three packs of instant rice and the whole box of fresh Kimchi.

MyeongHun goes next and because they can’t take the same thing as the winners, they decide to just take the stack of $10 bills. Or just three of them, to make $30. JunHo is not happy, HAHA! They take the risotto, the chocolate, the cake and fizzy drinks. They can’t order in with the $30 they took. They can only choose ingredients to cook so JongMin suggests (buying) Samgyupsal.

The next game will be for good ingredients from JunHo’s fridge and all the meat and seafood come out. The winners get to choose three sets from JunHo’s fridge while the losers just choose from whatever’s left, outside, heh.

Their next game is related to bowling balls and 5kg bright pink bowling balls come out. But they’re not going to be playing bowling. They just have to hold the bowling pose for as long as possible and the time the team held out will be added together. HAHAH!

TaeHyun fails first, followed by JunHo. JiTae grits his teeth and hangs in there, determined to get the Korean beef while DongGu blows at his bowling ball, PFFFT. He and Defconn refuse to give up first, yet they’re tired, so JiTae suggests that they end it together, though when he counts to three and lets the ball go, Defconn holds the ball on for a second longer, hehe.

In the end, JiTae’s team held out for a total of 5 minutes and 5 seconds.

MyeongHun’s team prepares and JongMin pulls his sleeve up to show his biceps. MyeongHun sees that and pulls his shirt up, HAHAHA. JongMin responds by putting his arm through his shirt’s neckline, HAHA.


JiTae messes with JongMin’s pose and JunHo gives up first. JongMin follows soon after.

DongGu is as steady as the thousand foot Buddha carved into a cliff side, not moving at all, and MyeongHun attempts to last longer but he can’t hold out at all. DongGu goes on for so long that JiTae says that it’s an NG! Then he mutters that he’ll just give DongGu the Korean Beef.

It’s only after that does DongGu then let up and Yoo PD announces that DongGu held out for 3 minutes and 24 seconds. That’s long!

But they recognise that he’d adjusted for just a bit midway and offer to remove a minute from their score. Still, they recorded a combined total of 6 minutes and 58 seconds. That’s after removing a second.

JiTae gets pissy, heh.

JunHo suggests a match between DongGu and JiTae, with the proper pose, one foot in the air this time. Yoo PD allows that and says that the winner gets to steal a type of food from the other.


WHOA, DongGu doesn’t move AT ALL. Meanwhile, JiTae falls over, heh.

JiTae’s team chooses the grilled squid, the macaron mix (what the hell are they going to do with that?) and the pack of thin snack/biscuits. DongGu and team get Korean Beef, Chicken and Squid!

Now that they’re done, they have to head off to base camp to cook their winnings themselves.

They load up onto the bus and JiTae sighs that he’s tired. Then he drifts off to sleep, heh.

Dusk falls over the place and they mutter that it looks scary outside.

They make small talk in the bus, like JiTae’s weight change for his roles, Defconn acting out how unknown singers get silence when they ask, “who are we?!” (HAHA), to DongGu sharing that because he couldn’t cry, he had to shoot a scene for three days.

JunHo pipes up right then, telling Yoo PD that they should have their 1 Night 2 Days Acting DaeSang. For crying. HAHHAHA. Wow, they’re really doing this!



Next Week!

JunHo tries to calm his over excited friend down.


8 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 147

  1. Thanks for the fast recap..am looking forward to watching this one.. the games they played sounds fun. I wonder what are they cooking with all thosr ingredients…


  2. Thanks for the recap. It makes the waiting for subs bearable. It takes effort to write the recap; appreciate it!

    This episode is easy going; always great to go on trips with friends and friend’s friends – play simple games and have meaningful conversations. The best part for me is getting to know Joon Ho which is this episode’s ‘concept’. What stood out was his passion to be a comedian. His lifelong dream. It is a tough job but someone has to make the laughter. You always see him in action in 2 days 1 night creating the fun and professional enough not to get angry when being provoked to death. That is professionalism.


    1. JunHo is head of the Busan International Comedy Festival since its inception and is the coolest Korea gagman in my opinion. You could tell from his Ewha lecture that he loves and adores what he does, which is such a joy to see. How many of us get to love our work that much?

      Also, you’re welcome!


  3. Jun Ho is really the funniest K-gagmen for me, just the expressions alone. My sides literally hurt during the quiz game. It was great that yoo pd extended the game so we could have more of Jun Ho hilarity.

    Also, did you notice Dong Gu blowing Yoo Ji Tae’s ball because he said it was dusty. Hahaha. IDK why I found that so funny. Thanks for the recap.


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