1N2D X Superman Returns

Starts at 01:00.

This week’s episode of Superman Returns marks the 3rd anniversary of the show. Various artists that have guested on the show in one way or another send them their congratulations, just like our 1 Night guys, who share a programme with them (called “Happy Sunday”).

The resident dad of three kids sends them his congratulations and completely empathizes with how hard it is to raise kids. He says that the Superman Dads are awesome!

But the guy who’s still a single with no possibility of a kid in his near future Β suggests a collaboration with that programme.

DongGu: “We’ll go see the kids! And the dads of Superman Returns can film 1 Night 2 Days!”

That earns him a lapel grab from TaeHyun hahaha! “I’m okay!” No thank you!

And the captions under DongGu go: “The guy who hasn’t experienced babysitting. DongGu who’s just bright and untainted.”


And at 02:05, JiTae leads them all in a cheer: “Superman Appas, Fighting! Korea’s fathers, Fighting!”

CONGRATULATIONS, Superman Returns! πŸ˜›

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