1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 148

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 148:

If you need something to laugh at, 1 Night 2 Days will never fail you and if you haven’t had dinner yet, well, you’re in luck. With JunHo out of the cooking process, will it fare better than the one in the cabbage mountains?

Just a reminder: It’s JiTae, TaeHyun and Defconn in Team Three Dragons (but I’m just going to call it JiTae’s Team from here on) and MyeongHun, JongMin and DongGu in Team Sheep (likewise, gonna call it MyeongHun’s Team).

Yoo PD wants them to make something they ate in their 20s and client JunHo requests that they make something a mom would make for her drunk son after scolding him for drinking too much with “mother’s handmade”. This alcoholic…


Professional Chefs can cook a dish in 15 minutes but since they’re not pros, they’re given 30 to come up with something. The meat in MyeongHun’s team doesn’t intimidate JiTae in the least, because he has the winning ingredient: Ramyeon. From the poll on the left, I see that we have at least 2 JunHo-s around here, lol.

And because this is also not a cooking programme but 1 Night, they’ll all have to break a gourd with their heads to show that they’re done cooking. To add to the horror, the losing team will be skipping dinner too.  Aw shucks, I knew it has been way too good (the losing team has been able to eat no matter what for a while already).

That last condition has TaeHyun nervous, since they don’t have anything interesting in their ingredient pile and on the other hand, DongGu just suggests that they go the Jack of all Trades, Master of None method by making everything.

JunHo gives them a clue – he puts Kkakdugi even into Seolleongtang and for some reason, MyeongHun shares that he knows that JunHo likes spicy and salty food a lot. And makes combinations that you’ll never be able to understand. You’re like the FBI leaking stuff there, MyeongHun ah. And worse, they can’t use the 30,000 won they stole because the nearest mart is 17km away.


Chefs, prepare! Everyone starts chopping things while JiTae devours all the snacks, HAHAHHA. MyeongHun is in charge of the chicken stew (lol, the chicken is just plopped into the pot, still frozen) while JongMin is left to deal with the Risotto (what) under DongGu’s orders.

Team JiTae boils their Ramyeon with Defconn paying special attention to it to ensure that it remains chewy. JiTae himself creates some sort of soup that has JunHo sighing in satisfaction with every ingredient added (Kimchi juice, MSG and tuna, heh).

Over at the other team, the only real not-obviously-terrible-cook MyeongHun tries his chicken stew and adds a ton of chilli pepper flakes into it. Then they add sliced squid to the thing. And with the risotto, they dump all the rice into some watery mixture before adding some sort of powder. Uhm…

15 minutes pass and Yoo PD tells them that they have to complete everything by the 30 minute mark, including the plating. JunHo: “What? Play- what?” “Ah, play eating?” “You have 15 minutes to do you Flating!” Pwahahah! This guy obviously hasn’t been watching cooking shows though they’re all the rage right now in Korea.

Cooking continues and TaeHyun shocks JunHo with how well he’s doing. Defconn starts on their secret menu which is basically stir-fried ramyeon. They put some on the final plate and then finish the rest between themselves, effectively having their dinner.

DongGu works their ingredients like a chef while JunHo puzzles over their chicken and squid stew. MyeongHun: “Hyung I thought you liked to eat everything together.

They’re down to three minutes to the deadline, and TaeHyun and JiTae’s team finishes first. TaeHyun almost automatically hits his own head with the gourd before coming to his senses and calling for a scissors-paper-stone game. Over at the other team, JongMin just screams for MyeongHun while DongGu hits his head without any warning, HAHAHHA!!!!!


Cooking is done and the teams present their offerings. JiTae’s Team’s meal is literally named “son, the taste of trouble”, making a pun on the Korean word for “don’t” (if they wrote if correctly, it would have read, “son, don’t get into trouble”. Team MyeongHun’s is literally called, “This taste of Beef Sirloin-like love”. That makes no sense either right? Because the word for Beef Sirloin sounds like the Korean word for “fool”. So, if you read it the 1 Night 2 Days ways, it’ll be, “This taste of Fool-like love”. HAHHAHAHHAHA.

JunHo tries Defconn’s noodles first and just by hearing DongGu say that it looks unhealthy, I know that it’s exactly to JunHo’s taste. And I’m right. He LOVES it. He tries JiTae’s stew/soup next and when he goes, “whooaaaaaa”, Defconn thinks that it means that it’s delicious. JunHo: “Don’t cook this for your kid!” HEE! With all that spice and salt, MyeongHun worries that their food will taste bland. Oh no. JunHo tries the packet curry and likes that too, demanding for a bottle of soju.

He goes to the other table and the reaction is the total opposite. He doesn’t comment on the steak, and calls the risotto greasy. The only thing that agrees with him is MyeongHun’s stew. Through it all, JiTae picks and complains about all their food, heh.


But in the end, it’s the Three Dragons who win! Their food totally matched his expectation while the losing team’s menu totally went against his theme. Everything there is terrible for a hangover.

Well, they’re now left to feel terrible, not being able to eat while having to see the winners and JunHo devour everything else. JiTae especially eats will relish and that’s because there’s meat on the table. His wife’s a vegetarian, so he doesn’t get to eat meat much and TaeHyun can’t empathise at all because his wife is a big fan of meat, HEH! Seems like readers of this site like meat too! (I know someone watching Three Meals in Deukryang is a vegetarian though).

Several days later, the staff return JunHo’s fridge to its original state, bringing along hangover drinks for him too, HAHHAHA!

But back to the present, all of them are brought to a campfire. Yoo PD blames the weather and the nostalgia it brings. TaeHyun just dryly says that someone’s going to be sleeping out here tonight while Defconn correctly concludes that Yoo PD just wanted to see JiTae dance.

So music is turned on and JongMin steps up to show his moves. JiTae follows soon after and shows everyone what happened decades ago with JunHo as he does a sudden high kick and a twirl, HEH.

He peels his jacket off and does a back spin, LOL, and brings smiles to everyone’s face.

They’re now brought back to earth and the first game that they’ll be sleeping to determine sleeping arrangements is the… crying game they mentioned in the bus. DongGu moans at the pressure and tries to cheat by trying to get into the moment even before Yoo PD has called start.

JongMin works hard and screams when he sees tears in JiTae’s eyes. The veteran actor looks terrible and looks like he’s about to win this… but then everyone calls, “JiTae Hyung!” and distracts him, HAHHAHAHA.


DongGu is the first to shed tears in less than a minute, doing it by looking like someone stole his candy, heh and Defconn is the next to pass. JiTae is third to shed that tear, barely squeezing it out while everyone else still in the competition goes red in the eyes. Heh, JunHo had his one tear wiped off by JongMin but it doesn’t stop him from securing that last position because he immediately produces another. Actor TaeHyun (I hope you remember that he’s an actor) hasn’t even teared up at all.

The next game they’ll play for their morning mission tomorrow requires the karaoke machine and them to sing The Butterfly together. Yoo PD tells them that if any of them get the lyrics wrong or goes out of tune, they’ll be hiking up a 700+ meter tall mountain to the Sky Bridge tomorrow.

JunHo is up first and he gets nervous the moment they put earphones on him. He starts getting confused and nervous and the reason is simple – because while he was supposed to sing The Butterfly, another very similar song, The Calf, is played on those earphones. HAHHAHAHAHA!

He practically goes red in the face trying to focus on singing The Butterfly while everyone behind him wonders why he’s being so weird. He doesn’t tell them though and passes the baton to JiTae after passing his turn safely.

JiTae almost loses it for them by going off tune at the very end, heh.


Defconn goes up and goes “whoa” the moment he hears the opening tune. But he passes easily.

TaeHyun doesn’t even realise the difference in song until the lyrics are sung and in the end, totally fails as he ends up singing the other song, HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!  Everyone jumps up and complains immediately.

Yoo PD thus gives them three tries and MyeongHun goes up. He fails in 2 lines. JongMin goes up for his turn and declares that he’s a singer of 16 years! He’ll get it right because he’s never listens to the song, he only memorizes the melody! He’ll sing it according to the rhythm! And loudly!

He starts chopping the air according to the beat like a metronome and his voice practically drowns the music from the earphones. But he fails because he suddenly does an adlib, heh.

Now that he’s got his prey going to the Sky Bridge like he’d wanted, Yoo PD proposes giving those who have to sleep outside a chance to sleep inside. He makes the three who have to sleep outside, who also happen to be the only ones who failed to tear up, play the song game again and TaeHyun is the only one who passes. So he gets to sleep inside while JongMin and MyeongHun get to share a nice warm night together.

JiTae lies in his blankets, now refusing to come on 1 Night 2 Days when Defconn suggests it. He tells JunHo to wash up, but YAPS is all, JongMin is using the bathroom. Then JunHo tries to turn time back to when they were 21 again by totally embracing JiTae. HAHHAHA.

Outside in the tent, the two singles talk about marriage and both of them want to get married – if only so that they can get the congratulations-money that they’d paid to their previously married friends back, HEH. They guess that they haven’t found their significant others because they’ve been aiming too high but they can’t help it.

They’re luckier than JiTae though, in the sense that they don’t have to endure the snore-orchestra through the night like he has to.

Morning comes fast and the morning song, a combination of The Butterfly and The Calf is played, HAHAHA.

Everyone gets up except for JunHo, who groans because his arm has fallen asleep. JiTae: “How can you not change at all?”


They drive off to Mount BaekA and they all groan the moment they see the bridge far, far away. They tell JiTae to negotiate with the production and contrary to their expectations, he just asks for food. They wanted you to argue for only half of them to go up! (They actually threw DongGu under the bus and wanted him to go up himself on their behalf too, lol.)

This Yoo PD isn’t the devil after all and gives them three bags of food to carry. Through scissors paper stone, they decide on the poor scapegoat and it turns out to be JongMin. He’s gotta carry all those bags himself up the mountain.

Positive DongGu climbs up, taking the lead, while JunHo gasps behind. In no time at all the two can’t even see each other, as DongGu speeds ahead with MyeongHun the squirrel while the others are left to hear JunHo’s moans.

They end up having a break just for the staff, with the Audio Director looking the worst.


They climb and climb and climb and even DongGu starts looking downcast. But he brightens like a lightbulb suddenly the moment he sees the view from near the peak. They take yet another break and JiTae is asked which actresses he’s close to. Uhm, those that he’s worked with before, ha, just like his wife.

JiTae brags about how his wife is so understanding and TaeHyun shares how his wife looks at him like he’s pathetic when she sees him watching TWICE on TV, heh.

They continue their climb together but when they turn back to see their poor Audio Director looking like he’s about to collapse, they play odd-one-out with scissors-paper-stone to decide who carries his stuff and it’s JiTae, who almost curses, hee.

JiTae wears all the equipment and walks ahead. It’s only then that TaeHyun laughs that JunHo is terrible because he totally subtly sent them all hints to put out scissors.

JiTae: “I can hear everything! Kim JunHo talks too much!”

They climb and climb even more and finally, they reach the peak. MyeongHun quips that it was hard at the start but towards the end, it was easy. JunHo credits that to them all being together.

Now that they’re here, of course they have to all cross the Sky Bridge together, “100” people, including the staff.

They cross the bridge, making SO MUCH noise, and TaeHyun glees at how JongMin is holding everyone back and making the most noise, capturing all that on camera for his son to watch, PWAHAHAHA.


The two acrophobics scream when they come to the glass panel under their feet but they eventually all cross the bridge successfully, even JongMin. That last part was a surprise to Yoo PD and TaeHyun explains that this is not the JongMin of the past. This is a JongMin that has been touched by Park BoGum! JiTae quips that they should have gone bungee jumping.

They even do their closing for the trip right there on the bridge too!

It’s a new day and a new filming trip.

For some reason, they appear wearing old school uniforms and play around, acting like they’re the boss of the school. They get tired of carrying their bags so they play scissors-paper-stone and DongGu loses. So they dump everything on him.

Yoo PD laughs when he sees DongGu come in with the bags and tells them that they’re going to go on another school trip with friends again. They all guess who that friend will be, guessing from GukJoo, Jeon JiHyun to 300 other students.


What comes out is a computer though, when Yoo PD calls for the friend. On the monitor is a chat room and they share the nicknames they used to use in the past.

JunHo: Ice Prince.

DongGu: Cutie.

Defconn: Hotel Princess and Crazy Bear.


The computer has been brought in because students these days make friends online and meet them afterwards. That’s not something different from the past and JunHo and the others share tips on how to guess what the person on the other end is like just from the nicknames. They all guess that females will be coming and Hotel Princess totally pours cold water on their dreams, saying that males could be the guests too, hee.

The others get into an uproar and JunHo totally gets confused when DongGu says that they’re going on a school trip this week. Yoo PD laughs in disbelief because he just told them that earlier, heh. They only heard “friend”.

He sends them off to create their profiles and temporary nicknames. TaeHyun completes that first, coming up with the name “T-Love”, aka, TWICE-love. LOL. He asks if he should make it permanent then realises that his wife will see that, heh.

Defconn call himself Little Cutie while JunHo calls himself “Shy shy”, pfft. For his profile photo, JongMin takes photos of all his body parts, almost settling for a photo of his belly button before JunHo pulls out a photo of his cleavage, PFFT.

So in summary, their nicknames are Shy Shy, T-Love, Little Cutie, Happy Sheep (DongGu) and Something Happened in Bali (JongMin, in reference to where that photo of his cleavage was taken, LOL).


They’re all added to the chatroom by the staff and JunHo screams when he sees T-Love and Little Cutie, totally forgetting that the real people are just right beside him. They scream, when they see someone with the nickname “Lips” and it just turns out to be JoonYoung who’d written, “…?” HAHAHHAHA!

After searching his son’s profile, TaeHyun changes his nickname to Student President while Sir Bellybutton changes his to OhMok Genius, referencing the time he played against Alpha O. Someone interesting comes it – Don’t Be Octopus. That’s none of them!

They chat and TaeHyun the grandpa keeps asking about how to use the chat. “I don’t see Don’t be Octopus though?” “Are you charged every time you send an emoticon?” “I want to send an emoticon too!” Please, SooChan ah. Help your dad a bit…

Turns out, Don’t be Octopus is actress Kim YooJung! She walks around the posters and cutboard cut-outs of her and hit drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. That drama and 1 Night 2 Days seem to get along well. First they had Bogummie and now they have YooJungie.

YooJung takes a photo of her blood pressure result for her profile, HAHAHHA, we now learn that Don’t be Octopus was a pun for Don’t Crumble. While she sets up her profile, the staff makes small talk with her, saying that she might have to skip meals during the trip.


She’s ready for that though, because TaeHyun had invited her to come whenever she wasn’t to diet.

She’s brought to a seat near the window where she can see our boys, though they can’t see her. Aw, she’s wearing that Yellow Ribbon, the one in remembrance of the Sewol victims.

She incorrectly guesses that Shy Shy is Defconn and asks for a “Lightning Call”. That term sounds weird to them so them think that she’s old, lol.

Pfft, she sends over, “firstly, Little Cutie is out” to JunHo’s question of “which PP did you like the most” and she laughs to see them push Defconn. TaeHyun demands to know what PP is and nearly makes everyone collapse there because PP is the most basic and widely known internet-speak meaing Profile Picture. JunHo can’t believe him, heh!

YooJung messes with them, making them think that she’s old and is a guy and someone sends back, “are you losing hair?” HAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!! They’re crazy, seriously! The sender is JongMin. Despite being told that he’s “out” (for the profile picture), nice-bear Defconn has been consistently nice to YooJung and so she sends him a message of thanks, aw.

The time comes for our guys to find out just who they’ve been chatting with. Just like blind dates in the old times, a series of objects are brought out for them to choose from. If they choose the object that belongs to YooJung, then they’ll get to meet her. Bookworm DongGu immediately reaches for the book of Famous Korean Poems,HA!

TaeHyun chooses the melodeon, JongMin has the handkerchief, Defconn has the stalk of rose while JunHo decides on the English Newspaper.

They send YooJung their last messages and JunHo tries to trick her into thinking he’s TaeHyun, HAHAHAH!


Next Week!

JunHo runs after the bus while YooJung cries in it.

So… how has your week been…? Were you happy or sad?So many things happened all around the world, from the US, to Korea to even Estonia…

In any case, thanks to aro, Rose, CozyBooks, Yatt, blnmom, Greenlion, kurazo4, Maria H. and Bazuo for the encouragements!


6 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 148

  1. thanks for the recap…quite late? donggu is getting the hang of being sly and mischievous but i do love to see his enthusiasm is still there. the staff huffing and puffing as they tried to catch up with donggu and myeonghun reminds me of the time at ewha university..when the vj or something gave up running after donngu..hahahaha.. and taehyun..how can he be so behind? LOL.


    1. HAHAHA, sorry for the delay. Just… I realised something about my 1 Night 2 Days Recaps – they’re either really early or really late. Because in between, I have zero time or motivation.

      I kind of want happy virus DongGu to come back some times, but I’m okay with cray YAPS 3.0 too, heh.


      1. Poor il yong pd though..those guys really talked too much that they pay little attention to what he said. the baffled look on their faces when donggu said school trip with friend… hahaha. I half wished they played the lunchbox game with yoojung. Btw, saw jongmin in that show, trick n true..he’s still as clueless as ever though sometimes he guessed correctly. Imagine junho joins too..


      2. JunHo and JongMin: “huh????”

        “Ah, I know!!!! 37$*&#/@/!* etc etc”

        And then gets it wrong. If they get it right, they brag.

        I guess it goes something like this?


  2. Thanks for the recap! 😃
    From someone who can’t cook, i must say the safest bet is instant/junk food! (And that’s why i am in awe of people like chajumma…)
    And 1n2d is food for my spirits 😋


    1. LMAO. I actually wonder why some people don’t have the ability to follow a recipe. I’m not looking down on you! Even SeoJun and SeoEon’s father couldn’t cook too!

      It’s just that I really don’t understand and you guys really come off as adorably and hilariously helpless.


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