Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 5

Three Meals a Day in Deukryang Island Episode 5; Fishing Village Edition 3:

Night falls. More like early morning comes. SeoJin is finally left to go sleep, though he has so many things to do like put lotion on his face, put lotion in his hair and spray insecticide.

Eric plays with Mong in his room on the other hand and the cat’s toy moves from dangling from his hands to his leg, haha! In the end, he pulls Mong in for cuddles but when the cat betrays him and runs to play with daddy, Eric just looks at Koong who watches as Mong prances around trying to get the feather KyunSang is jerking around. Eric tries to play with Koong too but he just gets ignored, HAHA!

In the middle of the night, someone bangs on the doors. Hee, it’s Koong, who barely managed to poke a hole open and now crawls through the crack under the doors. He runs all over the place, to the kitchen to the chicken coop, and ends up just sitting on the veranda, waiting for his humans to wake up and feed him. A stray cat creeps into the kitchen… though it suddenly scampers out when Koong comes to stare at it. Security Cat Koong is in the house!

The sun rises at Deukryang Island but even though they went to bed late, SeoJinnie wakes up right on time. Like a robot that’s been programmed, he goes to get the eggs (only one) and when Eric says that he’s going to make breakfast, SeoJin rushes to set the fire up and tells him to hurry, hehe.


Eric puts the seaweed to soak and mixes the eggs while KyunSang washes the dishes.

SeoJin loves the sound of Eric quickly mixing the eggs and when Eric says that he’ll get it done by 11, SeoJin guesses that he’ll be done by 11.30am. While the maknaes cook, SeoJin  requests for some scraps to feed the fishes and is amused when the pufferfish eats everything at once. HAHA, Eric tries to suggest names for the fish since SeoJin loves them so much and comes up with tacky names like BokShil (someone has been watching TV) and BoKeo-s. KyunSang is no better by suggesting BokDol.

It’s a new start and a new day and today, Deputy E is much faster than before. He quickly fries the seaweed before adding them into boiling water to make the soup. Huh? Something’s funny, because he’s adding all the garnishes right now. Even though the soup hasn’t boiled yet. Do you even add chilli into Seaweed Soup?


But anyways, he leaves the soup to cook and easily makes the eggs rolls. Oooh. No one call this guy slow! While SeoJin gets the Kimchi, Eric adds the clams into the soup. Huh, he’s actually done in no time because all he has to do after that is cut the egg rolls.

Eric feeds KyunSang a piece of egg and as expected, it matches his tastes.

Suddenly, Eric says that he forgot to season the soup. Uh… I thought seasoning is added while it’s boiling. Oh well, it’ll still taste just as good. Don’t look so nervous, SeoJinnie.

SeoJin scoops a huge bowl of rice and tells the giant baby that it’s his. Hee!

SeoJin is amazed that Eric actually met the time stated and says that he doesn’t have a single doubt regarding Eric’s food at all. Hehe, Eric’s food is the antidote to Sir Grumpypant’s temper.

They sit for a hearty and quickly-made but no less delicious breakfast, slurping up all the seaweed. SeoJin and KyunSang even have seconds and when he thinks they’re done, Na PD takes the whole pot away.

Na PD: “It’s delicious, but it’s not to my liking.” But he ends up going back to the pot for more, and SeoJin calls him out on it, hahahahah!

While the dishes are washed, Eric paces around. Na PD brings up the octopus nets they threw yesterday and asks chef what’s for dinner. If they caught a lot, they’re going to have Seafood Stew. otherwise, they’ll have Perilla (leaf) Sujebi. Then Eric hopes that they won’t catch much because it might blow his mind (with all the things that he’ll have to do).

They prepare to go out and KyunSang pets Mong-ie, telling him to rest. How long do you want your cats to rest? They’re resting like 24/7!


The three ride Ericar down to the jetty and worry when they see that there’s lots of wind. They put on their life jackets, with KyunSang messing up, HAHAHAH! Regardless, Captain SeoJinnie powers up the boat and jets them into the deep blue sea towards their octopus nets.

Eric and KyunSang pull the weight up and they go down the row to check out what they might have in those nets. It’s crabs. Crabs. More Crabs. Even more crabs… and when they think that’s all there is in the sea, they get starfishes. HAHAHAHAHAH! But finally, they pull up an octopus! It’s not as big as their neighbour’s, but it’s still rather big, enough for all of them. Chef Eric has something to cook tonight! As they ride back, SeoJin is delighted, but Chef worries a little because dinner just got a little bit more complicated.

SeoJin happily announces their catch to a passing granny.

They reach back home and SeoJin instructs his dongsaengs to go in and Na PD teases him for acting like a director. SeoJin can’t be brought down today and just happily shows the production his octopus. Eric quips that it’s great that they got a lot, but it’s a little scary.


It’s Seafood Stew and Octopus Sashimi for lunch. Eric assigns them all tasks to do and instructs KyunSang regarding the crabs and by now, SeoJin has had enough with the crabs that he murders them right there on the platform in bright daylight to Na PD’s nagging.

Eric gets scared of the octopus when he has to clean it and when Na PD asks how he’s going to clean it, he has no idea. He’ll just clean it like he cleans squid. But octopuses are way, way stronger than squids and that starts Eric War 1.

SeoJin puts on sunglasses for Eric and Na PD says that it’s a beautiful sight. Eric replies that this is what SeoJin is originally like and SeoJin grumps that they’ll probably edit this too. KyunSang jokes that when he feels like blaming someone, SeoJin will probably go, “what is that burning smell” and Eric answers, “wanna die?” Heh! Eric attacks the octopus with flour then goes on to pound the octopus with a whole chunk of radish. Huh? That’s his mom’s secret recipe.

While he does that, KyunSang washes the crabs while SeoJin whacks more crabs.

Once he’s done, Eric tells KyunSang to get the gochujang, which he does immediately now. Aw! The intern has grown! No more poke-and-taste and wondering what is where anymore. This intern should have a permanent position now, because he’s become someone to Chef Eric like what HoJun is to Chajumma, bringing things even before he’s asked to.

While they work, SeoJin talks with Eric, muttering that it’s now 3.10pm. Eric promises to be done by 4pm. LOL, SeoJin is SO nervous about this.

They cook and cook in silence and Eric has to keep reassuring SeoJin, who comments that it’s after 3 already, that the food will be ready by 4. No, 3.30pm. Eric then pulls the octopus legs he let boil and KyunSang waits right there till Eric gives him a piece as he cuts them up. Meanwhile, SeoJin cracks his teeth on a crab that he’d grilled earlier and while they wait for lunch to be done, they devour the crab together. This one is a better one to eat because it’s larger than all the others they’ve caught and actually has meat you can see with your naked eye.


Now that he’s powered up on crab meat, Eric runs to the pots to really get cooking. It’s his first time making Seafood Stew like this though, but there’s no such thing as failure for him as he boldly scoops broth, adds seasonings, the other seafood, greens and beansprouts. Lastly, he adds the octopus bits that he’d boiled and chopped. Mmmm, it looks awesome!

Quickly, they get lunch set up and Eric glees that it isn’t even 4 yet while KyunSang sighs in pleasure at how much seafood they have. Pfft, SeoJin scoops EVERYTHING out of the saucepan into the earthen pot they have, leaving nothing for Na PD.

Once more, lunch is served on Three Meals a Day! SeoJin nods his head. SeoJin to Eric: “You did well. Did well.” KyunSang: “This is delicious!” And this is the first time I actually see Eric react to the food like the other two as he notes that the crabs are sweet.

With that, filming ends.

Several weeks later, they return on a ferry with a flag that has a thing for SeoJin’s head and the first thing that greets them back home are huge deep red persimmons. Whoa. Even the plants in the garden have grown more luscious as the mandarins turn a deeper orange.

Eric asks after the cats the first thing he’s there and Daddy KyunSang laughs when they come when he calls. This is beyond adorable! He checks all their eyes for goobers and kisses them while SeoJin heads to the aquarium and wonders if the fish haven’t grown too much. Eric counts the crabs and they number in the tens, heh.


Eric strokes the cats and notes that their fur have become silkier.

SeoJin is more pleased that the hens have given him more eggs – 5 of them! KyunTern looks like he needs more training because he’s still intimidated by the hens, PWAHAHAHHA. So when SeoJin brings the newspapers out, he gets a little amused when KyunSang runs over to grab some gloves to protect himself just so he can get the eggs.

OMG, KyunSang drops an egg and cracks it, to SeoJin’s shock. Eh, let’s hope the hens didn’t get to taste the eggs because… they generally end up eating their own eggs after that. SeoJin rushes the making of the fire and by now, KyunSang is expert at making fires and has them roaring in no time.

SeoJin finally agrees on Eric’s earlier suggestion of Bibim-Noodles even though he really wanted to eat Banquet Noodles and blames it all on KyunSang because they have to eat before they do all the other things they have to do, like they’re feeding a kid before school, HA. Eric says that he doesn’t have his luggage (which he needs though) and SeoJin barks for them to be brought in. HAHAHAH!

Now with his luggage, Eric changes and coos after the cats… while the other two stone outside, unable to start anything without the chef, heh.

Eric quickly gets the sauces he needs from the crockpots outside to make his noodles and wow, is he actually asking KyunSang where the different soy sauces are? Whoa!

Back in his kitchen, Eric easily and quickly mixes the sauces. Na PD asks what else he’s making other than Bibim-noodles and he replies with two other dishes. Na PD laughs that he’s going to take a long time but Eric goes, “no way”.


The three guys easily settle into their respective roles and in their respective positions, with KyunSang running around at Eric’s orders while SeoJin works the garlic before them. The fish in the aquarium all swim towards the handsome food feeder, hee. SeoJin sees that so he goes to feed them, then complains when a certain fish eats everything for himself in one shot, HAHAHAHHA. He puts in another and the food disappears in the same fashion. Fishies’ dad, happy feeding!

Back in the room, the kitties are wandering without their dad, and end up sitting near the doors that won’t open for them. You’re in the countryside with clean air! Why would you trap your cats indoors like this!

While the two dads busy themselves elsewhere, Chef Eric continues working on his dishes. He sees KyunSang standing around, doing nothing, so he challenges him with boiling the premade noodles. He calls out instructions and tips while his own hands never stop pouring things or mixing stuff. Oooh, I like their teamwork.

As KyunSang goes to rinse the noodles, Eric takes over the furnace, adding his pot of egg to it to cook.


He then plates KyunSang’s noodles and adds vegetables to them. He quickly chops up some chili for garnish before ladling his Bibim-mix into the respective bowls. Lol, the other two stand around and let the egg overcook. Poor chef stares at the flat egg forlornly, unable to keep his eyes off it.

He decides to save it by draining it off and while Na PD shouts for them to just feed the fish with it, SeoJin consoles him by saying that it looks like tofu. Ha.

They sit for lunch and mix up their noodles, with SeoJin noting that KyunSang’s portion really looks huge, like it’s for a giant, HAHAHAH. SeoJin loves the food as usual and Na PD nags that Eric should have made warm soups because the weather is getting colder and because SeoJin likes Bibim (aka, don’t make what SeoJin likes!). Eric jokes that he’s doing this because if he works well, SeoJin had said that he’ll open a restaurant for him. HAHAHHAHA! SeoJin declares the egg okay.

Koong suddenly bangs on the doors, hee. KyunSang opens the door for him and asks if he should bring Koong over to where they are. SeoJin actually agrees when KyunSang asks if he should bring the cat over!

Koong sniffs SeoJin, unsure, while someone in the production tells him to bite (SeoJin), heee! While SeoJin groans as he carries the fat cat to the veranda, KyunSang feeds Mong-ie some snacks. The moment they get there, Koong-ie runs to daddy for some snacks and then runs into the room to hide due to shyness.

SeoJin tells them all to go clam hunting right now even though Eric says that they have something else to do. SeoJin: “We have so many things to do!”

Unlike their other two times digging clams, this time, the mudflats aren’t returning their hard work, because Eric and KyunSang can’t find any more conch other than a few. Somewhere else, SeoJin isn’t exactly scooping clams either. But later when the two walk a little further in, they pull up Razor Clams like they’d planted them there and are just harvesting them. I love the background song here. It’s that jazzy one from Jealousy Incarnate~ “yes, you’re mine!”


They continue like that and then realise after a while that it’s already been an hour since they started and the sun is already hanging low in the sky. Once more, dusk has arrived at Deukryang.

They come together again and stroll down the beach, taking in the sights. Eric in particular is especially comfortable. They get back on Ericar where KyunSang makes them laugh by wearing those protective goggles like Pororo.

Soon, they reach home and Eric’s first to-do is to coo over Mong and carry Koong off his luggage of ingredients. Daddy KyunSang comes in and Eric laughs to find his dried fruit in little shreds. HAHAHAHA, a flashback shows Koong raiding his bag and crushing everything under his enormous weight while trying to get to the nice-smelling food.

Na PD points out KyunSang’s wet back but KyungSang doesn’t want to change. Instead, he goes over to check what SeoJin is doing with the Ondol. He reaches around for his back when even SeoJin asks if his wet shirt isn’t too much. The kid can’t even feel the wetness, HAHAHA.

Eric asks if it isn’t a little too early to make dinner and SeoJin waddles past him, arms full with a huge basin of water going, “NO! Absolutely not! JeongHyeok ah, definitely do NOT think that.” HAHAHHA. He even deletes a dish from Eric’s menu for dinner, pfft.


Dinner is Kimchi Stew, grilled Razor Clams and Samgyeopsal. Add white cabbage to it along with other raw vegetables and that’s it.

This time, KyunSang automatically gets right down to cleaning the clams gleefully while Eric starts on the vegetables too. He actually manages to julienne the vegetables in a much more efficient manner this time, thanks to his friend who watched him on TV and saw how foolish he was, heh.

While they work, SeoJin has his eyes on the fires and when he’s sure that they’re ready, he picks a huge log to add to the Ondol, ready to heat up their rooms for a warm nice sleep because it’s getting way too cold now.

KyunSang reels a little when a bit of juice gets into his eyes. He cleans the clams way too quickly and efficiently, and amazes Na PD and SeoJin.He credits it all to SeoJin, hehe. In his personal interview he jokes that he has to graduate from being KyunTern. The intern must become a new permanent employee! Before long, he has a bowl full of clam meat before him. That looks like scallop to me.

The fires rage in the furnaces and they’re so efficient tonight that Eric has time to stand around and do nothing. It’s not even eight! Eric insists that they’re all done but Na PD says that he can’t believe him, HAHAHHA!

Eric jokes about making more side dishes now and Na PD orders him to go wash the kimchi, lol. You mean the one that turned sour? It tastes better washed now though. Eric then stir fries the kimchi in a pot for Kimchi Stew and asks SeoJin for water, which he takes forever to get. Eric stares at the Kimchi, afraid that it’ll burn, while he rushes his senior… but then laughs helplessly when the fire scarily engulfs the whole pot.


But he braves the fire and overcomes obstacles of the highest order, all to ensure that his beloved brothers get delicious Kimchi Stew, adding seasoning and meat despite the hungry flames. He tastes the stew and makes KyunSang nervous as he goes quiet for a moment. “How can it taste exactly this good?” he continues to KyunSang’s relief, hee!

It’s not even eight yet and Eric suggests making Spring Onion Kimchi while they grill their Samgyeopsal. Na PD: “You cannot!! Why can’t you make it NOW?!”

They set the table and SeoJin scoops some burning hot charcoals into a BBQ pot. All of a sudden, the chef says that he grills poorly. Eh? There’s something Eric can’t do? In light of that, SeoJin takes over cooking the beef strips in a pan on the furnace while Eric prepares the garlic. SeoJin even refuses the gloves offered and cooks the clam meat in residual heat.


Even before the clock strikes 8, our three fellas are ready for dinner! Eric can’t stop going, “whoa”, and everyone reaches for the meat and scallop. And once more, Eric shows what happens when he eats something really, really delicious, gasping and chattering and smiling more. I guess he’s a lot less burdened now that he isn’t the only one cooking everything. KyunSang almost collapses from how delicious it is. Everyone says that the Razor Clams are the best thing they’ve eaten here.

Nod, nod, nod, nod, smile, smile, smile, smile. They just keep doing the same thing as they keep eating. They put the pan on the furnace to cook a second round of meat, with KyunSang cooking this time. I think this is the best meal for them so far, from their reactions.

KyunSang says that he ate really well as if he’s done… then opens the rice pot to grab a huge bowl to eat with Kimchi Stew, HAHAHA. He even has sweet potatoes after dinner. He has like 5 different rounds of eating in one meal. In a personal interview, Eric agrees with the staff about how shockingly much he eats.

They end dinner at 9.05pm. That’s early and Eric feels a little anxious.



Next Week!

They catch HUGE fish and have a huge seafood spread.


26 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 5

  1. It is nice to see their progress. The progress of how they become comfortable to each other, to the place they’re living and to the two cutie cats. Eric must felt really bad after the brothers need to wait till 7 hours and it’s good they help each other. Hope to see more their interactions next episodes. It is confirmed that Seo Jin really loves Eric:) Seo Jin always in Eric’s side whenever Na PD started to give any complaints to him. It’s like watching love triangle Seo Jin-Na PD-Eric. And I love how close Kyun-Sang’s cats to Eric. They always play in his side and admiring his big bag lol. Kyun-Sang should become permanent employee. He’s really the master of fishing now XD.


    1. Hey, sorry but it seemed like your message went to the spam folder for some reason. It should be fine now, so please continue commenting! 🙂

      (The cats aren’t exactly admiring Eric’s bag, hee.


  2. I like the scenes whenever Eric with Gyun-Sang’s cutie cats. The cats sure getting close with him though no one can replace daddy’s loves:) And Kong tried to escape but finally back to his room HAHA.
    They had meal on time. YEAY! Good progress. Love their chemistry a lot especially Gyun Sang and Eric. They really looks like how big brother-little brother behaves.
    Lee Seo Jin also really care of his brothers. I’m sure Eric knew how to burn the meat (it’s so easy though XD). But he asked Seo Jin just because he wanted Seo Jin to do works for him. Remember he said “Seo Jin actually this kinda person” when Eric asked Seo Jin to put his sunglass.
    This episode is my favorite episode so far because of the team work, the warm scenes and the delicious food of octopus and crab stew.


      1. I notice Eric really loves to ask Seo Jin to do something for him lol. And of course grumpy ahjussi will do those tasks for his little bro. See how he was so free to ask them to clean clams and crabs and Seo Jin did it without any complaints HAHAHA. Sometimes I think Eric is a bit tricky XD. Perhaps we can see the true of him more if he really becomes comfortable to this show. Just like how he started weird pose when playing with Mong or talk to the camera lol. And Gyun Sang amaze me of how he always do everything full of spirit and smiles. I still can’t believe he put the eggs to the water because he was afraid the chicken came out HAHAHAHA. And the caption ‘I better to use power-work than brain-work’ lol. He is definitely the definition of lovely maknae. Always do whatever his hyungs ask without any complaints. That’s why they both love him, feed him more and more so the giant baby will stay giant even though in the struggling island life.


      2. I think it’s important that it shows team work. And remember Seojin said before he did a lot of work in previous season but it was all edited out. With Eric asking for help, it’s probably get in the episode. And with him start asking more help, it speeds up the prep time too. It’s not that Seojin & Kyunsang didn’t help but they’re doing more cooking related things now 🙂

        They’re definitely showing more chemistry in this episode! 🙂


    1. I’m not sure what Eric’s deal was with the meat, because I agree with you that it’s easy. Maybe he just wanted to fob it off on someone else and not have to keep shouldering the burden of producing good food, haha.

      I agree. This is my favourite episode so far too.


      1. I think more camera time for Seojin? cuz the cook often get more camera time… or may be he just avoid them teasing him with the infamous Firebird’s “can you smell something burning” again hahaha


  3. Thanks for the recap. Addicted to this show now.
    I think Kyunsang has lost his shyness with the hyungs and now able to eat with his normal portion. I thought he was eating too little. Eric’s food looks so yumm.


      1. Being a Bogum fan and seeing how much he eats makes me concern on how little Kyun Sang eats. Probably he didn’t dare to ask for seconds. Now he is more comfortable and he talks more freely too. Glad to know him from this show.


  4. At this rate, I really wonder if Seojin & Eric will open a shop together after 3MAD hahaha
    The part when they got in on the big boat, Captain Seojin kept getting slap with the flag was hilarious.
    I love this episode a lot. The energy is perfect and the chemistry is blooming. It’s nice to see them tease each other when Seojin & Kyunsang wonder what took Eric so long to change.. Kyunsang said may be Eric putting on the chef hat and Eric replied with Kyunsang I hear you. Just because you said I wear a hat, I’ll wear one.. and he came out with a cap lol

    I think Kyunsang isn’t shy eating more this episode because there’s more foods and he’s more comfy with the hyung. I love the reaction on his face every time he takes the first bite. Any cook would be happy seeing such appreciation for their cooking.

    E-Chef’s foods just get better and better each episode with the catches the island blessed them with. They even got a bigger & nicer table in the next episode!!! hahaha

    Thanks again for the recap!


  5. Hi xxpeepsxx! Thanks so much for this detailed recap! After reading your November notice, I really thought I wouldn’t see your recaps so soon. Really appreciate it, kamsahamnida!

    If it’s too time consuming to document everything happening in an episode, perhaps you could just highlight scenes that you like, only those worth mentioning, etc? Enjoy what you do; be healthy – physically and emotionally! 🙂

    Seems like Kyunsang’s wardrobe is sponsored by National Geographic. I didn’t know that a documentary channel also has its own clothing line!

    One other thing I notice in all the 3MAD series is that they all seem to be able to eat every thing! Each has his own preference but none is really picky. I guess this has a hand in the casting. In my life, there’ll be someone who doesn’t eat certain veggies, someone who doesn’t eat fish with bones, lamb/beef/pork… I only remember in the older 1 Night 2 Days, Eun Jiwon is the one who’s a rather picky eater. Taking about that, Kyunsang’s orange cat’s name reminds me of MC Mong!


    1. Lol, I guess I just needed to vent a bit. And realise that recaps aren’t subs, so I can’t be translating everything. I’m in a good place now.

      National Geographic definitely has it’s own line, but I’m betting that PPL and sponsorship is aimed at getting people to subscribe to the channel itself.


  6. Thanks for the recap ^^
    Another episode to admire .. The pace was so relaxing to me,, & the trio’s chemistry together is getting more & more stronger & it’s just clearly showing .. can tell Eric is a lot more at ease now, & his 4D side is now coming to the surface frequently 😀
    Always loved seeing Kyunsang’s reactions after tasting Eric’s food .. I always say that even in case the food wouldn’t be that delicious, Kyunsang still will admire the food & say supportive comments, such well-mannered kid .. Luckily, all of what Eric has cooked so far was soo mouthwatering & delicious ^^
    Eric & Seojin,, what to say? .. a new otp xD
    can’t wait to see their big catch on next episode ..


  7. Your recaps are jjang! I kind of stopped watching because all the killing of the seafood makes me squeamish, but I love reading your recaps.

    The cats rest 24/7, but they really need to be resting 26/9. Too bad there aren’t enough hours in one day for them to rest. Also I love that Seojinnie watched Shopping King Louis!


  8. I’ve just managed to watch this episode! There’s something I’m curious about. The part when Kyunsang drops an egg and cracks it, I heard him say something like “Oh shit!” and it was indicated as “5C”. I suppose it’s pronounced as O-shi in Korean and kinda have the same meaning as “Oh shit”?


    1. 5 is pronounced as “oh” in sino-korean. Shi is one syllable away from “Shi-b**” which means “f***”. So he was about to say “Oh f***” but it is a possibility that he just was going to say “oh shit”. No different pronunciation for that latter one. Cough…


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