1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 149

1 Night 2 Days Season3 Episode 149: As you know, it’s YooJung!

YooJungie! It’s time to meet dear little Don’t Be Octopus but only one of our guys gets to be that lucky. They are all sent to different parts of the KBS Headquarters, each of them excited at the prospect of meeting their guest for today!

Defconn asks Mr Charlie (JunHo), who’s certain that the guest is female thanks to Defconn’s rose, what happens if the guest is a guy. JunHo: “I’m gonna hit him with my fist! The moment I see him.” LOL. DongGu himself is especially excited and nervous today too, while TaeHyun is getting the flutters for a totally different reason.

YooJungie sits in the cafeteria and wonders who corresponds to the nicknames. So far, all she knows is that Defconn is Little Cutie.


DongGu sits out on his bench and waits, thinking that the guest isn’t someone young, because of the emoticons she’d used. Defconn thinks a 60+ year old will come. HAHAH. JunHo just gasps in amazement as he flips through the English newspaper saying that the point of reading them all is… for the pictures, HAHAHHA! He even sends a tacky message to Ms Octopus, heh. Meanwhile, JongMin practices how he’s going to greet the guest, pretending to hold her by the shoulders and giggling to himself. He kicks his feet and hugs himself in anticipation, pwahahah.

TaeHyun wonders around the halls of the waiting rooms for Music Bank and heads straight for the room where TWICE is, HAHAHAHAH! But it seems like he’s the one YooJung is going to meet because he seems to be walking towards the cafeteria. Eh? Even YooJung giggles when she thinks of the possibility. But all he cares about is TWICE, pfft. I totally get his wife now.

They wait and wait and JunHo starts having fantasies, not helped at all by JunYoung who sends his comments, hee. Even Defconn is going nuts, shouting into the air for Octopus-nim. All of them send messages to Ms Octopus.

TaeHyun finally sits at the cafeteria and hears, “annyeonghaseyo!” But the ones who greeted him were TWICE, here with their new album, HAHHAHA! “Octopus-nim not coming is fine too! Octopus-nim is not the important thing now!” Then he sends all the other guys pictures of his autographed TWICE album.


It’s time for YooJung to reveal herself and she giggles and squeals that she’s nervous as she walks out to the garden. Oh, she stops right before DongGu who gets all excited, though he doesn’t know who he is because of the umbrella that she’s holding to hide her face. He asks that she’s not a staff right, and totally gasps when she finally reveals herself. Pwahahaha, last week, I wished for the return of Bright DongGu and I’m rewarded now, heh. 1 Night always makes my wishes come true.

Delighted DongGu tries to apologise for not writing much because he’s not good at chatting rooms and the like and YooJung cooly replies that it’s why she didn’t want to come, HAHAH! He asks who didn’t touch her heart the most (aka, who she “didn’t like”) and she replies, “Shy Shy”. In other words, it’s Mr I’m-fantastic-at-reading-English-newspapers Mr Kim YAPS JunHo. HAHHAHA! It’s because he really spoke/wrote in a un-pretty way.

JunHo gets told that the partner has already found her guy and he complains and grumbles that he knew it. Girls like quiet guys more. He complains even more even when a car horns in the distance. The others are told that Octopus-nim won’t be coming too and TaeHyun is like, “that’s fine!” HAHAHA! Then he proceeds to take a photo with TWICE.

So they all head back to the gathering place where they bug TaeHyun for the TWICE CD and guess that the guest is an old lady who likes people who don’t talk much. They see two figures coming towards them in the distance but don’t know who they are because they’re keeping the umbrella low. They still don’t know who it is until they come much closer.

YAPS is the first to realise though, because he’d tried to peek under it while squatting. Then he collapses, HAHAHA! YooJung and DongGu don’t raise the umbrella too so Defconn squats too. And then he collapses too. PWAHAHAH! They give her high-fives with Defconn going, “brother!”

She says that she almost chose to go to Defconn and she guesses rightfully that JunHo is Shy Shy. (DongGu immediately disses him by outing the truth, hee.) She explains that she chose the member to meet by looking at the profile picture and nickname.


Yoo PD tells them all to treat each other as though they’re the same age since they’re all wearing uniforms and 18 year old YooJung pats ahjusshi TaeHyun on the shoulder and says, “nice to meet you” in banmal.

On the other hand, JunHo goes, “wanna fight?” This guy never goes easy on the ladies, hehe. Keep your hands to yourself Kim JunHo!

In celebration of DongGu being YooJung’s first partner, he’ll get a gift from the past. It’s that ball machine and Defconn takes it up to abuse, pfft. YooJung turns a random ball out and DongGu earns one of those water-ring contraptions kids used to play with in the past.

Now with everyone gathered, Yoo PD reads out the theme of their trip: Exploding into laughter and full bloom after much hardship school trip. Uhm. Why so long, Yoo PD. And then he says that he’s not done. As you know, it’s YooJung!

They all try to shout out the theme for the trip before closing the opening (so long too, hee) and the whole thing is so long that they just mess up. But of course they get it right in the end and YooJung adorably finishes it up at the end.


Off they go and now they head to the cafeteria. TaeHyun wonders what BoGum’s up to and video calls him. He’s just finished with an interview and YooJung shyly waves to him. He asks if she’s there as the lone guest and when it’s confirmed, he jokes that he has to go see for himself. In the end, he closes off, requesting that the Hyungs treat her well. So adorable. “Kamsahamnida!” goes the Thank-You-Fairy.

It turns out that YooJung shares the same zodiac as JunHo – rabbit – and Defconn very unhelpfully says that they’re separated by two rounds, aka, they’re 24 years apart, hee.

Once the production are done, Yoo PD sends them onto a studio, decorated to welcome the 35th Baduk Competitors. LOL. They just didn’t have time to clean that up. Hee.

YooJung goes up to the stand to introduce herself to the others and she sassily asks, “you’re all 18 years old too right?” Pfft. TaeHyun slaps JunHo on the back and tells him to stop smoking because he looks older than his age, PWAHAHAH.

She’s there to carry out a quiz that they’ll all participate in. The one who gets the most number of questions right gets to be her partner!

DongGu gets the first question wrong and she claims that she’s good at Mook-Ji-Pa. She goes on to lose to JongMin, Defconn and TaeHyun. Hee. JunHo saves her reputation. Her second question is about the biggest deviation she did in her life and problem-child YAPS mutters that it has to be her leaving the house, heh.

She hints that it’s something she did without her mom knowing and JongMin blurts out that she must have looked through her mom’s wallet. HAHAHA. Nope. The answer is something related to the weather. Kim JunHo: “In the autumn… without a license, you must have driven your mom’s car.” PFFFFFTTTT!!!! HAHAHHA!


The actor in the group guesses that on a day that rained, because she wanted to get rained on, she went out. The others can’t believe it but he’s right. It happened just last year, when she was feeling confused and burdened. JunHo tells her “Don’t be Octopus”. Aka, don’t crumble. HEE.

But they tease her for using the word “deviate” on such a little thing and JunHo just has to say, “when I was in Year 3, I went to the roller court…” for the others to guess what he did and burst out in laughter.

Her next question is what she wants praises for (meaning, what she does best). JongMin answers “dance” and YooJung says to JunHo, “will you hit him, please”. Lol, I love this girl. Defconn takes over the squeaky rubber hammer and whacks the floor with it, scaring everyone, HAHA!

DongGu gets the question right that she’s confident in a note-pitch-match and she competes against JongMin the singer who can’t even get the notes right, HAHAH. JunHo steps up and starts octaves much lower than middle C, hee! But YooJung takes him on and soon he’s screaming like someone just kicked him in the nuts. Hee! He does get his sideburns pulled to help pass through the last few notes though, kekke.

The last question is about what she does best despite her hands being smaller than guys. DongGu gets it right in that she’s able to split an apple with her bare hands.

She promptly breaks one of the apples the production brings out with her bare hands, what is this, stunning everyone else. Then YooJung breaks it again and feeds the staff. Whoa. Even TaeHyun can’t do it and DongGu’s expression is hilarious.

JunHo calls her over for an arm wrestle and PWAHAHAHAH, he can’t even send her over a little at all. They end up falling to the ground and JunHo screams that he won. What do you mean you won? You just fainted.

YooJung goes back to the stand and says that DongGu and JongMin will be her partners. JunHo interprets that to mean the two will be partners. Hee.


DongGu pulls two balls from the machine and JongMin gets baffled when he sees the word CUBE on his. The staff tosses a rubik’s cube over. DongGu shows her how to eat an old-school candy, and she feeds the others in turn.

It time to get out and they sound terrible while reciting the theme. They head out and are greeted with a school bus. Yoo PD asks YooJung if she’s sat on anything like that and she says she has while her other classmates shield her from the sun with their bags. They all get bus coupons and 1N2D’s John Zaller calls them on board. HAHAHAHA! He looks awesome. Hee, he stops JunHo from coming up and asks him if he’s a student. JunHo: “I am!”

They all board the bus and the others call out for a partner change which JongMin opposes to. He glees when YooJung puts her arm around him but that smile is gone the moment Yoo PD announces that they are really going to play for a change in partners.


The game they’ll play is inspired by that Let’s Be coffee CF by Jeon JiHyun and Ryu SiWon with the signature line, “I’m getting off here.” On a bus, Koreans usually eat an egg accompanied by a drink like a cider or something. She’ll have to choose between two of them in either set to give to the members in turn when they get to the bus stops and if they get the right thing (meaning, not the one that’s messed with), they get to stay. Otherwise, they will have to get off.

The bus just goes down the road while they share stories from their pasts and ask YooJung if students still do whatever they did, like waiting to get on the bus that a certain crush always is on at a certain time. The first bus stop comes up and DongGu is up. Will he stay on or will he leave? YooJung picks an egg and pfft, whether he’ll stay or not is determined by whether the egg she’ll hit against his head is raw or cooked.

It’s cooked! And DongGu smiles, not even registering the pain, haha! He even has his wits about him to make a pun.

JunHo is up next and Yoo Jung asks if she should choose the egg or the cider. He just goes with the eggs since it went well for DongGu. What will it be?


“Yoo Jung ah, I’m getting off here,” JunHo says. JongMin repeats the same thing and YooJung passes the choice to them both, letting both of them choose their eggs and hit each other themselves. They ask her if she knows which is what and she suspiciously doesn’t answer but deflects. While they play, TaeHyun opens the English newspaper for protection against the raw egg and it’s a good thing because the raw egg goes splat against JunHo’s head. Hee!

The attendant pushes a wailing JunHo out the bus and even tosses his bag which he’d forgotten to get. JunHo tries to get back up sneakily from the back door to no avail thanks to JongMin. So when the bus goes, he runs after it. That’s so sad, hehehe.

Well, not for the others who are screeching in laughter in the bus. PWAHAHAHHA.

JunHo is picked up by the staff bus and while he cleans the eggs off, he swears that if YooJung knew that the one she made him pick was raw, he’ll have his revenge. On the bus, YooJung explains how she doesn’t actually know. But she had a feeling from the way the eggs moved/weighed when she picked them up. JongMin: “ah, so you knew.”

TaeHyun is the next one up and he chooses the cider this time. He says that he’ll believe her and she hands over a cup to him. He takes a sip and looks terrible. She doesn’t know what it is, so she takes a sip from her cup. TaeHyun smirks because he got the cider while she got the salt water.

Defconn gets an egg to his head. The cooked egg practically BOUNCES off his head, proving JunHo’s prediction that she’d make him get off with a raw egg wrong.

They reach the next bus stop and JunHo creeps them all out by grinning through the window, hahah. The next stop comes and DongGu is up for the bet once more. He pulls JongMin with him and eeeps! JunHo laughs as he sees DongGu’s hair get the egg treatment. DongGu: “I’m getting off now. Bye.”

JunHo tries to get on while DongGu gets off, HAHAH. The attendant shoves him off. Those in the bus share the cooked egg while JunHo grumbles as he gets back on the staff’s bus with DongGu.


They shoot straight for the last bus stop and TaeHyun stares at her with his puppy dog eyes as he kneels back, in his turn for the game of chance now. That’s no use. She whacks his head with a raw egg. Bye, TaeHyunnie!

JunHo and DongGu come to get him and JunHo asks YooJung if she wants to ride with them. Nope! TaeHyun wonders what that smell in the staff bus is. JunHo farts. DongGu: “Save me!”

The others in the school bus make small talk, talking about the amusement parks and how she can’t go there much because of how she gets recognised. YooJung’s favourite ride there is the roller coaster.

Soon after, they reach their destination, wherever that is and take some selfies. DongGu stumbles out and drags Defconn over to their bus. JongMin: “Did someone puke?” That’s the smell of farts and raw eggs steaming and mixing together. The smell of JunHo #5.

They walk down the path, with some guys spotting and cheering when they see YooJung.

They end up at the National Modern Fine Arts Museum and change into more comfortable clothes. Yoo PD to JunHo, “ahjusshi!”


They’re here to play for their dinner, which will be doshirak – packed lunches! If they win this game of drop the cloth, they get to eat three-tier doshirak-s. They’ll be joined by some other guests and when Yoo PD calls them out, some guys charge towards them, carrying an inflatable pool, roaring scarily. They’re apparently 18 year old students from the neighbouring universities’ athletics department but no one can believe that at all. Someone there can run 100m in 11 seconds. Doesn’t that remind you of something familiar?

Just like the game with the “ladies” on their school trip in an earlier episode, if the guys get caught, they’ll be dunked into the water. But this time, instead of just running in a straight line, each of our guys will have a cloth and have to drop it behind any of the students. The moment he does that, he’ll have to go sprint two rounds around the circle and reclaim that student’s seat before he gets caught by that student. Bye JunHo. This game is for you. Ah, YooJung will be joining you too!

What is this scary tense atmosphere? They all sit in a circle and JunHo runs around with the cloth in his hands. He does some fake outs and when he finally, puts the towel down behind someone, he’s hunted down by a human cheetah and dumped into the pool. OMG, this is vicious, HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! But amazingly, he actually managed to make one round around the circle before getting caught. YooJung looks like she’s lost her soul, hee.

TaeHyun is up next and he whines and whines to Yoo PD, HAHAH! He complains that Yoo PD had told the cheetah when the towel was behind him and JunHo gets so upset at that he screams to do it again, HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!! TaeHyun is only glad to give him the chance.

Pfft, so JunHo goes again and this time, his chaser slips and falls. Will he stay dry this time?


As if.

PWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA!!!! He was only three steps to his seat and TaeHyun roars in laughter, HAHAHAHAHHA!!

TaeHyun runs up for his turn and takes forever to decide where to leave his cloth. But when he does, he gets chased and his chaser might as well be one of those crazy fans running after his idol with the way he happily reaches out as if to hug him. Hee.

TaeHyun gets caught and once out of the pool he goes to hug his crazy fan, wet body and all.

JongMin is up to play next and he rubs his chest with water from the pool. HAHA. He does some practice runs and sprints off. He quickly throws the towel somewhere and continues zooming off. He actually manages to get to the seat before getting caught! He raises a hand for a victory clap with his chaser and the student is all, “Uh? Why?” Hee.


YooJung is up next! They wonder if the students will go easy on her and she stretches in response.  But she’s okay even if they catch her and dump her in.

TaeHyun: “If you guys catch her, you know right, your personal details will all be exposed!” HAHAAAA!

She skips around and then throws the towel. The guy zooms off after her while all the other adults smile like parents as she passes by… but she ends up falling down herself. No worries! She’s not meant to be dunked today because her chaser suddenly has a shoelace issue and he has to stop and tie it RIGHT. NOW. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The power of YooJung! In the end, she gets to her seat safely. PFFT!

The other guys praise him for doing a good job (on variety) and being cool while petty uncle JunHo protests, heh.

Defconn has to play next and JongMin tells the others to do their very best. The kids, “YES!” HEHE!

In any case, Defconn gets caught up (he didn’t even know when the kid got so close, ha) and carried to the pool. He complains about the smell of egg and it turns out that he chose the wrong opponent. His chaser was the one who could run 100m in 11 seconds!

Finally! It’s 1 Night 2 Day’s ace at athletics DongGu’s turn and he almost succeeds in tricking a kid into chasing after him, heh. But when he finally throws the towel, he’s helped not just by his speed but also by the fact that his chaser slipped and fell. DongGu is safe!


The final results are out and now, we know who’ll get the three-layer lunch boxes: JongMin, YooJung and DongGu!

TaeHyun sees some kindergarteners in the distance and asks to play the game with them, HAHA! But the game comes to an end and they take a group photo with all the 18 year old cheetahs.



Next Week!

YooJung goes, “let’s ride once more!” while JongMin squeezes his eyes shut in fear.

Disclaimer: There might be some errors in translation because I live-capped this!


28 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 149

  1. Aww, thank you for the recap, peeps! I was waiting to watch this tomorrow when I can download it, but now that I read your recap, I can go to sleep in peace, haha.


  2. Thank you as always! The subs took too long last week, so I actually waited for your recap for this episode because God knows when they’ll upload the subs for this episode. Thank you again!


    1. Oh really? I didn’t know. I’ve slowly been weaning myself off the subs. Sometimes I don’t even use them ever which is a bad thing because I’m not exactly fluent in Korean!


      1. Too long that I watched two episodes of Entourage (even if I didn’t have any plans) to kill time. It was released like 25 hours after the Korean broadcast. :)))


      2. Lol, you make it sound like Entourage was terrible.

        If it’s 25h after the end of 1N2D then I guess it came out at 9pm kst? Whew. Did you watch it on viu or kshow?


  3. Wow..another super fast recap..thank you! i am soooooo looking forward to this coz the games they played sounds fun! Donggu n Yoojung look so adorable together(it helps that donggu looks not much older than her).. junho n defconn look like those school bus bullies. I wonder what are they doing next week. hopefully, more fun games of the good ol’ days.( kids, it’s more fun to play outside with your friends!)


      1. wouldn’t it be nice if suddenly jjy joins them in the next episode? but then..rollercoasters..maybe not..LOL.


  4. I’m having my exams this month, and am restraining myself from watching variety shows at the moment. But your recaps help me through such tough times hahahah >.<

    So thank you for recapping! I hope you're not zombified though huhu.

    P.S happy to see you in a Dramabeans thread!


  5. Hi there! Sorry for not commenting here but I am always waiting for your recaps^^ Thank you so much for sharing :D. Dong Gu becomes brighter with a female guest^^^


    1. Comment more!!! *roaaaarrr!!!*

      Haha, just kidding. But to be honest, I write for the comments – to share my joy with you and so of course I’m glad when you share your joy with me!

      DongGu is such a guy, lol. A dandy guy though.


      1. some ppl complaint abt donggu..not sure why..he’s getting better with the rest of the members..he’s getting sneakier..more cunning than before..he may not be as funny as the rest but making ppl laugh is not easy.. but he tries. somehow, looking at his ‘energizer bunny’ persona with doses of enthusiasm, reminds me of kim tak gu. i wish he does that tak gu dance..the one about going to the beach of incheon…


      2. I like DongGu as he is. Not all of them have to be funny. TaeHyun and Defconn aren’t usually breaking into funny antics or ones who brung the laughs but I like them because they’re there. I like DongGu just cause he’s there too. It just brings another perspective. That’s good.


  6. You’re spoiling us with the super fast recaps. Stop it!!!

    Hehe, just kidding. 🙂 Thank you so much for the recaps, the subs were really slow for this week but the episode was worth the wait.

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  7. Hope your work exams are getting along fine. 🍀
    I’m impressed by the shoelace guy. And it’s so 1n2d to highlight that smiling audio man. It reminds me of the cameo by Yoo PD in Producers where he said that he will always find the funniest thing to include in the show. Even though he is no longer doing 1n2d, i’m glad his humour lives on.


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