1 Night 2 Days Extra Clip w/- YooJung!

1 Night 2 Days Extra Clip; Season 3 Episode 148

Found this on their facebook page, so I might as well share with you guys/ladies. Also, the simple 1N2D sticker they stuck over the word “Baduk” on the set announcing the 35th Baduk Championships behind is cracking me up.

It’s the un-aired portion of the Knowing YooJung Quiz and this time, she asks about her third favourite food.

She says that she really likes eating but among everything, she like Steamed Buns (Jjim-bbang) and Roasted Chestnuts the most. What is the other food that she likes that much?

Defconn raises his hand and tries to answer first. According to him, since she likes Steamed Buns and Roasted Chestnuts, it means that her tastes range older than normal (aka, middle age, lol) and he answers, “Acorn Jello”. Ha.

They all groan as JunHo says that he should be hit hard.

YooJung: “Excuse me, could you pass me the squeaky hammer?” HAHAHA!

And JunHo once again advocates for hitting hard with the squeaky hammer. So violent.

YooJung tries to oblige by faking a hard one that sends Defconn flinching, hee. But in the end, it’s just a normal hit on his head from her.

JongMin attempts to answer and he goes,”HongEo!” DON’T REMIND ME OF THAT ATROCITY! Hit him! HIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!! I still get nightmares of the time I tried it.

YooJung hits him harder than she did before on the shoulder. Good girl!

Since none of them are getting close to the right answer, YooJung offers to give them a hint. Her favourite food is not flour-based but something you grill.

JongMin screams his name and guesses Bar Rice Cake or Karae-ddeok while TaeHyun guesses Dried Filefish Fillets. JunHo blurts out, “Dried Pollack!” Pfft. The captions write that it’s such an Ajae taste, lol.

None of them are getting it right at all, so YooJung offers to give them a strong hint. But in return, she’ll hit whoever gives a wrong answer from here on hard.

Her favourite food is something Koreans commonly eat after eating (grilled) meat.

TaeHyun seems to know the answer and gets up to reply, “mushrooms! @#$%^&” HAHAH! His final answer is “garlic” though.

Defconn’s guess is potato. Or pork spine. They sound the same in Korean. (Fun fact: Gamjatang may or may not have potatoes (gamja) but it will always have pork spine- (bones) (gamja-bbyeo), because that’s where the name originates from. Nowadays it’s common to find potatoes in it though.)

They’re both wrong.

JongMin shouts out “Skin!” (pig skin)

YooJung goes ahead to deliver a squeaky hit to Defconn’s head and to JunHo’s head after he says that surely an 18 year old wouldn’t be interested in garlic and gamja. Hehe, petty uncle doesn’t understand why he got hit. She hits TaeHyun too, but when it comes to JongMin, she asks, “did you say your name?” OOOH!

Of course everyone starts screaming their name/nickname and YooJung tells them all, “after I go 1, 2, 3, say your name!” PWAHAHAHAHHA! So unfair!

She counts down and Defconn starts doing aegyo, PPFFFT!!!! That earns him a chance to answer and of course he gets it right. It’s (grilled) pig’s skin.

JunHo complains about an 18 year old being interested in skin and YooJung tells them all that rather than meat, she likes (grilled pig’s) skin more. It’s because its texture is firm.

Defconn starts sharing info about good restaurants and asks her if she’s gone to the famous (pig’s) skin restaurant in Mapo. She nods her head and says that it’s right next to her house.

All of a sudden, Defconn is VERY interested in the fact that she lives in Mapo because he lives there too and suddenly he encourages her to call sometimes and he’ll treat her to good food. HAHHAHA, TaeHyun lets out this weird laugh and the others joke that it’s too scary. TaeHyun goes one step further and teases that it seems like YooJung is going to move, ha! Poor innocent Defconn-bear.

Her next question: What does she do when she’s bored, no matter how busy she is?

TaeHyun laughs that MC YooJung is suddenly a lot gentler now and the 1 second MC says that she wants to do this with all of them today, because there’s a master at it among them.

That throws them off because they don’t know what exactly their unique talents are and YooJung tells them that she feels like Kim JunHo does it the best. PWAHAHAHA, they immediately think of gambling, though no one ever uses the word.

Of course it’s wrong and JunHo quips, “don’t do that from young!”

She decides to give them a hint through her facial expression and immediately makes a funny face. They all guess that she likes taking pictures of her funny faces but JongMin’s the only one who shouts his name out first. He gets the point!

They all get up to take a picture of funny faces together and Defconn declares that he’s definitely not the last at this, uh huh, while YooJung warms up her face.

They get ready and the moment the photographer calls “three”, they pull their ugliest faces. Hee, YooJung cracks up at the end.

They give her the photos to check and a second into it, she bursts into laughter. There’s not a single person who should be hit by the hammer, she says. They’re all terrible, hahha, especially Defconn.

But YAPS notices that DongGu copied YooJung in all of them and DongGu protests. Defconn shoves the phone in DongGu’s face and asks how he can say that even after looking at his (Defconn’s) expression. All of DongGu’s rebuttals are not accepted!

Thus, DongGu’s punishment is to take an ugly photo himself and Defconn automatically makes that YooJung’s present. He passes it to her to see and she goes, “nice”. HEE!

Hope you like your Babo DongGu!


4 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days Extra Clip w/- YooJung!

  1. Thank you! 🙂

    And I just noticed that you have a new poll. Is there an option button for “All of the above”? Ramyun w/ seafood, meat and vegetable side dish. Yum! and now I’m hungry……

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