Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 7

Three Meals a Day in Deukryang Island Episode 7; Fishing Village Edition 3:

Morning comes and SeoJin’s night with the kitties come to an end. But Sir Not-Grumpy is still asleep, to the disappointment of the cats.

So Mong decides that this is a good time as ever to climb up the side tables and that makes SeoJin open his eyes. He still doesn’t wake up though, so Koongie jumps up to give him a good morning kiss. His other younger bros in the other room don’t seem to have any intent to get up either.

He gets up… then promptly crumbles back into bed. He checks under it and Koong crawls out as if to kiss him. He waves his hand a bit then finally gets out, only to see rain falling from the sky. That news is delivered to Eric and KyunSang too, who moan and groan and groan even more when they hear that it’s already 11. In other words, GET UP! I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T WANNA!

They worry about the extinguished fire out there while KyunSang washes up. They guess that the embers are all gone, so KyunSang’s first job is to check if there’s anything left in the furnace. He looks around and adds some branches. Ah! It lives! Fire doesn’t extinguish that easily after all.


Quickly, KyunSang adds thin logs when a branch catches fire and when the flames grow stronger he adds the huge logs. He fans the flames and soon, the flames from hell are back. To protect them, he covers them with a cauldron’s lid.

Chef comes up with the menu for breakfast and consults Captain, who’s half in and half out of his room. Na PD asks if there’s someone in his room not letting him out and he replies that the cats might get out. Those cats? Lol.

Time to make breakfast, which is a combination of Doenjang-jjigae and scorched rice. Eric makes his standard broth and cleans the clam shells along with a spring onion. As usual, he takes the dashima out and when SeoJin asks if he needs garlic, Eric requests for that and potatoes.

So SeoJin peels the garlic while KyunSang struggles with peeling the potato beside him. Hee, the intern asks how SeoJin worked his magic on the potatoes the other time and the stingy sunbae just smirks, not sharing his secrets. I guess that’s a way of teaching – making them learn on their own, heh.


Times passes and Eric simply continues to cook his doenjang-jjigae. While he cooks the scorched rice porridge, SeoJin takes the Soy Sauce Crabs out and together, the three men cut the crabs and prepare them for breakfast. In no time, the other dishes, the doenjang-jjigae and the scorched rice porridge are done too. Mmm~

They eat and finish breakfast soon and immediately after it, KyunSang opens the door to SeoJin’s room right behind him and calls his kitties. He gives them a little scritch and SeoJin laughs that the cat got on his neck in the morning. He was just giving you a good morning kiss!

While Mong toddles off elsewhere, Koong sits right at SeoJin’s door, staring at him. Na PD notes that and tells SeoJin that Koong is telling him to go in and SeoJin jokes that the cat’s scary. Eric calls the cat “sister-in-law”, HA!

They head out to the jetty on Ericar to check out what they might have in their nets. Crabs. Even worse, they’re rather small. In another net, there’s nothing there except for the GoPro. ARGH! A rewind on the GoPro shows that an octopus did go crawl into their net, but it escaped soon after.

So Chef askes Captain what’ll be for lunch and SeoJin replies, “Kimchi Fried Rice”. But he soon changes that to noodles and KyunSang knows that he wants his Banquet Noodles. SeoJin, “Eo. Yeah. Hurry!” Hee!

Ha, SeoJin cries that he hates crabs but when they check all their other nets, all they get are huge crabs. Hee. While SeoJin ruthlessly shakes the crabs out of the nets, Na PD teases, “SeoJin Hyung, you should be happy!” One of their crabs has a huge claw.

Back in the rooms, the cats laze around and waddle off when the camera moves. PFFFFFT, Koong digs into his litter then slides all over the floor. Mong opts to stretch and hide under tables and hide in people’s jackets. Pwahaha, he even manages to squeeze himself through a sleeve. In the end, he returns to his shelf to sleep.


The three men return back home and throw the big clawed crabs into the tank, where they promptly get into a huge fight. All the men look at the scene like they’re watching the MMA. You don’t need a TV! Eric says that they should give the crabs chances likes that and not just turn them into Soy Sauce Crabs. Pfft.

Ha, a staff asks KyunSang about his interest in violence and KyunSang laughs that he must have learnt well from the hyungs.

While Koong cleans himself, KyunSang prepares to clean the crabs. Though SeoJin barks that the crabs don’t have to be cleaned, he helps KyunSang pull some out. Then Na PD tells Eric, who’s been stoning, that he has to start working, ha. While they work, SeoJin returns to his room to put on some music and of all things, he puts on Yoo JaeHa’s Because I Love You. Heh, KyunSang laughs at him playing that after doing that to the crabs. He’s scared! And a staff scoffs at him putting that on after putting those same crabs to grill. HA!


Even better, Koong peeks out of his daddy’s room,side steps SeoJin and heads straight for SeoJin’s room, where the music is wafting out of. Na PD: “He must be a Yoo JaeHa fan!” He just ends up curling in a corner right outside the room while KyunSang laughs at Koong sleeping on his shelf. Na PD offers to give them that bookshelf when they get to Seoul, heh.

Koong stares at SeoJin, but when SeoJin looks at him, he looks elsewhere. They meet eyes once, but promptly look away.

Preparation for lunch is underway as the standard broth boils away steadily and Chef E works well. Hee, he tests a bit of a pepper and when KyunSang asks if it’s spicy, he’s speechless.

HAHAHHAA, while the younger ones continue with the ingredients, SeoJin cleans the platform with Eric’s mop, an act so out of the ordinary for him that Na PD comments on it. They put four crabs to grill under a salt bed and later, Eric uses that same salt to season the Banquet Noodles. Pretty soon, lunch is served.

Pwahaha, SeoJin looks like a grinning Cheshire cat when lifts his noodles up. He then barks, “hey. Why are the noodles this delicious?”

He’s so quiet that Na PD asks if the noodles are Number 1 for him again and the Island’s PA chime rings that moment. Ding Dong Deng!

As usual, Na PD is squatting right by the pot and they inhale their crabs while the PA plays and the other crabs fight in the tank, oblivious to their eventual fate that’s playing out right in front of them.

That’s the end of filming for them and when they return, it’s 2 weeks later. They interview that it seems that it’s been satisfying, though Eric thinks that everything has been going too well for them.

So Ericar promptly breaks down for them at the hill. HA! They walk the whole way back, except for Eric.


KyunSang and SeoJin are greeted by SeoJin’s successful Yuja jam, while brings a huge smile to his face. KyunSang calls out for his kitties the moment he opens the door to his room and fusses over Koong who has way too many goobers in his eyes.

KyunSang also prepared slippers (of the latest fashion)for his seniors and in his interview, said that he picked colours that they seemed to like and did it because the weather’s turning colder and he wanted them to be more comfortable. But in the present, they all complain that the weather’s hot, HA! SeoJin even bashfully takes his slippers off in his interview.

Another present that goes unappreciated is SeoJin’s toys for the kitties. They can’t ignore the toys more than they can now.

SeoJin goes to the coop to check for eggs. He finds nothing there so KyunSang goes to check. He just gives them their food and reaches right under a chicken’s butt to get 4 of them. Eric hears that they have 4 eggs yet again and then mutters that they have 5 chickens though. “We must find the unfaithful one!” What are you thinking of doing to it?!


Once more, SeoJin prepares the newspapers for the fire and when the two juniors go out, he has to prepare to set the fire up himself. Pfft, Na PD writes in the captions that it’s a shock that SeoJin has turned into a worker. What are you talking about? You just always edit him working out!

Out in town, KyunSang giggles as he rides Ericar behind Eric. They’ve gone off to get more branches for their fires and Eric shouts when he finds a whole bunch of ant’s eggs. That makes them think of SeoJin.

Back at the house, SeoJin wanders around while Koong messes around with a Ziploc bag of something in KyunSang’s room while Mong watches on from his bookshelf. He’s stopped when KyunSang appears and grabs it away, calling him a piggy and muttering that he’s like his dad.

Once more, they’re back into their usual positions, Eric in the kitchen preparing all the ingredients, SeoJin preparing the garlic and KyunSang manning the fire, while they prepare lunch.

Eric prepares the soup while SeoJin and KyunSang are in awe of the rice that they’d cooked.

Eric looks for the left glove and fries everything up for fried rice. On the other hand, KyunSang is responsible for the eggs. Captain is responsible for standing in the centre and watching over them.

HAHAHA, someone in the production notes, surprised, that KyunSang can fry things (he means an egg). KyunSang gets so flabbergasted, HAHHAHA!

Thanks to all their efforts, lunch is prepared and SeoJin plates the fried rice while KyunSang scoops the soup. They all laugh at the huge one that’s obviously Kyunsang’s. Hee!

They eat together and by now, there sure that they prefer their dishes more bland than salty.

Outside, a granny shoves a rooster around.


Inside, the dishes are left unwashed, the rubbish left lying around. KyunSang didn’t even finish his portion! All there is to clue us in is a note on the Yuja that SeoJin hung like a Christmas decoration telling us that they “Went out for some fresh air, we’ll be back (don’t find us)”. THEY RAN AWAY! PWAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

That night, they’re interrogated individually and SeoJin commands the staff not to edit anything later because he definitely wasn’t the one to suggest running away. Eric mutters that everything will be revealed on broadcast anyway while KyunSang insists that the decision was the result of their combined wills.


KyunSang: “Hyung!”

Lee SeoJin: “Who wrote the letter? Ask again!” LOL.


We flash back to a few hours earlier, which is when Eric hurries around with logs in his arms while SeoJin lounges on the veranda saying that he doesn’t want to do anything. There is ONE thing though, and the two easily chime: “town”. HAHAHHA!

Flashback to the previous seasons when SeoJin was on mainland – the time when he’d called “downtown” heaven. Even when he was meeting up with Na PD pre-interview, he was thinking of it. The market is where people recognised him, where he got delicious food. And now that the seed has been planted in his head, he can’t get it out.

Minutes pass by and slowly, the house empties of all the staff. Even Na PD is gone. But there was never a moment when Na PD was not visible. Eric wonders if he went to sleep and mutters that it feels like there’s a guest coming. SeoJin concurs, because apparently, this is a common occurrence when guests are about to come.

And then… Eric sits up and asks if they should just go (to town). KyunSang adds that they should leave a letter too. PWAHAHHAHAH!

“Let’s see, we have a pen!” goes KyunSang.

“Do you have paper?” goes Eric.

And SeoJin completes everything by listing down the things they have to do: Prepare everything in 1 minute, run like crazy, get on Ericar and go. HAHAHA! These sneaky little bastards!

While the others leave their note, SeoJin acts as look out. Then they rush out without a word, even passing by Na PD who asks after them, completely baffled. They run off on Ericar, with the staff close behind on a car but when the three guys hop and jet off on their boat, the cameramen are stuck. HAHAHHA!!!!

OMG, they have a boatman among them and the three runaways are followed!

SeoJin speeds up, attempting to outspeed them… then Eric screams that they didn’t bring their money. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So the guys head back to Deukryang Island and in their interrogations, Eric calls them all Babo-s while KyunSang giggles as he confesses dreaming about getting Hoddeok and another snacks. SeoJin meanwhile brazenly states it’s because that they’ve been filming too much and hadn’t had time to sight-see. “Uhm? Uhm.”


They return back home and get straight to work on dinner.

Inside the room, Koongie stares at the door as usual. Na PD shows us all the time Koong keeps staring at the door, no matter the time or for how long. The only time Koong doesn’t do that and gets moody is when Mong sits there. But when Mong comes along to play, he’s all cold. Psh.

Outside, preparation for dinner goes on smoothly and quietly. It’s Dalk-galbi for dinner, with the chicken and rice cakes that they bought (in a supermarket). Eric asks when dinner should be ready by and SeoJin just replies whenever he’s ready. Eric guesses that he’ll be done in an hour and all SeoJin says is, “okay, try it first.”


KyunSang is blissfully satisfied when he gets agreement that they’re going to put all the ingredients they have into the Dalk-galkbi, though SeoJin asks if they’re really going to put Ramyeon into it. They assure him that they don’t have to and all of a sudden, SeoJin requests for those pickled radishes that come with Korean Fried Chicken.

That’s not possible today though and in an interview, a staff asks why he’s requesting food when he never used to. SeoJin replies that it’s because Eric can cook while in the past, there was no point because no one could cook, which is why he’s getting greedy now. LOL.

And to SeoJin’s delight, Eric doesn’t immediately reject his idea. He just says that he’ll try the pickles. Na PD worries about it but SeoJin has full faith in Eric.

Deputy E continues to cook with his E-cipes and now that he has the possibility of eating pickled radish, he asks Eric what he needs. He runs off to the garden the moment Eric asks for cabbage, returning with something that is decidedly NOT cabbage.

He passes it off to KyunSang to wash and KyunSang’s puzzled and nervous expression cracks me up.

But whatever, he just follows SeoJin’s instructions.

Na PD offers to buy cabbage for them and SeoJin tells them to forget it. Eric mourns that he should have bought it when they went out if he knew and KyunSang shuts it down with, “we didn’t bring money”. HA!

So they decide to make Dalk-galbi without cabbage which is just the weirdest thing ever because that dish is practically basically chicken, seasoning and cabbage. But when Na PD pulls out the cabbage, which he says he bought at $25 (bullshit), SeoJin can’t resist and goes over to take a look.

HA! Someone turned that 1 into 2 as SeoJin cleverly finds out! I see SeoJin fingering their allowance money, but I’m not sure if he did buy into that scam. I bet not.

Aw, Eric makes the pickles that SeoJin wanted and then the seasoning, with KyunSang crushing the sesame seeds with his bare hands. Ha, his hands are magic.


Eric stares around now that all the preparatory work is done. But it’s only 7. SeoJin reminds them that they wanted to add ramyeon to their Dalk-galbi and so KyunSang goes off to boil one. SeoJin shovels lighted charcoal into their charcoal-holder and KyunSang plants their cauldron lid onto it. Now that it’s done, Eric gets right down to cooking the Dalk-galbi for real over the huge strong fires in furnace.

The other guys stare wide mouthed as the dish comes together. Yeah, this is a dish that’s basically everything-whatever-you-want-in-one.

Eric pours everything over the cauldron lid and SeoJin attacks it immediately with his chopsticks. He doesn’t even stop for the camera or Na PD. HEE!

LMAO, they see Na PD on his knees and so Eric scoops some into a wok for him and the production. He even gives them some pickled radishes.


They near the end of their dinner and… eeeeee!!!!! Are they going to do what I think they’re going to do? They bring out the sesame oil and seaweed… AND IT’S DALK-GALBI FRIED RICE!!!!!!!!! I’m hungry. But I have a stomach-ache. I still want to eat. Oh, they add cheese on top too.

SeoJin calls this better than Kimchi fried rice and KyunSang sighs that he gorged too much again. SeoJin disagrees. He just ate his normal portion. It’s just that in the past, he ate too little.

After dinner is always kitty-time. KyunSang waves a toy for Mong to catch and Mong ends up playing with the fake rat himself while Koong prefers more realistic things like live flies. SeoJin likes that he’s catching real flies.



Next Week!

SeoJin makes Kimbap while KyunSang teases him.

13 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 7

  1. Reading your recap makes me more understand what happen in this episode (the dilemma of i-fans).
    Again, the chemistry is getting better, and they’re more comfortable to show their ‘bad sides’. I see the different side of Lee Seo Jin in this season a lot. Perhaps because Na PD didn’t cut it out, or his sweet nature comes out when he meets certain people. First, he really less nagging and less being grumpy. Second, he’s so easy to give praises. He works a lot and don’t mind being ordered by someone. He voluntereed some works. And he’s more welcome with skinships like feeding and touching his teammates. He also asked his teammates opinion and without hesitation follow their steps (the failed escape lol).


      1. Lol…. Taming of Lee Seo Jin. Seriously, it’s pretty easy to tame him. Give him delicious food and he will be sincerely become your slave 🙂


  2. I didnt watch past seasons and only watch this season because of eric. I must say their bromance is amazing! And I drool everytime eric cooks. Eric cooking magic!


  3. Thank you… Been missing your recaps… wondering are you okay..?cause usually the recaps come really fast…
    Well, hope you’re okay now and thank you for the recaps…


  4. if i was to complain about one thing 🙂 is that i thought i would put all my gastronomical excess on hold, give my body some rest and enjoy this show for more totally different reasons…but I didn’t expect Eric and his cooking 😦 I am doomed 🙂 chajumma and now this!


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