1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 151

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 151: Kim JongMin Special

It’s a new start and a new theme and of course, our guys all complain to know why they’re called back when they gather in KBS’ meeting room.

Yoo PD starts off by saying, “1 Night 2 Days…” and TaeHyun blurts out, “will go? (as in the programme will be pulled)” HAHAHHA. NO! DongGu hasn’t even been on it for a year and it hasn’t reached 50% in ratings yet! And JongMin has a year more to go to earn his “10 years on a variety show” badge!

They all take a moment to digest the fact that 1 Night 2 Days has been on TV for 10 years and Yoo PD brings up their viewers’ one constant doubt. JunHo thinks the doubt is about whether the casts really don’t get food when they lose while TaeHyun thinks that it’s whether JongMin is really a Babo. Hee. Even just earlier when he was taking a photo with a kid, he told the kid, “Oh, take a photo with Uncle Babo!” HA!

Then JunHo pours oil on the fire by going, “Honestly, JongMin is not a Babo (idiot). He’s a Meong-cheong-ie (fool).” THAT’S NOT ANY BETTER!


But talk about that brings up JongMin’s Mensa potential from all the surprisingly right answers he used to give in the past. And as expected, the theme for this week is Implementing Kim JongMin’s Mensa Test. Defconn hilariously goes, “JongMin can just be a Babo”, while TaeHyun immediately rejects doing the test at all.

But 1 Night 2 Days is all about team work and TaeHyun collapses to hear the confirmation that he’s roped in. I guess it’s time to tell SuChan to watch Running Man. Defconn is another one who overreacts because he says, “we’re not Mensa. We’re just Byeon-sa (people who died unnaturally). We’re dead!”

They all groan again to hear that the Mensa Test is similar to the IQ Test, save for DongGu who has been sitting there wide mouthed the whole time, heh. It’s because when he last took the test, his score was super low, HA! That’s a disaster to JunHo who doesn’t even want to think of their scores if that’s reality.


Yoo PD asks JongMin if he’s ever passed the IQ Test before and JongMin just laughs as the others shoot that idea down. Apparently, he’s only good at history, according to JunHo. But they’re going through with it because there really have been questions about JongMin’s ability and though he’s certain that the JongMin he knows has limited capability regarding mental gymnastics, JunHo feels a little nervous that JongMin might pull a surprise twist and turn out to be a genius.

Then Yoo PD casually slides a file of their Test Identification Slips for the real Mensa Test. It’s real because DongGu’s one reads “Yoon SiYoon”!

TaeHyun jokes with JongMin that if he passes this, then he should get off to cable. JongMin retorts that he’d just get out of Korea. “I’m going to Mensa!”

And Yoo PD really wants one of them to pass the Mensa Test, so he hands over a rice cake for luck. Heh. JunHo thinks of cheating. Psh.

The time for the test comes and JongMin grows excited for his chance to get out of Korea.

They enter the room for their test and Yoo PD asks them who they think will pass the test. Someone replies, “DongGu” but TaeHyun’s certain that NO ONE will pass. The others just put their faith in DongGu and tease TaeHyun with all three of his kids.

They call in the Mensa Masters to give the test and everyone grows antsy. Especially when one of them reveals that his IQ is 156. I don’t even want to know my IQ…

They’re even more nervous when they hear that the test can’t be filmed at all and the staff are sent outside… to paste toffee on the door. PWAHAHAHHA! Toffee is a good-luck kinda thing you give to people taking tests and from outside, you can totally hear them all sigh because of how hard it is.

Time passes and the test comes to an end and the papers are returned.  As the Mensa Masters head out, JongMin yells after them, “please take care of us!” JunHo says that it was easy at the start and had thought that he was a genius. JongMin laughs that it was difficult for him though. Both DongGu and Defconn were suspicious when it felt like it was too easy.


All 5 head outside and see the toffee, but what they’re more interested in are the pens from Mensa Korea. Hee.

A week later, they gather in the early morning with DongGu being a huggy bear today. TaeHyun shouts that their gathering place was too far and JunHo points to JongMin… who confesses that he ate Udon last night. HEH! Then they all talk about his eyebrows.

Far it may be, but where they’re at is really pretty. JongMin says that he’s warm, but that’s because he’s wearing 4 layers. It’s only autumn there now though.

They’re super interested in the Mensa Test results, or well, only JongMin. No one else wants to know their results, hee. JongMin thinks of things to do for those who score lower than him and JunHo suggests a whack on the head.

JongMin confidently boasts that he answered everything really easily and only made wild guesses on a few while TaeHyun mutters that he’d made wild guesses on at least 10. Hah, they joke that the last place is just a stone and DongGu gets even more nervous.


Yoo PD makes them rank themselves and JongMin immediately ranks himself 1st. One minute later, JunHo fights to be first because he doesn’t like seeing JongMin possibly be better than him. Then he says that he hopes TaeHyun passes because SuChan will be watching. BURN.

Yoo PD starts to reveal the test results, but keeps them hanging. He only offers to reveal whether there’s someone who passed the test among them but even then, he can’t just spit it out.

And after keeping them hanging forever, he happily tells them that… “there’s no one.” Pfft. JongMin was looking forward to it though! And they all complain that they became national embarrassments because of JongMin.

But that’s not the end of the revelation, because Yoo PD tells JongMin to go to the centre. Ah? Yoo PD moves JunHo to the right of JongMin and Defconn on the other side. That means that either TaeHyun is first or last and the same for DongGu!

Yoo PD tells JongMin to raise his right hand, and then says… that those on that side got results higher than Kim JongMin. HAHAHAHA! SuChan’s dad has saved his reputation in front of his child! Meanwhile, let’s welcome Stone-gu.

Time to reveal the 1 Night 2 Days member with the highest IQ and it’s TaeHyun. Immediately, TaeHyun sends a message to his firstborn, telling him that he’s smart because he takes after his father and JongMin tells him to go on to Superman Returns.

TaeHyun’s IQ is 118. That’s normal for a Korean though. JunHo’s is 104. Uhm. What happens to the others on his left?! 100 is normal! It’s the basic average! To save their images, Yoo PD announces the last three people’s scores together – they had the exact same score. DongGu erupts in relieved laughter. HAHAHHA! You got saved DongGu!


What does it mean when DongGu and Defconn guessed through 30 questions while JongMin apparently did them all properly though? I think the test has 60 questions.

And in the final revelation, Yoo PD tells them that all three of them got 100. Ah. That’s good and normal. DongGu goes crazy with happiness, hee! Then Yoo PD tells them that Mensa Tests don’t reveal two digit IQ results. Therefore, the lowest possible score is 100. Pfft. What a joy-killer.

And now DongGu is a like a wet sheep, gloomy and sad. On the other hand, TaeHyun and JunHo insist on the three of them going to take the IQ test proper but DongGu’s hopeless expression has JunHo attempting to comfort him. All he says is, “DongGu tries hard though. Even though his brain is not good.” before bursting out in laughter. I think he prefers that you said nothing.

But the most comforting statement must be from Yoo PD, who insists that the IQ Test only measures acquired learning and is not a definite test of intelligence in any way. So don’t be too sad DongGu ya. TaeHyun and JunHo are too glad that their IQ-s are above 100 to care and tease the 3 Stones relentlessly, especially when Korea’s Go Master is called Lee SeDol (which has the same pronunciation as These Three Stones).


Yoo PD finally announces the theme for this trip, which is basically: Kim JongMin’s Kim JongMin’s doubt, for Kim JongMin, Kim JongMin Special.

They are a little flabbergasted that it’ll all be about JongMin while Yoo PD asks JongMin if he’s not happy. JongMin replies that he thought his score would be high. Ha. He keeps thinking of that Mensa Test.

From August 2007 to November 2016, Kim JongMin has been a constant at 1 Night 2 Day’s numerous greetings. You’ve seen him stripping to get into the water, spitting like a fountain and pulling an octopus that’s stuck to his face. Now, 1 Night 2 Days Season 3 presents you with a special where 100% of the focus will be on Kim JongMin.

“I’m feeling burdened now,” says JongMin.

Hahaha, they ask him what he wants to eat and where he wants to go and the answers are basically “abalone” and “home”.

They head off to their next destination, which is within walking distance and Mommy Stone gathers the Three Stones to sing the Three Stones (Bears) Song. They climb up some stairs, with the Three Stones leading in front while JunHo and TaeHyun lag behind, TaeHyun on his phone while JunHo checks some words written on his tummy. What the hell?

They’re checking up on history because they’d been tipped off earlier while they were waiting for JongMin to arrive, haha.

And now they’re given another quiz to fulfil. What a minute, what happened to the beautiful place they were walking to? Why are they in a carpark? Ah, ah, this was back while they were waiting for JongMin. They were given the questions and the answers to the history quiz that the production is planning for latter. HAHAH!


TaeHyun complains that they should have sent this over the day before. The staff tells them that this is a team mission! If any of them let JongMin answer the question right first, then they won’t get to eat. And if JongMin realises that this is a hidden camera prank, then they fail too. WHAT?! PFFFFTTTT!!!!! Who said 1 Night 2 Days was losing its touch?

While Numero Uno and Dos in the IQ Test struggle through the list of 20 questions, dead-last DongGu easily remembers everything.

JunHo goes into a shop owned by a friendly granny and borrows a marker. He comes out right after and rips the answer sheet cool as you please. That’s because he’d written all his answers on his belly, LOL.

Back in the present with the pretty place, and Defconn spits out a historical fact regarding Lee SunShin, followed by DongGu trying to act smart too but ending up second-guessing himself. They’re currently at a Chung-ryeol-sa, a memorial/place built to honour those with unwavering loyalty and in this case, it’s honouring General Lee SunShin. This NamHae (South Sea) Chung-Ryeol-Sa held the general’s shrine for three months, which now is fixed in Asan.


They start their History Quiz and they all groan. DongGu now knows the ways of 1 Night and immediately hugs JongMin. The others all stretch out to reach JongMin and Yoo PD tells them that the one person who ends up last won’t be able to eat.

Pfft, they butter JongMin up but while TaeHyun was reading the questions on his phone, JongMin notices it. EEPS! But he passes it off by saying that he was researching about General Lee SunShin. Heh.

The quiz starts and everyone starts complaining. The first question is given while JunHo brazenly checks his tummy. The time to answer comes and though JongMin rises to answer, TaeHyun pulls him back down and gives DongGu the chance to answer correctly. And then Defconn acts like he totally almost got confused like JongMin regarding the real, correct, accurate answer.

In the next question, Defconn jumps up, but the question hasn’t been read out fully yet. Uh… So Defconn covers it up by giving a totally long explanation and crediting it to JongMin giving him a hint earlier.

Of course Defconn gets it right, so JongMin has to prove his history-prowess by listing out the years of each of the three events instead of just the order as asked. And now, instead of just having TaeHyun pulling him down, he has Defconn pulling him down too.

The third question comes and they let JunHo answer. He answers it wrongly, complete with the blank face.

The next question is one regarding Russia that JongMin doesn’t have the answer to. But TaeHyun is certain that he knows the answer to this because “it came out in SuChan’s book”. PFFFTTTT!!!!! So TaeHyun wins a place at the table.

Therefore, it’s down to JunHo and JongMin for the last place at the lunch table and JunHo begs to go first since JongMin is so great at history. No such thing. So they wait nervously for the next question, with JunHo brazenly lifting his shirt to stare at his belly while JongMin realises nothing despite sitting right beside him (come on, that pillar in between can’t hide much).


Yoo PD gives the question and pretends to be surprised when JunHo gets it right. HEH. JongMin tries to whack JunHo then admits that he doesn’t know the answer. The question was, “what were early humans called” and JongMin didn’t know that the answer was “Neanderthals” because that’s not Korean history. That’s human history. HA!

JongMin can’t believe that he just lost a History Quiz and starts shouting. So JongMin works for his one spoonful of food with another history question. LOL, he answers immediately and as if that’s not enough, he answers the year correctly too when TaeHyun just suddenly asks. HAHHAHA! No one can believe this.

JongMin has a wide Cheshire Grin and then hears, “Kim JongMin, mission fail!” What is this? There was another mission for him?


Rewind to the day before, when Joo PD (I can recognise his voice anywhere!) met up with him at KBS and told him all about the member’s “hidden camera” on him. HAHAHAH! They even gave him the exact 5 questions that would come out! His mission was to react like it was sad or pitiful that the others got the answer right. He can even answer wrongly because he’s supposed to confuse them all and make them wonder whether they’re the ones playing a hidden camera or JongMin is. PWAHAHA. JongMin sighs that he can’t act well though.

Back in the present, JongMin just smiles and smiles and despite Yoo PD obviously going, “ah, so frustrating,” JongMin acts like he has no idea. The others catch on though, and while Defconn grabs him by the lapels and JunHo pulls his hair, JongMin ekes, “I knew all the answers beforehand!”

HEEEEEE!!!!! The others go into shock and JongMin shocks them even more by confessing that he knew since yesterday night. The real mission was to answer the fourth question correctly, the one with the Neanderthal, the one that JunHo got correct. We see him practise fighting to answer that question and hearing Joo PD tell him that if he got it wrong, then the programme will be ruined. Buh? Pfft.

And now JongMin has really ruined it because he just couldn’t get the fourth question right. HAHAHAHA. The others realise that JongMin coming up with the years was also an act and then JunHo realises that if he hadn’t answered that fourth question correctly, he wouldn’t have had lunch that day AND wouldn’t have had known the truth till this got broadcasted. HEE!

TaeHyun has a greater concern – is the Mensa Test fake? Nope, it’s not, and now he’s happy again, HAHAHAHA! They end the game and TaeHyun comments for the Kim JongMin Special to come round again next year.

Talking about that fourth question makes DongGu think back to how it was answered – JunHo had fought to answer it even though the question paper hadn’t even been fully opened yet and that launches JongMin into another spiel about Defconn’s terrible acting. Heh, so he wasn’t that clueless when Defconn was being so obvious while ranting.

They end filming there and JongMin gets to clap… his face instead of the slate.


They get on the bus to head to their next destination, up the hill and along the way, TaeHyun learns that NamHae is an island and JongMin gets altitude sickness.

They get off and see the sea out there in the distance and JongMin asks if that the South Sea. JunHo: “Otherwise, then is it the East Sea?” Ha.

DongGu notes that it’s warmer there because it’s in the south while JunHo attempts to roll JongMin down the hill like the stone that he’s supposed to be. Pfft. The stones and friends meet a huge boulder in the distance and DongGu calls it’s the JongMin-Boulder. Apparently, they look alike.

They arrive at a little resting place in the hills in where they get a drink of fresh water and JunHo gets called “JongShik”.

They’re currently at Boriam Temple in Geumsan Mountain, built in 683 by the Great Master WonHyo who practised asceticism and the view is simply killer.

After looking down the mountain, they have to climb up. HAHA. JunHo complains that the JongMin Special is too difficult and while TaeHyun and DongGu climb up way, way, way in front, the other three pant behind.


Following them is the Audio Director from the trip with JiTae and this time, JongMin gets to wear his earphones. HAHAH, JunHo starts practising his high notes.

WHOA. They reach the very top and there’s a table at the very edge of the cliff with no protective barrier or anything at all. The food for lunch comes out and it’s a whole spread here! There’s even homemade makgeolli and when Defconn reaches for the pot, JongMin bites his arm. Hee, poor JongMin, who has to sit and watch but can’t eat anything at all.

Worse of all, it’s not the end. There’s one more thing that the granny had prepared for them – ramyeon. THAT’S JONGMIN’S FAVOURITE FOOD!

Yoo PD heartlessly notes that this was all supposed to be JongMin’s and when JongMin asks if that means that he’ll give him the ramyeon, Yoo PD says no. JongMin really doesn’t get to eat all and all of a sudden, he grabs the ramyeon pot. Is this a rebellion?!

No, he just smelt it. And smells it more.

JongMin finally earns a stick of carrot and cucumber but he’s pissed off when Yoo PD suddenly calls him like he’s catching him doing a dastardly thing! Pwahahaha, getting a wedgie from HoDong or getting slapped by JunHo doesn’t faze JongMin. But snap at him for eating a cucumber stick and he indignantly spits it all out and pouts.

The next second, he’s all smiles as Yoo PD hands over a tray of food for him. HAHAHAHHAAAAAAA!!!! It’s just Makgeolli and Kimchi, and JongMin takes a sip even though he says he doesn’t drink.

Yoo PD sighs that he really wanted to take a shot of JongMin being happy and ecstatic though. So JongMin gets to eat a wrap while he pretends to flip all the others off for failing while he won his mission. He laughs crazily… and when it ends, JunHo mutters that he’s so pitiful. Ha.

When IlYong PD walks off for a moment, the others share one more wrap with him, but this time he gets caught. Heh. Then when they’re about to leave, JongMin grabs a handful of cucumber sticks to go but throws it back when they take issue with it again. HA!


Next Week!

JongMin gets set up on a blind date.


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  1. Thanks for the recap. Thought I’d never come across another recap ever since dramabeans stopped recapping since season 2. Haha I should have looked harder.


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