1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 150

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 150: As You Know, it’s YooJung.

Time for lunchies! Too bad only DongGu, YooJung and JongMin get them. The others got (eggy)-water.

DongGu stands with YooJung while waiting for the rest and asks if her legs are okay, aw. That irks the other gangster ajusshis, Defconn and JunHo. Pfft, petty lunchbox-less Defconn warns YooJung not to simply like nice-looking guys like DongGu and JongMin comes from behind them, telling her to ignore them all. What great brotherhood.

Hee, YooJung is a little embarrassed about eating with the winners and petty uncle JunHo complains that her win was manipulated, ha. But DongGu pats the ground beside him and tells her to join them and all thoughts of embarrassment go flying out of YooJung’s head the moment they open the lunchbox, full of delicious goodies. She even complains that there’s too little food for the three of them to share in that one measly set, HA!


The losers whine that they ran so much today (aka, gimme food!) and so Yoo PD gives in and presents them with their own three-layer lunchboxes, filled with fish-shaped-crackers-topped rice balls, jelly worms and danmuji (pickled radish slices), HAA!!!

YooJung laughs that their food looks good but when JunHo offers to swap a rice ball for one Kimbap, she’s like “No thanks!” HEE! Petty Uncle warns her to watch her back later in the games too, heh. JongMin lets her eat first and so she does, letting out a, “it’s delicious”. DongGu agrees, and adds on that it’s why the members do anything to win, heh. Sleeping outdoors and riding triple-bikes aren’t punishment to DongGu. But when you threaten his food, losing is not an option.

YooJung eats and eats and eats as do the losers, who complain everything about their food and TaeHyun jokes about making a lunchbox just like that for SooChan. Hee.

JunHo comes along to offer YooJung a sushi/rice-ball and though it was okay at first, the heat finally hits. Hee, YAPS added all the wasabi in there. Apparently the winners get refills too and while YooJung continues feasting on them all, JunHo argues that they should give him something if he can make them laugh.


So he goes behind YooJung and makes a poem out of her name as is the tradition at 1 Night 2 Days and while creeping towards her, he says,

“Kim YooJung, isn’t that her?

YooJung, itsn’t that her?

The top of her head (Jung-soo-ri)… OWH!” (aka, her head smells terrible)

Heh, immediately he apologises and she deadpans that she’ll wash her hair real well. Pwahahah, the still-growing 18 year old eats and eats and eats so much that the others offer her the jelly in the loser’s lunchboxes and even though the slate is clapped, she continues eating. When she realises that she has to go no matter what, she grabs the jelly octopuses with both hands, HAHAHAH! She reminds me of when I was a kid. My dad used to call me a “hungry ghost”.

They all load up onto the bus to their next destination – a theme park with all the rollercoasters that YooJung likes – and there’s a little shuffle between them all as JunHo and Defconn get kicked out of the seats beside YooJung because they’re meant for her partners, DongGu and JongMin, hee. JunHo mutters that he doesn’t understand why people pay money to ride rollercoasters, heh.

Aw, the YooJung effect doesn’t work on JongMin because he still refuses to ride the rollercoasters despite her asking. DongGu sighs that an outing with friends usually ends up with a picnic on the grass and ahjusshi JunHo adds that their 18-year-old selves would then chase skirts after that, pfft. Pure-minded DongGu continues that they’d usually have a campfire too and Defconn cuts in with, “I guess we’ll be seeing YooJung dance then.” Hah, all these ahjusshis.

Talk of dance makes Defconn bring up YooJung’s training in Jazz and Sports dance and JongMin cuts in to say that he trained in Jazz too. He says he could do 9 pirouettes. Defconn: “Don’t believe him.” Hee.


But YooJung counters that she liked seeing him dance, back in his days with Koyote and JongMin brings up the Michael Jackson dance he did when she was only 8. She didn’t watch that though, so with the hallmark of 21st Century technology, he shows her that clip on his phone. JunHo and Defconn call foul. TaeHyun pulls out a clip of JunHo as Jyana. “Jyana Jyana~” Hee! Nostalgia makes Defconn pull out kiddie pictures of YooJung and while they were reminiscing, they reach Yong In Rest Stop.

Rest stops have always been a staple destination of school trips and so they’re going to play for dinner here. There’ll be five different meals and YooJung lights up at the third set , the one with pork skin and chicken feet. Ha.

The game they’ll be playing is: Everyone, Let’s Cha Cha Cha, where “Cha” is a homonym for car in Korean. Their task is to get on and get off those buses within a set time. Once inside, they have to call their numbers in order and everyone has to get off the earlier car first before they can get up the second car.

They have 99 seconds (1 minute 39 seconds) to go up and get down 5 vehicles and the moment the clock starts, they scream all the way up the first bus and all the way down, where a bunch of ahjummas suddenly come to block their paths. Ha! In the second mini-bus, the extra seats have all been set down, blocking their paths. Hee.


The third van is pretty straightforward and from then on, it’s homerun for them. Pfft, in the last car, YooJung just stands and bends over in the back seat.

They end the game and complain immediately about the ahjummas and then TaeHyun complains about JunHo who totally blocked the seat from Defconn. Too bad for them that they finished the whole thing in 1 min 54 seconds. According to JongMin, they’re off by 15 seconds and they blame it all on JunHo while YooJung cracks up. Hahah.

Defconn tries to argue for the ajummas to get off the bus and Yoo PD acquiesces by agreeing to lift the extra chairs in the mini-van, because the ahjummas don’t listen to him, PFFFTTT! So our guys’ new strategy is for YooJung to hit them all. Hahaha!

They go for their next attempt with TaeHyun screaming “gogogogogogogogo!” the entire time and when it’s time to get off the bus, DongGu zips through so fast that the ahjummas have no time to stop him. But for some reason, he’s the last one to get off the bus. No worries, because he runs fast and in the mini-van, JunHo blocks Defconn again, HAHAHAH!

It’s smooth sailing from then on and they continue on like professionals. By the time they’re done, they’re panting but happy, even though DongGu thinks that they’re over by 5 seconds. The staff’s expressions don’t look good though.

YooPD announces that the last number in their record is 9. It did take more than a second, so the result is 1 min 29 secs. HAHAHHA!!!!! They made it just one second to the cut off! They scream and hug together for earning the right to eat Samgyupsal and fake-punch JunHo for stealing their opportunity to eat beef.

But anyway, dinner is settled and they all bundle up into yet another bus to head to the dinner. On the way, Defconn asks YooJung who her ideal type is and she cleverly picks an ahjusshi (a hot one, but still an ajhusshi), Kim YoungHo. Apparently, she likes guys who look tough but have warm hearts. Defconn thinks he’s talking about him. She continues on to say she likes guys who eat well and Defconn says that’s him too, ha. The moment she says she likes chubby guys too, TaeHyun says SooChan fits the bill. He doesn’t mind that SooChan is 8 years younger. HAHAHAHAH.


They see the signboards and DongGu , who lived in Yong In, guesses that they’re going to Everland, a theme park. It’s Halloween season and while DongGu delights in the possibility of visiting Haunted Houses, TaeHyun looks like the end of the world has come.

They get off the bus and walk through the theme park, YooJung excited by the rollercoaster covered in lights while JunHo looks away. They end up at the theme park’s camping site, the perfect place for “glamping” (glam + camping). Yoo PD says that there’ll be fireworks but YooJung’s all about the meat, HA. Also, JunHo totally sits in one corner and tells her, “YooJung ah, just sit. The Oppa-deul will do everything.” Pfft. He’s 1 Night 2 Day’s pre-reformed Lee SeoJin.

While JunHo happily taps a skewer against the table and sing-songs, “I’m so happy to have food”, YooJung complains about the lack of side dishes. HAHAHHA. She argues that it was supposed to be a set, and Yoo PD replies that she got Kimchi and Ssamjang. Ssamjang is not a side dish, it’s a sauce.


JunHo tells the PD’s that YooJung called for Japchae when she did nothing of the sort, heh.

YooJung gets to eat a spicy chicken foot first and while she says that it’s delicious, JunHo reels from the spiciness. That moment, the fireworks shoot into the sky and they all turn to look in awe, including YooJung who does that while munching on her chicken feet. HA!

Finally, the meat is served and YooJung declares that it’s delicious too.

She makes a huge wraps and feeds it to DongGu. The she feeds Defconn. That’s the end of feeding other people and YooJung now starts her Meok-bang (eating video). YooJung eats and eats, but her pork skin isn’t coming because it’s just a food that really needs time to cook. So she head over to the grill to oversee the process herself and when she finally gets a piece to eat, she’s like “uhm, mm! ehmm… MM!” Then she orders soybean powder to eat it with. Ha, Yoo PD is so stunned by the unexpected request that he cannot fulfil.

JunHo scoops the ramyeon for YooJung and gives it to her, saying that he cooked it according to her recipe.

YooJung doesn’t stop eating and she eats so much that Yoo PD asks her how full she is now. She replies that she’s still hungry. And that she didn’t eat much. But you’ve been constantly eating the entire hour. She still continues to eat even after TaeHyun has clapped the slate. HAHAHHAHA!

They ask her if she’s from the jungle and YooJung just cooly uses her instant-rice-bowl to scoop some Ramyeon Soup straight from the pot. DongGu: “Wah, I’m glad we didn’t bring her to the deserted island.” And they actually had Japchae earlier too!

She eats so much that JunHo goes to hide the other packets of rice, hee. So she didn’t actually have to act for the scene in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds where she ate two whole tables full of food herself. PFFFFTTT!!!!! She scrapes the bottom of the Ramyeon pot for every single drip of the soup and then asks for more rice because it’ll get too salty. OMG…


A long, long, long time later, they’re finally done and they head off to the rides. The one-night animals are sent off to take some rides, where there’ll be a mission for each ride, and whoever passes them earns the right to sleep indoors. The losers will have to sleep outside with the lions. HEE.

They get on the twister first and while JongMin and JunHo fuss around about their safety equipment not locking together, YooJung is all smiles. The mission here is to hold orange juice in your mouth throughout the ride. I would have drunk that juice immediately though. It’s automatic… heh. Orange juice is delicious.

The ride begins and they spin 720 degrees in all directions. HAHAH, they all sound like they’re gagged and being tortured and in the middle of it, TaeHyun suddenly laughs. HEEEEEE. YooJung is unbelievably beautiful even though her hair is flying in all directions. Defconn sounds like he’s going to give birth.


The ride comes to an end and YooJung and TaeHyun are the only ones laughing while JunHo looks like he went on a time-travel machine to the future.

The time comes to reveal who the winner is and it’s definitely not YooJung who drank all her juice because it was delicious. HAHHAHAHA! She’s me!

It’s down to the two cowards in 1 Night 2 Days for first place and they desperately pray to win so that they don’t have to take another ride or sleep in the safari with the lions. JongMin wins!

Heh, they walk and end up right in front of a Haunted House. YooJung worries that she shouldn’t have drunk that orange juice. She’s scared of ghosts too! HEE!

Their next ride is the rollercoaster, where JunHo gets persuaded to sit in the last row by TaeHyun because it’s the least scary. DongGu tattles that his seatmate, Defconn, is going to cry and they all argue that YooJung wants Yoo PD to ride together with them right in front. HA! Their task here is to count and pull out 14 dollar bills from the envelopes of their own money that they’ve been given, pfft, while on the ride.

The moment the rollercoaster takes off, TaeHyun informs JunHo that his seat is the scariest. HA! The train climbs up, really, really high and Defconn smacks his head like he has a headache. They reach the absolute top and TaeHyun tells JunHo to look at the night view. “I’M NEVER GOING TO LOOK NO MATTER WHAT!”

Hee, down they go and all five of them can’t be more different. YooJung is as composed as a lady in a tea house while JunHo loses several bills and yells that he has a cramp. Defconn’s eyes are wide open like a goldfish and he makes so many hilarious faces while DongGu is having the absolute time of his life. (I sense that he’s not actually that thrilled and is just holding the fear in, hee. I do that too.)

The ride comes to an end, with JongMin there to greet them and shoot down YooJung’s suggestion of going one more time. TaeHyun wants to go one more time too, but only with JunHo because he’s hilarious. HEHEHEH. Yoo PD looked at YooJung like she’s crazy, pwahahahah!


It’s time to check how many bills they pulled out and Defconn, YooJung and TaeHyun easily pass. DongGu passes his bunch of bills, all terribly crumpled, more than Defconn’s, and it’s obvious that he was scared. Heh. Like knows like. JunHo is the one who ends up with 11 bills only and therefore is the one who has to sleep with the lions tonight.

They all head off to their next ride, the water-splash, where they’re supposed to protect their cotton candy from the water. Heh, while the cotton candies were being made, they all had a piece of it, including JongMin and JunHo. Yoo PD sees that and tells them that whoever ate has to go. The two cowards skedaddle. Hee!

The remaining members finally head on to the boat, with TaeHyun right in front, Defconn behind him and YooJung and DongGu sitting together in the third row. The boat travels and TaeHyun almost has a heart attack when there’s a sudden splash. They fall backwards too and while Defconn and TaeHyun do everything to protect their cotton candy, DongGu is more interested in protecting YooJung.


That’s true too when the boat flies down 20 m forwards  and so of course he loses this mission and has to sleep with the lions and JunHo.

It’s time to sleep and while the guys head to the camping site, YooJung is sent off to sleep in a nearby hotel.

JunHo immediately sleeps on one of the beds in the huge tent, ignoring the others’ orders that the lions are waiting for him. He only gets out when he’s dragged and he finally leaves with DongGu to get to the safari, muttering that they’re too tired to care about the lions anyway.

Sleepy time comes… though YooJung has a ball of a time playing with her camera until her mom forces her to go sleep. Heh. No matter what, she’s still a teenager.

Tired they may be, but DongGu and JunHo start getting nervous the moment they enter the safari. It’s not helped when they’re told that the building right behind them, right behind their tents, is where the 5 white tigers are being held now.

“Are you sure that all five are in there? Could there be one left out? Did someone count them?” goes JunHo. HAHAH! DongGu just yawns.

JunHo complains that there are many other places to sleep while he gets into the tent and DongGu promises to protect him. JunHo deadpans that he can’t anyway, which is when some animal makes a loud noise and startles JunHo because it sounded so near.

Eventually, JunHo’s out like a light while DongGu fidgets along to the beat of the animals’ calls.

Morning comes and YooJung gets woken up with a TWICE song, one that’s her favourite song. I see why she gets along well with TaeHyun. She’s today’s Morning Angel, though she doesn’t look much like an angel now with how she’s still half-asleep. Heehee.


She wakes those in the glamping tent and successfully gets them up when she says that they have to wake those in the safari.

They pass by some pandas and get so enamoured by them that they forget about JunHo and DongGu. Hee. Yoo PD makes it a point to compare the panda munching on bamboo to YooJung eating dinner last night.

The lions are let out, though neither JunHo nor DongGu know anything. Along with the lions, the giraffes and donkeys are out too.  The land they’re sleeping on are even blocked off from the general public by a banister, HAHAH! OMG, I didn’t expect them to really sleep among the animals!

YooJung and TaeHyun get disinfected in order to enter the animal pen and the moment JunHo meets eyes with the lions staring at him just across a moat, he runs off, HAHAHA! DongGu’s even better. He was so confused that YooJung had to tell him to look behind him for him to realise that he’d been sleeping with the giraffes and donkeys. There were no barriers between him and those animals! He gets jelly feet. HA!


JunHo is super shocked out of his skin, his heart in his mouth, and wonders what would have happened had those lions jumped over the huge moat. Haha.

YooJung gets a chance to feed a giraffe and she squeals when she feels its tongue against her palm.

All of them get relocated to the public area and Yoo PD asks the two how it felt like to sleep with the animals. JunHo confesses that he didn’t know that he would be sleeping so close to them while DongGu checks right behind him to see a giraffe looking for food, HA!

YooJung liked this trip because she got to play games that had to be played with others and not just oneself and personally, TaeHyun really liked the guy who stopped to tie his shoelaces, heh. JongMin invites her to come again after she graduates and she says that she would like to.

They end off with one of their poems, and TaeHyun tries to feed JunHo instead of the giraffe, ha.



Next Week! (Yesterday)

It’s the Kim JongMin Special!


6 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 150

  1. Thanks for the recaps and hope you’ve recovered !

    I couldn’t believe JunHo and DongGu slept in the pen with the wild animals roaming around. I thought the tent would be nearby, but not inside the exhibition area ! That is so cool but scary at the same time!

    And boy, does YoonJung eat a lot and wasn’t shy to do so in front of the cameras!

    It was a fun episode!


  2. Waaah I’ve been looking for someone kind enough to recap 1N2D which is a show so close to my heart. I’m glad I finally found you!

    As usual, the ahjussis are charmed dimwits and I can’t get enough of them. Lol this show just isn’t complete without TaeHyun’s laughter. I really miss JJY I hope he comes back soon. Jongmin isn’t the same without him haha! And I looove YooJung.The way she eats.. I can totally relate. Plus she’s so natural and relaxed on the show, a really good side of her.

    Thanks for the rich recaps heee. Looking forward to the next one!


    1. I’m glad you’ve found me! Heh.
      I tried a very very short Mensa work out test. I’m not smart either, so I can’t call them dimwits… heeh… I love, love YooJung. Esp after this episode.


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