Oh My GeumBi Episode 2


HwiCheol proves to need a little more time to take to being a father, at first being incredibly and hilariously flaky, but ultimately putting the little girl he never knew he had before himself in the end. Even if that’s just the entire premise of this drama, I’m sold. After all, who can resist cutie patooties?

For Episode 1 of Oh My GeumBi, check out festerfaster’s recap at Dramabeans.

Oh My GeumBi Episode 2:

GeumBi comes storming into KangHee’s house, glaring at HwiCheol and looking incredibly disappointed and betrayed. KangHee tries to explain the situation to GeumBi but she knows better and ignores HwiCheol’s gestures for her to be quiet.

Left with no other recourse, HwiCheol leaps up and cups his hand over GeumBi’s mouth, calling himself “Dad” and explaining it all with, “when she’s happy, I’m Dad. When she’s not happy with me, I’m Ajusshi.” Ha.

GeumBi: “Since when were you my dad?”

KangHee can’t make heads or tails of the situation and HwiCheol drags GeumBi over to a corner to talk. The molehill has become a mountain and so GilHo and JaeKyung decide to give up and weasel their way out of this – HwiCheol throws them under the bus and JaeKyung runs over to give him a flying kick.


Pffft, they make the lamest threat ever and warn KangHee never to call the police before leaving HwiCheol in the house to faint from his head injury.

Outside, GilHo and JaeKyung bicker while inside, HwiCheol dreams of KangHee nursing him lovingly. At least that’s until GeumBi shouts at him and he returns to reality, realising that he’d been grabbing KangHee’s hand the whole time.

He leaps up and stammers when KangHee thanks him for saving her from the fraudsters. Pwahahaa, GeumBi calls him out for distancing himself from his partners when they were all in it together and HwiCheol’s reaction is to drag her by the bag and find the exit.

“Stop dreaming!” GeumBi tells him the moment they’re out of the house. She can totally see the hearts coming out of his eyes when he looked at KangHee and tsk tsks that he’s going to be the only one getting hurt. “What is conning the person you like? Is this some kind of (surprise) event?”

The precocious little thing is even ready for his accusation of her scamming KangHee when they were at the buffet, shutting him down completely and warning him never to dare touch “KangHee Unnie” ever again or she’ll call the police.


Talk of their meeting at the buffet has HwiCheol wondering what she said to KangHee there but GeumBi keeps to the Tarot Reader’s Confidentiality Oath and storms off, refusing to tell him.

They trudge back home together, calling each other ugly, but when they get there, they see all their belongings packed and thrown out of the apartment, along with GilHo and JaeKyung, because they’ve been 6 months in arrears regarding their rent.

GilHo suggests that they break up and go their own ways from now on, though he hasn’t given up on their plans to con KangHee. When JaeKyung starts to leave, GeumBi is there to give her a defiant glare for kicking her dad and JaeKyung tries to appease her with a 10,000 won note, though she can’t understand how the child can stand to think of HwiCheol as her father.

Now that they’re homeless, GeumBi hesitantly pulls HwiCheol’s pinkie and asks where they’re going to spend the night. HwiCheol’s all, “we?” and fantasises about leaving GeumBi in an orphanage.

Apparently you can’t just dump a child there because you do have to go through an application process and HwiCheol is stuck having to take GeumBi with him when he goes to spend the night at a Jjimjilbang (a Korean bath house).

Once alone there, he tells her to focus and answer his questions, but the little girl proves to be smarter than him because she doesn’t see why she can’t peel eggs and do that at the same time, HA! He asks if she really doesn’t know who her mother is and she shoots back that he should know, since he was the one who impregnated her.

*Snort*, HwiCheol compares him not knowing who her mother is to her not knowing what she ate for lunch last week and GeumBi rightfully gives him The Look.


In return, GeumBi asks why he can’t make money (which is why they’re kicked out) and HwiCheol starts to talk in circles about how he can’t make money if he has to take care of her (don’t insult the millions of single parents around the world now) and GeumBi cuts straight to the chase for him – she won’t go to an orphanage.

“Ahjusshi, you could not know, but I don’t have time to waste at an orphanage now,” she says.

Having had enough of his nonsense, she gets up to go sleep and dares him to run off in the meantime. As if he can, because she’s memorised both his car plate and ID number and will call the police if he does, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

The next day after school, she waits a long time for him to come pick her up but when he doesn’t, she begins to call the police. Pffft. HwiCheol barely saves his own skin by arriving that moment, shutting down her talk about the possibility of her being kidnapped and explaining that he was out searching for their new home.


Which is a tent on a hill. This guy…

They’re not even supposed to light any fire up there but HwiCheol happily boils his Ramyeon, because according to him, breaking the rules is what adults do. Then the two of them fight over how the Ramyeon should be cooked and end up spilling the last packet of Ramyeon they have.

The heavens see that and cry for them, but it’s okay, because according to HwiCheol, their tent is waterproof. Perfect. It’s so waterproof that any water that enters can’t get out and they end up squatting in there staring at a mini version of the Nile snaking all around them. Lightning strikes and HwiCheol gets jelly legs.

Why don’t they just sleep in the car???

Oh, they did. Because their tent collapsed somewhere in the middle of the night. Sigh.

Thanks to her happy “school trip” (which was what HwiCheol had called last night’s event), GeumBi arrives at school the next day looking like a vagrant. Mean girl HONG SIL-LA (Kang JiWoo) complains that she smells like the sewers but best friend HWANG JAE-HA (Park JaeHa) has got her back and disagrees. GeumBi sassily puts her in her place and skips off when she sees the teacher come in. SilLa has the last laugh though, when their teacher notices GeumBi’s dishevelled state.

Later during lunch, SilLa is placed on distribution duty and while she gives JaeHa two huge pork cutlets, she gives GeumBi two tiny ones. GeumBi kicks up a fuss but the rules are rules (2 cutlets per person) and GeumBi doesn’t win the argument. JaeHa simply gives her his two huge cutlets, saying that it’s because he doesn’t like pork anyway, to the ire of SilLa. SilLa complains, and GeumBi shuts her up by calling her ugly, ha. Kids.

When it’s time to eat though, GeumBi can’t eat in peace as she thinks of her father whom she believes doesn’t even have enough to eat.

Poor naïve GeumBi. That same father is now at the welfare office asking about the procedure to send a child to the orphanage and later, in the middle of slurping up his third bowl of beef soup. JaeKyung snaps at him in disgust for starving a child (his retort is that GeumBi gets lunch at school) while GilHo busily comes up with yet another scheme to con KangHee.


He informs HwiCheol that it seems like KangHee used to have a daughter but lost her due to a mistake she’d made. He doesn’t know what wrong she did, but tells HwiCheol to get close to KangHee. JaeKyung yells that he better not.

KangHee herself finds a photo of a little girl.

HwiCheol returns to his car where GeumBi waits for him. She asks if they can’t sleep at the bath house today while scratching her head but HwiCheol says no and that she has to get through this because this is the result of wanting to stay together with her dad.

GeumBi takes pity on the “poor, hungry, homeless” and offers him the pork cutlets and milk that she’d saved from lunch, saying that she doesn’t like them away. HwiCheol involuntarily lets out a burp but manages to hide from her that he ate without her knowing. HAHAH, so she stuffs the cutlet in his mouth and hands him her milk, telling him to chew properly, like a mom telling her kid to eat properly.


That night, HwiCheol throws everything up and suffers from food poisoning. She worries for him, barely keeping it together, but when KangHee calls, she finally lets the tears fall and cries for her to come save HwiCheol.

Immediately, KangHee does a K-drama U-turn on the streets and drives to where HwiCheol and GeumBi are. She sees him wiping his feet in an attempt to clean up before her arrival and later, he tries to refuse her help. It doesn’t matter to KangHee, because she ends up taking them both to her home.

Both girls giggle all the way back to KangHee’s home, glad to be in each other’s presence again while HwiCheol tries to bury himself as deep as he can into the seats behind.

KangHee shows HwiCheol to her dad’s room, telling him to make himself at home because that’s the least she could do for “someone who saved me from a scam”.

GeumBi walks around the house, admiring all the relics and even shares a bath with KangHee later that night.

Pfft, HwiCheol hasn’t recovered from his tummy problems and accidentally comes upon the two ladies heading for KangHee’s room in nothing but their towels. Awkwaaard.

But it doesn’t cool the relationship between the two girls and they happily sleep together in the same room that night. In KangHee’s father’s room, HwiCheol is too guilt-ridden to sleep on the bed and chooses the floor instead.

Morning comes and GilHo delights in the fact that HwiCheol has managed to make his way into KangHee’s house. Still not giving up on the scam then.

HwiCheol goes out to join the ladies for breakfast and spies GeumBi happily gulping down a huge cup of milk. He hides behind a pillar, now thoroughly chastened when he thinks back to how she’d told him that she didn’t like milk earlier just so he could have some.


It doesn’t make matters any better when she skips towards him, calling him to come eat, wearing a milk moustache. It’s not enough for him to give up his bowl of porridge for her though and GeumBi just tells him to eat his food and work for it later.

Cut to HwiCheol demolishing a leaky showerhead and essentially taking a bath at the same time while the ladies watch. Why didn’t you just turn the water supply off first?

So when HwiCheol comes out casually drying his hair with a towel to meet eyes with the man KangHee had the buffet with, CHOI JAE JIN (Kim DoHyun), it made an awkward encounter.

Choi JaeJin sits them all down together and manages to belittle and insult HwiCheol all in the same breath despite KangHee trying to politely make him leave. JaeJin pushes the issue of a man living with a single woman being inappropriate and HwiCheol finally ends up leaving with GeumBi.

When KangHee goes to see them out, he’s testy with her and shouts at her to hire someone else to sell her inheritance – someone more trustworthy, who’ll pay her the correct worth of her relics.


The next day at school, SilLa dumps GeumBi’s crayons in the trash and fumes when JaeHa shares his crayons with GeumBi instead. Heh, she’d make the worst second female lead ever when she grows up. Also, their teacher finds the dumped crayons while cleaning up.

HwiCheol sits in a playground that afternoon, drinking alcohol, when GilHo comes to him with papers to send GeumBi to an orphanage.

Elsewhere, in a prison, a guard sighs in exasperation when his dropped baton gets kicked away by the prisoner he’s escorting.

KangHee herself looks like she’s in prison as she eats with JaeJin. She assures him that she’ll pay back her debt, though he’s curiously annoyed when she brings up the topic of her getting work again.

Night comes and HwiCheol buys GeumBi Ramyeon for dinner. The girl complains that she was invited to visit KangHee’s house anytime but his shame overwhelms him and HwiCheol snaps at her to go try visiting her as the child of a conman.

Some days later, GilHo gets a visit from the prisoner we saw earlier and he almost leaps out of his skin.

GeumBi too goes shopping for a brand new box of crayons, taking her own sweet time while HwiCheol rushes her. Oops, HwiCheol ends up with a ticket for parking in a non-parking zone, though he blames it all on her for taking too long.

GeumBi shoots back that he’s the one at fault for parking right there and HwiCheol starts screaming, hitting where it hurts, yelling in frustration that she doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t even know who her mother is.

Tears in her eyes, GeumBi lashes out too, asking him if he’s an adult simply because he’d lived long. She brutally lists out all his shortcomings and asks if he doesn’t feel ashamed at all. She retorts that he doesn’t know his place for coveting KangHee and finally:

“Why am I not allowed to meet KangHee unni just because of a person like ahjusshi (you)?”

That’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back and he screams at her to go (to KangHee).


GeumBi shouts back that he said that she knew that she was a scammer’s daughter and won’t be welcomed anyway and HwiCheol barks that she can just disown him. After all there’s no evidence that she’s his daughter. Ooof.

Thoroughly disappointed, GeumBi grabs her bag from the car and stalks off, though HwiCheol doesn’t do any better for just calling after her.

KangHee cleans her old vases, not knowing anything of the argument at all, and smiles when she finds HwiCheol’s drawing of her.

Meanwhile, HwiCheol sits in his car, swearing that if GeumBi doesn’t return in 10 minutes, he’s leaving her forever, lol. He fidgets and sighs. He gets a message from GilHo asking where he is, but he ignores that and searches his contacts, only to find out that he doesn’t even have GeumBi’s number.

Jaekyung puts on a mask pack at home but is interrupted but GilHo at her door, here to demand that she call HwiCheol. She’s shocked at his beat up face and doesn’t understand what the hell he means by his phone got taken away.


Apparently, that prisoner had taken his phone.

HwiCheol goes to find GeumBi, searching her school to no avail because the girl is sitting right outside KangHee’s home. She can’t get herself to knock on the door or ring the doorbell and so she sits at the steps and looks up to the skies. Unbeknownst to her, KangHee stands on the other side of the door, doing the exact same thing.

A long, long time later, HwiCheol finally runs up and finds her sleeping there.

He reaches out to touch her, but before he can, a call comes just for him.

Behind him, GeumBi opens her eyes. She remembers back to their nights in his car, when she’d seen the application forms to send her to the orphanage while he’d slept. Reminded of that, she runs off, and this time, HwiCheol finally chases after her.


Mid-chase, he gets kicked by that prisoner who I guess has been released now.

HwiCheol stares at him for a bit, but then pushes him away to chase after GeumBi.

He finds her just about to cross the road, but before she does, she flashes him a bitter look, and then runs in the path of a Truck-of-Doom.

Thinking fast, HwiCheol zooms to envelope her in a protective embrace and as he falls from the impact, the prisoner sees that and backs away.


Soooooooo disappointing. So, so, so disappointing.

HwiCheol is such a disappointing dad!

Or he was. I was as scandalised as JaeKyung seeing him down his beef soup when he hadn’t even fed GeumBi at all. But the moment he started fretting because GeumBi hadn’t come back, I saw a glimmer of hope for this man-child.

I guess it’s common knowledge that Oh JiHo isn’t exactly the best actor and to be honest, he still isn’t up to par in this production either, with his tendency to overact. The thing is, it’s much more glaring when contrasted against Heo JungEun’s stellar performance but it’s not so terrible that you cringe (all the time). He’s okay, I guess.

But that girl! She’s like a ball of fire, a dense ball of acting potential just waiting to burst and blossom. Her every expression; her micro-expressions; the restraint and the subtlety – they’re phenomenal.

As much as I feel for GeumBi having to suffer with a dad like that (at least he’s just childish and penniless but not a drunkard nor does he owe loan sharks anything), I sometimes feel for HwiCheol too. That “showdown” with JaeJoon showed that he definitely knows how…lacking he is and also how ashamed and angry he is about it. The way his guilt overcame him and couldn’t bear to sleep on KangHee’s father’s bed showed that he had a heart. So I really got his hurt when GeumBi lashed out at him. She brutally spit out all his shortcomings in so short a time and even threw out all his hopes at getting the one woman he “loves” (or at least is crushing on now) and yet he couldn’t defend himself at all and was reduced to uttering weak comebacks like, “you don’t know anything”. He doesn’t have the drive nor the smarts of a conman at all, and his whole demeanour screams “unwilling bad guy”. So I wonder what the heck drove him down this path and how he’d ended up in this state.

I get that he’s shocked at the appearance of a child, much less having to deal with the fact that he has to take care of her. But HwiCheol is so beyond childish with his ideas that sometimes I just gape. Honestly, I think that children are sometimes childish only because the adults around them allow them to be childish. I remember arguments with my own dad, where I was screaming and kicking up a fuss and basically being a complete brat. I knew I was being immature but I continued anyway, because I was certain and comfortable in the belief that my dad wouldn’t react like me (and kick me out of the house). (I wasn’t a brat all the time, just once in a blue moon.)

So with that perspective, I thoroughly understand how GeumBi is so aware of her surroundings and is able to protect herself instinctively (that memorisation of his ID and car plate numbers, hahahah!). That her aunt was her only guardian, and not her parent like all the other millions of kids in the world, she’s had to look out for herself because she doesn’t have the assurance that her aunt will go through thick and thin with her and for her like all the other kids with mothers have. (I mean, not all moms are that selfless and steadfast either, but… at least no one really expects their normal mom to abandon them!)  But to see her so brave and comfortable in the real world, even with people who are essentially strangers (she hadn’t even met HwiCheol even once before the court appearance and she really has no evidence at all that he’s her father to rely on),  I think it’s a testament to how well her aunt has brought her up. Any other child would have cried in fear and despair.

GeumBi is such a precocious child, quick to read situations, sassy enough to step up for herself yet ultimately, still vulnerable, innocent and immature at times like a child. What does it say that she’s usually more mature than her father though?

I have a lot to say, but also nothing to say (I’m not really a speaker, haha) about this show, so I’m just going to sit back and watch on. I’m also gonna go look for tissues because I’m sure I’m going to need them soon.


8 thoughts on “Oh My GeumBi Episode 2

  1. Ever since this show premiered, i’ve been searching everywhere for recaps. I mean, i love this genre of dramas and the only way i can keep up is by reading recaps.



      1. Well here i am, reading and waiting for other follow up recaps.
        After reading the first ep at Dramabeans i yearned for more and thanks to you @xxpeepsxx it’s possible for me to follow this show.
        If only i knew where to download kdramas, i’d rejoice.
        Thank you for the recap


  2. Well here i am, reading and waiting for other follow up recaps.
    After reading the first ep at Dramabeans i yearned for more and thanks to you @xxpeepsxx it’s possible for me to follow this show.
    If only i knew where to download kdramas, i’d rejoice.
    Thank you for the recap


  3. Well here i am, reading and waiting for other follow up recaps.
    After reading the first ep at Dramabeans i yearned for more and thanks to you @xxpeepsxx it’s possible for me to follow this show.
    If only i knew where to download kdramas, i’d rejoice.
    Thank you for the recap. KAIKE!


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