Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 8

Three Meals A Day in Deukryang Island Episode 8; Fishing Village Edition 3:

Post failed escape and post dalkgalbi, SeoJinnie tears open a pack to put on a mask and Na PD runs alllllllllllll the way to his room with a camera himself to film SeoJinnie doing that up close and personal. HAHAHAHA.

The sun rises on yet another day and as usual, Koong is the first awake. The cat starts flopping all over the blankets and later with his brother, all over a prone Eric. Haha. Just like how the sun rises every morning, today, Eric gets woken up by the cats again.

He heads to the kitchen to check out… the bowls? Lol. He cleans them and then decides to make “Ric-Morning Set” – Pancakes, Custard, Sweet Potato Mousse and Hash Browns.  Pfft, it was the roasted sweet potato they’d eaten in an earlier episode that set off this ambitious adventure. Eric had even thought of making Cream Bread, lol, and the pancake was his easier substitute.

For now, he juliennes the potatoes and we fast forward into the future where SeoJin is hungry and Eric keeps saying “the ingredients are done” even though he’s nowhere near done. Heheheh, in the present, SeoJin appears from his room. Eric freezes and tells him to sleep more, hahaha. Eric realises that he’s so slow, so he speeds up slicing the potatoes. He soaks them in cool water and SeoJinnie comes out now to make the fire.


Too bad for him, the fire had gone out the day before and it’s refusing to burn now. Just then, the master of fire, KyunSang, comes out and with his strong arms, he makes the fire from hell appear for just a second.

Koong and Mong come running out and KyunSang ask if he can leave the door to SeoJin’s room open. SeoJin agrees, so KyunSang does that and the cats rush in, hee.

SeoJin comments that it’s already 10.30am while Eric was squeezing the water out of the potatoes. Eric meekly says that the ingredients are all done, ha. Then he goes to separate the eggs whites from the yolks with a bottle, explaining that he’d learnt it from Facebook. Lol. What do you mean you’re done. You haven’t even prepared the custard!

While he seasons and mixes the potato strips, Chef Eric admits that he’s never made hash browns before. But if you fry potatoes and eat it with ketchup, it’ll come out tasty no matter what, heh.


The master of fire works hard and is rewarded with a raging fire that is now used to boil water.

Eric cuts around the middle of several sweet potatoes and boils them, showing how it makes it easy to peel a sweet potato. His next magic trick is to make cream with milk and butter. KyunSang has a taste of the sweet potato mousse and is amazed by the taste, so he calls SeoJin over to try.

Eric mixes more eggs for his custard then goes to boil it in order to thicken it.

He has KyunSang be the guinea pig and KyunSang’s blown over and surprised by how it’s actually really tasty. Eric passes the custard over to KyunSang to cool while he goes to fry the pancakes.

I’m actually puzzled that he’s doing so many things this morning but anyway, to pair the western breakfast that Eric is making, KyunSang pulls the stone grinder out to make coffee with SeoJin. The grinder proves to be a little too rough for comfort, producing coffee bits instead of coffee powder, so they use the whole stone to grind the coffee powder against the tray instead, haha.

Eric’s soon done with the hash browns and SeoJin plates all the food, waving the custard right in front of Koong. Coffee is poured too and breakfast is done.

Na PD notes that they took 4 ½ hours for this fast food meal and Eric calls it slow food. SeoJin says that theirs is special – it’s super slow food. Eric calls it “Star Food”, lol.

They sit down for breakfast and SeoJin gives the giant baby a set of huge cutleries, ha. KyunSang folds his pancakes in half and eats them like they’re huge dumplings. He can’t stop praising Eric’s food while SeoJin comments that it’s sweet, the pancake.


KyunSang likes the sweet potato mousse more, because it’s not that sweet, then he declares everything delicious, heh.

According to the plans they’d make last night, today’s lunch and dinner are left to KyunSang and SeoJin while Eric goes off to an uninhibited island to fish. He’s a little confident that they should be able to handle making Kimbap. Meanwhile, KyunSang has gotten the tide’s timings all memorized, hee, so after some discussions, they set off on Ericar. After dropping KyunSang off at the beach to go get some clams, Captain SeoJin drives Eric to a nearby uninhabited island.

The twho phoenix brothers discuss where Eric should fish, and once that’s done, SeoJin heads back to land.

Immediately, Eric gets right down to… poking things with a long stick. Uh?

He heads into the water, poking everything. He’s just checking out the depths of the waters around the island. The water depth everywhere is just too shallow, which makes it difficult to fish, since the line will get stuck in the rocks quite a lot. He sees a boat in the distance and asks the captain what the depth there is like. About 6 m? And that’s good enough for Eric, who casts his line in that direction.


He reels his line in and immediately gets a fish. Huh? Lol, Deukryang-do never disappoints. He’d gotten a Spotty Belly Greening.

Meanwhile, KyunSang is searching the grounds for clams, working hard though he’s sure that Eric will get something. Pfft, he ends up playing with crabs, picking one and getting pinched by a pretty, colourful one.

Apparently the fishing ace ain’t so good at finding clams because he either only gets those dead ones or gets distracted by something else. Plus, he also can’t see live clams that are right in front of him, ha.

Mid-search, he starts pining for SeoJin, HAHAHAHA, and then lights up when he thinks SeoJin is standing right there at the jetty in the distance.

He watches as some ajummas fill their buckets to the brim with clams they’d found with their formidable focus. And later, they all come to nag him and even an ajusshi comes to give tips too, ha.

But he begins to do real well after that, his bucket nearly half-full with clams. He starts to smile, then sees the ahjusshi passing by with a whole bucket, his clams nearly spilling out, haha.

SeoJin returns from sending Eric out on Ericar and shouts for KyunSang to go already. He’s happy enough with just half a bucket even though KyunSang’s a little greedier. The Sunbae wins, and they’re off.

Piles and piles of dishes wait for them to wash at home, so many that it becomes KyunSang’s only job for a long, long, time while SeoJin runs around producing smoke instead of fire, washing the clams and generally preparing for his Kimbap. KyunSang doesn’t even wear his gloves, laughing that he’s given up, ha.


Pffft, SeoJin throws some rice and water into a pot to heat the rice for Kimbap. He tries to convince himself that he didn’t put that much water in it and therefore he won’t be getting porridge instead of rice. That done, he heads into the kitchen to awkwardly slice up some ham. For some reason, this is so hilarious.

KyunSang tries to get the rice off the fire from hell, then forlornly announces that its burnt. HAHAHA. He mutters that most of it is burnt.

He’s sad because just the day before, he’d purposely checked out a cooking book to find out how to make Kimbap. He worries, because it’s looking like there’s not enough edible rice, but when he ladles all the rice out, he realises that they’re not as burnt as he’d thought it was. PWAHAHAH. SeoJin fries his ham in so much oil it drips with it and then later, he goes to chop the Kimchi. Lee SeoJin ah, you’re going to ruin the non-stick pan scraping your tongs against it like that…

While KyunSang talks and talks and talks about his rice, SeoJin barks at him from the kitchen to hurry up so that he can fry the Kimchi, HAHA.


The intern runs to give the rice to the impatient cook and gets the Kimchi to fry in return. Haiz… KyunSang’s another one who scrapes the pan with metal tongs. For some reason, they add sugar to the Kimchi and then SeoJin suggests adding spicy green peppers to the Kimbap, lol.

Once the Kimchi is fried, KyunSang tries his hand at making the Jidan. He’s never made it before, though he’s watched Eric make it a lot. How will the intern fare now?

Just like how Eric did it, KyunSang heats up the pan first and cooks the egg in residual heat. But hilariously, his egg doesn’t cook and he stands there frozen. He hadn’t broken up the tight white, ahahahha.

SeoJin sees everything but doesn’t care and goes on to make the Kimbap. Na PD interrupts then, saying that he has to season the rice, which SeoJin thinks is nonsense. He does it anyway, doing it haphazardly and KyunSang calls their Kimbap “Hell-bap”. Ha.

Finally, SeoJin starts rolling the Kimbap, confidently adding all the ingredients in. But halfway, he gets cold feet and wonders if it’ll burst. Then he totally fails at rolling it, to Na PD and their writer’s amusement. HAHAHAHHAH! Na PD shouts instructions at SeoJin, who turns the Kimbap all around, 360 degrees, pwahaha.

Ah whatever, he just makes a roll somehow and then when he tastes it, he complains that the Kimchi is too sour. KyunSang tries too and agrees, adding that the peppers are too spicy.

They try again, seasoning the Kimchi with sesame oil and soy sauce this time. Pwahaha, SeoJin gives rolling a Kimbap yet another try, this time with KyunSang guiding him by his side hovering like a mother-in-law. They have a taste of that Kimbap and fortunately, it’s edible this time.

They slice the Jidan up and SeoJin’s next challenge is Ham Kimbap. Several rounds later, SeoJin masters the art of Kimbap-making (sort of) and he’s left to make the rest of it while KyunSang does the dishes.


KyunSang notes that SeoJin improves with every roll and then teases that he’s a “Sexy Cooking Man”, ha. SeoJin gruffs at him to be quiet and wonders if Eric has caught anything.

We catch up with Eric at the uninhabited island, where he hasn’t gotten anything after that Greenling, aw. He keeps throwing his line out to no avail and in the end, moves elsewhere, ending up on a small island of rocks, hee.

He throws his line out for the 12th time and is rewarded with a little baby Black Porgy, the one that HaeJin had been dreaming of catching for two seasons but never succeeded. It’s small, but it’s worth 30 bucks! Or not, because it’s far from the required length of 20 cm and Eric regretfully sends it off into the sea. Therefore, Eric’s fishing record for the day is one fish.

He finds a huge barnacle and immediately cooks it on a pair of scissors over a lighter’s fire. Pffft, he has a taste and declares that it’s delicious, tasting like a mixture of squid and clam. So he goes to search for another to eat, HAHAHAHA.

KyunSang asks about how they’re going to store their Ramyeon, suggesting that they separate the noodles from the soup. Of course that’s what they should do, and SeoJin quips that he “did that when he was in school, didn’t he?” KyunSang suppresses a smile and mutters that he had Cup Ramyeon. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


But no matter their difference in age, Ramyeon is loved by all and KyunSang goes to boil it. He stores the soup in a thermos, at first complaining about how the condiments clog up the funnel but then ends up just throwing the condiments back into the pot and re-pouring the soup through the same funnel, HAHAHA. SeoJin takes so long to make his Kimbap that the staff informs KyunSang that the sun is setting, HAHAHHAAHA! All KyunSang says is, “believe in SeoJin Hyung”.

SeoJin rolls and rolls and rolls the Kimbap-s, and cuts and cuts and cuts. He gives KyunSang an end to eat, filled with ingredients that he likes the most. KyunSang declares that it’s delicious and that makes SeoJin happy.

After a long, long time, the grampy finally gets up, groaning about his back. They pack the Ramyeon and the Kimbap to share with Eric, with KyunSang carrying everything and SeoJin sticking his hands in his pockets as they go out.

Letting Eric fish instead of cook was their way of letting the guy have some fun, though when we check back on him, Eric’s looking for more barnacles instead of fishing, PWAHAHAHAHA! He finds a boat in the distance and calls out to SeoJin, who passes right by him, hahahah.

So Eric runs all the way to their agreed meeting place and the eldest and youngest greet him with lunch while the sun sets behind them.

KyunSang lies that it was delicious right from the start, HA, and when Eric opens the container, he’s greeted with Kimbap with it’s filling all skewing one side, heh.

He has his first sip of Ramyeon soup and smiles that it’s warm. He tries a piece of Kimbap while SeoJin looks on nervously. Sir Ex-Grumpypants only smiles the moment he gets Eric’s stamp of approval. SeoJin’s Hell-bap is delicious!

SeoJin even offers the production some of his Kimbap and his Ramyeon. Then he complains when they take the whole container. HAHAHA.


This time, Eric is the giant as he keeps eating and eating and eating. Then he admits to KyunSang that he’d eaten some barnacles which he’d cooked with a lighter earlier because he was hungry.

They head home, only for rain to fall before they’re in the safety of their rooms.

Like instinct, SeoJin grabs the tongs to check on the fire the moment he gets home and shovels a whole load of charcoals into their Ondol.

Eric shares his story about the porgy that he had to return to the sea because it was 1 cm too small. He says that it’s the first time he’d felt something for a fish he’d caught, calling it pretty and adds that he wanted to raise it… because next time, it’ll be perfectly big enough to eat, HA!


SeoJin runs around, getting lids to protect his fires. He then immediately asks Eric what’s for dinner.

Na PD tells them that the production is going to have their dinner, so PLEASE rest and Eric jokes that they’re having guests. Na PD returns that Sistar is coming in 30 minutes and KyunSang asks if he can put on BB cream, haha. Na PD just says that if this season goes well, then they’ll think about inviting idol-guests in season 7, HA!

SeoJin puts on some music and lies in bed while KyunSang greets his kitties and fawns over them. Then he gives them a pack of… something to share between them both. He showers them with kisses and checks their eyes for goobers, though the kitties are only interested in his snacks for them. It’s so adorable how he shares one snack between them, alternating between feeding Koong and Mong.

Rain continues to fall outside. More like it’s pouring. KyunSang checks the weather report and sees that there’s a 90% chance of rain/humidity all the way till 9 pm. The rain keeps falling, which is kind of healing and comforting in itself. But it’s dangerous for the fire and KyunSang sends Koong to man the fires. Ha.

It pours and pours and pours to SeoJin’s worry. It’s not even a drizzle which they can just brave at all.

What are they going to do for dinner? This is THREE meals a day. They have to make it!

They end up using their portable furnace to cook meat and wearing raincoats because there’s no way they can avoid the rain at all. Eric creeps to get his sauces and mixes up some kind of marinade while KyunSang minces garlic in front of him.

Like any E-cipe, he mixes all of the ingredients, marinade and pork, in a plastic bag. But there’s no overcoming the rain and SeoJin heads out in his raincoat to get the rest of the vegetables.

Eric boils large but thin pieces of radishes for the Fishcake Soup and then the rest to make the radish side dish that SeoJin had requested for.

As they work, SeoJin mans the Ondol and prepares the rice with KyunSang. Ha, It’s like Mong can feel the Ondol working because he moves from sitting on the blankets to the warm floor.


Weeks of being Chief Chef has improved Eric’s knife skills and he’s chopping much faster now.

SeoJin fills the portable furnace with charcoals and Eric calls KyunSang over to season the broth.

Eric: “Add one spoonful (of soy sauce) and if it’s not dark enough, add another spoonful.” Pfft, what kind of instructions are those, especially when you’re telling them to a guy who can’t really cook? So Eric clarifies that he should add as much as required till it looks like those Fishcake Soups you see at the food stands along the street.

Eric skewers the fishcakes, adding an extra piece to KyunSang’s, hee.

The rice turns out well as does the radish side dish. After that is frying the pork with onions and green chili, today’s main dish. SeoJin scoops the rice and suddenly laughs. Heh, it’s because he’d scooped a mountain up and Eric says that it’s obvious whose it is. KyunSang: “It’s SeoJin Hyung’s!” Ha, you’re fooling no one.

The fishcake soup is done too and SeoJin ladles that into bowls, asking if there’s a certain one that’s KyunSang’s. Yes, there is! The one with an extra ball at the top.


Dinner is served! Mm~ It’s delicious. Fishcake soup is perfect when it’s raining.

SeoJin wonders why the radish is so delicious, because usually, he’s not one to like it. They finish their soup and KyunSang asks for more, so Eric goes to skewer more fishcakes. SeoJin just laughs as he sees KyunSang bring over yet another pot of soup.


It’s kitty time and this time, Na PD does this whole piece in which he makes it seem like Mong and Koong are playing Red Light Green Light, heh. Even the background music matches.

Outside, the three men are discussing the next season already, with Eric wondering about the difference between the farming and fishing editions. Veteran SeoJin says that he wants to rear animals and KyunSang innocently thinks that it’ll be fun, ha.

Eric shares that he had a dream in the past – to own/work on a farm.

KyunSang  wonders – if they went to live on a mountain instead, will they become ginseng? What? SeoJin jokes that they’ll just eat the ginseng the moment they pull it out of the ground, so what cooking will they have to do?

Then SeoJin asks for another pot of soup, HA!

At least the fire’s good and the soup boils quickly.

They now move on to talking about age. KyunSang says that turning thirty is still awkward to him. It’s been five years ago since his mid-twenties. Eric ponders and mutters that age is like that. 1 year passes by so fast and so 5 years… mm.


The eldest among them, SeoJin says that when you’re 45, you start thinking like this: “Oh, compared to the years that I have lived, I have lesser years left to live.” That’s what you think when you turn 45. The time in the future is short.

But when they check the current time, it’s not even 11.30 pm yet, hee.

Now that they’re closer and more comfortable, Eric lies back and says that though everything was good on the whole, it’s a pity that SeoJin hasn’t gotten any interesting point (event) during this season.

But SeoJin is fine with that, since to him, sincerity is felt no matter how you communicate. KyunSang says that food really goes down better when it’s dinner compared to when it’s breakfast. Eric just replies that eating is all about feelings and SeoJin adds, “no matter how delicious the cooking is, if the person eating isn’t having fun, then it’s not delicious.”


And KyunSang ends it off with, “the funny thing is, JeongHyeok Hyung is the one cooking everything, but when it’s said to be delicious, I’m the one happy.”


Koong peeks out that moment and Eric pushes him back into the room.

The three men wash up, with KyunSang waiting right behind Eric with a clean towel for him. They go to sleep, with KyunSang kissing the kitties. Finally, Good-nights are shouted and the lights go off.




Next Week!

SeoJin continues to cook and Eric controls Koong, ha.



Note that recaps will be late next week because HELLO, HONG KONG, I AM COMIN’! Whoo!


6 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 8

  1. I’m so happy that the episodes and their chemistry getting better and better. Sad to know that they’re having their last filming already which means it’s going to end soon 😦 Anyway, thank you so much for the recaps. I’ve fun reading them 🙂


    1. You’re welcome. Well, all good things must come to an end. Maybe there’ll be at least 6 more seasons to go, if the guys are encouraged by the possibility of having idol guests to continue until then, ha.


  2. So, did Eric get the money from catching the fish? I thought he still get the Belly something fish.
    It’s funny they already discuss the next season lol. I wonder whether Eric will join since he might be trapped in his boy band schedule and perhaps back to drama land. It will be fun to see him interact with female idols 🙂
    Actually, I kinda get it why Na PD doesn’t want any guests. He wants to make this three close enough so if there’s chance for another season, it won’t come boring plus their chemistry already strong enough for another guest to come.
    I like Lee Seo Jin in this season. He kinda good older brother for them. It’s obvious he’s trying hard to make the little brothers satisfy with his cooking too.


    1. I’m not quite sure if he got the money actually. I did this recap while I was bleary eyed, which you might have noticed from all the grammatical and spelling errors in the recap. I’d only gotten 2 hours of sleep after this and have been awake for more than 12 already, haha. But I’ve just edited the post.


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