1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Ep 152

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 152: Kim JongMin Special

For 9 years, Kim JongMin has been on 1 Night 2 Days, through its declaration of his possibly 2 digit IQ and its footage of him sabotaging his own prank even though he’d practised so hard for it.

After their lunch at the cliff-side (which JongMin robbed of himself), the cast are sent off in a bus, with JunHo suffering from food-coma while the others are close to succumbing too. To spice things up, TaeHyun asks JongMin to list his Top 3 Episodes and JongMin chooses 2 from the first season, one where he got left behind because he was eating his udon and the other one where he was kidnapped right after the returned from the military. His third best episode was the very first episode of this season’s, the recap of which can be found here.

JunHo’s not interested at all and the moment he’s done, Defconn, JunHo and DongGu have already drifted off to sleep, hahhahaha. JongMin grabs JunHo and screams at him not to pay attention. This is the Kim JongMin Special!


Yoo PD gives them a blank graph complete with the programmes that JongMin  had participated in. He got to be a guest singer the moment he debuted and it was wonderful… but thanks to him singing on War of Roses, his image as a singer poofed into flames, HA. But thanks to that show, he got to be on X-Man, where he couldn’t understand why Kim JongKook works out so much and what all those muscles are for, pfft.

He’d taken time off after that for Koyote’s comeback and he lost his mojo a little. He joined Love Letter and Heroine 6 later but after a while, Heroine 6 went off air and he totally hit a tough spot with We Are Ready. That show was the predecessor of 1 Night 2 Days though and all they needed were some games for their ratings to hit the roof.

So with Season 1 of 1 Night 2 Days, JongMin experienced the best days of his life. Then Military Enlistment came. His graph starts to plunge to the very depths of hell until DongGu asks if it was that bad serving his country. HAHAHA. JongMin starts stuttering, because this looks terrible in a country that kicks up a huge fuss whenever a celebrity skirts his military duty and he asks if he can redraw his Life Graph. Pfft.


But anyway he actually welcomed his military enlistment because it was a break from work for him. He’d thought that the moment he returned to 1 Night 2 Days after that, he’d be great again, only for him to find out that he’d lost his touch and instead of getting praises and welcome, he was compared to cancer and demanded to be thrown out.

But he stuck with 1 Night 2 Days even though there were other shows asking for him, because he knew himself that if he’d left 1 Night 2 Days then, he’d have proved the naysayers right and his entertainer career would be fed to the dogs. So he worked hard and got better through Season 2, where he worked with TaeHyun and got his confidence back.

TaeHyun: “Oh, I didn’t know.”

Season 3 started and though he’d thought that it’s the end of 1 Night 2 Days when he first started it, thanks to the chemistry between the casts, and the solidification of his variety character thanks to TaeHyun who gave him his nickname – Shinba (aka, Shin-nan-ba-bo (Happy Fool)), Season 3 ended up becoming the second peak in of his life. Aw!

He’d drawn the graph so high that it matched his peak from 10 years ago. He doesn’t know where he’ll go from now on, but DongGu has the answer: because he lost out on lunch, his graph when down a bit. And then JongMin complains that this trip is making a turndown on his life!

They end up at the picturesque village of Darangyi in Gacheon where its 100 terraced paddy fields watch the sea and the roofs are painted with different murals. Yoo PD gathers them and tells them that JongMin’s been in the business for 17 years. TaeHyun mutters that 9 and 17 years are funny anniversaries to make a fuss out of and DongGu notes that fine whiskey is perfect at 17 years. JongMin’s a good whiskey!

And so, through the 17 years, he’s been on almost all the variety shows ever shown in Korea, a total of 180 variety shows. However, there was one that there was never able to be able to go on at all – Running Man.

And so, today’s dinner game is: Name Tag Elimination.


HAHAHHA! TaeHyun laughs while the others get excited because they’d wanted to play that too. They get their personalised black jackets with their name tags behind and when Yoo PD tells TaeHyun who’d faced the other way to turn around, the other 4 turn to face their backs to the camera, HAHAHAHA!

TaeHyun mutters that he’s never been able to get the rules of Running Man and so Yoo PD chose the simplest game with the simplest rules for them to play. But this is 1 Night 2 Days and there’s a little twist to the game – there are two kinds of drinks listed under their name tags, either good or bad. All they have to do is to drink all of whatever is shown on the name tag they’ve torn and if they can’t they have to give up their own name tag. The 3 who have the most name tags get to eat dinner.

TaeHyun lights up like an Olympic torch at that rule and immediately tells best friend Kim JongKook to try that on his show, hahhaha. He calls the Americano-Kkanari rule decent! And JongMin gets so excited that he manhandles JunHo in an attempt to show the desperation Running Man members show when tearing name tags off.


There are several good and bad drinks in the production’s stash, not just Americano and Kkanari. Some of the worst ones include wasabi and capsaicin while some of the good ones include tomato juice and milk. They get to choose what drinks they’ll put under their tags at random. While JongMin can’t understand the rules at all (since what you have under your tag is what your rival will have to drink when he tears yours off, you should choose bad drinks), he gets lucky with 2 bad drinks to add under his tag. All the others get one good and one bad drink each while DongGu the forever-unlucky is never drinking Apple Juice or Americano during this game, ha.

They get 5 minutes to spread out and scatter among the neighbourhood.

JongMin chooses to run towards the Sea and then up. Defconn moves as slowly as a tortoise, because going far doesn’t mean a thing for him. His VJ tells him that he has to be smart about this and Defconn barks back, asking who’d dare to challenge him, HAHAHHAHA!

TaeHyun worries about his name tag being ripped off early and then while walking, ends up getting completely distracted by the scenery. He even sits in a pavilion and takes a selfie, HAHAHAHHA!

DongGu the speedster runs up a slope and punches holes in a box that he finds. He puts it over his head and simply hides, HA! He decides to play defence instead of offense since he has got 2 good drinks to put under his tag and so is supremely vulnerable to losing his name tags.

Meanwhile, JunHo is just busy finding a toilet too go poo, pfft, and JongMin decides to stick the easier drink under his name tag first and then go with the worse one later.

JunHo has his poo and creeps out, wondering where the others are when JongMin springs out behind him. SO FAST! JunHo runs out with JongMin close behind and they slap each other’s hands in defence and attack. Pfft.


Rewind a few minutes earlier and we see that JongMin had located JunHo thanks to a few locals. He’d knocked on the toilet door and JunHo had personally confirmed that he was in there, so JongMin waits for him gleefully.

And back to the present again, where JunHo proposes an alliance between them. JongMin shakes on it and they both show each other their backs to prove that they won’t betray each other. But the moment Yoo PD announces through the PA system that the game will start, JongMin gets a glint in his eye, HAHAHAHHA!

JunHo catches that and warns him not to think funny thoughts and they make peace again by agreeing to pretend to rip each other’s name tags when the others come. That’s the time when they ambush the others. JunHo promises to help JongMin win this, since this is the Kim JongMin Special.

Both fools grab each other by the lapels and walk all the way down hill, watched by DongGu. He actually thinks that they’re fighting and runs down to attack, diverting Defconn the other way in order to corner them. He runs and duck and slides when he sees them come, letting Defconn charge towards them like a bull first.


PWAHAHAHAHA, they’re both so startled by Defconn that they falter. Defconn grabs JunHo and JunHo reaches for JongMin who… runs away. MWAHAHAH! So of course our resident bear overpowers JunHo and rips the name tag off him.

JunHo has “apple vinegar” under his nametag and so if he wants to take JunHo’s nametag, he has to drink an entire cup of apple vinegar. JunHo has a sip of that, just to know what it tastes like. He scrunches his nose the moment the liquid hits his tongue and declares that it’s undrinkable. But Defconn is a man and he gives it more than one try, emptying the cup in one shot in his second try. JunHo loses a nametag and Defconn has one more now.

A long time later, after he’s had his fill of the scenery, TaeHyun decides that now is a good time as any to join the game. JongMin learns of his approach and then hides when he sees DongGu coming by. DongGu passes by JongMin, not noticing him there at all while JongMin holds his breath. He lets DongGu go by before he runs away from him, hee.

TaeHyun meets JunHo, who at first warns him that he has capsaicin under his nametag and they form an alliance between them. But the moment Defconn appears, they all skedaddle.

TaeHyun suggests an alliance between him and JunHo, confident that they can take down Defconn together. JunHo says that Defconn threw him down but eventually, they pinkie promise to work together.

They meet Defconn together, who tells TaeHyun that JongMin threw JunHo and left him to be easy prey. TaeHyun scoffs while JongMin the betrayer sees everything from behind a wall, ha. JunHo tells Defconn to take TaeHyun’s name tag since he has two and TaeHyun ditches him there. HAHAHHAHAHA!

So Defconn grabs JunHo by the shoulders, comfortable about the easy prey. He manhandles the guy while DongGu watches from round the corner as JunHo warns that he has capsaicin. Defconn hesitates and TaeHyun comes back… to tear JunHo’s nametag himself, HA! And not a moment later, DongGu enters the fray and rips off Defconn’s name tag.

TaeHyun easily downs the Tomato Juice that JunHo had named under his nametag and JunHo complains that this game is too easy – for others and not you huh. TaeHyun runs off cackling, because he was the one with the capsaicin and thus knew that JunHo was bluffing. JunHo’s OUT!


Elsewhere, Defconn shows that he had Kkanri-no under his nametag and so DongGu tries to down a while cup. He fails, the smell of the fish sauce reaching right into his bones and so DongGu has to give up one of his name tags. Left with one name tag each, Defconn and DongGu form another alliance between them, though not before Defconn complaining that DongGu should have taken TaeHyun’s name tag instead. DongGu replies that he was going to… but Defconn’s name tag was just too attractive, hahaha.

JongMin hovers around the two men, not quite sure what to do until TaeHyun calls out and informs him that JunHo’s out. JongMin immediately charges towards TaeHyun, wanting to take his nametag but TaeHyun protects his back and proposes that they work together.

But that alliance breaks down the moment DongGu turns round the corner and runs towards them like a bullet train and off JongMin goes, zooming out of sight and over walls. TaeHyun has his name tag torn off in a second and DongGu easily downs whatever green thing that was labelled under his name tag.


JongMin recovers from his short sprint as his VJ complains that they made the episode for him and yet all he does is run away, hahaha. And since he’s betrayed so many already, no one wants to be his friend anymore and JongMin has to face Defconn himself. JongMin warns Defconn that he’ll punch him for real, pwahahaha, and DongGu hides round the corner and runs the other way.

TaeHyun and JongMin surround Defconn, who tries to persuade TaeHyun to take JongMin out. But JongMin knows that he runs faster than TaeHyun, as TaeHyun knows and so they both try to work together to take Defconn out again.

But the moment they try to, DongGu runs up from behind JongMin and the fight is on. Defconn grabs JongMin and TaeHyun screams for DongGu to tear off Defconn’s nametag. But DongGu stays loyal to their pack and tears off JongMin’s instead while Defconn tears off TaeHyun’s.

JongMin’s bad drink is salted milk and he groans, because salted milk is still drinkable as long as you force yourself to. He orders the staff to pour a whole lot in, but that doesn’t deter DongGu who does a one shot. And then the kid shrivels and reaches for water, hee.

TaeHyun tells Defconn that his drink is Tomato Juice, pfft, but one sniff has Defconn almost cursing. Poor Defconn can’t down the capsaicin at all and has to give up his own nametag, ergo, he and TaeHyun are out of the game.

Only JongMin and DongGu are left in the game and in the punishment room, TaeHyun and Defconn gleefully wave JunHo’s nametag, their ticket to dinner. Well, that really just depends on what JongMin and DongGu do. Whatever happens, JunHo it’s guaranteed that JunHo doesn’t get dinner though, hee.

The fight outside is fierce… somehow… with DongGu overpowering JongMin in every way while JongMin moans in pain, pfft. They pull each other closer, with JongMin even attempting to bit DongGu, but eventually, JongMin has a hold of DongGu’s name tag.

The shot cuts off there and the next thing we know, both men enter the punishment room, where JongMin shows how his jacket split in two.


Yoo PD tells them to show the nametags that they’ve collected. Defconn and TaeHyun have 1 each while DongGu has both TaeHyun and JongMin’s. Hmm. What about JongMin? And we rewind to that moment again where JongMin loses a nametag to DongGu.

Ha, DongGu hadn’t even bothered to even try drinking whatever it is under JongMin’s nametag, since he’d already won, with JongMin’s name tag from earlier and TaeHyun’s nametag from even earlier.

And back in the room, TaeHyun sighs that he really thought that JongMin would have gotten at least one nametag. But no, the guy has none, so with his best frenemy, he has to go without food again. This is the Kim JongMin special where he doesn’t get to eat both lunch and dinner.

TaeHyun: “Yah, when does the Kim JongMin Special start?”

DongGu, Defconn and TaeHyun are given dinner while JongMin worries that this is bad. Pfft.

The production takes pity on the two sad guy and makes them choose a cup from a set. JongMin lets JunHo choose first, since he has the higher IQ. And so JunHo chooses, “like a man with an IQ of 104”, and chooses the second largest cup. JongMin chooses the third largest cup and the production brings in a tray of anchovies for them to clean, ha. YAPS immediately tries to switch his for a smaller cup, so that he has less to clean, but JongMin switches it back just as easily.

While the two guys clean anchovies for dinner, the other three enjoy their Namhae dinner.

JunHo tries to make it easy by removing the head only and JongMin immediately snitches because they need to clean the anchovies of their guts too.

With speedy hands, JongMin fills up his cup but the PD tells him to clean a little more. JunHo immediately presses down on JongMin’s anchovies, hehe, but that doesn’t delay JongMin on his road to his dinner.


He passes and then he goes to fill that same cup with food from the winner’s table, the winners whio let him take whatever he wants. He fills his cup to the brim with food and even when he’s almost done with it, JunHo’s still cleaning the anchovies, pfft.

Defconn declares that he’ll stop eating, for JunHo’s sake, since the amount of food left is precariously low, and that’s when JunHo shows the production his cup, full of anchovies. JongMin warns them to check the contents, since he’s sure he saw JunHo stuff uncleaned anchovies in the cup too. JunHo balks and JongMin immediately turns JunHo’s cup over and reveals YAP’s true nature, AHAHAHAHHAHA!

So YAPS seethes while JongMin smirks and eats as the production tells JunHo to please clean the anchovies well. They even let JongMin have another cup of food and JongMin immediately grabs another smaller cup and fills it with the anchovies that JunHo had cleaned, HAHAHAHAH!

Finally, JunHo fills half of his cup with clean anchovies and the production let him take that much of food. JongMin gets his other cup of food too and the two babo-s finally have dinner together.

Dinner changes, as does JongMin, who demands to know why they told him to dress up.

He stands before a huge tent, his back to the camera and leaps around when the others come in. They just deadpan that he looks cold, pfft.


No one knows why Yoo PD is being so weird with this, telling JongMin to clean up and JunHo asks if they’re setting JongMin up on a blind date.

JongMin lights up like a Christmas tree the moment he hears that and everyone sees the two chairs behind them and get the flutters too. DongGu swears that he’s going to help JongMin with this and Defconn asks if JongMin is finally going to get married this year.

There were many blind date programmes that JongMin had participated in, like Lim SeongEon in Love Letter whom he serenaded to in a falsetto and kiss her hand and Jang HeeJin who DongGu worked with in a programme and Kim SooYeon, who now works in Hollywood.

DongGu concludes that JongMin likes slender women and JunHo smacks him on the head for coveting such high standards, haha. Yoo PD says that this is another one of their considerations for JongMin, who, because of 1 Night 2 Days, couldn’t join Avatar Blind Meeting, a section under MBC’s Hot Brothers.

HAHAHHA, the other members hype up, since they’re going to be the ones giving JongMin missions to fulfil during his date behind monitors. DongGu is certain that he’ll do well and Defconn argues that they’re good, because DongGu has book experience, while he himself has drama experience. JunHo has dating experience (that guy’s married too!) while TaeHyun has marriage experience. LOL.

JunHo immediately shows how he’s going to sabotage the blind date, HA, and Yoo PD begs him to please help JongMin finally get a girlfriend and get married. Pfft.

The four men are sent to a room to watch and a flash forward shows JunHo actually sabotaging the date, TaeHyun basically laughing his guts out, DongGu acting as a matchmaker and Defconn giving generic plain vanilla advices.

JongMin sits in the tent, nervous and excited, wondering who’ll come. The four men in the room wait too, with baited breath and behind JongMin, a lady in a deep red dress come out. Her hair flies up on both sides and HAHAHAHHAHAA, it’s John Zaller from the Kim YooJung Special!

John Zaller sits down and has a sip of water, and Yoo PD tells them to be serious. Pfft, the other guys tell JongMin to focus and act like this is a rehearsal and then they tell JongMin to say all sorts of nonsense like, “because it’s chilly, let’s go down and have a fight” and “What is your show size?” the latter from which JongMin learns that our poor maknae FD has the same shoes as him and he offers to share shoes, heh.


But the real lady comes after a while and she’s Kim SoYeon, a pretty lady with dimples and long hair.

The other guys in the room are also awestruck by her and JongMin’s so happy that he doesn’t do anything but laugh like an idiot. He asks what her name is and then asks what clan of Kim she’s from, like a grandpa, pwahahhaa.

Miss SoYeon praises him for being so bright and happy while JongMin praises her for her beautiful smile. She give English Lectures and act as an Interpreter too and their exchange pleases the Love Master DongGu but displeases the Love Monster, JunHo. PFFFT, the background music keeps skipping right here, HA!


JongMin likes that she can speak English, because his ideal woman is one who can speak two languages. But the time for pleasantries are over and the Love Monster strikes, telling JongMin to tell her in English, “I love you so much-ie”. Pfft. And Defconn follows it up with, “I’m lonely, I want you baby,” which JongMin repeats as, “I’m Only, I wanchyoo baby.” HAAHHAHAHA! These TROLLS!

SoYeon bursts into laughter as do the men in the room and SoYeon suggests that they just speak in Korean since he’s more charming that way, heh. DongGu tries to help mend the damage and tells JongMin to cover SoYeon with a blanket which he does sweetly but lets out a funny, awkward giggle, HA.

SoYeon says that when he smiles, he looks innocent, though JongMin replies that he gets told that he looks like a fool more. She guesses that he doesn’t actually smile that like in real life and JunHo goes, “I’m not a fool.”

SoYeon: “Of course.”

JunHo and JongMin: “I’m an idiot.”


She laughs at that and it delights the other men because it means that she likes jokes.

John Zaller comes with the drinks menu and SoYeon decides that she wants green tea. JunHo decides that JongMin wants a “cold hot chocolate” or a “green tea latte without green tea”, pwahahha. TaeHyun goes crazy with laughter and JunHo stops the joke from going too far by telling JongMin to say that it was a joke.

He then tells JongMin to ask SoYeon if she knows that he’s a singer and what songs he’s got and she sings a little phrase from Koyote’s Genuine.

JongMin: “I wasn’t there for that one actually.” Pfft!!!

So JunHo tells JongMin to sing a song. The theme song for veteran Lee DeokHwa. Complete with the dance moves.


And so JongMin gets up to jiggle to a terrible Ajae gag that JunHo had done in another KBS variety show, Hello Friends, a Chuseok special. “Lee DeokHwa, take a look at me!”

(Lee(yi) DeokHwa sounds like “yi-geot-bwa” (look at this), and “Look at this, take a look at me” was a line from Fin.K.L’s song To My Boyfriend.)

SoYeon collapses in laughter while the men in the room totally roll over cackling. TaeHyun totally goes red in the face.

SoYeon can’t get a hold of herself either and she explains that people don’t normally joke like this on the first date. But Lee DeokHwa is not all that JunHo has got up his sleeve and he tells JongMin to pick something out of her hair: “There was sexiness in your hair.” TaeHyun starts snorting, HAHAHA, while DongGu is like, “it’s over”.


SoYeon says that JongMin seems exactly the same as she’d imagined and Defconn goes into damage control, telling JongMin to ask if he can talk to her in banmal and JongMin totally stutters, hee. Defconn even makes sure that JongMin ascertains that SoYeon is actually comfortable with that and then he goes on to feed JongMin normal every-date lines.

SoYeon apparently likes animations and DongGu latches on that to make JongMin say, “I like Disney’s Pixar. Do you like them?”

JongMin says, “I like Disney’s Kick-sar.” Read that fast enough and Kick-sar is short for quick (delivery) service. Ha.

DongGu leads JongMin on a normal conversation about Toy Story (the name of which JongMin has trouble reciting) and asks if she likes travelling in Korea. She absolutely does but doesn’t have enough time and gasps when JongMin says that it’s been 9 years of travel for him.

Now that the date has been saved (barely) the Love Monster takes over and he makes JongMin say that Namhae has good water and mountainous fields. What? JongMin gets confused by that last part too and stumbles and Dating God Mother DongGu comes to save the day by correcting that to terraced rice fields. JongMin saves that even more by adding that the place’s good because SoYeon is there.

DongGu leads JongMin into learning more of what she wants in a boyfriend, which isn’t much. She just wants someone beside her through life’s daily motions. So DongGu gets JongMin to suggest Chicken and beer at the Han River and Love Monster cuts in with or “we can go to Tapgol Park and get food rations for the poor”. HAHAHHAHAH! The poor guy actually repeats that and DongGu tries to save it. SoYeon saves it instead, asking for Ramyeon and JongMin adds that he’s nicknamed Kim JongMyeon – not because he can cook Ramyeon well, but because he likes it.

JongMin tells SoYeon that she was really pretty and looked really pure when he first saw her walk in and then the Love Monster makes him say that she looks really tall, like an actor, like those from Attack of the Titians while Defconn side eyes him SO BAD from the side. And JongMin, even though he looks like it’s going to kill him, repeats that. HAHHAHAHAHAH.


JunHo: “I didn’t know he would actually say that!”

And TaeHyun cries in laughter and his face goes as red as JunHo’s bright red jacket. Defconn smacks JunHo. Even SoYeon has to tell JongMin not to cry and luckily, she’s having a lot of time.

The time for the blind date nears its end and Defconn tells JongMin to tell SoYeon that, complete with a wonder of whether they can meet again. The Love Monster has control of the walkie-talkie again and he demands JongMin force her phone number out of her. Because he has to take a dump!


“Manager, bring my phone!”

“I don’t know if things will go well between us, but… if I can’t have you, I’m going to destroy you!”


Defconn asks JongMin to nod his head twice if he really likes her and JongMin nods three times.

YAPs finally saves JongMin by feeding him a cheesy line, making him snap for the music and then making him lead her into a dance.

JongMin awkwardly takes her hands and JunHo demands that JongMin take this seriously.

The time for the blind date finally ends and as the last request, TaeHyun tells JongMin to tell her to come to the pavilion if she wants another date with him.

“Please, definitely come. I apologise if I was rude. Next time we meet, you will know the real me.”

“Kamsahamni-daramjwi (Thank you flying squirrel)”

The five men send JongMin off to pavilion while SoYeon has a solo interview with Yoo PD. She apparently sensed that something was up and though she admits that JongMin was nice and put her at ease today, she’s not sure whether she wants to continue meeting him or not. It’s yes and no, exactly 50:50 in that ratio.


JongMin stands nervously at one of the pavilion, looking at the pavilion in the distance in the opposite.

Yoo PD tells them that in a few minutes, the light at the other pavilion will come on and if SoYeon is there, they’re all sleeping indoors. HAHAHAH. If she’s not there, then JongMin will sleep outdoors, along with another person of his choice. Surprisingly, he’s angry with DongGu feeding him words that he doesn’t know (Toy Story) and liked JunHo’s call for the Christmas Carol.

The time comes and Yoo PD tells JongMin to call out, “Miss SoYeon”.

That’s so embarrassing and cheesy…

But like he’d done the whole day, he obliges and calls out her name.

But she’s not there? Or is she there but they just can’t see him?



Next Week!

Everyone cries.


4 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Ep 152

  1. Thanks for the recap.. have to wait for subbed version..but i am SOOOO looking forward to this episode! There’s no way JM will ever date if he listens to JH.. LOL.


  2. Kim Jongmin is so endearing. I wish him to have some happiness. That was quite a cool way to combine the name tag game and 1n2d ‘awful drinks’ game into one.


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