1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 2

Out for yet another holiday, so here is Episode 2 from Season 3, with the return of Gutaeng Hyung and Yoo HoJin PD. Sorry about the images. I’d only screen capped this like 1 hr before I had to leave for my flight.

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 2:

They’ve been sprayed awake, they’ve been made to endure the top management’s long speech, they’ve been made to endure the cold and a long ride in a rusty manual truck.

Gutaeng’s short driving demonstration comes to an end and they take a modern car up a hill, to a place that’s completely dark and cold. The newbies get cold feet and confused, but the veterans are no help at all.

The six guys run into the only shed visible there but it provides no comfort from the cold because there’s no heater at all. TaeHyun finds some dry wood and branches outside and the entrance to the Ondol. HAHAHA, JoonYoung had opened a cauldron sitting right above it and asked if they’re supposed the throw the water in it and start a fire in there.

5 men work hard to keep the fire going while Kim JunHo stands outside and tells the staff what’s going on, totally not helping at all. This guy, has never changed since day one.

They need more wood, so they send JongMin, the one with the most experience out with a log and a saw. He raises his arms up high… and simply just taps the top. Defconn sighs and asks if he should go look for a saw.

Defconn tries his hand at chopping wood too but fails terribly, to the disbelief of the maknae.

TaeHyun mans the fire and then complains that he’s disappointed that JooHyuk, the eldest, knows nothing about living in the wild. JooHyuk comes in just then and claims that he just wanted to know how they’d fare.

And to prove that he’s not just all talk, he gets out and promptly chops the wood that they couldn’t chop. Heh, he pretends like he knew how to do it all along.

Now that their comfort is taken care of, the six guys gather in the one heated room to chit chat, though JoonYoung casually comments that he can only hear what he wants to because of the earmuffs he’s wearing, pfft. Defconn asks JongMin if he’s got his gears in order and fellow veteran TaeHyun shows them all how he has five layers of clothing on.

Meanwhile, JoonYoung insists that eating ice cream in the cold makes you feel less cold, to the bafflement of the others. Then Defconn opens a hand towards JoonYoung, who returns with scissors. Haha. Defconn corrects it into a high-five and then does a complicated hand-greeting, the hip hop way.

JoonYoung: “I’m a rocker though.”

They head out, only to be greeted by a banner welcoming them to the Cold Weather Recruitment Camp. Defconn complains that it’s only their first day there and Yoo PD assures them that it won’t be so bad because this is not the real one. Ha.

1 Night 2 Days is known as the Wild Variety and so the first order of the night is to test them on the Five Virtues of Wilderness. And while he’s talking, JoonYoung asks if “Wilderness” means some sort of tree.

Then he points to the canvas on the floor and asks if that’s the dinner menu once he’s told that they’ll be playing for dinner. HAHAHHA. Nope, it hides jackets with the word “Wilderness” monogrammed on the back and 1 Night 2 Day’s long-time fan knows for real that their night is going to be tough. Despite that, he’s super excited during the photo taking later.

Yoo PD tells them that there’ll be a series of tests and for each test, a dish will be on the line. Our guys argue to have practice rounds but then-new Yoo PD is stern and unwavering. “There is no practice in the wilderness.”

The first test will be of stamina and 20 sweet potatoes are on the line. All they have to do is dig a whole 30 cm deep in 3 minutes. But the hole is as big as a grave and TaeHyun jokingly asks if someone’s supposed to go in there afterwards, hee.

Defconn tries shovelling for bit and does so well with his weight that it makes Yoo PD a little nervous. But luckily for him, Defconn is all power but no endurance. Hee. So their strategy is for him to just go first and hop everywhere with the shovel to loosen all the ground with his weight. Heh.

JooHyuk goes next, and one by one, they dig and dig and dig and then literally hit an obstacle in the form of a huge rock. In the end, TaeHyun sends soil flying towards Yoo PD who has his revenge by happily screaming, “FAIL!” when they can’t make the hole in time, hee.

These poor sad souls have just lost 20 sweet potatoes because they can’t dig fast enough and Defconn argues that if they dug that much as novices, then the new season of 1 Night 2 Days is half successful. Then he begs for sweet potatoes, only to drop his speech to mere banmal when he learns that the PD is younger than him, hee.

Yoo PD is not a heartless guy and gives the hungry bears another chance to earn some sweet potatoes. He sends them each a shovel and gives them a minute to complete their task, though when they poke the soil to determine who digs what, he’s all, “no touch-ie!”

Together, they work the soil, and then they pull out the international referee, Kwon KiJong, to check that their hole is 30cm deep. He pulls out his “international standard” ruler and then crawls around measuring the sides and the centre, which are not up to standard. JunHo jokes that they could easily bury him in there.

But the international referee is certain in his judgement and tells them that their efforts are, “ddaeng!” They complain about the rock and so he goes to measure the rock. But that’s no use because even after taking the height of the rock into consideration, they still don’t meet the 30cm requirement.

No sweet potatoes tonight.

The next game requires the hole to be covered with tarp because they’re going to fill it with water. The second game has flour and eggs on the line and all they have to do is transfer water from the shed a little uphill to the hole, enough to fill it 15cm deep. TaeHyun realises that this is why Yoo PD gave them another chance, because if they’d stopped earlier, this game would have been too easy to succeed! I take back my words. Yoo HoJin is the devil, hee!

They decide the order in which they’ll pass the water through and put JooHyuk at the end, where he has to run to and fro, up and down a hill. HAHAHAHHA! He pants his way through, complaining that he’s dying and even flings a bucket at JunHo’s head, hee.

Their time runs out and Defconn, the one who had to scoop all the water finally stands up straight and groans about his hurting back.

But today, they’re all vertain that they’ve got this. The international referee comes to measure the water depth again, even trying to help them by bending his ruler. HEE. It’s no use though, and he says again, “ddaeng”.

They learn that they don’t have to take all the water out anymore, because their next test is for perseverance. AKA, they’re gonna have to get into the water.

TaeHyun: “No wonder. I was happy that we’re not going near the sea today. I didn’t know that you’d get water this way.”

It’s Kimchi and instant rice on the line and all they have to do is have a silent backwash. While they’re given a nice, refreshing wash, they can’t make any sounds louder than 100 decibels. TaeHyun casually grunts into the sound meter and gets an 88 back, heh.

They all try to push the task of being washed to each other, with TaeHyun noting that he’s done it in season 2 and saying that JongMin’s body is simply dirty. However, he knows of a guy who acts well among them, one who even had a backwash in his movie, and even has a good body. JooHyuk immediately deflects all attempts to wash him. “Let’s calm down!”

They can’t decide, so JoonYoung suggests that they let the two variety seniors choose who has to endure the wash and TaeHyun chooses JunHo. JooHyuk rejoices. Then JongMin chooses JooHyuk. Pfft.

JunHo and JooHyuk play scissors papers stone to see who goes first and heh, it’s JooHyuk, who indignantly grunts in dissatisfaction. He sounded like a Simpson going “D’oh”!

The staff pour a whole cauldron of ice into the water to JooHyuk’s terror and everyone goes nervous because this is totally SUPER HARSH!

Regardless, JooHyuk prepares himself for the ultimate wash down, and Defconn and JoonYoung let his jacket down to show us all a peek of his abs, hee. JooHyuk gets down and orders them to start already, but JongMin blabbers that he’s looking really cool and all the girls are swooning now while the others chit chat and JooHyuk leaps back up, complaining that they’re talking too much. HA!

International Referee Kwon KiJong is back with the sound meter. JooHyuk gets on all fours and then stops everything because he thinks that the sound of water hitting the pool is too loud. It’ll be over 100, he says.

So they test out and immediately, JooHyuk points to the sound meter and says that it’s already reading 150dB. Hee, Manager-Defconn comes to cover JooHyuk up before anyone can opposed and stop him.

Unfortunately, the International Referee mutters that the sound meter is reading 89. HAHAHAHAHA! Even TaeHyun, who was looking at the meter the whole time laughs that he was conned too. But JooHyuk insists that it read 150 and so they test it out again. The meter reads 84dB…

Left with no other recourse and now looking more slimy than cool, JooHyuk gives in and goes on all fours.

The water is poured and JooHyuk clenches his jaws. Defconn looks like he’s about to break something with how he feels the second-hand pain, hee.

With his tenacity, JooHyuk easily passes (88.9dB), to the delight of the other members. Next-in-line for bathing Kim JunHo feels a little bittersweet, hee.

Their dinner of three packs of instant rice and Kimchi rests in JunHo’s hands now. JunHo goes down on all fours, grunting a little bit before and then two more times while the water is being poured. His time comes up, but the International Referee keeps his sound meter aimed at the poor guy for several more long minutes before TaeHyun laughs and pushes him away, announcing that JunHo recorded a sound level of 88.9 dB. Haha.

Therefore, our 6 guys get their hard-earned rice and Kimchi.

The next virtue to test is Courage. Ramyeon is on the line and they all rejoice at the National Food. TaeHyun is the first one to suspect what they have up their sleeves with that pool of ice before them. Nah, no entering of the pool is required. They just have to jump over it. It’s a test of their long-jump abilities! (I call bullshit.)

Five years ago (before his episode), Yoo PD was the new recruit at 1 Night 2 Days, where he was brutally subjected to the original member’s furore and subject to Kang HoDong’s man-handling, all in the name of a hidden camera, approved by the original-devil, Na YeongSeok PD. And now that he is head PD, he’s here to have his revenge!!!!!!! Ah, how time flies. Our skinny-devil has now retired from this programme to make more new programmes in a new sub-company under KBS. He’s grown so much, *tear*.

Yoo PD at least allows one of them to fail. The six guys do a simulation beside the pool and JooHyuk, Defconn and JunHo don’t inspire the most confidence with how they fail. On the other hand, JoonYoung practically flies.

Practice is over and Defconn swears that he’s going to push himself for this because he really wants that Ramyeon. TaeHyun the veteran warns Yoo PD not to say anything if every single one of them passes and Yoo PD falls for the aggravation and promises to give them an extra 6 sweet potatoes if all of them do pass. TaeHyun dusts the bottom of his shoe and mutters that he’s never been so competitive on 1 Night 2 Days until now. What? That’s confirmation that Season 2 wasn’t done right.

JoonYoung stands at the starting line and warms up, trying to hypnotise himself into thinking that he’s a feather. But he chickens out in the last second, because of the pressure. Defconn promises to throw him into the air if he succeeds so with renewed courage, JoonYoung leaps… and lands on the other side, completely dry!

They share a dramatic hug together and then throw the stick-skinny boy into the air.

JooHyuk is up next, though he has the confidence level of a fish on land. JoonYoung informs him that he was so desperate that he promised himself that if he failed this, then he’ll quit singing. Defconn tells JooHyuk to think that he’ll quit acting and JooHyuk immediately shoots that down, not that sucked into the slave-spirit of 1 Night 2 Days after all, HA!

But desperation drives success and so JooHyuk succeeds, of course. Everyone comes to give him a hug and then JooHyuk himself demands to be thrown into the air, HAHAHAH!

JongMin easily passes the long jump, with many inches to spare. The real problem is JunHo, whose form itself looks weird from the start. The pressure gets to him, so he calls for a switch, for which TaeHyun steps up. TaeHyun passes easily and immediately, with renewed confidence, JunHo stands at the starting line.

Without much hesitance, though with the same awkward form, JunHo leaps into the air and across the pool… only to land on his heels, meaning that he could lose it for them. Luckily, he throws his body weight forwards and passes. Yoo PD looks decidedly nervous and unhappy, HAHA.

The other guys on the other hand cannot be bothered at all and envelope JunHo in a huge hug, one that ends up with one of JunHo’s foot falling into the pool, hee! So now, they have their three packets of Ramyeon. Whether they get their bonus 6 sweet potatoes rests in the hands of Defconn.

Defconn steps to the line, gearing up for his turn when Yoo PD tells him to remove his mike. Ha, are you banking on him failing? But that one utter has woken the beast in Defconn, who then tells skinny-JoonYoung to lend him one of his under-layers if he fails. Pfft. He returns that it’s free-size when JongMin asks if he can even fit in it.

Defconn makes his last prayers (“help me” “who?” “anyone”) and then goes for it. He passes. Wheeeee!!!!!!!! That means that they’ve all got 6 sweet potatoes too and everyone goes to throw him into the air, which just ends up looking like they’re bouncing him on their knees, HEE!

The fifth game of the night will be for friendship and a hind leg of a wild boar. For this game, one of them will be blindfolded and will have to guess who a certain member is just by feeling his face with his own face. OMG. The skinship!

Yoo PD gives them some time to discuss and immediately, eldest Hyung, the one who’s supposed to the moral authority of the lot, attempts to cheat and tells them all that he’ll move him nose to signify that it’s him when it’s his turn. HA!

TaeHyun chooses JoonYoung to be blindfolded for this game and so JoonYoung wears his piggy blindfolds and takes a seat. The others remove their glasses, hats, earmuffs and other accessories, and JooHyuk complains that he looks “like this” without his beanie. You mean you’ll look like an ahjusshi? At least it’s better than you looking like you’re bald.

The game starts and TaeHyun is up first. I cringed while watching this, but JoonYoung puts his check against TaeHyun and rubs his face all over, pfffft. TaeHyun even rubs his chin against JoonYoung’s face and JoonYoung mutters that this guy has a moustache. Eeeps! But finally, he says, “TaeHyun Hyungnim?” He’s right and JoonYoung then screams, “your skin is so soft!” Milky Skin TaeHyun Oppa~

Defconn goes next and practically nuzzles JoonYoung, PFFFFTTTTTTT, to the extent that JoonYoung immediately answers, “Defconn” the moment time is up.

JongMin is next and JoonYoung guesses right too, because of the pimple on his chin.

All JunHo has to do is rub his chin against a whining JoonYoung for him to immediately blurt that he’s JunHo. He tries to back away but JunHo leans forward like he wants his kiss. HEE!!

JooHyuk is last, and it’s obviously him, but the oldest has to go give the youngest a rub too, regardless.

The games come to an end, with JunHo getting overconfident and telling Yoo PD to make his games better. Excuse me sir, please be careful with what you wish for!

They set up a fire and immediately chop the boar’s leg up to barbecue. TaeHyun complains that it’s going to take forever to cook their meat on the fire they have right now and so the Hyung-nim goes to the back to search for something he can use over the other fire on the side.

He comes back with a huge piece of aluminium instead of just two pieces of wood like he was supposed to. In no time, the boar’s meat is cooked and the guy who said that he only eats a little keeps gobbling it down.

JongMin goes to cook that he food that he cooks the best, Ramyeon, and JoonYoung adds the instant rice in it, nach. Ramyeon is best when you’re outdoors and the six men prove it to you… by spitting out the scalding Ramyeon, heh.

After dinner, it’s time to sleep and this time, Yoo PD has prepared the “Full Setting” for his newbies. Even TaeHyun goes flabbergasted when he sees it, because he’s only seen it three times in the whole time he was on 1 Night 2 Days. Season 2 really needed some spice and seasonings.

At least Yoo PD lets them decide their fate, and presents them with the spin-table of different food. Whatever terrible drink they’ll have, will be made by their own selves.

Based on which drink they choose, three of them will be sleeping in the warm indoors while the other three will enjoy nature’s very own cooler (more like freezer).

First up, is wasabi. LOL. Defconn squeezes a whole tube into the mixer to Yoo PD’s delight. And then JoonYoung throws another wasabi. Ha. TaeHyun gets garlic while Defconn gets the sesame sauce they said would be terrible for the drink. PWAHAHAH.

The whole cup of sesame oil goes into the mixer, with Defconn insisting that it smells nice. So JooHyuk gives it a try and he’s like, “mm! It clears the grease out of my nose!”

They have another two more ingredients to go and the staff and Yoo PD turn nervous. Because the star of the game, the Fish Sauce, isn’t being chosen at all.

JooHyuk isn’t the one angel, because he comes up with “water”. JunHo helps them all by choosing it instead, ha!

The ingredients are all mixed together and sent for decoration to turn into three cups of terrible beverages. The other three cups will contain something nice.

They play the Noonchi game to decide who goes first but because it’s so boring, Yoo PD cuts it all out, HA!

JunHo has to go first and they all tell him to drink it while pinching his nose. Meanwhile, JoonYoung loudly hopes that he gets the Fish Sauce.

JunHo chooses his cup and then gags. HEE. JoonYoung chooses him and the lucky guy doesn’t even know what he got. He had to take a second sip to confirm it and when he realises that eh got the good drink, he breaks out into a dance, to JunHo’s total bafflement, pwahaha.

Defconn chooses his too and groans. Bye bye, you’re joining JunHo outside!

TaeHyun has to choose next, and he chooses the “scientific way”. All of a sudden, Yoo PD decides to change up the order, to JongMin’s delight and TaeHyun’s protests go unheard. He, JongMin and JooHyuk drink their drinks together and finally, JooHyuk coughs to signal that he’s the one sleeping outside tonight.

Nighty night!

Newbie JunHo worries because he heard from JongMin that the last time he slept outside, his mouth totally turned. Defconn shares that someone dreamt of an old man slapping him. JooHyuk is a little more practical, asking TaeHyun for advice.

A little time later, TaeHyun snuggles under the covers, muttering that washing up is for newbies, because all it does is wake you up, heh. He’s later joined by JongMin and JoonYoung, with JunHo too. Despite finding JoonYoung a total ddorai, JunHo shares JoonYoung’s blanket and the maknae lets him. JunHo complains that he’d done the same things as JooHyuk but hadn’t gotten the same recognition. They talk smack about JooHyuk, even though he’s standing right there at the door, HA!

One by one, they drift off to sleep, regardless of their worries of whether they could sleep in a tent or when other’s snore. Just because it was such a tough day.

Morning comes and the sun rises.

Someone tracks through the trees, a lady – their first morning angel.

It’s Suzy! And she’s here to wake them all up. She checks into the tent first, thinking that they’re all asleep when Defconn had actually opened his eyes. She creeps into the room with TaeHyun, JongMin and JoonYoung, only for TaeHyun to order her to close the door. HAHAHA! She does though, because the cameraman is there and even after he wakes, TaeHyun doesn’t recognise the nation’s It Girl.

JoonYoung wakes up without much fuss either and so do JongMin. She leaves and JoonYoung asks that it was their writer right, ha!

Suzy’s next task is to wake those in the tent up, but Defconn is already up and sitting at the table. JooHyuk comes out too and promptly walks past Suzy, pffft. No one recognises her!

She chases after JooHyuk, smiling a little when he turns back, only to crack up when he goes off again without even recognising her. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

She gives him a little indirect kiss and just as she heads into the tent, Defconn finds her. She gives him an indirect kiss too, along with JunHo. Their hearts all flutter, hee.

Back in the room, TaeHyun realises that it really was Suzy who’d come to wake them up and finally, JongMin pushes his covers aside. The three of them run outside, only to see her cooking while the others watch on.

Yoo PD tells them that this is their morning mission. Suzy will have to choose 4 of them to have breakfast with and immediately, uncle-fan Defconn sings and dances along to her song. JunHo tries to out-do him, only to be interrupted by JoonYoung rocking out with his guitar among the grass. HAHAHAH!!!

He strums a little and then complains that his hand froze.

Once the interruption is over, JunHo appeals to Suzy with his sob story of previous day and calls her his Virgin Mary.

“We’re in trouble, we have to reception,” JoonYoung interrupts.

Yoo PD notes that JooHyuk’s the only one who hasn’t appealed to Suzy like he doesn’t want to eat breakfast and JooHyuk contradicts it. He almost goes into this spiel of his bad day when TaeHyun cuts in by screaming her name and getting barefoot into the pool of ice they’d made last night. Then Defconn rolls on the ground and JoonYoung rocks out. HAHAHAHAHHA!

JooHyuk does nothing and Yoo PD points that out. He complains that he didn’t have a chance and so they give him one right now. He continues his grandpa story but is interrupted by Defconn who adds that JooHyuk had to endure a backwash last night and JongMin bugging him to make that Fool’s Face. JooHyuk retorts that he can’t do that in the morning!

Suzy goes off to hand out her bowl of breakfast Ramyeon to JongMin, passing by TaeHyun, heh. JongMin rejoices and heads towards the pool for some reason, so TaeHyun pushes him in, HA!

JooHyuk is certain that she’ll give him her noodles and Suzy promptly serves the guy beside him, Defconn. She gives her third bowl to JunHo and JooHyuk is sad. He mutters that there’ll be no more games in which they’re chosen from the back.

The others bug him to say Suzy’s real name, but he hits a block and growls to Defconn, “help me.”

Suzy gives her last bowl of Ramyeon to TaeHyun and then when they ask why she chose JongMin, the guy is like, “there’s no reason to love”. LOL.

TaeHyun asks if Suzy doesn’t like rockers, which is why she didn’t pick JoonYoung.

She disagrees. She just didn’t pick him because he was young (and therefore should be able to stand hunger) and JooHyuk retorts, “so you didn’t pick me because I’m old?” HA!

Breakfast ends and Suzy leaves. The new group comes together again and Defconn points out JunHo’s snoring. Now that the sun is out, they get to see just how beautiful  the place they are, with the mountains in the distance and the fog below them.

They chit chat, with JoonYoung unceremoniously laughing at how JooHyuk came in last place in the popularity poll the day before and JunHo concurs, hilariously puzzled by how the old man had gotten last place in everything. JooHyuk takes that positively, retorting that it means that there’s no other way to go other than up, now that he’s hit rock bottom, HA.

TaeHyun mutters that this season’s crew is not bad at all and together, they head downhill.

They arrive at Inje market and even get allowance to spend there. Their happiness is dashed the moment they see that they only have 3000 won in there. Hahaha.

They’re not really here for snacks. They’re here for work, because Yoo PD makes them hand out fliers of themselves, fashioned like they’re the singers at some old club.

They stop at some stall for food, and JoonYoung learns that this is a five-day market (oh-il-jang), aka, they open it every 5 days. He then insists that the “baek-il-jang” means a market that opens every 100 days and the others argue at the ridiculous, because who makes money by working only 3 days a year? Also, the two “jang” in the words don’t mean the same thing at all. The first one means market and the latter one means “field”. “Baek-il-jang” refers to a writing contest!

TaeHyun gives some fliers to some kids standing around and tells them to give trouble to whoever watches Running Man. HAHAHA. He makes the kids choose the most handsome among them (Jung JoonYoung) and then when they pull JooHyuk over, the kids says that he doesn’t know him. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Poor Grampy!

The poster fliers continue to be handed out, with Defconn telling some kids that he’s going to be their idol, LOL, while JoonYoung tells him to act like Heo Joon.

JooHyuk passes the fliers out to some grannies, and even they don’t recognise him at all. JoonYoung runs forward when JooHyuk complains that no one recognizes “them”. JooHyuk loses all hope when he sees JoonYoung get greeted automatically by some teenaged girls.

Finally, someone recognises him, and JooHyuk lights up like a Christmas Tree. Someone even calls him Oppa, HA!

Now that they’ve distributed all their fliers, they gather at a traditional coffee house, where Yoo PD goes along with the mood and treats them to drinks. They have their first cheers in Season 3 and later, they do their first ending shot together.

1 Night 2 Days in Inje in Gangwondo – the first filming for season 3 with the new casts – finally ends.

“To be continued… please.”


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