Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 10

Three Meals A Day in Deukryang Island Episode 10: Fishing Village Edition 3:

Night falls as the waves lap the rocks. The crescent moon hangs in the distance and little stars of light dot Deuryang Island as comfortable darkness blankets it.

Eric heads into his room to check out a book and Koongie starts mewing, prompting Eric to ask why. He puts the book down and carries Mong to the mirror nearby and watches their reflection as he cuddles the cat.

He lets the cat down and outside, KyunSang is counting the octopuses, one of whom keeps squirting water out. He and SeoJin find that odd and then they wonder whether octopuses eat crabs or crabs eat octopuses. Uhm, I think they eat each other and who gets eaten all depends on the animal’s size. In this case, I think the crabs will eat the small octopuses.


They introduce one octopus in to the aquarium with the fish and immediately see a streak of ink from it. HAHAHA, SeoJin asks if small octopuses release ink too and Na PD deadpans that they’re the same species as octopuses.

SeoJin: “Squids don’t spurt ink, though.” WHAT.

Eric comes out and KyunSang reports their catch for the day, which is 2 long-legged octopuses and 12 short-legged octopuses. Perfect!

Eric picks up the long-legged octopuses and immediately cleans it with water and flour and asks how he should do prepare it. SeoJin is seriously in favour of mincing it (for raw consumption).  He and KyunSang then rush to prepare the fire, to the backdrop of Goblin’s OST.

While chef continues to prepare dinner, KyunSang is asked to prepare the egg for garnish. Eric starts chopping the octopuses and builds into a beat, like in the famous cooking musical Nanta. Hahaha. If you watch cooking programmes, like K-Chef Battlefield, it’s a common habit among chefs, hee.

They season it with sesame seeds and oil and top it with a round yellow egg yolk. SeoJin’s all smiles as he prepares the food and Eric laughs to watch SeoJin eagerly mix it up. Pffft, SeoJin is like, “Nyamph” after taking his first bite and Eric is all for only doing line-fishing (and only catching octopuses). KyunSang loves how savoury it is.


They drink coffee and laugh into the night but then start to discuss about dinner because they haven’t made that yet. It may be dark, and they may be eating, but that’s just tea time. A really late tea time.

KyunSang and SeoJin watch intently as Eric shows them how to remove the beak from an octopus, both in “babo twins” mode. Then KyunSang is left to clean the octopuses while SeoJin watches. Pffft. SeoJin only moves for the vegetables and follows Erics requests for different produces from their garden, rushing here and there. He even walks around with a stalk of spring onion in one hand and a bowl of water in another, washing the spring onion like that, ha.

Eric’s knife skills are getting better by the day and he’s comfortable chopping things up efficiently and quickly now. Ooooh! Once he’s done with the vegetables, he moves on to make the sauces, bold  and confident in his movements.

KyunSang delivers Samgyeopsal to him and does all sorts of odd-jobs while SeoJin watches before volunteering to help, wow.

Eric portions the octopuses and the other two guys come over to check it out, since they have nothing to do. KyunSang checks out the soup and then sees Eric sneaking a piece of  raw octopus leg to eat. Pfft, so he gets one himself and gives SeoJin another piece. They note that it’s more delicious this way though.

SeoJin must be really bored because he pulls out his fly swatter and starts smacking around the kitchen. They start cleaning beansprouts, ha, and in his boredom, Chef Eric remembers the last time he totally failed the Gyeranjjim (steamed egg) and  tasks KyunSang with making that, joking that since he (Eric) had failed it the last time, KyunSang shouldn’t feel burdened, heh. They have so many eggs left anyway. And SeoJin has to add, “even if you are successful, doesn’t it mean that you’ve surpassed JeongHyeok?” Pffft. Grumpypants and his food.


KyunSang begins his eggy challenge and Eric comments at the side about what he should do in the event of strong, middling and weak heat. SeoJin notes that all they have is extra strong and strong heat, as we pan to the fires from hell, ha.

KyunSang has his earthen pot of egg ready and he prepares for the challenge, putting the pot on the fire. He stirs and stirs and stirs the eggs… but he stirs too much because they don’t puff up and Eric freezes. Hahaha.

But the egg’s not the main dish for dinner and Eric starts frying the octopus-stirfry. KyunSang gets to try playing chef again as the seasoning of the soup is left to him. He gives SeoJin a try and they Chef and Sous Chef stand side by side as they taste-try their respective dishes, Eric on the octopus-stirfry and KyunSang on the soup.

Dinner, IS SERVED!


Red, smoking octopus stir-fried with various vegetables and red chilli pepper is set centre stage, flanked by bowls of soup and KyunSang’s egg. They don’t stop eating the octopus stir-fry, with SeoJin wondering how many people in South Korea get to catch and eat it like them. They don’t say anything about the taste and Na PD demands to know whether it’s delicious or not. KyunSang just smiles that now, even saying anything doesn’t mean a thing, hahaha. He’s hung up on how savoury/nutty the octopuses are and Eric confirms again that Samgyupsal can’t be left out of the dish.

They try the Gyeran-jjim and note that it tastes exactly like the ones at the restaurants. KyunSang’s puzzled by why it doesn’t fluff up though and I’m gonna tell you now that it’s because you’re supposed to boil the broth then add the mixed eggs into it, not cook them both together.

Nyam nyam nyam nyam they go, torturing me. Eesh.

KyunSang grills a piece of laver to add to his rice and octopus stir-fry mix. KyunSang knows how to eat! Add some sesame oil into that mixture and you’re set for life. Even Na PD is preparing for his portion as he washes a single spoon, HAHAHAHA.

Pffft, KyunSang declares that his bibim-rice is delicious while Na PD stands by on watch, a cheeky, waiting grin on his face. KyunSang knows what that means and relents. He sends his bowlful of bibim-rice out to them and gets a clean bowl in return, HA.

Eric watches and makes fried rice with all the ingredients KyunSang just used and a little more of a secret sauce. The moment he declares that it’s done, KyunSang tries a spoonful and he starts smiling all over the place. He calls it the very best dish of the day and SeoJin’s little smile agrees. The audio director runs in just then and Na PD sends him off with the entire pan, HAHAHAH.

Time to decide what’s for tomorrow and Eric laughs, “it’s said to be oysters”.

KyunSang says that they’ll have to go out at 6.30am for the oysters.

While the other guys laugh outside, Koong is inside stretching so that it can have long legs like a supermodel. Daddy comes in just then and picks out a snack for his kitty-babies since he’d heard them meow and mew.


Now recharged, Koong starts exploring the place… for more food. His cries go unheard as Uncle Eric ignores them in favour of his phone. So Mong wreaks havoc on the bookcase then runs away.

Eric and KyunSang set the alarm for tomorrow and KyunSang asks what he’s going to do with Ericar (since the plan was for him to go oyster-harvesting alone) but Eric says that he’s going too. Aw.

KyunSang tells Eric to rest, since it’ll be hard on him if he goes as he has to prepare breakfast too and Eric just mutters that there’s nothing to prepare in advance anyway.

KyunSang is super touched, since he’d planned to go and return himself and Eric just adds, “but I don’t know. I might end up just blacking out (and not going in the end).” HAHAHAH.

SeoJin comes in for their nightly meeting and he laughs as KyunSang rattles out his plans. KyunSang then plays with the alarm clock nearby and then lies down to sleep. Eric sets the alarm on his phone too and then it’s lights out.


Good night! Eric asks KyunSang to wake him up tomorrow, hahah, and the laughs die down as the night deepens while the fires from hell blaze outside.

Morning comes, but the sun hasn’t. It’s dark and cold outside and KyunSang sighs as he picks up his phone (ringing with an alarm). Then he goes right back to sleep. Hahaha. It takes two more alarms before both men get up to go get those oysters, Eric ignoring KyunSang’s orders to go back to sleep.

KyunSang comes out of his room to greet the staff and Eric one ups him by greeting a staff Happy Birthday before heading back in. Koongie wants to follow too, but his dad has him by the butt. He just runs out anyway and is carried back, hee.

Eric and KyunSang get their oyster harvesting gear and head out, with KyunSang (more like the staff) hoping to go see the sunrise. And then Na PD shows us all the times SeoJin NEVER woke up before the sun rose, heh.

Eric brings KyunSang to the beach, a place that’s teeming with oysters, waiting for them to come get them.

KyunSang is perplexed to see a flat beach, since he’d always thought that oysters lived on rocks. But all they had to do was step into the flats to pick up two and Eric immediately opens and eats one.

As the sun rises, KyunSang thwacks at one oyster, pounding at it like a hungry caveman. And he does it over and over, breaking so many and eating so many oysters right there. I thought those were for your breakfast?! Pffft, both men just keep digging, eating, poking, eating, opening, eating, pounding and basically eating their breakfast there.

Eric sees that the skies have brightened and asks when the sun will rise. Uhm, they’re on the wrong side of the island though and won’t be able to see the sun rise from there, so they pretend so see it in the distance. Heee.

But we get to see it, thanks to Na PD’s production team and it’s absolutely beautiful, colouring the skies red, orange, navy, azure, purple and finally, baby blue. The calm seas reflecting that spectacle only completes the picture.


The two men return to oyster harvesting and soon, they head back home. But there’s a surprise waiting for them – the chickens are out! There’s a hole in their coop and they’d popped out from there. Eric walks over, muttering that he’s going to eat all the chickens that are out and KyunSang guesses that dinner is Chicken Baeksu, ha.

They catch all the chickens and put them back in, before repairing the hole.

Meanwhile, Mongie is playing around in the room until Uncle Eric comes for a cuddle and for plays. Heehee, Eric wriggles his legs under the blanket and Mongie hops over, only for Uncle Eric to trap him in between his legs. They play catch like that, over and over and once he’s done recharging on cuteness for the day, Eric heads out to brutally rip chives from the garden.

Chef is back at work, preparing breakfast while KyunSang removes all the oysters from their shells. Whoo! I can’t stand it that I went to Korea during the summer. Should have gone in the winter. Pssh!

A staff notes that KyunSang always ends up being the one cleaning all the seafood and KyunSang jokes that he’s the Seafood Master.


The Master of Sleeping In, Lee SeoJin, finally makes his appearance and the first thing he says is, “you need rice, right.” So the Master of Rice goes to make rice. A flashback shows SeoJin commenting that he doesn’t like oysters though. Oh noes. But breakfast is all about the oyster.

Eric fries up some anchovies and tiny shrimps for side dishes and halfway through, he borrows KyunSang’s goggles. He wears it and finds the experience a revelation, heh.

They put the rice on to cook, along with the radishes and anchovies in water for Eric’s Oyster Rice Soup. SeoJin sits at the side, forlorn and totally not looking forward to breakfast, heh. Eric fingers a packet of fishcakes.

While Eric continues to prepare the vegetables, fry stuff and order KyunSang around, SeoJin peels the carrots and potatoes. Then he’s back to sitting around. When there’s cyborg-chef around (because Eric’s still wearing those goggles), all you gotta do is wait for food. Heh.

KyunSang the handyman helps Eric in washing the oysters in saltwater while Eric fries some fishcakes, probably for the oyster-hater. He then seasons his broth for the oyster soup and declares that it’s almost all done.

That’s SeoJin’s cue to set the table and those deep dimples appear again when KyunSang checks the rice and finds that they’re perfect. They’re not burnt at all.


KyunSang scoops and portions the Oyster Soup into earthen bowls so that Eric can send it over to boil over the fire again, using Na PD’s special clamp-tool. When the soup bubbles, he adds an egg into it and breakfast is done.

The three gather for breakfast and while KyunSang and Eric immediately eat theirs, SeoJin hesitates, nervous and unwilling. But he takes that first bite and he’s all, “Ahhoouu…aigooyah”. Hehehehe. “I don’t like oysters though,” he says while taking several more slurps of the soup, HA. It’s because the oysters are not fishy.

Eric eats his egg yolk in one piece while KyunSang adds rice to his soup and breaks the egg yolk to mix. Eric comments that though the oysters were delicious raw, now that they’re cooked, the sweetness just bursts out. Na PD notes that because it’s fresh and wild, the oysters are salty yet sweet. SeoJin asks if they originally sold Oyster Rice Soups like this and Na PD laughs, asking if he’s never eaten it before, and all SeoJin does is explain that it’s because he doesn’t like oysters.


They finish their breakfast, with Eric saying that of all the food, this Oyster Soup is the best he’ s eaten. KyunSang’s too busy scraping the bottom of his bowl to reply while SeoJin is all, “I ended up eating all the oysters that I didn’t eat the rice.”

The chickens poke yet another hole in their coop and one comes out to peck at the lettuce. Eric picks it up and checks it out, then says, “Hyung, do you like chicken feet.” Pwaahhaha.

After food, it’s time to rest and Daddy KyunSang gives his kitties kisses and rubs. Koongie even gets kisses from Uncle Eric.

While the two younger men sleep, SeoJin does the dishes to the tune of The Pussy Cat Doll’s “Don’t Cha”. Pfft, which one of you in the production team chose this background song? SeoJin: “Don’t do this!”

Eric snores through till it’s time to make lunch, which is so short a time later that SeoJin’s still washing the dishes, heh.

KyunSang goes to help Eric with lunch and is met with yet another free chicken. Eric calls it a puppy and they ignore it, heh. Now that he’s experienced, KyunSang moves fast and efficiently. SeoJin starts asking for different things for their packed lunch and since Eric’s got to make the Avocado Rice and KyunSang’s gotta make the Deonjang, Eric charges SeoJin with preparing the side dishes.

Sous chef KyunSang is surprised that his Doenjang tastes delicious but all Head Chef Eric barks back are orders. Eric removes the avocado from its skin and its stone and he and KyunSang are amazed at how buttery it is. Are there no avocadoes in Korea?

SeoJin complains that they don’t have Kimchi and scrapes the bottom of their Kimchi container for spring onions.

KyunSang begins frying an egg, but the heavens don’t help and cry right then. At least it’s just a sniffle. I think.

SeoJin helps with the Doenjang while Eric sends KyunSang on never-ending errands, giving more and more complicated and lengthy instructions each time. In the end, SeoJin just bursts into laughter and offers to prepare their lunchboxes himself, never forgetting to use a huge box just for KyunSang. I love this running gag.


They layer the packed rice with a fried egg each, slices of avocado, laver and top it off with a huge spoonful of roe and sesame oil. Old school lunchboxes are done!

They pour their Deonjang into the flask without spilling a single drip and SeoJin packs their basket with all the food they’ll ever need for lunch, complete with mandarins for dessert.

Eric checks his fishing gear and then walks through the kitchen to see chopped onions soaking in water. He’d forgotten to put them in the rice, ha.

They pack up to go fishing on Ericar, with Eric determined to get that porgy this time. Even KyunSang and SeoJin are excited for it.

They reach the jetty and SeoJin takes over driving, sending them out into the deep blue sea on SeoJinnie-ho. They go round the island, with SeoJin demanding to know where to anchor the boat and Eric replying, “close by”. Pffft.

They land on the rocks, the place that gifted them their seafood-party a few episodes back and this time after so much nagging about (hitting) the rocks from other experienced seafarers, Captain SeoJin parks his boat neatly, barely bumping into the rocks this time. It’s so good that KyunSang comments.


They perch on the rocks and throw their lines out, full of confidence at getting a porgy. Almost immediately, Eric feels a pull, but it’s just his line getting stuck. Their confidence level goes down. KyunSang encourages them, certain that there’s definitely something, though they get nothing for so long that they forget all about the fish and just decide to eat lunch then, right there on the rocks.

SeoJin has a little problem with the side dishes, not knowing where to put them and he attempts to put them on the incline of their picnic basket. Eric just tells him to put it on the ground. Pffft. Why are you so cute today, SeoJinnie?

They pour Eric’s sauce over the rice and mix it in (with a little difficulty because of how full their boxes are)  but the moment they get to eat it, they become silent and there’s no other sound other and of them chewing and swallowing the delicious food.

SeoJin says that food is usually more delicious outside (and so people usually eat more when they’re out) and suddenly, they’re interrogating KyunSang on how much he can eat. He says that he can eat 5 hamburgers or an entire large pizza, including crust plus a spaghetti. Eric can eat 9 hamburgers  and 2 pans of pizzas and so was known as the Food Master in school and SeoJin brags about how fast he can eat and they get amazed when he says that he can eat an entire slice of bread in a minute.

The sun can’t be seen through the clouds in the purple skies and SeoJin suddenly remembers that they have the Deonjang soup that they’d all forgotten about. They take it out and are startled by how hot it is but the contrast in temperature compared to their cold rice makes it perfect. KyunSang just drinks it like makgeolli and SeoJin peels a mandarin for them.

They move on to talk about Christmas food and while SeoJin and Eric talk about Roast Beef and Ham, Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing, 100% pure untainted Korean man KyunSang just blinks.

Their lines out at sea don’t move at all though.




Next Week!

They prepare for Christmas with Santa Koong and Lion Mong, and make their very last meal for Three Meals a Day in Deukryang Island. Noooooo!!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Deukryang-do Ep 10

  1. haha I love your recap! so fun. This episode is also funny with them joking around a lot! I’m surprised Seojin doesn’t like oyster consider he likes the raw squids.. but texture wise, they’re very different.

    “while SeoJin and Eric talk about Roast Beef and Ham, Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing, 100% pure untainted Korean man KyunSang just blinks” ~~ haha should we expect this feast the next day?! 🙂


  2. oh so fast! thanks for recap ^^
    So still have 2 episodes~ ahh don’t want it to end~~
    Kyunsang was supposed to go oyster harvesting on his own! & Eric decided to join him! wah~ so sweet of him to do so .. “but I don’t know. I might end up just blacking out (and not going in the end).” hahahaha
    felt petty for them when they woke up so early in the morning~ ah totally feel you~
    Eric & the chicken, & those mouthwatering lunchboxes! Seojin-Kyunsang, you’re soo freakin’ lucky to taste Eric’s cooking! 😛
    please, make season 2 for the trio ~~


    1. The recaps are usually very early or very late, haha. I really wonder if Eric’s cooking is really THAT good though. But I guess I shouldn’t question when even Sir Grumpypants declares without prompting that it is indeed good!


  3. I will miss all of them. I think the three of them really considerate person. Did you see how uncomfortable Seo Jin when he doesn’t has anything to do? Yes we lost his grumpiness this season, but I’m glad we found the new site of him. Perhaps, delicious food is his weakness lol. I love how simple they’re but very warm.


  4. That header picture looks delicious. Too bad it’s almost over, I’ll miss them!

    BTW I made that sujebi. I used rice flour instead of regular flour which I didn’t know if it would work but it turned out great. I’ve watched tons of cooking shows but this is the first thing I’ve been inspired to make, so thanks for the recipe!


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