1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 154

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 154: Flower Boys Winter Camp

New filming, new day, new season. Winter is closing in and our guys walk across a wood and mud bridge in parkas. The waters are clean and the air is fresh.

Welcome to Muju Namdaecheon Supdari, a bridge that was designated by CNN as one of the 50 most beautiful places in Korea. The area is so clean that fireflies flit around naturally, giving rise to the Muju Firefly Festival held in June, showcasing the joys and sorrows of Koreans through the recreation of processions, folk music, traditional wedding and funerals.

“And this is where Park HyungShik-shi should fall into the water…” goes DongGu. Hahaha. They know already of the three male leads of upcoming drama Hwarang appearing as guests on 1 Night 2 Days through news reports.

JunHo complains that it’s no fun (that the guesting was spoiled) and TaeHyun says that it doesn’t matter if the news was leaked. Guy-guests alone are no fun. Hee.


Defconn names the two females characters in Hwarang – Seo YeJi and Go Ara – and hope that they come. Just like their minds were read, a procession walks down the bridge from behind them and all the guys light up in expectation. Will it be Go Ara or Seo YeJi? They even go forwards to help the guys carrying the palanquin. But who are those people in black behind TaeHyun?

Park HyungSik,  Park SeoJoon and SHINEE’s MinHo creeping up, hahaha.

TaeHyun notifies the rest of the guys, and in flashback, we’re shown that this was all Yoo PD’s plan. The guys were brought there by the 1 Night 2 Days bus and had hid amongst the staff, with MinHo having the time of his life.

If the three guests are there, then who’s in the palanquin? They lift up the covers and see Go Ara’s… PICTURE. Hahahaha! The guys groan, then totally ignore their guests in favour of keeping all the Go Ara pictures for themselves, pfft.


JunHo pretends to be super happy about the guests and then apologises for not being any more happier, blaming the spoiler-reports for it. TaeHyun calls him out on his bluff because he knows him too well – “Don’t lie. If they came without your knowledge, you’d have been even more unhappy.” LOL.

And JunHo’s reply is, “then what do we do now? Do we fight?”

JunHo even thinks that he has some possibility of winning and MinHo just asks if they’re for real. Hahaha.

Yoo PD announces that the theme of the week is “Flower Boys Winter Camp” and TaeHyun mutters that it feels like DongGu’s friends have come. They push him to stand with the three Hwarang leads and that makes Team Hwarang  and Team Hwasang (Burn). Pfft.

Yoo PD calls for the clothes to come in and suddenly, the 1 Night 2 Days boys’ smiles melt to see covered racks.

Ha, the clothes are revealed to be parkas with beautiful ahjumma-flower-prints and the Flower Men are a little stunned. Meanwhile, TaeHyun is all, “Oh Daebak!” and JunHo joins him in fawning over the clothes. HAHAHAHAH! If it’s not the crazy llama suits they wore to and in Harbin, they’re happy with it.

The Hwarang leads get into their costumes, totally baffled, pfft, and once they’re done, Yoo PD agrees that they’re Flower Men, recognized as such no matter what. Then he says that our members are Flower Boys too, and show us pictures of their younger, suave days. Pfft, they show a minion for Defconn’s and they don’t even bother with DongGu’s because he’s still a Flower Boy in the present.

Yoo PD knows that they’re all Flower Men but wants to know who’s the best Flower Man among them, pfft. They’re given sketchbooks and markers and are told rank how handsome they think they are with respect to the other Flower Men and the Hwasang Team fuss among themselves.

MinHo reveals what he thinks his own standing is – 3 – and all the others groan. He explains that he thinks HyungShik is 2nd while SeoJoon is 1st. DongGu is fourth and though normally TaeHyun would be next, he thinks JongMin’s in 5th place. JongMin gets super excited, ha.


SeoJoon thinks that he’s in 4th place and they demand to know who’s in last place for him, or as JunHo puts it, “who do you think is the most disgustingly ugly?” HAHAHA. His silence points to Defconn. HyunShik asks why they’re all so modest and reveals that he’d written 1. He thinks he’s the handsomest. Heh. JunHo’s 5th place for him.

DongGu thinks that he’s in 5th place with TaeHyun as number 4 for him. Yoo PD asks DongGu who’s in last place for him and he smirks in Defconn’s direction. Pwahaha, the cast demand to know what they’re doing because this is so meaningless. Nevertheless, they continue and JunHo says he’s 5th in place, with Defconn in first place and JongMin in second. Park SeoJoon’s last in place for him.

TaeHyun thinks that he’s third place and first place is MinHo, followed by DongGu and then himself. The others are just behind him and he points to JongMin as last in place. JongMin does this hilarious shiver of, “what the hell?”

Defconn thinks that he ranks 6th, according to his conscience, out of 8 places, and behind him are JongMin and Park SeoJoon, because he can’t stand to see his clothes. JongMin thinks that taking his image out, TaeHyun’s ranked lower than him and he reveals his personal standing to be 4th place. 1st is MinHo for him, followed by HyungShik, then DongGu. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA, poor SeoJoon! TaeHyun drags him over to HwaSang as JongMin labels SeoJoon as 5th and TaeHyun as 6th.


Then it’s down to JunHo and Defconn and he calls them “both ugly but differently ugly”. What the hell are you talking about, seriously!

Anyways, Yoo PD makes them stand according to the rank that they’ve decided for themselves and since there are two 4th places (SeoJoon and JongMin), Yoo PD tells them to decide who’s the better one between the two and JongMin confidently thinks that he can fight it out if it’s with SeoJoon because (according to him) if it’s just based on faces/looks, he’s definitely not worse.

Yoo PD puts it to a vote and the others all vote JongMin as the better looking one. Now, SeoJoon has to fight it out with the other 5th ranked. Ha.

“1 Night 2 Days is a very interesting variety,” SeoJoon deadpans. Poor guy.

Then he loses 5th place to DongGu and now has to fight with Defconn and wonders if this is a hidden camera. They joke about SeoJoon ranking lower than Defconn and make Defconn remove his glasses for a bit, to which the others groan and DongGu calls cute.

And they do vote SeoJoon as less handsome than Defconn and then later, than JunHo too, hahaha! At least JunHo tried to console him by saying that this is a variety. But the poor actor! Welcome to variety Park SeoJoon! And we’re shown JongMin forgoing his vote in deciding who’s more handsome, pfft.

The lowest ranked SeoJoon is given a huge flower to wear as “proof of specialness” and asked to clap the slate. Pwaahahah, seems like this experience on variety is not gonna be a happy one for him.

They order him around and then they really get into the trip with Yoo PD showing them the planned activities for the day, which contain quite a lot of game of chances (bok-bul-bok). There’s even a game of chance for getting off (work).

First activity of the day is rope jumping, to remove the other activities! They’ll stand in a line and, starting from the one right in front, remove their upper clothe and turn around before the next is line does the same. Ooof, that’s not an easy game.  But the fun part is where Yoo PD tells them that they’ll have to remove their clothes for every time they want to attempt another round (in order to remove the activities they’ll have to do). Oh, this I LIKE!


MinHo asks how many rounds they’re allowed. As many clothes as they have, he’s told, and JunHo comments that if they’re willing to take off their pants too, they can go up to 9 rounds. Oh, this I DON’T like!

Hahahaha, SeoJoon is the only one super into it and even does a few practise chicken-jumps on his own. Then Yoo PD tells them that they’re not allowed any practice rounds.

They start their first try and three guys successfully jump into the turning rope… before DongGu comes in to mess it up, HA!!!! They all start to remove their clothes before their next round, with DongGu pulling JunHo’s pants down for him without so much as a warning, LOL.  Everyone’s happy to lose some clothes, except for HyungShik who’s worn too little. In their next round, they all successfully skip in… but someone messes it up.

“Who is it? Who is it?!” JongMin shouts, while the rope rests on his shoulder. HAHAHAHA.

But a flashback shows that it was MinHo who had tripped on the line.


They take off their clothes with JunHo teasing that he’s still got many layers left. HyungShik is already in his thermal wear. Haha. Then JunHo, the one who only had to turn the tope, loses his strength and loses the rhythm, making them trip over the rope.

SeoJoon throws his shoes away while TaeHyun pulls his jeans off. HAHAHAHAH.

Next round, DongGu’s loses it for them while failing to remove his undershirt. The socks go off. Uhmm…. Kim JunHo what are you doing with your belt? Take off your socks. Your socks! Not your jeans! Nobody wants to see your bulge through your thermal underpants! NO!

Pfft, they end up tying a jacket around his hips because no, JunHo, this is NOT what we wanted!

In the next round, DongGu’s last in line and JongMin’s already resorted to removing his shirt. DongGu pulls his shirt off… but immediately, the rope gets caught on his flying leg and he falls flat on his back. AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!! But at least he’d removed his shirt and so Yoo PD declares it a success and they take the Get Off Work Game of Chance away.

They go for another round and are successful again. And another activity is pulled off. So JunHo is fired up on confidence and calls for them to go again, go until they lose all their clothes! All!

They go again, with Defconn throwing his pants away, pfffftttt, and the other men are already shirtless save for the one they’ll have to take off during the rope skipping. They rip off their clothes and turn round, one by one, with nary a problem at all. Although, someone does scream, “why are we doing this?” and got a “don’t know!” in return, haha. And nekkid men roar as the rope turns… and get caught on MinHo’s head thanks to JunHo the rope turner. Eish.

In the end, they only get 2 activities crossed out (because no one wants to see undies and because this is a KBS show), and while the guys put their clothes back on, they have very guy-ish conversations that require the “beep” “beep” censors.

It’s already hard from the start, SeoJoon sighs and when they’re all (over)dressed, Yoo PD makes them do a chant, the one he demands every trip.

What the hell is that chant, that you need two fans per member each?

Yoo PD explains his complicated chant and accidentally uses the term “mak-eol”, literally meaning last-face, and makes SeoJoon laugh and the others protest against the word usage.

Pfft, he’s making them do a fan dance, with SeoJoon in the centre and highlight. And SeoJoon looks like he’s in a mental hospital as Yoo PD makes him say, “Flower Boys Winter Camp, Let’s Go” at the end. I love this chant the most out of all the ones Yoo PD has made.

HAHHAHAHA, the other guys leave while SeoJoon turns rounds himself and has to be called away.

They load up on the bus, the extra middle seat being employed this this.

“Eight men, cham,” goes JunHo. Eight men, wow.

The bus zooms down the road as they talk about food and the games.


The road is long and the distance far. JunHo starts drifting off to sleep and Defconn prepares the obligatory cap of water. He gives it to HyungShik to do the honour but the kid can’t muster the courage to do it. So SeoJoon flicks the cap and JunHo mutters, “I was thinking of them”, when Defconn scolds him for sleeping when there are guests.

They arrive at a ski resort and get on the cable car to the top.

SeoJoon sits with Defconn, who asks if he eats well, since they’re on the topic of Lunch Game of Chance. He can’t when he’s really hungry though, and JunHo suddenly lets out a fart. PFFFT. Poor SeoJoon who’s sitting right beside him. And they’re in a closed cable car too, hee!

JongMin comes out of his cable car noting that it’s chilly while SeoJoon mutters that it’s too cold. But the moment they step into the veranda and see the snow-topped trees below them, they forget all about the cold and gather for a photo and some humming. They’re at Deokyoosan.

Then they celebrate to hear that their games won’t be played there. Because it’s just really too cold. According to SeoJoon, mountains are for seeing (only).

They head down to warmer lands and their Lunch Game of Chance is Throwing Your Shoe Far.

Well, it’s a choice between their shoe or lunch for them. Hahahaha, they shown to a flat that drops off to a steep decline afterwards. They’re ranked according to how far they can throw their shoes and JongMin, imagining that his show is SeungGi, comes in first place. Defconn, who’s wrapped both shoes in plastic bags, pffft, comes in 5th place. And he runs to them the moment they land, hahahah. I love that the chart has his name as “peu-con”.

They’re allowed to choose between 4 different menus and the first two, JongMin and JunHo, choose the Chef’s course. The next two choose Asia’s Representatives and the next two choose the Hometown Meal, even though they’re allowed to choose their own menus individually. SeoJoon laughs that for some reason, the third meal, the Hometown meal, feels like it’s going to be the worst.


They head off to the gondolas and Yoo PD tells them that their meals are in there and they only have until the time they reach the other station for lunch, which is about 15 minutes. HAHAHAHA, last two in place, TaeHyun and MinHo rejoice, because there’s no way there’s a chef in there.

In any case, DongGu and HyungShik enter their gondola and find their packed meals. SeoJoon and Defconn get into their car and see an actual chef in JunHo and JongMin’s car. Hehe. Will the two actually get to eat anything within the 15 minutes? Because I don’t see a single plate of food there.

HyungShik and DongGu find the ingredients for Vietnamese Rice Rolls in their car, which they have to make according to the sample in front of them before they can eat. That’s so complicated. But that beats SeoJoon and Defconn’s marsh snails. Heh, after a few, SeoJoon gives up.

In JongMin’s car, he and JunHo get their menus and are told by the chef that appetizer is a prawn (with all those fancy decorations), followed by smoked salmon, a huge lobster for main course and chocolate cake for dessert. Just how long have they spent just reading the menu already?


Pffft, I don’t know if he was purposely told to be as slow as a snail, but the chef takes forever just decorating one plate with different sauces like he’s painting, HAHAHHA, while the two basically look on nervously because they have no time. “Hurry please. Ppali-ppali.” And though they can see the other station in the distance, all they’ve got on their plate are dots. Hee.

JongMin: “If you could be faster, it’d be nice.”

When they’re finally allowed to eat, JongMin finishes it in seconds while JunHo tells him to eat slowly, like they’re “in a restaurant”.

In the end, JunHo just hopes to get to eat the lobster.

TaeHyun and MinHo giggle to see their humble but proper meal, complete with soup and seasoned laver, side dishes and rice.


In HyungShik’s car, DongGu has resorted to just slapping the rice paper on top of the vegetables and just grabbing it up to eat like a wrap. In Defconn’s car, their VJ spits out the marsh snail they’d fed him and JunHo and JongMin are still waiting for their salmon.

They finish it off in seconds and the moment their chef pulls out a monster lobster with claws as big as JunHo’s face, they rip into it, but that’s when they reach their station, hurr. They demand for food from Yoo PD and refuse to give up their claws when Yoo PD calls for them.



Next Week!

Poor SeoJoon screams for mommy because 1 Night 2 Days is just too hard.


7 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 154

  1. Thanks for the super fast recap. Hope the subtitles comes fast too.. must be so tough to film in winter. Cold and hungry is the worst combination! Flower boys including Donggu (first time for him too) must be suffering like crazy hahaha


    1. The subs aren’t actually that slow. I used to wait a week for KBSworld to sub it.

      Oh right, winter filming. Good luck DongGu-ya. Now that you’ve suffered through one of the hottest summers, it’s time to enjoy winter!


  2. I just learned that your site is linked to koreanvarietyrecaps site. Are you also the writer of that other site because the writing style is different? aheeee.


    1. Oh no. We’re two totally different people. The link is just a collaboration that KVR proposed and went ahead with. I agreed to the link exchange so from this coming recap onwards, I’ll be linking to KoreanVarietyRecaps too!
      Anyways, welcome here!


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