Oh My GeumBi Ep 3

Throw whatever you want at this Munchkin, but beware, because she’s not gonna go down without a fight.

Oh My GeumBi Episode 3:

Paramedics rush the pair through the halls of the hospital, but while HwiCheol remains unconscious, GeumBi has opened her eyes. And so, later while he sleeps, she cries like he’s about to die, ha.

He wakes up soon enough, complaining about her dramatic reaction and display obvious daddy-daughter traits by being stoic and bickering instead. HwiCheol annoys her so much that she immediately shakes him, to the alarm of a nearby nurse, since he’s got both a concussion and a sprained neck. HAHAHA.

He growls and GeumBi meekly says that he shouldn’t be getting angry now and to his mortification, in walks KangHee, because as GeumBi puts it, “I can’t possibly call those conmen.” HEE.

HwiCheol has a meeting with GeumBi’s paediatrician, who’s checked her out and found that her spleen and liver are bigger than normal. He actually becomes concerned when the paediatrician tells him that there’s a possibility of GeumBi having leukaemia, and so agrees readily when the doctor suggests a biopsy. He can’t sign the agreement form without snarking about GeumBi having a big liver being no surprise though (in Korean, it’s an expression that means that one has a lot of courage).


He might have allowed the biopsy, but GeumBi is adamant at not having it, running all over the place, away from the nurses, and eventually locking herself in a toilet. She only comes out thanks to KangHee’s coaxing and though she rejects KangHee’s offer to live together, KangHee finally gets her to admit that she doesn’t dislike the suggestion.

Now that she knows what GeumBi wants, KangHee goes to persuade HwiCheol into living with her, though he gives her a hard time on that. She demands that he look at her, since he hasn’t ever since JaeJoon came round to her house, but he just mutters that he doesn’t look at ugly women.

She demands to know why he drew an ugly woman, then, revealing that she saw his drawing of her. Anyway, this guy has a stubborn streak a mile long and walks off, complaining that he’d never called her ugly.

That afternoon, he meets with GilHo, revealing his plans to run away, certain that GeumBi is safe in the hands of KangHee. GilHo attempts to insist that he stays with KangHee but no way.


So that night, he creeps out of his room, only to be caught by GeumBi. Haha. She not there to stop him from running away though. She even offers to be his lookout as he runs away and promises that she won’t tell the judges that he abandoned her, since that’ll throw him back in jail.

She runs to watch the stairs, and his conscience pricks him. He asks what she’ll do if he runs away and she returns that an orphanage doesn’t sound so bad. After all, while he was unconscious, she had prayed that as long as he wakes up, she’ll go to an orphanage.

He looks at her, a little defeated and asks her if she goes to church. No. Does she go to a catholic church? No. A temple? No. Then he calls her prayers void because she doesn’t even have a religion (and therefore no god to promise to), HA.

She insists that he run away now, before he gets caught and embarrasses her, but HwiCheol gives in and mutters that they’re going to KangHee’s house tomorrow. She insists again that she’s not going, so all he says is that he’ll go alone then. Just like that, she totters happily by his side as they head back to bed, but not without teasing each other.

Both father and daughter are discharged and arrive at KangHee’s house, where KangHee introduces GeumBi to her own room, complete with a child’s bed. GeumBi notes the child-sized bed, but saves KangHee from the awkward by assuming that the bed was KangHee’s when she was young.

That night, all three of them watch the stars. GeumBi drifts off to sleep first and KangHee sighs that she’s really jealous of HwiCheol for having a daughter as adorable as GeumBi. Despite the fella’s disgruntlement and complains of the kid, KangHee sees right through him and tops off her teasing by whining about all the names he’d called her.


She needles him into looking at her, but he moans that he’s too guilty to do that – too guilty for having wasted his life. KangHee laughs and says that it’s fine, since he can make up for it from now on. That surprises him so much that he looks straight at her, which is when his concussion acts up and he has to go puke. She goes to pat his back, worried, but still manages to tease him, asking if he puked because she’s so ugly. Ha. Gurl with a grudge, this one.

The next day at school, GeumBi learns about how babies are made while HwiCheol cleans the house. He sees some markings on a pillar, marking the heights of a child named JunHee at different ages and later at the back, he finds a small, old, rusted, pink bicycle.

His fellow conmen call him out to meet at the playground to discuss about how they’re going to con KangHee again, and GilHo complains about giving up their identities just so they could give it another go. He tells HwiCheol that they’ve invested too much into this and asks them all to be “am-bi-tiou-seu”. Lol.

First up, he wants HwiCheol to switch out a peach-shaped porcelain artefact from KangHee’s house for a fake. HwiCheol reluctantly agrees to change it when he has a chance but impatient JaeKyung storms all the way to KangHee’s house to do the deed herself, ha.


Too bad for them that KangHee arrives home before they can leave and the two scramble to hide. HwiCheol nervously notes that KangHee’s home early and she asks if ugly women can’t skip work too. HAHA.

She notices that there’s something different about the fake peach artefact and she picks it up. Eeeps. Staring wistfully at it, she says that it was a gift from her father for her fifteenth’s birthday. HwiCheol guesses that she must have liked such things since she was young then, but KangHee admits that it was actually for someone else.

That makes HwiCheol bring up the child’s bicycle he’d seen while cleaning. KangHee knows what he means, though she refuses to explain, saying that though they’re closer now, they’re still not close enough to share their dark pasts. Just like how she won’t ask why he and GeumBi have different surnames.

She makes to leave, but HwiCheol stops her with the words that rather than leave the bicycle to rust, it would be better for her feelings to take it out to polish. But the hurt’s too deep and she just leaves without a word. Once she’s out of the room, JaeKyung sticks her hand right in front of HwiCheol, demanding for the artefact.

That evening, KangHee, GeumBi and HwiCheol go out for meat where GeumBi happily tells HwiCheol that she’d learnt all about how babies are made in school today. Haha. She wants to know how she was made, since it didn’t look like it only took hand-holding and forever-grumpy HwiCheol barks back that she was made “ugly”, ha. KangHee offers to teach her when they get back home, since all he says is that she’ll know when she becomes an adult.

GeumBi: “What if I don’t become an adult?”

A few tables behind, the prisoner from last episode, CHA CHI SOO (Lee JiHoon), watches the pretty picture, disgusted. At the same time, GilHo learns that the peach artefact HwiCheol had given them is a fake.


ChiSoo makes his appearance before HwiCheol the next morning, walking right past KangHee and GeumBi who are leaving for the day to HwiCheol’s horror. HwiCheol slams him against the wall, asking him if 15 years weren’t enough. No it’s not, and ChiSoo tells HwiCheol to wrap up his project with GilHo and hand it over to him. Who are you?

ChiSoo sees how nervous and scared HwiCheol is, a far cry from the guy he once knew, and though HwiCheol insists that he’s not afraid to die as usual, ChiSoo turns the tables and throws him to the ground. He throws GilHo’s phone at him before leaving. Hum.

GilHo’s the next one to throw HwiCheol, slamming him against a fence and scolding him for giving him a fake. HwiCheol’s surprisingly cold and aloof, simply returning him his phone. GilHo stammers now, knowing what it means and HwiCheol tells him to lay low, as will he.

While KangHee makes their meal, HwiCheol folds a paper frog. He sighs the moment he’s done and turns to look at KangHee, a frown on his face.

GeumBi comes along and HwiCheol gifts her the frog to her delight. He tells her that they can’t stay in KangHee’s house forever but worse, they can’t stay in his car alone since winter is arriving. He offers to find GeumBi’s aunt for her, and GeumBi leaves in a huff, saying that there’s no need.


Early next morning, HwiCheol leaves the house, taking all his belongings with him.

He’d polished the pink bicycle and left it out. KangHee sees it, forlorn, and though GeumBi was excited by it at first, her face falls soon as the meaning of it dawns and she runs to check HwiCheol’s room, only to find that he’s gone, along with all his other belongings.

GeumBi takes HwiCheol’s frog to school and is moody while she plays with it. She flips it off the table, and moves to retrieve it. Before she can though, SilLa steps on the frog and grinds it under her foot. She smugly apologises, saying that she didn’t see the frog, so GeumBi steps on her foot, saying that she didn’t see her leg. HA!

Next thing we know, both girls are roughed up and staring at each other in a waiting room. ShiLa’s mother charges in, shouting at GeumBi for touching her precious daughter and GeumBi refuses to apologise since it was her daughter who’d started it first. She glares at the woman and then calls the ajumma ugly, HAHAHAHAH!

ShilLa and mom leave in a huff, with the woman demanding to know where GeumBi leaves. JaeHa glumly greets the lady when he passes her and ShilLa gets a glint in her eye.

HwiCheol’s gone off to see one of his underground buddies, asking for a person to be found. He can’t pay the $500 deposit and won’t gamble for it, so the boss asks if he’s willing to take on another job instead.

A few days later, the boss calls him back, with details of GeumBi’s aunt. HwiCheol learns her name and even how she’s preparing to leave the country, and the boss refuses to give up the name of GeumBi’s biological mother without more money.

HwiCheol finds the aunt just as she’s about to leave. She barks at him that she did the best she could and when HwiCheol screams that it’s like bullshit given how GeumBi calls her “Aunt” instead of “Mom”, she sighs and explains that she did it just so there wouldn’t be complications if GeumBi’s biological mother came back and wanted her back.


HwiCheol doesn’t understand, because he was under the impression that GeumBi’s mother had died. When he finally gets it in his head, he yells to know why he’s the father. GeumBi’s aunt exasperatedly asks how he can’t even recognise his own blood and then asks if GeumBi hasn’t told him about herself. Uhm…

At GeumBi’s school, ShilLa’s mother kicks up a fuss once she’d learned that GeumBi doesn’t even live at the address she’d given the school, shrilling that she can’t send her child to this school. This school is not supposed to be a place for children in need, she says. Eeesh.

KangHee comes to GeumBi’s school to assure the teacher that she will continue taking care of GeumBi. Unfortunately, she’s not related to GeumBi in anyway, nor is she eligible as a foster parent since she’s unmarried.

GeumBi saw KangHee’s troubled expression and after school, GeumBi broods at the park where she’d spent the night with HwiCheol as ChiSoo watches her from the back.


The next day, she slumps over her table and mean girl ShilLa makes it a point to get up from her seat, walk all the way to GeumBi and announce that GeumBi’s going to an orphanage, since her father and aunt have both abandoned her and run away.

When she returns home, GeumBi slaps her brave-face on and tells KangHee that she’s okay with going to the orphanage. KangHee insists that she’s not sending GeumBi away, and GeumBi’s façade cracks as tears pool in her eyes.

The next day, KangHee sends GeumBi to school yet again, but the moment KangHee leaves, GeumBi turns and walks away from the gates.

HwiCheol is given his job to repay the underworld boss for his information on GeumBi’s Aunt. At the same time, GeumBi’s teacher notices GeumBi’s absence at school for the third day in a row.


GeumBi walks along a busy road, turning to wait under a bridge. She knew that ChiSoo had been tailing her and so when he appears, she turns to face him, warning him that she’ll scream. She asks if he’s going to lie that he’s her father’s friend and ChiSoo mutters that they were once friends, but not anymore. He tells GeumBi to tell her dad that he’s never gonna be able to run away, which is when the innocent dear screams, “once a friend, always a friend”. ChiSoo steps towards her, menacingly.

While HwiCheol makes his presence known to a group of conmen from whom he’s supposed to collect money, ChiSoo sits with GeumBi, having treated her to an ice cream. He says that he’s a bad man, but that her father is much worse.

He nods towards a couple of high school kids, telling GeumBi that they were friends since that age. He describes HwiCheol as a compulsive liar, lying to everyone and even himself. And then he’ll forget that he lied – he forgot that he’d ruined someone’s life.

He warns GeumBi that she’ll become like that if she keeps hanging around him and GeumBi throws her ice cream away, rejecting his portrayal. But all ChiSoo has to say is: “He’s someone who used to go around saying that he doesn’t care if he lived or died. Will someone like that raise you?”

Of all things, HwiCheol is there at the conmen’s place getting beaten up. He’s beaten up so bad that his mouth is full of blood and he even has a loose tooth. One of them almost hits him with a bat, but before he can, HwiCheol tells him to stop, since he’d just recorded them beating him up and is prepared to send them to jail for it. Smashing his phone right now does nothing either, since he’d sent the clip off somewhere else already – so either pay up or go to jail, lol.

At the welfare centre, the social worker gives KangHee a list of conditions that potential foster parents have to attain in order to be allowed as such, regretful that she’s unable to allow her to keep GeumBi, even if GeumBi’s willing and even if HwiCheol, GeumBi’s father, was the one who left her there.

Out of options, GeumBi packs her bags while KangHee puts in an urgent call to HwiCheol that goes ignored.

KangHee sits with GeumBi for their last meal together before her ride to the orphanage comes.  It’s a huge spread and GeumBi initially wonders how she’ll finish it. She picks her metal spoon up, saying that it’s heavy, to which KangHee gets up to get a child’s spoon for her.


Instead, GeumBi says that she likes the spoon, precisely because it’s heavy.

Back when she lived with her aunt, all they ever used were plastic disposable spoons (to make dishwashing easier, eesh) and all she ever ate was instant rice. Since the plastic spoon was so light, it was hard to scrape rice at the bottom of the container, but the heavy metal spoon and the ceramic bowl holding her rice – she clinks them together – they sound warm.

Their meal comes to an end and KangHee sends GeumBi out into the car that’s come for her. It leaves with the child and KangHee can’t hold back her tears anymore. HwiCheol runs up that moment, screaming for the car to stop but it’s gone too far, so he just stands and watches.

KangHee slaps him and tells him through her tears to GeumBi her back. So he takes off.

He runs through the streets, past people, past cars and even past policemen. But when the lights turn red, he catches up and finally sees GeumBi crying.

He opens the door, out of breath and GeumBi wails, demanding to know where he’d been and what took him so long. She hits him with her tiny fists, and then kicks him (HAHAHAHA, this girl), which sends him falling to the ground from the pain.

Almost panicking, GeumBi asks if he’s dying again (hahah!) and only now with his daughter worrying over him does HwiCheol then realise that GeumBi is his biological kid.





It’s been heart-warming seeing the two find their way to each other. There’s been hope but also a lot of disappointment. Before the accident, GeumBi couldn’t gauge HwiCheol at all and had to stick to him like glue in order not to get left behind. I’m pretty sure that after the accident, and after he’d thrown away that opportunity to abandon her, she had hope and he was going to stick by her, since after all like KangHee notes, no matter what nonsense he says, he ran into a truck just for her.

And then all of a sudden, this guy ups and leaves without a word and it hurts just to see GeumBi’s disappointment again. It hurts even more to see how she covers it all up just to try and put the adults at ease. A mature child usually is a cause for praise, but if a child is too mature, honestly, I get a little disturbed, because it means that he/she had to grow up too fast. Innocence and freedom to express oneself is, to me, generally a prerogative of children. After all, when else can you talk nonsense and just be forgiven with, “children say the darnest things”? After you pass that time, you’ve got to be more aware and that innocence gets tainted.

It’s clear that KangHee’s lost a child close to her and is now taking comfort in GeumBi. I don’t know what’s making her hurt so much, but it does look like it’s been festering for way too long. Maybe HwiCheol was right, when he said that the little bicycle should be taken out to polish instead of left to rust. Like the bike, things are usually much better when you talk about your hurt rather than bury it away, only to turn into debilitating guilt.

I’m not sure what’s up with Cha ChiSoo and why he’s so insistent on destroying HwiCheol. Just what did the guy do to “ruin a life”?


3 thoughts on “Oh My GeumBi Ep 3

  1. Wow! This kid is so heart wrenching. The terrible little things she’s going through are too much for a kid her age to handle. But Geum Bi is like an old lady disguised as a kid. It’s like she’s the only adult in the show and the rest are children. I love this kid.

    Thanks for the recap


    1. She IS way more mature than other kids her own age, even her own father. But there’s still innocence and naivety in her since she’s still just a child after all.


      1. Totally agree, i think she has no other choice except acting mature, that way she doesn’t get hurt too much.

        I can’t find ep 4


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