Three Meals a Day in Deukryang Island Ep 12

Three Meals a Day in KyunSang’s House; Fishing Village Edition 3:

Riding off towards Deukryang with the sun high in the sky. Riding away from Deukryang with the sun setting. Putting up canvases when it rained. Fishing on land. Fishing on SeoJinnie-ho. And eating, eating, and more eating. This is the last episode of Three Meals a Day in Deukryang Island.

SeoJin: “Just… Sincerity transcends anything.”

Three weeks after the last filming at Deukryang Island.

It’s someone’s house, someone who drapes the British flag over his sofa and fills his house with… ointment?? Hahaha. Welcome to Koong and Mong’s house! (Paid for by Daddy KyunSang.)

SeoJinnie’s first to arrive, coming with wine and a huge mop, pfft. SeoJin takes a look around the house and gapes when he sees two high-tech space-craft like things in the corner. Hurr, those are the cats’. Stuffed in every corner are the cats’ stuff, from high-tech self-sterilizing toilets, to cat towers and plain cat-beds.

SeoJin: “It’s not your house, huh. It’s their house.” Ha! Exactly my thoughts.


All three of them have currently taken over KyunSang’s bed and also, meet DdoMi! She’s a female tiger-cat while the other two are male bushy things. The cats get their 1 minute of fame and Mong-ie spends most of his playing with SeoJin. Pfft, Koong gets his 1 minute of fame too, though most of his is spent staring at, getting scared of and hitting a stuffed tiger, until it’s covered again, ha.

The two humans talk about Eric, who’d told KyunSang to prepare the ingredients before he came. KyunSang had thought of the different kinds of food that would have been good for their late-night gathering, and Captain SeoJin overrides them all with his overambitious menu – spaghetti.

A production staff asks if he’s not making things difficult but both men agree that pasta is easier to make than anything else. KyunSang pulls all the ingredients out from the kitchen drawers and then walks back out into the living room, saying that they just need one more thing – “JeongHyeok Hyung”. LOL.

Well, that’s true for EVERYTHING that they’ve been doing since the start – they needed him before they could start fishing. They needed him to drive Ericar. And they needed him to cook. Heh.


But instead of waiting like in the past, now, the ex-intern-now-Sous-Chef gets down to boiling pasta while SeoJin plays with Mong. Just then, the doorbell rings and KyunSang laughs to see Eric come through the doors.

KyunSang: “Hyung, I’m sorry, but there’s no time to rest.”

And head chef is dragged to the kitchen, heh.

SeoJin asks Eric how his concert went and Eric replies that he felt like he was going to die. HAHAHA. Ajae. But luckily for this Ajae, it ended right before he was about to die. Pfft.

Head Chef checks the ingredients in KyunSang’s kitchen and then rattles a whole list of dishes that he could make for them (Mussel Stew, Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Button Mushroom Soup) and SeoJin’s reaction is an immediate, “don’t do this…Yah, why are you like this? Don’t do (those)!” HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! Those 7 hours were a trauma.

But Eric notes that the pasta only needs another 5-10 minutes, resulting in SeoJin falling for the trap and suggesting potato salad. Haha! Eric laughs that even there (in Seoul, in KyunSang’s house), it’s potatoes. Hee.

KyunSang ends up being the one washing the potatoes himself and mutters that he doesn’t have a grater though. Flashback to Deukryang Island, where KyunSang had no idea what that was and had suggested shredding their potatoes with the stone grinder. Pfft.

Eric’s the one peeling and cutting the potatoes again. He’s the one giving them instructions and leading them in cooking again. Hurr, some things never change. And just like in Deukryang Island, chef works two dishes at once, with Sous Chef right beside him, following his every instruction.

It’s steak, mashed potatoes and spaghetti for (late-night) snacks! I hope you guys don’t get nightmares from eating so much.

They sit down to eat and hahaha, even now, KyunSang’s portions, plates and utensils are the biggest among them. The giant baby had also eaten all his meat the earliest (he’s no vegetarian) and SeoJin offers him his share.


KyunSang especially likes Eric’s mashed potatoes too and he shares that he did try some of their recipes at home. He tried making the stew SeoJin made too, to no avail, insisting that he’d added the gochujang and pacific saury too though. He had added (young) pumpkin too, and SeoJin adds that he’d added onions and potatoes to his. KyunSang wonders why his didn’t taste good and Na PD asks if he’d worked too hard for it. After all, the dish has to be made roughly, like Lee SeoJin, according to Na PD, hurr.

Eric notes that this is the last meal of the season and they spend the rest of the time enjoying it while the cats take over the house and the show. We’re also shown how they took over Deukryang.

They’d tottered round… a wall and had lazed around while the humans went off to work. They had jumped out the moment the humans came back and prodded for pats. While Mong was literally shitting, Eric had stared at him like he was the most beautiful thing on earth. Hee. Meanwhile, Koong prefers staking his place on the same bed where SeoJin sits.


The cats were there too when the humans were snacking and talking about them. SeoJin had noted that Koong-ie had looked bigger. KyunSang explained that when it gets cold, he grows more fur. But SeoJin notes that Mong-ie is smaller. (And Eric had said that Mong-ie looks like a baby.)

Cut to Mong easily hopping into a hole and Koong getting stuck in the same hole. It’s not all fluffiness, hee! So Na PD creates this clip of Koong going on a diet. The cat’s first action is to streeeeeetch and stretch. Diet Tip 2 is to hunt flies. Diet Tip 3 is to get out of the room… though whenever he does, he gets caught by Daddy and is subjected to cuddles. So Koong forgets his diet, ha. And I kind of love the background music that accompanies it, about “fatty” and “annoying calories”, pfft.

On the other hand, Mong-ie had been diligent in trying to catch the toy-mouse that Eric keeps dangling and swinging, be it with his hands or his foot. Later, Mong-ie one-ups that by getting the string tied to the mouse tangled around his tail. And so, commences Mong’s five stages of grief, most of which is spent with Mong-ie chasing his tail, over and over and over again. Pffft. I love this babo cat.


Time for Director’s extras and Na PD shows us how vegetables that were once plump, shiny and fresh had lain bare and dry on the grounds. All because of runaway chickens who had eaten them. Heh. We see again how the chickens had escaped, got captured, escaped again, and then how they ate EVERYTHING in the garden bare.

Talking about food-stealers, DoDo the cat (the one who stole the three guys’ meat in an earlier episode) has seen the chickens. Hee, he runs forwards to scare them, and they hide in the most conspicuous places ever, as Eric and KyunSang, who saw everything, comments. There’s one more spy too – it’s Koong, who had been staring at them all through a hole in the window from the safety of SeoJin’s room. Ha.

KyunSang had tried to help Koong make friends with DoDo, but the scaredy cat couldn’t even get close. Mong gets told to go in by SeoJin too, and he too gets a little shocked when he sees the commotion outside through the hole.


Back in the present, a staff asks them if there’s any interesting event that had actually happened but never got broadcasted (there’ll be a director’s cut (in preparation)and more unseen footages will be shared there) and KyunSang brings up the times right before they set off for the island. The awesome food, the shopping…

We’re shown to one instance (first filming) where SeoJin and Eric had arrived first… and how SeoJin had started eating by himself, exclaiming like an overexcited old uncle, without waiting for the others at all, hehehe. He probably didn’t believe that he’ll be getting good food on Deukryang Island. When Eric comes in, Na PD asks him to eat, though he keeps interrupting that by pointing to the food on the table and asking if Eric can make that.

Na PD sighs that the problem with the guys is that the one who knows how to cook and the one who knows how to fish is the same and only guy among them – Eric – and immediately, SeoJin barks indignantly that he can drive a boat, ha!

That’s when KyunSang finally arrives and when Eric asks if he’s eaten, KyunSang replies no. Eric: “Hyung, we should get up (to go) now.” Haha.


Before their next trip to Deukryang Island, KyunSang arrives for breakfast earliest. Hahaha. He laughs that it was fun… but after that he’d wondered a lot if he’s an idiot. Ha! The other two come with Na PD and Eric says that the first episode went well. It’d hit a rating of 12% and SeoJin’s just all, “it was fun?” while slurping his soup. Pfft, Na PD is pissed by his nonchalance.

Na PD says that it was good, though SeoJin thinks it’s bad news because ratings should only go up and 12% is too high to maintain. Na PD mutters that he could just work harder and the ratings will go up, and SeoJin immediately jokes that it seems like it’s not going to go up anymore. Hehehhe.

Rain pours and KyunSang says that the sound sends shivers down his spine, especially when he thinks of how he has to set the fire up. Veteran SeoJin asks if he’s only feeling that now and finishes it off with, “today… it’s the end.” And then announces immediately that dinner is Kimchi Fried Rice.

Na PD asks who decided that (SeoJin: “Me”) and then SeoJin says that they have to buy laver later. Na PD asks if he’s going to roast the laver and season it with soy sauce, but SeoJin’s like: “No, I don’t do that now. That’s what I do in JeongSeon. I have JeongHyeok now, why would I do that?” Pfft.

Detailed chef’s the one thinking of all sorts of things, and makes sure of the things that SeoJin likes. SeoJin gets carried away and asks for all kinds of dishes, making Na PD ask if this is a restaurant, haha. SeoJin shares that Eric was the one who sent him a text telling him to just inform him if there’s a dish that he’d like.  And Eric was the one who’d trapped himself into making the cumbersome Japchae.

The guys go shopping after that, buying and eating ice cream and watching the butcher chop their meat up.

After that, it’s time to show how SeoJin got his boating license.

The staff know how hard he studied for his license and are a little sorry that nothing got aired (to which SeoJin says, “it’s okay”, without any energy at all). Eric asks why they say that SeoJin had the best score and asks what the cut off mark is. He hears it and gets stunned, HA. What was the score??


Right at his very first meeting with Na PD for this season, SeoJin was given the boating exam book to study (containing 700 questions) and of course he immediately complains about how thick it is. But it’s definitely still manageable for the guy who, according to his own manager, never reads his scripts on site, nor does he look at the dialogues. It’s because SeoJin works to understand them. And then his manager (on the day of the exam) exposes SeoJin for not having studied at all and reveals how he’d prepared SeoJin’s schedule just in case he doesn’t pass.

As expected, SeoJin enters the car empty handed and when he asks what happens if he doesn’t pass, the staff just tell him that he can take the exam the next day. And the next day. And the next. Because the exam’s available every day, hah!

On the way to the exam hall, SeoJin gives excuses like “I had no time to study” and “I’d  only just read the book yesterday”.

Ha, at least the guy gets intimidated by the other students at the centre and gets down to reading the manual. The production staff tests him and he gets the quiz correct.

SeoJin’s called for his test and a few minutes later, he comes out smiling with the officer congratulating him. He’d passed, with a grand score of 66. (The passing score is 60.) Seo-genius.


Pffft, everyone teases him for getting the best score and a few days later on a very hot day, SeoJin heads off for his first boat driving lesson. He picks out a life jacket while waiting for his turn, and when he finally gets to sit in the driver’s seat, he drives like a pro… and pull the camera back to show that the instructor’s essentially the one turning the wheel. But there’s nothing Seo-genius can’t do and a few minutes later, he’s winding round obstacles like he’s an old hand at it.

Two days later, he takes his test and passes. What the hell.

He goes off complaining that he studied too hard for it and continues walking off, expecting more and complaining more.

Back in the present, they talk about Deukryang being “deuk-ryang”, basically about how the island is so abundant in food supplies. SeoJin retorts that if they’d caught too much it would have been bad too, and KyunSang shares how Eric had once said that no matter where they go to get razor clams, or how, the clams are always there. Eric asks if KyunSang is dissing him. Ha.

KyunSang reminisces about all the seafood they had there and Eric’s the most interested in the web-foot octopus. We’re given a recap of all the seafood they’d caught at Deaukryang Island, along with all the excitement that came with each catch or find. Sashimi was made.

Back then, SeoJin had offered left over sashimi to the production staff, volunteering KyunSang to make wraps for them. One by one the guys come over for their mouthful until finally, SeoJin jokingly asks, “we don’t have a PD right?”

Captions: “There’s Na (me).”

Na PD creeps to a seat somewhere beside the furnace and unabashedly asks for three pieces of raw fish in his wrap. Then the moment he eats that, SeoJin notes that they have another 5 more people in their team (who hasn’t eaten the sashimi yet). SeoJin: “Is there anyone who doesn’t like sashimi?” *crickets* HAHHAHAHA!


In the present, they’re asked what their favourite dish throughout the series was and KyunSang replies that he has two, one of which was the clam soup. SeoJin: “When did we have that?” Pfft.

KyunSang explains that he had eaten clam soups before, but this one was just inexplicably delicious. Lee SeoJin still can’t remember. That’s because when they were having that, only Eric and KyunSang stayed behind to finish it all. SeoJin was off doing… something.

KyunSang’s other dish was the Dalkgalbi that they’d made last episode. SeoJin was there for that one. In an earlier dinner, KyunSang had shared that he likes all sorts of meat, but of them all, he likes chicken the best.

For Eric, his unchanging number 1 is the raw fish and rice lunch they had on SeoJinnie-ho in episode 1, because for him, where he eats is more important. KyunSang remembers that as the place where Eric kept pulling up starfishes. Eric: “Are you dissing me?” Heh. But it was really a pretty place to eat, out in the sea with the sun hanging low.

KyunSang had asked SeoJin the best dish was for him during one of their dinners and SeoJin had replied: Clam Seaweed Soup. That makes sense, since the guy loves Vongole – so much so that he eats from the pan.


The staff ask the three guys what question they’re asked the most after the broadcasts and it’s: “honestly, was there really nothing that wasn’t delicious?” And KyunSang had asked back, “do you not know SeoJin?” HAHHAHAHAHA, he was my gauge too!

SeoJin explains that he does have a certain standard that he expects. But since Eric keeps exceeding his expectations, there was no way he could ever not say that his cooking was delicious.

Eric says that he originally liked heavily seasoned food, but thanks to them, he started adjusting and made the dishes milder and more plain-tasting.

We get a review of Eric making their sauces and how KyunSang helps him, through every painstakingly detailed instruction. And after that is a recap of Eric cooking.

KyunSang is asked if he’s ever heard of the term Yoon-Kyun-Sang-expansion-criminals, aka, the criminals who make Kyunsang put on weight. Hahahaha. KyunSang points to Eric as the one who provides food and then to SeoJin as the one who feeds him. He wonders if he should go be a food fighter and we see again how KyunSang’s bowl/plate is always… uniquely big.

Na PD brings up how none of their alcohol-fuelled nightly talks were aired at all and they grow quiet. Pffft, Na PD says that in order for their programme to be broadcast-able, they had to cut them out. Hurr… Eric says that they really worked hard not to make it that way… but somehow, they just always go too deep into the discussion.

Eric throws SeoJin under the bus by saying that no matter what topic it is, SeoJin has the ability to turn it unair-able. SeoJin gives a wry smile and then adds, “There’ll be a day when those will be allowed to be broadcasted. That’s called freedom of the media.”

The whole room goes quiet and Na PD laughs at that nonsense talk. PPPFFFFFTTTT… HOW BAD WAS IT, I WANNA KNOW.


So we’re shown a little bit of what happens when they’re fuelled up on alcohol and the first thing we hear is SeoJin say that originally, alcohol (gatherings) couldn’t be shown on TV and then followed by, “but (this)’ll be shown anyway. There’s nothing much (to it).” KyunSang laughs that there’ll be a whole show just for their behind (the scenes) and Eric finishes it with, “100% not air-able”.

The first unair-able topic is… Am I the only one aching? Topic 2 is: If Mong fought with a crab, who would win? Pfft. KyunSang immediately replies, “the crab”. Then Topic 3 is whether the programme meshes well with Lee SeoJin. Lee SeoJin: “Doesn’t mesh”. And you’ve been here for 3 years already…

KyunSang’s concern is that there’s a dark spot on his foot and Eric guesses that those parts got tanned through the holes of his shoes. Lol. Then they all check their foot out.

Their next topic is about how they’re 8 years apart from each other and then how their birthdays are in the first, second and third month. After that, they learn how to cook from books. What…

But don’t be disappointed! Because this is how SeoJin turns a book into something naughty – he says that there are comic books for adults and then he continues in that direction while the production beeps everything out and leave us with footage of Eric cringing so bad, from the hairs on his head to the tips of his toes. HAHHAHAHA.


Even after that, they don’t go to sleep and the one remote-controlled camera in their room points to shoot at SeoJin. After that, it moves side to side, gesturing for SeoJin to remove the plastic bag in it’s way. SeoJin just slaps the bag into the lens, ha! And then later, when the camera manages to shake the bag away, SeoJin picks it up and wraps the bag around the camera, HAHAHAHHAAH! Finally, Koong comes to sit right before it, pfft.

We’re shown how they’d spent their “Christmas Night”, with new toys for Mong and a head massage for Eric. They go off to sleep then and in the present, the three guys are asked one last question: They’ve spent some time on Three Meals a Day, so how did they feel?

Eric found it fun and interesting. The thing he had most regret over was the porgy, that he’d caught but couldn’t keep.  KyunSang’s regret is that he couldn’t make a cat tower (on the island) and spend time leisurely with the other two men. Even though they’d only made three meals a day, they were very busy.

Eric admits that he never thought that it’ll be like that, and SeoJin the veteran calls this a crazy programme, hee.

It’s SeoJin’s turn and he just retorts, “didn’t I do that earlier?” This guy, will be the squishiest, happiest dad when his child is young but will be so damn frustratingly closed when the child’s older.

The production tried asking, in hopes that he’ll say something nice in the presence of his juniors and SeoJin relents with, “I’m looking to the next season.” After all, no matter what, the sea is the best in summer.


Finally, we get to hear what SeoJin said, which was barbecuing on the beach, walking with the kids when it’s sunset and having picnics with them. “It’ll be unbelievably great!”

Captions: Captain SeoJin’s grand vision: Three Meals a Day Summer Edition… with friends.

What does “with friends” mean??” More than two?

Already, SeoJin’s imagining swimming in the sea and Na PD orders him to make six-packs. SeoJin jokes that six-packs are nothing. Just say it and he’ll make 10. Everyone else bursts into loud laughter.

Na PD gives them their last presents for the season, and KyunSang’s are his bucket and other used items. Pfft. Eric asks for Ericar but gets a book of recipes authored by Baek JongWon (which he already has) and a fishing-game instead.

SeoJinnie… KyunSang guesses that he got a grater, but nope, it’s something even better – a whole set to make Kimbap. HAHAHHAA. SeoJin tosses something aside carelessly, pfft.


But alone, SeoJin says that Eric cooked well, while KyunSang (he has to be prompted), because he’s strong, does work well. “That’s it.” Hurr. Seo-genie, the one who never says much when giving praises.

KyunSang gets his interview too and he admits that he wants to go back to Deukryang Island already. Just going there to make and eat food, play with the other hyungs and drink then sleep… that was great.

According to Eric, though he can’t sleep well at home, over there, right after he says “Goodnight” to KyunSang, he sleeps. It’s amazing. That’s why sometimes, when he’s at home, he tries to trick himself into thinking that he’s at Deukryang Island… but it doesn’t work very well.

Back over at Deukryang Island, the rooms are clean and the guys are not there. Neither are Koong and Mong. It’s so peaceful… it’s the end of Fishing Village Season 3. See you next time!

Last episode for the last day of the year. Phew! Made it in time!


8 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day in Deukryang Island Ep 12

  1. Thank you for the recaps 3MAD every weeks for the past 3 month.. It help us a lot before the sub video is out.. Thank you thank you and thank you.. And happy new years 😊


  2. This is the first season I watch 3 MAD. I wanna ask, whicj Seo Jin’s partner you like the most? I think he’ll back again to someone he feels comfortable with in summer.


  3. haha the person who wish/wonder why they don’t show the night chats is ME! lol and now we know why it didn’t get aired XD

    Love their chemistry of these 3. They can comfortably taking jab at each other without stepping out of bound. Seojinnie got more screen time this season and he’s much more active this season too. Kyunsang has improve heaps from when he started. Bring back the stonegrinder for shredding potato is hila! E-chef, I can’t wait what you cook if you’re back for another season. He’s quite witty with his remarks too.

    Rating wise, it was good overall. The rating for the Director’s cut is higher than I expected compared to some previous seasons

    Thanks again for the quality recap.


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