1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 156

1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 156: Befitting One’s Age Special

Good bye 2016, hello 2017! But! Before we really let it go, let’s rewind back to the highlight of 2016 for all KBS variety shows: The KBS Entertainment Awards.

In the waiting room for 1 Night 2 Days, the cast has taken a little detour from their usual shenanigans – instead of doing ugly things in pretty places, they’re sitting pretty and spiffed up in a plain ol’ waiting room.

DongGu asks JongMin if he’s nervous, the guy who’s sitting straight and proper like a $1 frozen pop, who replies, “I guess it shows that I am.” DongGu sighs that it would be REALLY great if JongMin got the award, though the guy himself doesn’t even wish for it, especially when he saw the other nominees.

Even Entertainment-veteran Kim Sook (wearing her Unnies’ stage costume) doesn’t think that the Daesang is out of reach for JongMin as she comes in congratulating him (early) for it, HA.  JunHo’s there agreeing with his best friend’s every word and Sook asks if JongMin has prepared his speech already. JongMin wonders what he should do, though of course, when prompted, he admits that he’s thought about it. Pfft, JunHo gives him ridiculous tips, like hugging TaeHyun and then looking like he’s about to cry when his name is called.


TaeHyun joins them and asks JunHo what he’ll do if they call his name instead. JunHo seriously says that he’ll go up to the stage, rip his bowtie off and demand that they give JongMin the award or else he’ll go naked. Uh….!!!!!

Sook: “Really? If JunHo got it, it would be good.” HAHHAHAHAHA!

Sook knows JunHo the best and her remark has him trying to take back his words. She even teases that he should go write his resignation letter of blackmail now and JunHo can only gape. He goes still for a moment and then collapses laughing, scared of the 1% chance that they’ll really call his name and so secure his own downfall when he’s supposed to get the greatest honour. Plus, he’s not about to forgo that prestigious award! Heeee. That’s why you should watch what you say.

But when TaeHyun checks if he’ll really accept the award, JunHo demurs and insists that JongMin should get it. They press him, asking him if he’s prepared an acceptance speech, and JunHo breaks, pfft, then he talks about how ridiculous it is to nominate two people in the same programme for that honour.


The time for the award ceremony comes closer and closer and they all dither while JongMin can’t help smiling. The ceremony starts and we see DongGu get his Best Variety Rookie award (And crying as he gives his speech) and our princess Writer Jung SunYoung get her TV writer award, which she shares with our other writers. 1 Night 2 Days winning the Best Variety Chosen By Viewers Award with 39.1% is shown too, the award that they’ve gotten two years in a row. The guys are all satisfied with it and Yoo PD gets to stand on the stage too.

The time for the Daesang to be given comes, and everyone holds their breath. The moment JongMin’s name is called, the entire hall erupts in roars and everyone congratulates JongMin even while he looks like this is all a dream. Yoo JaeSuk reaches out to him like a dad and when he’s on stage, ShinJi runs up with flowers. I love their friendship. JongMin’s entire award speech is shown, along with clips from 1 Night 2 Days and he basically thanks everyone he’s worked with and even calls out to JoonYoung.  He wishes every one happiness and when it’s over, he steps off the stage, only to be pounced on by TaeHyun, there to give him a bear hug. The other 1 Night 2 Days people throw him into the air and they end 2016 on a high with a photo together.

Time for a fresh new start and a new trip… starting at 7 AM! The guys climb up some steps to a pavilion, and are awed by the huge waves rushing towards them below. They shout and gasp like excited little boys, until they’re reminded that that’s the sea and what it means and they turn back, complaining that it’s cold. DongGu notes that the episode would air in 2017 and JunHo goes, “Wooaaaaahhh… 2017 is cold!!!” LOL.

JongMin adds that their average ages have gone up and Defconn jokingly asks how many more days they have and JunHo’s like “this the era of 100-year-long lifespans”. Pfft, they’re really toughing it out there, since the wind is coming at them like a starved animal towards food. Yoo PD brings up JongMin’s Daesang and, hehe, they make fun of JunHo, who’s tearing up (because of the strong wind, not because he lost out on the Daesang).


Yoo PD tells JongMin to thank the viewers through a video and JongMin keeps it simple and short at first before succumbing to his babo-ness and saying, “I hope you all will always live long in your house.” Lol, the wind rips you down to your bare self. But that’s not enough for the other guys and they start snatching JongMin’s hat, which leads to taking off his outerwear, and then even his thermal wear, insisting that he should greet the viewers properly while TaeHyun screams in laughter by the side. Pfft, JongMin braves through it all and gives us all a hurried deep bow.

Now that it’s over, Yoo PD tells them that the first sunrise for 2017 can be seen from where they are and though the time for the sunrise has passed, they still don’t see the tell-tale yellow yolk. DongGu tells them to CG it and TaeHyun complains that they CG too much. HAHA. How many years has it been already?

Regardless, Yoo PD tells them to look out and make their wishes, which JunHo does animatedly. They return after making their wishes and DongGu admits that his wish was to be funny for once. Aw. JunHo exposes JongMin for wishing a few million in lottery prize money, lol, while his was the very usual – I hope for 1 Night 2 Days to have good ratings, and the members to have good health, etc, etc.


DongGu’s new year message to Defconn, who’d once shared that he (decided that he) doesn’t have to date, is to please meet someone. Really.

JunHo dedicates his message to JoonYoung (because he’s not there, pfft), with tears in his eyes (still because of the wind, though he says it’s because of JoonYoung). He knows that JoonYoung had a tough time last year and promises that his spot beside him will always be there. As if the heavens heard him, the morning sun peeks out from behind the clouds right then and they run over to look at it again, singing the Korean National Anthem too, lol.

Once they’re done playing around, the production gives them questionnaires to complete and Defconn scoffs when he sees the last question: What must you have when on Everest. HAHHAHAHAHHA!

They relocate indoors after they’re done and sit before a huge black cloth. Yoo PD tells them that once 2017 comes round, they’ll be in their 4th year of Season 3 and so… to celebrate that, they’ll have to build a domino. In the pattern printed out for them, with the 1 Night 2 Days logo. And that’s their Game of Chance for Lunch. TaeHyun says that he has a trauma with dominoes.

In their first attempt, Yoo PD gives them 5 minutes to build their dominoes and they strategize, with TaeHyun showing how SuJin (his youngest kid) would have just whacked everything awry, haha.

The whistle is blown and the guys start stacking their dominoes, talking as they do. Suddenly, Defconn accidentally pushes one, setting off a chain reaction. Ooops! But at least it’s only connected to a few and the damage is contained. Then he hits another one. Hahaha.

They’re close to the end, and they all tell each other that they can’t hit anything now. And then Defconn proceeds to hit something. Oops. Soon after, the whistle is blown again and the guys argue for 10, no, 15 minutes.


But unbeknownst to them, they’d been watched, intently by a lady behind a screen. She says that they seem like teenaged kids. HAHAHAHA. Lady, I think the entire nation knows that.

To tell the truth, the dominoes were not the main event. It’s just an excuse to see and analyse their personalities and it all started while they were still at the pavilion, hee. The guys continue on for their next attempt and JunHo complains about the dominoes in his pocket, with JongMin asking why he’s acting like they’re (gambling) chips. JunHo shows off his childishness and then… when they’re so, soooooo close to the end, JongMin sets part of it off. Their tempers start to show and JongMin gets hit repeatedly by a tray. JunHo asks JongMin if he’d like to trade places. Because JunHo feels bad about showing his butt off to the staff from where he is, HAHA.

Their third attempt fails because JongMin took too long to put his dominoes in place too and, pffft, even the psychologist behind the screen gets taken aback when they start stuffing dominoes in his back pocket as revenge. Then TaeHyun pours an entire bowl of dominoes over him and Defconn lies on the ground and whines like a 4 year old.


They’re down to their last chance and this time, JunHo’s the one who makes a mistake, one that makes his face go beet-red. Finally, they finish their task and set off the dominoes in relish. JunHo wishes that TaeHyun’s movies do well, wishes that DongGu does well with his dramas… and then has to be prompted when he comes to JongMin. Music. JongMin does music, Kim JunHo, even though it doesn’t seem that way, hah.

The personality tests come to an end and the psychologist checks their questionnaires too. Did I just see an “8 years old” on her screen? Pfft.

Yoo PD comes clean to them that the dominoes don’t determine their lunch. Instead, it was just an excuse to test their mental ages. HAHAHA. Everyone’s thrown off but DongGu’s face takes the cake. They all guess that their mental ages range in the twenties, with only Defconn thinking that his is aroung 17-18. JunHo thinks his is 24, pfffttt, and JongMin says that he hears that he’s very mature a lot.

They agree to treat each other according to their mental ages instead of their physical ages and the psychologist is invited in.

She passes their result boards to them but they cover the results up.

JunHo is asked to reveal his first and his mental age is… 35. That’s a 6 year difference between his real age and his mental age. Hahaha, he attempts to lift the rabbit name tag with his mental age off the page but TaeHyun complains that he’s ruining the bunny ears and takes it off to clip it on JunHo’s jacket instead. JunHo reads his comments page, something that indicates that he has the tendency to act like a child. Haha. The guys agree, with one of them adding that JunHo’s the one who likes taking his clothes off the most.

The psychologist admits that when she first saw him, she thought that he’d belonged in the teens range, pfft, but his final age was decided after she saw him push the dominoes out like gambling chips. HA.


TaeHyun’s next and his is 38. TaeHyun immediately manhandles JunHo. HAHAH! TaeHyun’s  report is basically mostly positive, except for the part where it states that he’s one to have a lot of thoughts. It’s spot on, and so is her assessment that he’s a problem solver and one who manages his temper well. TaeHyun credits that to SuChan being ridiculous, heh.

JunHo demands to know why his mental age is lower and it’s because he overreacted a lot more.

Defconn’s next to reveal his mental age and it’s 25. He acts childish, likes to brag, overreact, be a cry baby… like he never matured. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! What is this?! JunHo asks if she’s trying to kill Defconn, haha.

The psychologist adds that when Defconn gets nervous, he becomes all of the above to cover it up. He thinks a lot of what other people think and JunHo interrupts to say that this year, Defconn won’t be a Worrying Pig anymore. He’ll be a Concerned Pig.

JongMin’s 21, HAHAHHAHA! JongMin screams that it doesn’t make sense, while DongGu reads out his report: He really lacks consciousness about other people and his ability to introspect is still insufficient. He reacts easily and overreacts a lot. Seems like an adolescent. HAHAHHA!


The psychologist says that he seems like a good-natured person and TaeHyun agrees that he’s just always excited. She adds that he seems like he himself doesn’t know for sure what’s there to be happy about and JongMin agrees that sometimes, he doesn’t know what’s going on but he suddenly  just feels good. Hee. JunHo asks if it means he doesn’t have a brain, pfft.

They check DongGu’s mental age and his is 42. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! He’s the oldest among them and the one who can boss them all. His comments are basically about how mature he is, though in the end, it writes that he has a tendency to get stressed.

The psychologist calls him a precious child, but one who holds in a lot. Childish JunHo’s resolution for the year is to push DongGu forward for everything first and even-more-childish JongMin agrees wholeheartedly. What are they going to push him for? Things like making him strip first. HA!

So to recap, DongGu’s the oldest at 42, followed by TaeHyun at 28, then JunHo at 35 (if not for those chips…), Defconn at 25 and finally, maknae JongMin at 21.


Defconn tries to play with JunHo, only to be rebuffed because he’s both mentally and physically younger. Eldest Hyung calls them all off for lunch, which makes them happy, though when Yoo PD calls someone back to clap the slate, DongGu comes running. DongGu yah, that’s a job for the youngest and JongMin pushes him out of the way.

They arrive outside again and DongGu’s the one most excited, mental age be damned. JunHo does a hilarious video of himself and then the waves come greet them with a big splash.

They end up at the fish market and sit in a room that has a view of the big waves outside.

Yoo PD introduces them to the many delicacies available for lunch… though they won’t get all of them. JunHo asks what they have to do for lunch, reminding them that they did say that they’d give them lunch. He doesn’t care which way they start from, youngest to eldest or vice versa, since he’s right in the centre anyway. But in Confucian Korea, Mat-Hyung DongGu gets first dibs. The same spread will basically be offered to them, but one at a time. It’ll go down the line according to their mental ages and DongGu gasps when he sees the spread laid out for his picking.

Maknae JongMin reminds the eldest that there’s him, though DongGu’s not even sure that there’ll be anything left for second-youngest Defconn. Pfft. Covered by a board in order not to show them what he’s picking, DongGu fills his plate and bowl with food. Then he takes another bowl. HAHHA!

TaeHyun’s up next and jokes that there’s nothing left for him. Hey, hey, hey, I think half the plate of raw fish is gone! DongGu doesn’t stand on ceremony at all and starts gobbling everything.

The eldest 2 are not the problem at all, because the latter 2’s worries all lie with “third-born” YAPS. And he’s on a different scale, not bothering to scoop portions out into plates at all, just taking entire dishes. HAHAHHAHAHA, Defconn doesn’t go easy on poor JongMin either, taking EVERYTHING expect for one small scoop of rice, the vegetables and the sauces. Poor maknae, hahahah!  JongMin screams at Defconn and then when Defconn isn’t sure of a certain dish (not to his taste), JongMin asks him to decide quickly and send it over. Hehe, JongMin gets that and basically falls in love with it.


The elder ones wax poetic about the soup, while the younger ones watch on in jealousy, not having been able to taste that. JunHo downs the bowl of soup before sending the remainders off to Defconn. Eldest DongGu sees the misery the younger ones are in and prepares some leftovers for them, as do TaeHyun. But when it gets to JunHo… HAHA. JongMin finally gets his leftovers and digs into them excitedly, exactly just like how the psychologist said.

After lunch is the game to decide who has to be the first sacrifice for the annual dip in the sea.

Yoo PD tells them that the youngests will have to be It, but it doesn’t automatically mean JongMin and Defconn. Just like in several episodes ago, special costumes with removable bits are introduced, with the words “5 years” on the torso, “3 years” on each arm and thigh and “10 years” on the back. The guys will be strapped to ropes pulled back by the staff and their job is to rush towards the ink in the centre between them and then attack each other with the black ink. With every “age” touched, the paper the age is on will be ripped off, while the age-numbers themselves will be added to the mental ages that the “attackers” were assigned. Additional years will be added for each smack to the face or hair pulled. HAHAHHAHA!

TaeHyun and JunHo go up first, with JongMin screaming, “NOO!!” Lol, what has this got to do with you? TaeHyun’s the first to reach the ink and empties it of all its content. He runs towards JunHo, though he doesn’t achieve anything except get ink on JunHo’s hands. So now JunHo can attack back, ha.

JunHo charges forwards… then falls and wriggles back, hahahah, but it’s no use and TaeHyun goes in for the kill, removing a total of 10 years just from his torso. Welcome JunHo’s nipples and one-pack, 2017. TaeHyun gets a sleeve and 3 years ripped from him.

The game starts again and JunHo leaps… only to be pulled back, HA! JunHo gets his sleeves and 6 years taken away from him while TaeHyun suffers a loss to the stomach.

There’s one minute left and TaeHyun starts smacking JunHo in the face. JunHo lets him get two in, just so he could attack TaeHyun’s torso, other sleeve and thigh. Both of them get hit in the back and the final results are TaeHyun with 70 years and JunHo with 59 years.


Defconn and JongMin are next, which ends up with both rolling around and JongMin crashing into a camera. OH NO, Defconn accidentally delivers a strong slap to JongMin’s face that sends him falling and Defconn gets on his knees to beg for forgiveness. In the next round, the two manage to hug it out and JongMin suddenly becomes very old.

Hahaha, they run towards each other, but are interrupted when Defconn’s belt-strap (attached to the string) releases itself and goes flying. And then again. And once more, in which the strap flies smack into the staff holding the string and down the fella goes. They continue hitting each other, over and over and over again, and when JongMin stains Defconn’s precious hat, Defconn starts painting JongMin. JongMin returns the favour and they hit each other until their faces go black.

Since their faces are all black, it’s impossible to tell how many strokes there are and so International Referee declares that they’re invalid. HAHAHAHHA! The only ones valid are those on paper!

“21-year-old” JongMin ends up a 60 year old and “25-year-old” Defconn ended up a 59 year old, just like JunHo.

Eldest DongGu plays with JunHo, since Defconn gives up his chance to possibly win more ages, agreeing to just go wash the ink off in the sea. Haha. JunHo was tempted by the chance to increase his age, though with every point that DongGu gains, JunHo’s age will be reduced by just as much.

The two of them go at it, with DongGu like an Olympic sportsman and JunHo like an Ajae. But soon, DongGu falls, and JunHo takes that chance to go in for the kill. He smacks DongGu all over and then screams when he grabs a fistful of DongGu’s hair. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!

He has to be pushed back and he cackles as TaeHyun counts all 7 of DongGu’s hair that he’s pulled. The fights get intense (and in the middle, JunHo runs away, haha), with DongGu delivering the first smack to the face in this competition.


Finally, the games come to an end and Eldest Hyung DongGu ends up even older at 76 years. On the other hand, JunHo started off with 59, and with -3-3-5+3-3+5+5+3+10+3-5-3-4-10+7-1-2+3, his final age is… 59. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

JunHo goes to check the scoreboard when Defconn comes to collect him, JunHo searches for the hidden cameras instead, because this has got to be a trick. Heh.

It’s time for the traditional dip in the sea and the two men (Defconn and JunHo) bravely head into the waters. They practise their greetings, looking like the cool Grim Reaper and Goblin from the drama The Lonely Goblin (according to the captions), and when they do it for real, the waves come crashing into them, completely enveloping them with all the love of the blue sea. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And finally, JunHo gets filmed as he washes up, someone persistently rubbing off the fog that keeps forming on the lens


Next Week!

Time to go fishing!!



And pictures of our writers! Because it wasn’t shown last week.



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13 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 156

  1. Thank you for the recap. I have yet to watch the subbed one(only highlights)but this sounds like a really fun and hilarious episode. You can judge by tae hyun’s cacklings. And Donggu is getting less naive and a bit more YAPS now(look at the way he gleefully pile up his plate). But the old nice (& competative) kid is still there somewhere, just hidden a bit.. wonder when JJY will come back.. hope that episode will be as crazy as this one.


    1. Yeah, well, the recap came out like only 6 hrs after the end of the show, so of course there weren’t subs. I actually think that after Running Man ends next month, the subs will be faster, since VIU does both.

      JoonYoung is coming back soon, but through music first, so we’ll still have to wait.


  2. Thanks for the recap! I always visit your site first and honestly, I don’t even mind the spoiler since I can hardly wait for the subs. After I read your recap, I will anticipate the episode even more. Lol! I can’t thank you enough for religiously doing this recap every week (and really quick at that).. My new year wish for you is I hope you will stay helathy so that you can publish the recap quickly every week. LOL. On a site note, I burst out laughing when the director reveals Junho’s final age. That expression though!! ROFL..


  3. Thanks always for the recap. Btw, do you have a Naver acct? 1N2D uploaded a new video on Naver and I was assuming it’s the cut that didn’t make it this episode. Because they shot this epi a day before the awards night so I was thinking it might be “what if he lost” clip aheeee.


    1. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Just checked their facebook and they confessed that they recorded this ep on 23 Dec while the awards were on the 24th. I haven’t seen the clip yet but I’ll update on this when I have time.


  4. Actually, i don’t enjoy hair-pulling so much. Cus i worry that they will go bald… what with all the dyeing that they already have… :p


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