1 Night 2 Days Extra Clip w/ JongMin

1 Night 2 Days Extra Clip; Season 3 Episode 156

So… for those not in the know, the Act Your Age/ Befitting One’s Age Special was shot just a day before the Entertainment Awards. That means that the speech of gratitude that JongMin gave was even before he even received his reward. HAHAHAHAH. Here’s a behind the scenes of that:

So on 23 December 2016, the guys stand before biting wind, hearing Yoo PD tell them that as they know, that episode will air immediately soon after the awards ceremony and so, they’re going to film two versions of JongMin’s greetings. Haaa.

They start off with JongMin not being able to get the Daesang and JongMin’s all: “Hello. I didn’t get it.” Defconn calls him “Kim Tal-lak (Kim Eliminated/Fail)” and JongMin repeats that, making the others laugh. JunHo takes that as cue for JongMin to strip, to change the sad atmosphere through gags, haha.

But JongMin brushes him off and promises the audiences that he’ll asks the viewers [Pwahahahaha!] to work a little harder

JongMin: “Last year, where was I lacking @#!??? I did so well though!” and Defconn laughs that he’s become pissy, HAHAHAHHA! He’s really pissed.

But JongMin ends it off well by assuring the viewers that he’ll work harder and thanks them. And part 2 is when he’d received the award, which you’ve all seen.

Defconn knew he could do it, since he’s been nothing but a Babo for 10 years on TV, and TaeHyun interrupts to say that there’s this thing called the Daesang Curse, which means that everyone who gets the Daesang gets into some kind of misfortune afterwards (UH….) and he points to the crashing waves outside. PLEASE LET THAT BE THE END OF THE CURSE!

Defconn is certain that nothing will happen to JongMin, since it’s not like he has a Main MC position to lose or anything, HAHAHAH. Instead of well-wishes in the new year, these guys just shoot their mouths and tell it as it is.

JongMin jokes that because this is the best experience in his life, nothing else (good or bad) will arise after that.

Yoo PD notes that JunHo’s crying (due to the wind) and JongMin laughs that it’s been a week already. Pwahahaha, what kind of bullshit. He hasn’t even gotten the award yet.

Like shown on the official episode, TaeHyun jokes that it’s because JunHo’s indignant at losing the award to a Babo. And again as shown, JongMin greets the viewers as Mr Kim Daesang and lets his Babo-ness slip through as he hopes that they’ll be happy in their homes for a long, long time. Pwahaha.

The captions write that though he’s a little lacking, but because of all your (the viewers’) love and care, our Shinba has achieved it!

Happy 2017!



[Well DAMN, 2017 ain’t playin’ right now!

Gutaeng has a girlfriend! (Yeah, well, it was announced in December but I’ll always be 1 step behind, hur hur.)

Kim Joo Hyuk And Lee Yoo Young Confirmed To Be Dating Despite 17-Year Age Gap


4 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days Extra Clip w/ JongMin

  1. You’re the best. 😍

    Thank you for faithfully translating these extras, and for the weekly 1N2D recaps. It’s arduous, I’m sure, and I appreciate all the work and time you put into them.

    I catch the Chinese-subbed episodes after midnight, and look to your recaps afterwards to help me better understand the eps.

    This program is very dear to my heart—it’s seen me through a lot—and I love that I can read a recap of each episode, which enriches the viewing experience.

    Hope you’re having a good start to the new year! 👆🏻🌌✌🏻🌅


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