New Journey to the West S3 Ep 1

New Journey To The West Season 3 Episode 1:

New Journey! New Recap! HAHAHA. I haven’t even finished season 2’s… Whatever. They say that you should live life looking forward and not back, so I’m taking that advice. Hee.

Anyway! Time for SuGeun’s fake-Cantonese-full-of-rubbish-Korean, where he tells us that the universe’s Mysterious Power has found a new love in Peculiar Power and they’d given birth to two sons, one who’s “always sorry” and the other one who’s “fearful”. And because both parents are working adults, they dump their new “sons” on our foursome who have to go run to China because Mysterious Power has dropped his Dragon Balls again.

JiWon: “We have to go look for it again? Ahh, just till when do we have to keep looking for it?!”

Welcome to season 3, where a goblin with green hair walks around as SuGeun pulls his pants down in public. On the bus they’re taking, there’s a Monkey taking selfies of himself. Don’t ask. You know this is a Na PD production.


Rewind to an hour earlier at Ilsan, where Mino meets newlywed JaeHyun (is he still considered a newlywed?) by the bus, his hair poofy like a poodle’s. HA. He says that he went to a salon just for this filming.

They see KyuHyun coming by and JaeHyun sighs that KyuHyun’s concerts are no joke. Why? Because he’s so over the top cheesy. Pwaha. He concedes that KyuHyun’s fans would like it, and Mino laughs that he’s heard that KyuHyun sings his songs nowadays. Na PD pipes up that people call KyuHyun “KyuWhy” nowadays while a clip of KyuHyun rapping plays over. Hahaha. I don’t follow KyuHyun’s activities, but I’m guessing the ballad singer isn’t very good at the… upbeat genres.

JiWon boards the bus too and greets everyone, announcing that he’d just met KyuHyun yesterday. KyuHyun says (by himself, without prompting, ha) that he assisted JiWon really well at Radio Star, where everyone was cornering the 1 Gen. Idol. JiWon busts him by muttering that KyuHyun’s really great at slandering people. HAHHAHA! GOOD! I LOVE THIS!

The younger two start speaking in young people speak and the old idol demands to know why Mino speaks like that. Then the older idol asks Mino if he burnt his hair. The old people just don’t get fashion these days.


The bus ends up outside the shooting studio for Knowing Brothers, but instead of HoDong and SuGeun boarding, it’s fellow Super Junior member HeeChul who comes. He jokes that he’s the new member and leads the conversation like this is a 2001 variety. Ha. He blames it all on working with the real Variety Dinosaur Kang HoDong.

He wonders how KyuHyun got the job and KyuHyun sighs that SM must have pulled strings for this, not confident in his own abilities at all. Aw. But break time is over and HeeChul gets off, which is when HoDong and SuGeun come running, dragging their suitcases behind them. HoDong does a series of VERY OLD Variety Gestures, pfft, and asks the guys why they’re sitting in the bus instead of getting out. It’s because it’s winter. It’s because it’s cold. The bus is nice and warm.

With all members on board, the bus heads off to Incheon. It’s only now that the guys think to ask of where they’re going at all (hahahaha, being with Na PD must do this to you) and Na PD replies that this time, they’re going to GuiLin, the place with the best mountains and lakes in the world (according to Chinese people). Those mountains and rivers are even on the back of the 20 yuan bills.

Once more, in true Na PD fashion, we’re treated to a picturesque bird’s eye view of that gorgeous place overseas. The mountains are tall, green and skinny, a bit like something you’d see in movies like Avatar and the Li River runs wide and straight. Hidden between them are cities, filled with amazing sights and various new food, just waiting to be explored.

But back at Korea, Na PD informs them that thanks to having two new members, he’s created two new characters too – Master Roshi and Bulma. Eh, I’m just gonna be like HoDong here and admit that I don’t know who they are. Some Google-fu work outs later, apparently, they’re characters from the anime Dragonball. That’s apt.

HoDong asks the others if they’re that free and SuGeun comforts him by saying that back then HoDong was just busy with becoming a wrestling champion and so it’s nothing if he doesn’t know the anime. What have I got then? I’m no champion.


Master Roshi is a character that has a turtle shell on his back. And so, whoever becomes him will only be able to pack whatever he can fit into that turtle-shaped bag (that the production just bought from overseas). The rest of his luggage will be given to his manager. HAHAHA. The one who becomes Bulma, a female character, will just have to go around looking like a girl. He’ll have to go through airport customs as a girl and roam the streets at day time as a girl. Only when work is over can he then wear his own normal clothes. HA! So that wasn’t a green-haired goblin. That was Bulma!

HoDong complains that Three Meals a Day and Grampas Over Flowers were all shows about eating and playing well, normally, and is upset that they have to do all these sort of ridiculous things. He asks Na PD if he wants to fight. SuGeun adds oil to the flames, saying that Yoo HaeJin (from Three Meals a Day) once told him that Na PD was the best. Na PD never told him to do anything and just left him be. Then he brings up how HoDong swore that he’ll do his very best. Even if he complains, he’s going to do his best. And HoDong is subdued, haha.


The game to decide who becomes what starts, and in true Na PD form, it’s just a simple common sense quiz. The winner gets to choose his character. SuGeun says that he’s not going to look out for JaeHyun, but the guy himself has already given up all hope and is checking his phone for the one outfit that he must bring no matter what. HAHA.

The first question is: Unlike bills and coins, this online virtual currency doesn’t have physical form. With this, individuals can exchange money without involving banks. This has a decentralized trading system. What is it?

SuGeun: “Kakao Pay.”

CURRENCY, LEE SUGEUN, CURRENCY! JaeHyun replies CMA (what is that?) while JiWon doesn’t even understand the question at all. E-Money comes out, Virtual Accounts comes out, T-money comes out… and SuGeun asks why the young ones don’t know the answer. Eh… “Don’t think we know everything just because we’re young” comes the answer.

They get it wrong over and over and over again, even when Na PD hints that the answer ends with “coin”. So the writer tells them that the front part consists of a brand of detergent and they shout out all kinds of brands but it’s HoDong who gets it right: Bitcoin. SuGeun admits that he was going to say “Super” while Newlywed JaeHyun sighs that he just did the laundry yesterday.

JiWon on the other hands demands to know how HoDong knew when he never does the laundry.

As expected, HoDong chooses the Zhu BaJie character and they continue with their second question. There’s this composer who lived in the same era as Mozart – KyuHyun fights to say Salieri – and he’s called Salieri. HAHAHA. What is Salieri’s full name? As usual, the guys all don’t know (even though three of them are in the music industry) and it takes a while before Mino gets it right: Antonio Salieri. He chooses to be Sha WuJin, the easiest character, while KyuHyun groans because he totally did a concert on Mozart.


Na PD drops the difficulty of the questions (“it was too difficult”) and asks the name of a recently popular road. No one gets the name right for a long, long time and Mino’s the only one who knows the answer. Na PD says that he’s disappointed in KyuHyun, HAHAHA, and this time, JaeHyun gets the answer right. He chooses to be Monk XuanZhang. “Is there any other character?”

Na PD: “KyuHyun ah! Are you a Babo?!”

But luckily for him, KyuHyun gets the next one right and suddenly, he’s hugging everyone by his side. Hahaha. HoDong decides that KyuHyun has to be Sun WuKong, the one with the low-frequency patches on his back and at Monk XuanZhang’s bidding, if he doesn’t want to limit his luggage or be a girl. KyuHyun’s happy with that choice even though the two left (SuGeun and JiWon) laugh that he’s gonna have to put on funny make up early in the morning.

SuGeun gets the next question right and becomes Master Roshi which leaves JiWon as BulMa.

They stop the car to effect the changes and when JiWon comes down the stairs in his long green hair and dress, a staff calls him pretty while SuGeun puts on as many layers of clothing as he can. JiWon warns them all not to lend him any clothes as SuGeun’s luggage gets towed away.


It’s back on the bus again and this time, it’s KyuHyun’s turn to become Sun WuKong. The veterans note that the character is given to people who have sinned and SuGeun asks him to check his conscience. The ballad singer whines as the rapper beside him does up his hair (b-b-but… you’re in Super Junior!) and then asks if it would have been better to choose Bulma instead.

The guys take a picture together and KyuHyun’s spiky hair pokes JaeHyun, HA!

No-filming zones don’t deter Na PD at all and the director just uses fancams taken by the guy’s fans to show what happened in the airport.

But when they’re on the plane, the official cameras are back on. Mino does some cutesy gestures in that direction and KyuHyun, his seatmate, says that he’s cute. He guesses that he’s not all that tough like his image as a rapper implies. KyuHyun asks his junior if he’s close to other singers in YG and Mino admits that he’s close to iKon, but not so much with Big Bang. KyuHyun mutters that he debuted before Big Bang did. What are you trying to say…

But the guy drops the subject and asks the Air Stewardess’ if the food is good, because he’s hungry. He even takes Mino’s portion when Mino rejects his. Pwahaha.

Meanwhile, someone exclaims, asking if HeeJun’s getting married. The fellow 1st Gen Idol doesn’t care and takes photos of himself as a girl. HoDong, sitting in the seat before KyuHyun, takes a photo of KyuHyun who complies with a soulless smile. HAHAH. And sitting right beside him, Model Ahn JaeHyun requests for a camera to take KyuHyun and Mino’s side profile, just because the two idols are too handsome.

The trip continues and HoDong worries to see it raining outside. Everyone compliments KyuHyun on his hair while JiWon worries about whether he can cross customs in his ridiculous outfit. He does, but not before being made to remove his bangs, haha.

They load up the bus again and complain that it’s more cramped now. HoDong asks KyuHyun to ask the driver how long it’s going to take, sure that the international idol’s Mandarin is better than his. KyuHyun does manage the task and they gasp to hear that it takes an hour.


They’re heading towards YangShuo, the place with nature and warm people, the paradise of backpackers. They’re going to be staying in the town of Yugang.

Uhm, HoDong doesn’t care and starts doing some tongue exercise. It’s something SuGeun taught him on the plane, but he doesn’t do very well. JiWon does the same thing immediately, even though it’s his first try, and KyuHyun does a ballad singer’s version.

As they go down the road, they get scared, mostly because there’s no other car there and no signal at all. Even when they’ve gotten off, they don’t see a single stray dog.

They rush to their accommodation and are amazed to see their Qing-era lodgings. Because of the rain, it looks even more beautiful.

The group splits into two, and they laugh when they see the toilet. It’s an open concept, with no door between the sleeping area and the bathing areas. There’s just one thin curtain and SuGeun’s mind gets a little blown when the curtain only covers half the entrance, ha!


Regardless, they wash up, with JaeHyun asking if he can watch while KyuHyun changes. HAHA!

In the other room, JiWon spends some TLC on his wig while SuGeun complains that he only has 5 sets of clothes. And because a producer at TvN had placed a time lapse camera there, we get to see a time lapse of the luggage waiting for SuGeun, whether it’s rain or shine, day or night. It looks a little lonely, haha.

Back at GuiLin, the Mino has to call fellow member SeungYoon because he can’t get the password right and so can’t open his huge luggage. HA. And then we have married-man JaeHyun calling his wife and saying I Love You. This is advertisement time for Na PD’s new show about their married lives…

HoDong comes in with a ridiculous pig doll that emits a crazy sound and KyuHyun puts on his skincare.

Mino is still fiddling with his luggage and walking here and there without purpose, heh. He warns SuGeun to wear his clothes before coming out of the toilet because the camera there captures everything but the variety-veteran can’t be bothered and shows the whole world his one-pack.

JiWon laughs at Mino shuffling around awkwardly and even Na PD comes in to hug and pat Mino, just to get him comfortable. At long last, Mino takes his sweater off.

KyuHyun sighs that he’s got insomnia these days, and Na PD talks about their morning mission.

Breakfast is wonton that the locals give five stars for. The problem is that the restaurant is far and their bus only has three empty seats. And… their morning mission is to just come in their costumes. The end.

JiWon wears his entire costume to sleep and Mino jokes that he should just share the bed with SuGeun then.


In the other room, the lights go off and JaeHyun asks KyuHyun if he’s not used to sleeping next to someone. Uhm… OBVIOUSLY… Even if he is, he can’t say it on national television. He’s not a married man like you!

The night passes and morning comes. As usual, the rooms shake with HoDong’s snores.

KyuHyun and JaeHyun wake up at 6.30, when the staffs are not even awake yet.

JaeHyun washes up and who do we have coming out at 7.30am? It’s Bulma! And his first act is to lock the other room’s door. HAHAHHA!

Used to his deviousness, HoDong gets up like a robot and calls out to JiWon without even seeing him. HAHAHA. JaeHyun the early riser tries to pry the lock off, only for JiWon to lock it tighter. No matter, because no lock can stand the force of HoDong.

Pfft, thus starts this game where JaeHyun almost locks HoDong in, and then he, JiWon and HoDong lock everyone in. Thankfully for Mino and SuGeun, their room has windows. Where’s KyuHyun?!


Finally, at 7.45, the first cameraman awakes and films JiWon and SuGeun running out of the compound. As the cameras aren’t all working yet, HoDong pulls his phone out and sticks it in JaeHyun and Mino’s faces as he hosts his own show.

Just because he’s curious, Mino heads out of the compound too, followed by JaeHyun. But when it comes to HoDong’s turn, he can only stick his head out. Because SuGeun is there to lock the door in position, HA!

A flustered staff member runs after then, wondering where they’re going to and in her confusion, lets slip that the games will only start at 9 am. That’s a shock to JiWon, who thought that it’ll start at 8, just because Na PD told them that it’s when the staff get their breakfast.

So the guys run back to HoDong, who’s halfway through the gap, LIKE THAT:

…to free him because they’re just way too early and can’t possibly leave him there like that for 1 hour.

They free the poor guy, who falls back on his butt, hahahaha, and seeing how Mino’s still in his slippers, the production team laughs and wonders why everyone’s being so weird like that. The best thing is that KyuHyun is still showering, HA!

But since they’re awake, the staff promises that they’ll get ready soon and JiWon starts running off, meaning that the rest of the guys follow, as do Mino, though he’s not sure why he’s running at all. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! This is a perfect first start!

In the end, HoDong walks back to the hotel, laughing that they don’t know where the car park is anyway since they’d come in the dark last night. But these guys are variety men and find their way in no time.

The four guys run up the bus, sure that they’ve got the right one just because there are cameras installed there. And the PD can only gasp and collect her breath when they ask her what’s going on. HAHAHA, she admits that this is not what they’d planned. They’d planned for the staff to fill up the seats, leaving only three left for the cast. But obviously, there are no staff yet and so the whole bus is empty.


Nice JaeHyun notes that and doubles back home to collect HoDong and KyuHyun for breakfast. Mino goes too, but only to change into proper shoes (and he enters his room through the windows, ahaha).

By then, KyuHyun has completed his entire morning ritual and JaeHyun goes to collect him, and behind him, HoDong pretends that he wasn’t just about to lock JaeHyun in. JaeHyun knows everything though, hee.

Once they’re done, the three run all the way back to the bus… but Mino’s missing! HUH? But he left first!

OF COURSE, THE GUY IS LOST. He’d run left instead of right at the intersection and pfft, he apologises to the cameraman for leading him around in circles. He stands, stunned, and the Windows Shut Down jingle chimes. HAHAHAHHAA. I love this editing. The Windows Booting Up jingle comes on and Mino’s back on again, in safe mode. He at least finds his way back to the guesthouse (captions say that at least he’s not sleeping on the streets tonight!) and SuGeun the turtle’s there to get him. Hehehehe.


Finally, all 6 boys are on the bus, but when SuGeun sees the PD’s boarding another bus, he runs off to join them and duckling Mino follows.

HoDong feels that something’s up and runs over to bus two too, as do JiWon and JaeHyun.

JaeHyun’s not sure what is going on and checks that camera outside. The focus is on the first bus. So he boards that. No one knows what’s going on and so they split three: three, with KyuHyun (who didn’t bother at all), JiWon and JaeHyun on the first bus and Mino, SuGeun and HoDong on the other bus.

At exactly 9 am, Na PD arrives at the carpark, totally not understanding why the guys are being like that.

He boards the first bus, while another writer boards the second bus. HoDong and SuGeun rejoice, then… Na PD sits in the first bus and counts down from 10. The doors close… and Na PD tells JaeHyun, KyuHyun and JiWon to go eat Wontons together. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! The second bus was for the production to scout new places.

JiWon throws a party on the first bus and JaeHyun pulls the curtains open just so he can see the expressions on the other guy’s faces.

Pfft, SuGeun isn’t doing too well, sighing that he woke up at 7 just to eat because he’s hungry.

A flashback reveals that the PD herself that morning at said that “people here (aka, the first bus) will get to go eat”… but apparently SuGeun and Mino must have forgotten.

Desperate, HoDong promises that he’ll eat anything. It doesn’t have to be wontons. Innocent Mino just smiles and says that the only thing he’s certain about is that SuGeun has totally earned his trust and SuGeun takes potshots at the fact that Mino took the inner seats just to make sure that he doesn’t get off the second bus, HA! This poor guy is like DongGu.


On the other bus, JaeHyun laughs that though Mino looks innocent, he switches teams easily.

JiWon asks what they’re going to do after breakfast and they burst into laughter to hear that they’re just going to rest after that. Hee.

They arrive at the restaurant that not only serves wontons but also xiao-long-bao and san-jiao too.

They try to order and KyuHyun’s skills at Mandarin come in very handy. He basically takes responsibility for getting the food and worries incessantly when his wonton noodles don’t come. Hahaha, he’s like me when I visit Korea with my family. Did I order right? I ordered correctly, didn’t I? Where’s my food? I ordered it, right??? WHAT IF I ORDERED IT WRONG?!?!?!?! WHERE’S MY FOOD?!

But finally the noodles come, even without the cilantro that JiWon asks to be taken out. They take pictures and dig in and JiWon fiddles with his hair because he can’t get used to it. To add insult to injury, a kid with a shaved head pops up on camera, hee.


On the other bus, they’re off sightseeing and HoDong manages to embarrass himself in the span of one phrase and when SuGeun sees a lake outside, he asks for fishing rods to go catch fish himself.

He says that instead of filming Three Meals a Day (Sam-ssi-se-kki), they can just film Three Bastards (Se-se-kki). HAHA.

So Na PD takes them up on the challenge and films GuiLin in a whole different perspective, calling a random cat Bul and showing how they’re happy with just an egg.

The scouting team reach their destination and HoDong gets off, happy with the fresh air.

They see a bridge that’s 500 years old (that’s about as old as Joseon!) joining two villages that are separated by a straight river but that’s not all GuiLin has to offer. Just see for yourself!

HoDong’s the only one over excited and then… the PD tells them to get out of the way because the producers want a shot of the scenery, not them, HA!

The team at breakfast finish and get some cash. So they buy some dumplings to go (Ha! KyuHyun doesn’t know how to say that. I know that feeling. And so I learnt it from the shop owner herself.) and JiWon stands up to communicate in body language, because that works everywhere in the world.

Out among nature, the PD with HoDong tells them that they were initially really not going to feed them. But now, they’ve conceded and agree to feed one of them.

HoDong brags that he’s on a whole different level compared to the other two and SuGeun jeers that he barely got “Bitmoney” right. PFFFFT. I bet you meant Bitcoin!

Basically, it’s a quiz with ham and rice on the line.

SuGeun says that he’d like the topic to be on Capitals, while the former wrestler says Sports. Mino wants it to be on the Imjin Wars. Or Admiral Yi SunShin. Either one would be great. HAHAH!


HoDong laughs and asks when the Japanese Invasion happened and Mino calls out “year 92”. HoDong scoffs that he doesn’t know anything, but Mino finishes it with “1500…”. He’s right. 1592. Ohh. He adds that King Sejong the Great was born in 97. 1397.

They can’t decide what topic they’ll be quizzed on, so they do a plain scissors paper stone game. Mino wins, to the chagrin of HoDong and the question is: Who was the King during the Imjin Wars?

SuGeun gets it wrong. HoDong calls out SeJong (There’s a reason there’s a huge statue of him in Seoul!) and SuGeun doesn’t help by calling out the founder of Joseon. Pfft. Mino knows that the king escaped to Ming China then but can’t recall the name. A while later, he shouts out SeonJo and then screams, “Yaaaaa!!!! It’s SPAM (canned ham)!!!!!” He won, haha.

And then… the guys return back to the guesthouse to find that their rooms have been cleaned out of ALL their personal belongings, even their clothes.

Na PD tells them that he’s created a new game for them and… “STOP STOP STOP!” Because the cameras aren’t on, hahaha.


So HoDong chases Na PD out of the room to re-enact everything (“I bet you guys work hard on Three Meals a Day! Everyone slacks off on New Journey to the West!”). There’s a reason this guy is a variety PD and not an actor.

Na PD tells them that if they all pass this game successfully, they get 4 dragon balls. The game is called: Escape the Room. PWAHAHA.

Mino’s the one who’s heard of this game and so he lists out the rules for the others. Basically, they’ll be locked in the room and they have to find items or numbers hidden in the room to escape it.

HoDong says that it’s a bit like Bitcoin (HUH?!) and the producers knew he would have no idea at all and so changed the rules up. Na PD just needs them to find their way out within the time limit. They’ll be given one Dragon Ball per room and JiWon questions if HoDong really needs to play this game. Since the guy can just rip open doors with his bare hands like hulk. Heh.

So HoDong asks if he can’t use his immense powers at all (“of course”), while the two younger ones giggle.

Na PD gives them 10 minutes to escape their room which doesn’t sound like a problem to them… until KyuHyun pipes up that he saw something.


Next Week!

“This can’t even be shown on the internet!”

This is not a promise that future recaps for this show will keep coming. 😛
It’s fun to watch, but recapping it feels much more tedious than the other shows. Maybe because it’s just the first episode?


3 thoughts on “New Journey to the West S3 Ep 1

  1. I finally watched it. And i like it. It’s like a mix of 1n2d and youth over flowers. The cast is really cute. And Eun Ji Won looks good in wigs. Though why comb out the wig and then wear it to bed? Haha


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