1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 158

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 158:

It’s the trip immediately after JongMin receiving his Daesang, and Mr Kim Daesang is nowhere to be seen. So of course the others tease him, but Mr Babo is just as happy as ever and leads the way.

The guys are led to some stream (hahaha, another water body) called Suseungdae, which basically means “letting go of one’s worries in a beautiful scenery”. TaeHyun sees a huge rock with Hanja carved into it and Yoo PD explains that it’s the Turtle Rock (Geobuki-bawi) and that the Hanja writings were done by scholars in the past. Since Korea’s Three Kingdoms, scholars would gather and share stories and poems there while drinking makgeolli. JongMin asks if this place belonged to Baekje then and Yoo PD clarifies that it just sat on the boundary between Baekje and Silla. Of course JunHo can’t help but joke and act like a perv, pretending to be a Baekje scholar asking if Silla women come too.


Yoo PD tells them that the theme for today is: Sixth Sense (Yook-gam) Trip and TaeHyun hears that Retard (Yook-gap) and DongGu almost tears while laughing. TaeHyun blames his older age for that slip and Defconn asks them what the 5 senses are, trying to find out what the 6th sense is. Pfft. As you all know, the 5 senses are Touch (Cho-gak), Sight (Si-gak), Taste (Mi-gak), Smell (Hu-gak) and Hearing (Cheong-gak). Of course they end up with all sorts of terrible answers like JongMin’s “Thinking!” (Saeng-gak).

Yoo PD puts an end to all those shenanigans by providing them the answer: The Sixth Sense is Intuition. He asks if any of them are especially sensitive in any of the senses and JunHo laughs that he’s ticklish. Says the guy who strips naked the most on this show.

Anyways, their first game of the day is to find their Intuition King.

The rules are simple: Guess who ate the dried persimmon. The only problem is, none of them will see who ate it because they’ll be blindfolded. They can only guess.

The guys are given blindfolds and pushed apart by the staffs. Then JongMin has this great idea to shuffle towards JunHo and lead him into the water. Ha. YAPS’ sneaky-antenna isn’t working well this time and into the water he steps. Hehe.


Annoyed, he leads Defconn into the water too, but Defconn being Defconn, he swings around and somehow, JunHo ends up stepping into the water again. The bear takes his blindfolds off and sees the prankster, so he grabs JunHo by the arms and push him into the lake, almost to the extent that JunHo’s pants get wet, HA! JunHo’s the one getting punished the most but it was JongMin who started it all though!

Anyways, the play-fights end and everyone has their blindfolds back on. The dried persimmon is given and while blindfolded, they all demand to know who the person is and for him to eat faster. Time passes and the time to guess comes. They all suspect each other… but they all know for certain that JunHo’s It when they see persimmon stuck in his teeth. Pffftt!!!!! He can’t even eat without leaving evidence!

Defconn, who deduced it all, cries that he’s a Food-blin (a mash up of Goblin and Food), and a CG baguette stuck in his chest in place of Kim Shin’s sword (from the drama The Shining Lonely Goblin) appears while the others make a fuss, telling Food-blin not to eat it all because if it’s gone, he’ll die. (In The Shining Lonely Goblin, Kim Shin ends his immortal life if the sword is removed.)

Elsewhere, where the wind rages and the snow clings to everything, a handsome young man emerges from a jet-black car. It’s our Mak-doongie Jung JoonYoung! He chuckles and stretches, recognising the place as one where they’d come to three years before.

A staff tells him that the other members are filming elsewhere and in order to meet them, all he has to do is climb a mountain. PWAHAHHAHHA.  Did you take inspiration from Sister Act’s “Ain’t no mountain high enough”? Because this is hilarious. He just came back! Why are you trying to scare him away?!

The staff explains further that the other members don’t know that he’s here and… the moment they call his name, he’ll be able to be reunited with them. Pfft. Why don’t you add that they’ll have to blow a candle too?

But why must they call his name? Well, let’s hark back to all the episodes where JoonYoung wasn’t here and yet they still called his name every day. No matter what they were doing, JoonYoung is always in their thoughts.


Anyways, as long as they call his name the required number of times, JoonYoung can give up on climbing the mountain and run back to them. If the guys are too busy having fun to think of JoonYoung, then JoonYoung shall complete the whole hiking course. I LOVE THIS! Hahaha! JoonYoung just laughs. Ha.

And so at the turtle rock, the guys are given numbers to pick. Defconn picks 30 and Yoo PD’s jaw drops. JunHo and DongGu insist that it’s the amount of cash that they’re going to get, PWAHAHAHA, and over at the snowy white place, JoonYoung coughs from laughing at the ridiculousness. Bye JoonYoung. Enjoy your climb to the top!

The staff with JoonYoung points him to the mountain that he has to climb: Jirisan, up to Manbokdae peak. The hike is about 5.5km and takes arounf 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete. *Snort* This is like being a Whipping Boy.


JoonYoung goes off on his hike and enjoys the whiteness of the entire place. Snow clings to bare branches and… the steep course. In no time, he has to stop for a rest. He asks if the others haven’t called his name yet and… nope. Hahahah.

Over at the lake, the guys are wondering what the 30 is for. DongGu wonders if it’s something to do with age, and JunHo mentions JoonYoung once, then DongGu says that JoonYoung is now 30 (in Korean age) while he’s 32. What is this madness.

So JoonYoung, who was waiting eagerly, hears that his name was called twice. Time to climb more. HAHAHA!

Meanwhile the guys are talking about the treat that Mr Kim Daesang is going to give and TaeHyun tells them to call everyone over. JunHo’s still hung up on the number 30 while Joo PD hangs onto their every word, the assigned one to keep tabs on how many times they call JoonYoung’s name.

After joking around, the five members go off on their leisurely walk to the one “snow slope”. Oh, so JoonYoung has to climb Mount Jirisan and these guys have to climb Hill Everest? The place where JunHo got run over by an oversized ball?

JongMin guesses that the 30 is related to the time they’ll have for this game (which makes it good!) and Yoo PD the miniature devil just grins in delight. Then he tells them that their next game will be about their sense of sad foreboding.

They sing while the mission is revealed behind them: 1 Night 2 Day’s Mountaineering Club 1st Meeting to Climb Everest.

Yoo PD reminds them of the survey they did last trip, which asked about what they absolutely must bring to Everest.


JunHo wrote: Helicopter, Slave and Money. (Pwahah)

TaeHyun wrote: Oxygen Respirators, Tools to keep warm and Snowboard.

Defconn wrote: Alpinist Uhm HongGil, Army rations and Padding Set(?).

JongMin wrote: A hot sleeping bag, Tent and Burner.

DongGu wrote: Hot drink, Camera, Mountaineering-use Sleeping bag.

Well we now know who’s practical and who’s mainly driven by his artistic side. And who’s being an idiot, pwaha.

They’ll be playing for lunch now and the three who take the shortest time to plant his flag at the “peak” with their needed items get lunch.

So the staff produce their needed items and DongGu laughs to see his easily transportable items while JongMin complains about his awkward tent. Yoo PD just says that the normal one isn’t hot enough. He purposely went to get the warmest one for JongMin and it just came in this awkward shape and huge size! Pfft.


Defconn laughs at his cardboard cut-out of Uhm HongGil and JunHo complains about his huge bag of coins. That’s the least of his problems because he has his slave to contend with and Yoo PD tells him to sing the theme to Slave Hunters, the drama. He sings… and John Zaller (Uhm GyuTae ,the real PD) comes out in slave clothes. Pffft. They’re hilarious in how they just use their maknae PDs.

DongGu and JongMin are first to compete and JunHo and TaeHyun have a blast decorating their faces in with white markers.

They then stand before the mighty mountain… and JongMin looks so ridiculous that JunHo asks how he’d gotten his Daesang. It’s because he’s so ridiculous that he got it! JunHo then laughs that he’s betting his slave on DongGu winning. Hahaha.

DongGu’s given his warm drink and told to keep at least 1/3 of the drink by the time he reaches the top.

The whistle is blown and the two charge towards the top, with JongMin screaming the entire way while the others below laugh at them having such a hard time with the obstacles. JongMin totally gets stuck at the net and then DongGu has to content with the snow-fan, flour and balls being blown/thrown his way.

As expected, DongGu plants his flag first. And JongMin gets a blast of flour in the face.

JongMin plants his flag too and then falls backwards. Those below yell at DongGu to check his drink and DongGu finds that all of it has leaked through a hole at the bottom of the cup. PWAHAHAHAHHA! How is he so consistently terrible in the smallest but most important ways?!

Defconn and TaeHyun go next, climbing over ropes, wading under nets, braving the onslaught of balls (which JongMin has fun throwing at them), huge winds from the snow-fan and flour being blown in their faces. But they reach the top too.


Lastly, JunHo has to run with his slave and he basically drags the slave all while the slave-PD carries everything. And then the slave grabs and drags  his master down for cover when the fan is turned on.

In true YAPS fashion, JunHo forces his slave first but then they both roll backwards when a particular ball knocks into them. Pwahahahah, slave flies far, far away and JunHo has to go collect him. In the end, JunHo even gets a blanket to his face, courtesy of JongMin. Then his slave slips. PWAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

They struggle and finally, JunHo plants his flag.

It’s time for the results and because he lost all his coffee, DongGu has to endure a penalty of 30 seconds.

JunHo: “Ahh, that’s too weak though. It should be 3 minutes.”

Pwahaha, but no one cares and Yoo PD reports that DongGu’s final time is 1 min 57 sec while JongMin took 1 min 59 secs. Defconn did better at 1 min 49 secs. TaeHyun took 2 mins and 21 secs while JunHo and Slave took 3 mins 50 secs. HAHAHAHA.


As celebration, Defconn uses his Uhm HongGil board to slide down swiftly under the net to the bottom and TaeHyun follows too. On the other hand, JunHo demands his slave to pull the combined weight of him, JongMin and DongGu. His slave falls over.

Out at Jirisan, JoonYoung asks if they haven’t called him yet. They should though. They have to though. Why aren’t they calling?!

The PD with him asks if he talks regularly with the other members too even when they’re resting. Of course they do. They get into contact a lot. In fact, the moment he touched down in Korea, the other members came to talk to him, even JooHyuk. He saw them like 2, 3 times already.

Uhm, well, your thoughts may be beautiful as the track is beautiful but the mountain doesn’t let up on how hard it is to climb it. In the end, they take a rest. There’s nothing like the wide expanse at the top of a mountain and JoonYoung smiles to see the clouds at his feet.

He takes a sit and a sip… then ask if they still haven’t mentioned him. HAHAHA. Nope.

Currently, the other guys are in the bus talking about JunHo’s eye surgery and TaeHyun jokes that JunHo’s goal for 2017 is to go for fat-surgery (liposuction) in order to win the Daesang then. JunHo explains that it’s because everyone keeps saying that he looks tired. And later he asks himself why he told them this. And then argues that it totally isn’t considered a cosmetic surgery at all.

They reach their destination for lunch, totally not mentioning JoonYoung at all in the meantime and JongMin runs in the moment he sees Galbi-tang and Galbi-jjim.

It’s a huge spread accompanied by all sorts of other side dishes like acorn jellies.

The three winners thoroughly enjoy their beef and JunHo wishes that their teeth would drop out with the bones. Haha.

JongMin points to something and insists that it’s really delicious. JunHo asks Mr Daesang to describe it better. “Really Delicious!”


All of a sudden, TaeHyun says that Mr Daesang is a little suspicious. JunHo latches onto that and checks his coat while JongMin starts gobbling his food like someone’s going to snatch it. PWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, they find a Kimbap in his jacket and Yoo PD’s bewildered face is a sight to behold. After all, JongMin had earned his place to eat good food, so why steal and stash away food?!

It’s an instinct that ultimately condemned Mr Daesang and JunHo drags him over to the loser’s table. And a rewind shows that TaeHyun was the one who stole the Kimbap and stuffed it in JongMin’s jacket. JongMin can’t claim foul because he was the one who accepted and even hid it better. This is crazy.

This Yoo PD is a little more kind-hearted than the other Yoo PD and allows the losers some lunch. Cue a whole fresh persimmon and persimmon vinegar. HAHAHAHAH.

To encourage the two to down their sour persimmon vinegar, Defconn promises them a rib and immediately, JunHo lifts his cup. But the old man can’t endure it well enough and the moment he’s close to finishing his cup, TaeHyun gulps all of his down. HAHAHA, TaeHyun admits that he totally waited for JunHo to nearly finish his cup before finishing his, just so to ensure that JunHo drinks all of his.


For all his trouble, JunHo doesn’t get any beef rib and TaeHyun basically takes over JongMin’s place.

Then it’s the two who can’t endure anything at all the most who compete next.

JunHo prepares to drink his and when they start, JongMin transfers his drink from one cup to another. Then pretends that he can feel the sourness in his mouth. Too bad, he gets found our and doesn’t get to eat any beef while JunHo munches on everything else.

Out in the wilderness, JoonYoung eats his kimbap and asks why… why?????? Why aren’t they calling him?! Then he continues on his hike again, the one where he isn’t even close to halfway through. As he does, he finds a poster asking what one should do when one meets a bear. That reminds him of his Hyungs, especially JongMin, the guy who said that he should punch the bear first.

It’s after lunch and Yoo PD stands sheepishly in front of a stall, poking the door. That’s him trying to rush JunHo, who’s inside doing a number 2.

They laugh and ask if he’d clogged the entire thing up.

Finally, the guys board up the bus again and on the way, they miss JoonYoung and mention his name a few more times. JoonYoung ah, we’re getting close to 30 mentions of your name!

Our boys are sent to some hot pool and there, they change into flower-print pants and shirts with huge holes in the back. They’d complained at first that it was too cold for this but the moment they stick their foot in it, they complain that it’s too hot.

Yoo PD tells them the benefits of hot springs and then tells them that here, the sense that they’ll be feeling here is outrage. Haha.

Immediately, staffs appear to draw pandas on our guys’ back. They tease Defconn for having a fat panda and Defconn offers to make his panda fatter – he just hunches and whoop! The panda expands.


Yoo PD tells them that in this game, the loser with have to enter the cold bath while the final winner gets a chance to be king. He doesn’t say what good that title is for and JunHo assumes that it’s something to do with food. Haha. But to win, all they have to do is rub the panda off the other person’s back.

JunHo complains about always being paired up with Defconn, he who trashes everyone in the strength department. So Yoo PD makes this random and brings out 5 cloths hidden under 5 basins. 2 pairs will have the same colour while the last odd one will mean that the person gets to forgo the semi-finals and just head for the finals.

They play scissors paper stone and DongGu wins again (I see that he keeps winning at this game…). He decides to assign them their basins in the order that they’re standing in and when JunHo asks to choose the third basin instead of the fourth he’s assigned, DongGu refuses flatly. HAHA.

They play around, and Defconn accidentally reveals his yellow towel first. Determined to avoid Defconn, everyone checks their towels and JongMin wails to see his yellow cloth. DongGu is paired with TaeHyun and JunHo thanks DongGu for ensuring that he didn’t change his basin.


Since Defconn’s so much more powerful, he’s given a soft sponge to scrub with while JongMin puts on his exfoliating mitts, which, if you’ve ever seen one, is like sandpaper. JongMin swears to have his revenge for the slap the week earlier.

Yoo PD tells them that they have three minutes and as they face off, TaeHyun laughs that JongMin’s going to die.

JunHo: “JongMin ah, go well.”

Before the match even starts, Defconn gets soap in his eyes while playing around and JongMin takes that chance to smack Defconn in the head. Pwahahahha. But you’re supposed to scrub the back! Not hit each other!

In no time at all, Defconn has got JongMin where he wants him and the two start hugging each other. A while later, Defconn scrubs JongMin’s back red.

The whistle blows and JunHo sighs, “whoaaa… as expected, it’s Defconn.”

The two stand side by side and TaeHyun gasps in wonder, making JongMin’s expectations rise. “Eo. There’s so much more on Defconn!”

And while they frolick in the warm water, JoonYoung struggles up towards Manbokdae peak. He’s passed the white expanse of snow and struggled through the dry, sleeping twigs. He walks, and climbs… and finally reaches the top. He stands there to look down at everything, the vastness seemingly dwarfing all the problems in the world.

“Now that I’ve come back, this year, it would be great if we could film more enjoyably, more healthily, together. Because the Hyungs have been waiting, if I could, more than last year, have better chemistry with them, it would be good.”

Next Week!

The guys sing, missing their Maknae and JoonYoung runs down the mountain as the sun sets.




As usual, here’s Korean Variety Recap’s version!


18 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 158

    1. … But it’s always JongMin himself who sabotages himself… He either doesn’t win or when he wins, he does something stupid to disqualify him. Those are the basic rules of 1N2D. Lose, and you lose good food. That’s the basic promise and without this, the games are no fun.

      Anyway, JongMin didn’t get the best time while hiking everest. He got third best, after DongGu and Defconn.


      1. I agree and although I love Jong Min but dude! You already won lunch, why you gotta steal kimbap??

        But, I kind of love that he got found out because it lead to the really funny vinegar game.


  1. Awww, end of episode and still no reunion. Next week!

    I’ve taken to reading your recaps instead of watching because I don’t have time to watch these days, so thanks a lot for all your hard work! I don’t always comment but I really appreciate each recap.


    1. Haha, this thing is training my discipline. I got home at midnight yesterday and I considered putting this off. But then I ended up sitting and finishing it to the end, haha.


  2. I’m a frequent visitor of your site now and as always, thank you very much for recapping so fast. I read that you stayed up late to finish this, seriously, I can’t thank you enough for doing it, but please don’t overdo it to the point that it will affect your health. I bet all 2d1n international fans are grateful for your site since the eng sub is always the latest compare to other kshow and all of us fans are dreading every monday morning to watch the show. (Yes, the struggle is real when you are an avid kshow fan who can’t understand korean and your fav. show get subs the latest)

    Moving on to the show, it turns out that the PD love to tease the viewers with that preview of JJY’s leg and happy reunion. There is no reunion and happy faces this week, but still, I’m happy that he is back on the show. The members are having fun, but it is obvious that they miss JJY. I guess they make JJY climbed up the mountain as a retribution as well, to show his remorse and determination to join the show after what happened.


    1. Eh, once a week is not that hard. I don’t actually have to wake up at 6 on Monday mornings anyway. And I just fear that I’ll take forever to finish it and it’ll feel like undone homework. That’s just sad.

      But of course, thanks for your concern! And Yoo PD was giving me life this week with all his expressions, haha.


    2. Share the same view too – that they make JJY climb the mountain to show his remorse. I suppose the K audience need to see this type of hardship…

      I suppose Joon Ho is most sympathetic as he had scandals previously and he could fully understand the pain.


  3. Hai peeps!
    First of all, thank you for the recap. I really, really appreciate you writing 2D1N recap without fail.
    It’s becoming my habit to check your site on Monday mornings to read the recap. I really enjoy your recap because you made it so much fun. Other recapper I noticed just wrote what happen in the episode without any subtext like a newspaper. You’re different. Sometimes, I even feel it’s more fun reading your recap than the actual episode! HAHA…

    I don’t always comment but you can bet I’ll be reading your recap on Monday mornings.
    Keep up the good work peeps!


    1. Thanks and you’re welcome!

      Well, the recapper at Korean Variety Recaps does a more accurate version than I do, mostly because I tend to write while half-asleep, haha. And also, my Korean’s not perfect. Sometimes I miss things or hear something wrongly.


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