1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 159

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 159:

JoonYoung-ie is back, but he and his brothers haven’t reunited yet, all because those betrayers haven’t been calling his name much, hahaha. So JoonYoung ends up at Manbok Peak and he takes a picture there to send to the others.

It’s time to go down and JoonYoung comments that it’s nice, since it doesn’t take up as much energy as it took coming up. He reads a message from Defconn, which is basically, “Oh, nice, brother. Arigatou brother.”

JoonYoung: “That’s it, though?” They didn’t even mention his name! Ha!

Another staff with him complains about them not mentioning him when they usually mention him so many times a day. JoonYoung guesses that it must have been hard for them today. Cut to those guys taking a soak in a hot spring. Hehehhehe.


So, JoonYoung continues on his merry way, through all sorts of dried and brown leaves and twigs. He finds a clearing, and is stunned to learn that he’s only come 800m. Hehe.

He’s tired and finally finds a map. There’s a shorter route shown on it, and JoonYoung’s interested in taking that path, until he sees that it’s the advanced course. That forewarns many bumps and obstacles in that route, but this forever-spontaneous kid decides to just take that course so that they can rest faster.

And several steps later, he faces something that might as well be a cliff. HAHAH! I don’t even know whether he’s really following a pre-determined route or if he’s just wandering around the forest. JoonYoung jokes that DongGu-hyung would love this “route that the GPS doesn’t have”.

Halfway through, he asks if the others still haven’t called him. What? Do you think you’re a goblin who can just teleport out of there when someone calls you?

Back at the hot springs, the game between Defconn and JongMin end and it’s TaeHyun and DongGu up next. DongGu decides to give TaeHyun an advantage by soaking his back a little first. They flop all around the hot springs and when TaeHyun surfaces, his back is TOTALLY CLEAN. DongGu wins.


In order to decide the semi-finals, Defconn, JunHo and DongGu play scissors paper stone. JunHo wins both rounds and so it’s the two strongest in 1 Night 2 Days going after each other. They swipe at each other a little, then Defconn has DongGu right where he wants him and scares JunHo by scrubbing DongGu’s back like a crazed bear.

So Defconn wins and JunHo decides to just shampoo his hair. He plays around while Defconn has his panda drawn again. And then JunHo hurts his own foot. Pfft.

The game between Defconn and JunHo start… and all Defconn has to do is kick up some water in order to subdue JunHo, as the soap from his hair gets into his eyes. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! This is no game at all. This is just JunHo at a spa being washed clean by one of the staff there.

Disgraced, JunHo calls Defconn a pig, but Defconn just goes to give him his afternoon bath and JunHo tries to pull Defconn’s pants down.

Of course, Defconn wins, and his prize is… a scrub inside the bathhouse. That means that he’ll be splashed with cold water. Hee. JunHo shows his poor red back and demands to know why he worked so hard earlier. Huh? Why?

Yoo PD tells them that two of the losers will have to go take a dip in the cold pool and they settle it with good ol’ scissors paper stone. DongGu wins that first round (he seems to always win at this game huh?) and TaeHyun wins the other “Safe” position. That means that YAPS and Mr Daesang get to go enjoy cold water in this cold weather. That’s the third time this winter for Mr YAPS but only the first for Mr Daesang.

It’s JunHo’s turn first and they make him lie on a mat they rolled out before the pool just for him. They slide him into the water despite his complaints and the moment he gets his wits about him, he scrambles out of the pool and into the hot spring.


It’s JongMin’s turn next and while the others grab all his limbs, JunHo runs over to grab a bucket of cold water to pour over him. Haha. It doesn’t matter much, since he’s just going to go plop into cold water anyway. And plop he goes, his pants falling off a little and revealing his butt to the entire nation. He runs off to the hot pool with TaeHyun laughing after him.

Playtime is over and they head into the bathhouse to wash up.

There, they meet the master scrubber of 15 years who’s going to scrub Defconn squeaky clean.

Defconn lies on the bed, his shirt pulled up and feeling a little embarrassed because of all the little squiggles of dirt that just come out of him with every scrub. He moans and groans and one by one the others pop up from behind the wall where they were washing up to watch, like meerkats. Hahahha.

While Defconn gets a proper scrub, TaeHyun cleans DongGu’s back clean while JunHo does JongMin’s. Soon, the guys are done with their showers, but Defconn’s not close to being done at all.


They file out as Defconn’s scrub comes to an end. But that’s not the end of the princess treatment for him, because he still gets a massage after that. As he gets scrubbed, he strikes up a conversation with the old hand and learns that he’s being scrubbed by the guy who also gave the same treatment to Actor Shin HyunJoon and Rapper-actor Yang DongGun.

Defconn apologises for having so much flesh (pfft, what) and after groaning so much, he finally enjoys his SPA treatment as the whole thing ends with a face mask and banana milk.

Over at Jirisan, JoonYoung’s still trekking down and has like 2.5km more to go. HAHA. Down he goes, wobbling around the bumps on the trek. At one point his climbing stick gives him trouble and when he comes to a stream that he has to cross, a yellow tag is there, reminding him to “enjoy the challenge”. As a veteran member of 1 Night 2 Days, challenges are nothing new to JoonYoung and he crouches round the boulders. He giggles when he almost falls off, hee.

Finally, he and his fellow companions reach the foot of the mountain and a female staff says that that’s the end of hiking for her. That’s the last mountain she’ll ever hike. Hahah. JoonYoung just cackles.

In the bus to basecamp, the others sigh that the games were difficult and shares their ideal matches, with Defconn and DongGu bringing up JoonYoung, the guy to even out the disparity in capabilities between them.

And…. a while later, they conk out.

They arrive at a quaint little village with traditional Korean style houses.

They all gather in a warm room, where JongMin sings and JunHo adds some commentary. They have fun lying around and sharing embarrassing videos of Im ChangJung like that. Pwahahahah, they attempt to sing his songs and basically scream and screech while DongGu doubles over in laughter. Defconn’s in the same rom too, but it seems like he’s totally wiped out.

Mr Kim Daesang gives that difficult song a try too and cracks everyone up. Next to try is JunHo, with him explaining all sorts of singing techniques. Then the two screech along with TaeHyun.

At the foot of the mountain, JoonYoung learns that the members have called him a total of 9 times and so, he still can’t reunite with them. He just has to wait in the area near them. Hahaha.


The other five walk out for their next game and Yoo PD tells them to read the Hanja on the board above a door. Defconn gives Mr Daesang the honours and knowing that they have no idea how to read it, DongGu mutters that it’s “Sa-yang-jeong-sa (Sa-yang Shrine)”.

Defconn conveys that it’s “Sang-hyang Jeong-sa (Raise Shrine)” and JongMin confidently says that it’s “Sang-hyang Jeon-sa (Raise Die)”. DongGu just giggles and Yoo PD enunciates it clearly for him.

The Sa-yang Shrine was the place of Korean Studies, built in 1920 and has lasted till now. Its main purpose was to teach the young ones and also as a place to welcome (and talk with) guests.  Currently, ordinary people can use it too.

Now, they’ll be playing their dinner games.

They’ll have to play a series of games testing their intuition. It’s all man for himself here and the three with the highest scores get to enjoy the generous offerings of Jirisan.


The first game they’ll play is “Ok-ddeol-me” and DongGu correctly guesses that it’s short for “Meju that dropped from the roof” (Meju is the fermented bean blocks used to create deonjang). Yoo PD’s surprised that he knows of that phrase and DongGu credits his Baker King Kim TakGu days for that.

As the name suggests, they’ll have a blocks of fermented beans hung from a beam while they sit below. When and until where the Meju drops will be controlled by themselves. All they have to do is make sure that the Meju hangs no more than 15 cm above their heads. If they estimate wrongly, and the Meju hits their head… then they’re just going to smell like Meju for a long time.

JongMin’s up first and he gives this super long explanation about how to ensure that you don’t overestimate such that it hits you. Pwahaha, one second later, he clutches his head in pain.

Defconn’s up next and JongMin jokes that the fermented bean block looks nicer than Defconn. That’s not nice, JongMin ah. (Doenjang is slang for an ugly person too.)

Defconn goes for his turn and… pffft, he doesn’t even let go of the rope, meaning that his Meju hangs high above his head. This huge guy with little courage!

TaeHyun fails and DongGu almost gets it, but is eliminated because his Meju hangs 21cm above his head, a gap wider than the cut-off of 15cm.

JunHo’s up next and initially, he’s terrible at it, not even letting the Meju fall. Yoo PD lets him go another round and JunHo gathers his courage to give it a real try. His Meju stops just 10 cm above his head! Kim JunHo, passes!

JongMin gives it another try, saying loudly that he’s challenging this, it doesn’t even have to be asked. An the Meju hits his head immediately. PWAHAHAHAHA, Mr Kim Daesang bit his ownself. Defconn’s second attempt doesn’t go much better than his first attempt and TaeHyun let’s his rope slip and therefore his Meju breaks on his head.


DongGu gives one more try and tries to stay stoic after the Meju cruelly hits his head.

JunHo is therefore the only one who passes this round and he offers to go another time, to show them that 5cm above one’s head is possible. He miscalculates and he has his first taste of how painful a falling Meju can be.

JongMin encourages him to give it another try and behind them, DongGu steals a pair of scissors. HAHAHAHAHHAAA!!! DONGGU YAH! He passes it over to TaeHyun (you won’t even do your own dirty deed yourself?) and of course, TaeHyun snips the rope off right when JunHo starts his third attempt. BONK, goes the Meju.

Their next game is to guess correctly who, in a line of singers, is lip-syncing.

Pwahaha, they try to sing a song together as if that’ll help them guess better and the singers standing in a line can barely hide their snickers upon hearing all that off-tune wails. Meanwhile, JoonYoung coughs in his bus.


Once they’re done singing, the guys take their seats and the singers sing Heard it Through the Grapevine together. Our guys stare and squint and JunHo mimics their mouth movements. No one has any idea which of the 6 is the fake though and once they’re done, the guys present their arguments. In this round, DongGu and JongMin agree that number 6 is the one not singing while JunHo and TaeHyun guess that number 3 isn’t singing. Defconn’s the only one who thinks that number 4’s the one not singing.

Yoo PD has the singers sing one by one and… Number 6’s the only one who doesn’t make a sound. JunHo complains that he totally suspected number 6.

They continue on their next round, but before that, JongMin gets up to give the accompanying pianist his jacket, guessing that she’s cold.

A whole new set of singers come out and just like before, the guys stare but have no idea.

DongGu gives his argument about why number 5 is it again and TaeHyun mutters something to JunHo, who’s hearing everything with perked ears. JunHo does something to his answer and TaeHyun gasps in laughter while the others continue arguing.

Yoo PD tells them to reveal their answers and… we see that YAPS has written 3+2. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! DongGu argues that he didn’t write the = sign and so JunHo adds that “=5”. In the end, he decides to not be YAPS for once and sticks to 3.

The time to reveal the fake… and JunHo’s the only one who won this round. Hee hee hee hee, he does a silent celebration and before they leave, the pianist takes JongMin jacket off to return even though everyone else tells her to just take it.

They relocate to their next game and TaeHyun sighs that they really look so empty (pathetic) with only 5 of them together.

Yoo PD tells them that the game here is titled: Call my name.


They’ll be blindfolded and based on their sense of touch, they have to guess the name of the person they’re touching. Oof…

They’re blindfolded and… JoonYoung walks through the gates. Aw. Flashback to a few moments earlier, when JoonYoung was essentially woken from his nap on the bus. The PD tells him that the members are now playing their dinner games, but they still haven’t called his name 30 times. They’ll give them one last chance, and asks for JoonYoung to lend them his face. All the guys have to do is to guess that it’s his face they’re touching for them to be able to reunite.

So JoonYoung comes, and TaeHyun touches everywhere. He complains that he doesn’t know at all and JoonYoung crawls over to JunHo, who plants a wet one on him. PWAHAHAHHAA. Then the kisser complains about the guy not moving away even when he’s playing a joke so terrible.

DongGu touches JoonYoung’s face, then Defconn, who pinches his cheeks, and JongMin pulls on his buzz. He reaches the end of the line and hops out of the compound.

The blindfolds come off and the guys go round the place touching all the men’s faces.  They gather again, complaining that they have no idea whatsoever and Defconn says that it’s only either AlphaGo or John Zaller.


JongMin guesses that it’s “that person”, and Yoo PD the not-actor lets out a nervous laugh. Then he laughs heartily again when JongMin asks if it’s Yoo HoJin PD. But a thought strikes them… and they write their answers.

Yoo PD asks them to reveal their answers one by one and JongMin starts first. He says that the only person who can pull off that kind of joke… is their helicam PD, Choi SeungHyuk. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! Will they ever be reunited at this rate?

TaeHyun jumps up at that and notes that the Helicam PD isn’t anywhere in sight.

Defconn goes next and says that he can only think of this person: “Choi SangHyuk”. He means Choi SeungHyuk.

When it comes to DongGu though, he gives a weird wave of the head and says that he thinks that it’s this guy: Jung JoonYoung. JoonYoung’s the only with curly sideburns.

JunHo guesses that it’s Choi SeungHyuk PD (and Defconn keeps getting his name wrong) while TaeHyun guesses that the guy’s JoonYoung too. He points to two PD who have the same face shape as our maknae and DongGu adds in that because one is too clean-shaven, he’s eliminated. The other one’s too hairy. Pfft.

JunHo adds that if it’s really Choi SeungHyuk PD, then he really has good skin while DongGu hops around really hoping that it’s JoonYoung.

But when he sits back down, he second guesses himself and thinks that maybe it’s all just because he misses JoonYoung too much. He sits with this answer placed on his lap for all to see, earnest as ever. The members sit and face the front, waiting and waiting. JoonYoung walks in from behind them and DongGu notes that the footsteps are too light, like they’re from a thin person.


Yoo PD tells them to close their eyes… and the next moment they open their eyes, they see JoonYoung right before them.

DongGu jumps right up and flies towards him, grabbing him in a huge hug while TaeHyun goes to molest his face. Yes, JoonYoung is back!

JoonYoung gives his greetings to the viewers, and the moment he’s done, the hyungs, who, just a second ago were looking at him with all the adoration possible, whack him, just like bros for life always do. HAHAHAHA.

They call out Choi SeungHyuk PD and TaeHyun admits that he and JoonYoung do look/feel alike. Choi SeungHyuk PD jokes that his nickname is Choi JoonYoung. Eh, okay…

JoonYoung deadpans when Yoo PD reveals what that number 30 they’d picked in the morning was for. The total tally is 28: they’d called him 20 times on camera (with 10 of it during that last guessing game) and the other 8 when the cameras weren’t rolling and when they were just hanging around with their mikes still on.


One of those times is when TaeHyun was talking to Yoo PD. He’d wondered if JoonYoung’s even coming back at all, sighing that having just 5 members is too weird. Yoo PD agrees that it makes the games too hard because it (the capabilities between the members) doesn’t match well. TaeHyun had added that news of JoonYoung’s return had already come out officially…

Back in the present, JongMin wonders where JoonYoung was if he’d apparently come in the morning. JoonYoung answers that he was off hiking up a mountain and JongMin’s adorable and heartwarming reply was: “Why?” (And all these while, DongGu has been bouncing in his spot like an ecstatic 5 year old.)

JoonYoung tells them all about his trip (and what happens to him if they’d called him 30 times) and DongGu whines that he has no idea how the Hyungs have been bullying him.

JunHo: “What are you talking about?”

JoonYoung: “Who is it? I’ll take revenge for you!”

Defconn turns JoonYoung’s attention to JongMin and immediately, JoonYoung bows and greets “Kim Daesang-nim”. JongMin accepts the congratulations and adds that if he works hard, he can achieve it too. Ha.

Yoo PD reminds them of something that TaeHyun had muttered just before their last game: “Ah, in this kind of variety, having 5 people is really… It really looks empty.”

And now we’re back to six! And all six fill up the screen nicely, snugly.

Welcome back, our fabulously sassy maknae Jung JoonYoung!!


[Edit: 27/01/2017] It’s a little late, but here’s Korean Variety Recap’s version of this episode!


22 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 159

  1. Thanks for the recap peeps! Love your commentaries, and the way you word things. Your recaps helped me to rediscover and enjoy 1n2d after a long break since the end of season 1!


    1. But it’s a fact that my spell-and-grammar-check is getting worse with every recap, hahahaha. I really shouldn’t rush too much with these… Enjoy 1 Night 2 Days! Enjoy then Love it!


  2. loved this episode :”) to see the members so happy to see joonyoung back restores my faith in genuine bromance + friendship on kshows HAHAHA donggu looks up to joonyoung so much he feels like the real maknae (maybe he’s just sick of being the maknae HAHAHA) also was junho really tearing up or was he faking it omg i can never tell


    1. JunHo is funny, but I bet he really was a little emotional then. After all, he had his own scandal and knew how hard it was and how thankful JoonYoung could be to still be let on thia show.

      DongGu is the 1 Night 2 Days maknae. Cos JoonYoung ain’t no care anything and will just tease his hyungs, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. From poster t-tuy in kshowonline:
        to Jongmin hyung, Congratulations on your Daesang Award, thank you for calling me often. Even last week he called me and asked for 4 concert tickets (hahaha) but to have just called me for any reason it is really strengthen me.
        to Cha taehyun hyung also has been giving me advises since last year and told me to comes out again, thank you for waiting for me.
        to junho hyung, although we used to met up online, now we meet up often offline, and he told me that these days no one is teasing him so it’s really boring, so I hope to comeback soon
        to donggu hyung, well I meet him at least once a week tho (haha) he sent me private message said it is hard for him and wishing me to comeback soon** and I’ve been thinking if I would be the new year gift for him.
        (** the message written : your empty spot is really big, please comeback next year and stay beside me)
        to defcon hyung, actually defcon hyung naturally has many worries and he must be the most worried about me, I wish he get gf this year.


  3. ppl have been complaining that they felt duped into thinking JJY returned in last week’s ep. well, it’s not 1N2D if it did not enjoy torturing either the members or audience(esp. jjy’s fans.. lol).

    Donggu is super cute this episode..he even complaint abt being bullied by the hyungs.. which makes me think that he’s younger than jjy…and the way, jjy said he’ll avenge him.. sounds like the crazy, big bro is here and the “elders” will pay..LOL.

    Such a sweet episode.. (and i loved donggu channel his inner YAPS and let CTH do his dirty work)


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