1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 160

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 160: 

Happy Lunar New Year! And for THIS new year, we have all six of them together again! DongGu screams, JunHo exclaims, and everyone’s full of smiles.

After his warm welcome, JoonYoung makes the rounds among the staff and when they settle down, TaeHyun’s still there rubbing the poor guy’s face, as if he’s not sure whether this is a dream or not.

It isn’t, and there’re better things to come – DINNER!

They are wowed by the spread that’s always there for the winners and Yoo PD admits that he wasn’t going to feed the loser (Defconn), but since this is a good day, he’ll let them enjoy their this meal together. There are too little bowls of rice to share between them though, but they don’t care and JongMin even passes his over to Defconn, shouting that he’s not gonna eat rice! Seriously? They just share whatever they have together.

JunHo: “If people eat together, it makes them a family!”


Yoo PD sighs that it’s nice to see their spoons cross here and there like this after so long and TaeHyun asks what would have happened if they never guessed that it was JoonYoung just now. Well, they wouldn’t have been reunited like that and JoonYoung would just have had to wait till they called him 30 times. That means that JoonYoung wouldn’t have been eating dinner with them, hee. JoonYoung thought they would DEFINITELY guess that it was him, since they rubbed his forehead and everything but JunHo sighs that he never even expected this.

JunHo  jokes that JoonYoung would have cursed and JoonYoung jokes that he’s a new person now.

“What’s a curse?”

JoonYoung points out the staff that went climbing with him and JunHo and Defconn sympathize with the sufferings they must have gone through. JoonYoung: “They lost at Rock Paper Scissors”.

JoonYoung brings up the time when JunHo broke that chocolate into six on instinct and confesses that he was touched, but two seconds later, he complains that when YooJung came, they told him to get lost (from the chat group for a bit). He whines that he was forgotten in two weeks! HAHAH!


While they share food, they share stories of all their adventures and how hard it got when JoonYoung wasn’t here with them. They lament that JoonYoung should have had his IQ tested too and JoonYoung brings up their less than 100 IQ. HAHAHA. TaeHyun has the guts to brag that they went up Mount Everest and Defconn adds that Alpinist Uhm HongGil came. Pfft, JoonYoung mutters that Uhm HongGil should have joined him at Jirisan.

JunHo moans for more rice, but Yoo PD presents them with red, ripe persimmons for dessert instead. They  talk about his album and JunHo asks when it is (coming out) and he replies, “February… 21st is my birthday.” What. He’s still as crazy, haha.

They talk and talk and JunHo tries to push his luck, demanding drinks since JoonYoung is here.

Yoo PD: “We’re taking the table away!”

Dinner ends amidst laughter and the night deepens.

The guys gather in the yard again for their Sleeping Lucky-or-Not Games (dinner is fine, but Yoo PD is not going soft!). The others warn JoonYoung that Yoo PD’s been upping the ante these days, what with the lions and fishing among the crazy waves.

Yoo PD tells them that they’ll all be sleeping in rooms today (that’s nice! And JoonYoung says that it’s all thanks to him), BUT… hahahhahaha. They fixate on the “BUT” and they imagine all sorts of crazy animals in the three different rooms that Yoo PD has prepared. For this game, it’s just pure luck and they’re supposed to choose a room to sleep in while the others look away. No changing after that!

JoonYoung tells JongMin to choose their order first while JongMin defers to the lost-and-found kid. Yoo PD just tells them to go in the order they’re standing and JongMin walks off to choose his room. JongMin screams, “Men take Number 1!” while the others mutter that it means that he’s going to choose Room Three.


DongGu chooses to go next and they all shout out which room they think he should choose. Later when TaeHyun goes to choose, nobody cares and JoonYoung, Defconn and JunHo just talk among themselves, as JoonYoung mutters that the “feel” is coming.

It’s JoonYoung’s turn to choose and who will he be sharing a room with today? Will he be with his other soulmate, “Love, love, love~” Kim JongMin?

Yoo PD makes JunHo and Defconn open the door to the third room since both the first and second rooms are full already. They open the door… and are a little stunned to see JongMin laughing and making a stupid pose. There’s nothing surprising there though. It’s just a room. It’s hilarious how they’re so perplexed.

They go open Room Two and see JoonYoung and DongGu sitting forlornly among all the Meju. HAHHAHA!

They open TaeHyun’s room and see him slumped against the wall with Meju hanging above him and Red Chillies drying by his side. Hehehe! Room One and Two smell, but Room One’s the worst! And Room One only has two Heat Packs, meaning that it doesn’t have heating either. JoonYoung laughs that his room is better (with only the Meju and 5 heat packs), until TaeHyun finds a door that connects his and JoonYoung’s room. Hee.


Defconn and JunHo pick JongMin up for their celebrations, spread his legs and sends him straight into a pillar.

DongGu and JoonYoung settle in too, with JoonYoung wondering if he’ll die if the Meju above their heads drop. In Room One, TaeHyun sighs and wonders if it smells okay to him because of his blocked nose so and goes closer to smell the red chilli peppers. It just makes it worse for him and he reels, HEE.

JoonYoung tells him to open the door if he feels lonely and so TaeHyun does that, sticking his head close to their room, HAHHAHA!

The other three sharing a room marvel at how JoonYoung came while the two sharing one bed, JoonYoung and DongGu, share stories of their time on 1 Night 2 Days. And midway, TaeHyun throws his pillow over so that he can sleep breathing the air there. Ha! In the end, he just closes the door and zips up his jacket, coughing. With the smell and the cold, he really can’t sleep… Poor thing.

Sometime later, at the start of another trip, they gather early in the morning before KBS headquarters. The sun hasn’t even risen and it’s snowing badly. JunHo arrives and the PD tells him to get off. He pretends that he can’t hear a thing (he doesn’t want to get out because of the cold) and JongMin dumps some snow through the window, HA!

The SIX of them talk bit, teasing each other and about the snow, though TaeHyun keeps staring at JunHo. Then he realises the weird thing: JunHo’s hair and eye-colour don’t match and maybe he did something to the fat below his eyes. JunHo has dyed his hair a bright brown. They laugh that he looks handsome but JunHo thinks it looks like some kind of dried snack.


Yoo PD congratulates JongMin for placing number 2 on a list of Entertainer Branding, being only behind God Yoo JaeSeok, and then for getting his huge commercial. JongMin laughs that it’s his first time filming such a CF on his own.

TaeHyun brings up the mission that Yoo PD gave them before the trip, which is basically to prepare “Seol-Bim” for their partners. JunHo picks the (video-)call up in the dark and surprises Yoo PD a bit. He asks if JunHo’s eye/cheek  surgery went well, pfft. JoonYoung’s like “Seol-Bim? Is that some kind of rice cake?” HAHAHHA. As usual, it’s DongGu and TaeHyun who figure out that it means “new clothes for the Lunar New Year”.

DongGu’s paired up with JoonYoung, TaeHyun with JunHo and JongMin practically cackles when he hears that he’s gonna be paired up with the guy who’s been hitting him quite a bit these days. All of them ask if they can really dress their partners as they want to. JongMin: “Does the costume really mean that he has to wear clothes?”

Back in the present, DongGu reveals his earnestness as usual while the others laugh that they just copied designs from the internet. The guys laugh and joke and Defconn playfully pushes JongMin when he admits that with Defconn’s costume, “Hyung won’t be a person”. I can’t wait, HAHAHA!


Yoo PD sends them off to the dressing rooms backstage to prepare for their “Fashion Walk”. Immediately, JongMin sits Defconn down and sticks his FINGER on the make-up and smears white stuff for a moustache and on his eyebrows. TaeHyun almost has a fit when he has a peek of that and JoonYoung draws a Parisian’s thin moustache for DongGu. DongGu returns the favour by putting on deep red lipstick and adding blusher on JoonYoung’s face, turning him cute.

JunHo’s taking this seriously and together with TaeHyun, consults some fashion books. A second later, he decides that he’s made up his mind and… draws super huge eyes on TaeHyun’s eyelids. At least it’s kind of better than JongMin’s, with white all over his eyes and green eyebrows! And Defconn had sworn that JongMin has to be pretty!

It’s time for hair and DongGu gets a golden, long wig. DongGu guesses that JoonYoung’s turning him into a French guy and Defconn cackles as he covers JongMin’s head with something spiky and blue. Defconn gets long brown hair that makes DongGu lose his appetite.

They’re sent off to the changing rooms while the red carpets are prepared for them out in front of KBS. Something makes JunHo go, “Hey, Mister Cha…” while Defconn complains that his costume will be too hot to wear.

HAHAHHAH, I see JunHo trying to fit into a huge rabbit head.

The sun’s risen and they head out into the public where the red carpets and a screen are waiting for them. We don’t know what they’re wearing because they’re all wearing black gowns over their costumes but JunHo’s looks especially bulky, hee.

JongMin’s up first and the others laugh when they see the silhouette of him dancing before lighted paper. Defconn says that he can go do a fan sign at Akihabara (the holy land for Anime lovers) and out comes JongMin, wearing a female comic character’s costume, smashing though the paper. He dances down the red carpet and makes someone up in the building laugh. DongGu laughs that it looks terrible while JoonYoung notes that he looks like a sick person. Then JongMin breaks character and complains that it’s too cold.


Next up is Defconn and Yoo PD shouts at him to make his pose.

He poses like a gorilla and when the music plays, the theme to STAR WARS comes out. But what bursts through the paper is BAYABA, some version of Big Foot. Defconn ambles all over the place and even slips down the stairs. He does a roll as JongMin requests and then the guy meant for Akihabara and BAYABA smack each other.

It’s JoonYoung’s turn and DongGu promises that he did well for his costume. Music plays and out comes JoonYoung the chicken, hopping all over the place, light on his feet. He’s VERY happy with his costume but JongMin complains that he looks too cute.

It’s DongGu’s turn next and JoonYoung says that he was inspired by “Hollywood”. Out comes DongGu, dressed as THOR and TaeHyun and JunHo play along whenever he smacks his (tiny) hammer on the ground. He joins the others and JongMin finds that the silver circles on his chest are the lids of Korean rice bowls. HAHAHAH.


TaeHyun is up next and Charlie Kim is most pleased by his “Movie Star”. The theme to Goblin plays and TaeHyun bursts through the paper… in a turtleneck and suit? That’s it? He walks down the red carpet grandly, acting as if there’s a sword stuck in his chest (even that has to be CG-ed). Pfft, he feels his way down because he has his eyes closed in order to make the huge make-up ones more obvious. And then Sexy Back plays and he opens his coat to reveal another costume underneath, where the material behind is all sheer! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Up on the steps, Rabbit JunHo dances in joy.

It’s JunHo’s turn… and he pokes a small hole for his face and I’m already crying seeing the buckteeth that he has on. He bursts through the paper and out comes a Rabbit-Chicken. HEE! The chicken part is deep red and perfectly flamboyant. HAHHA. The designer and his Sexy-Back do one more pose together and Comic-girl comes to throw snow at the bare back.

We’re shown how hard they worked for this and DongGu shares that his concept was to combine Chicken and Hanbok together, which is news to me because I couldn’t tell, heh… But it really did come out well. I actually think it could sell as a cute costume! JunHo designed Sexy Back in his car while TaeHyun got inspiration for his by combining JunHo’s Zodiac (Rabbit) and the Zodiac of the coming year (Rooster).


DongGu complains that it’s cold and while trying to show off his mesh-costume, he nearly hits JunHo in the face with his hammer.

The game this morning is: “Se-Bae, many, and many again”.

They have to go find three elders as a group and receive New Year Cash (Se-Bae) from them for lunch/breakfast/whatever they want to spend on. They get a little confused, wondering what kind of Elders they’re talking about while JunHo has a different concern.

JunHo pointing to the others: “(We go see them) Like that?”

They’ll decide who they’ll visit and get their money from by way of a dart board and just as they were going to decide who it’ll be, they spy an elder (Choi BulAm! They were just mimicking him a few days ago!) walking up the stairs behind them in the distance and they ambush him, HAHAHAHA.


He calls DongGu “Bread” and knows JongMin and his Daesang. When it comes to Defconn, he calls him, “Dep-po Phone”. Hahahaha.

He asks if he can just accept their bows but they shyly mutter that they have to receive New Year Cash from him. Yoo PD comes to help and Choi BulAm gives in and joins them for whatever it is they’re doing. He calls the person he’s supposed to meet and bluntly says, “1 Night 2 Day’s getting New Year Cash.” Hee.

TaeHyun shows off his Sexy Back to Choi BulAm and JunHo makes him laugh with his buck teeth.

They give him deep bows, which he returns. He tells them that it hurt his heart to see the sufferings that have to go through but hopes that they work hard to make the nation laugh. He points to Defconn and tells him to come closer… and all of them crawl over with their palms open.

Choi BulAm reaches for Defconn’s hand… just to tell him that his hands are warm. Hurr!

He mutters that he doesn’t have enough bills for each of them, his $100 locked in only a few bills and they assure him that that it’s too much. But when he pulls the entire contents of his wallet out, Defconn pounces on it, haha.

Teacher Choi BulAm’s not sure what to do, so he asks for the eldest and the stack goes to JunHo, so that he can choose ONE bill as Yoo PD keeps insisting. Yoo PD commands JunHo to pick the $10 one and… JunHo tries to sneak off with $50. Yoo PD’s flabbergasted but Choi BulAm just shoves another $10 his way and tells them to have $10 each.

It’s laughter all round as they cheer his name and mimic his laughter. Yoo PD asks if he’s watched that episode where they imitated him, but Choi BulAm hasn’t. Teacher Choi BulAm laughs his signature laughter and they point it out. He says that back in the past, they were told not to laugh so loudly because it makes the moms at home even more lonely. Which is why they stifled their laughs.


Before he leaves, he congratulates JongMin one more time, and adds that this kind of award is the best, because “More than the awards that you gain by burning your brain, this kind of earnest awards are the best!” HAHHAHAHAHAHA!

They send him off with a picture and that signature laugh. They tell him to definitely come back and he says okay before turning to go.

They gather again to throw their darts, their dart board full of different kinds of people. There’re quote-makers too. JongMin throws the dart at JunHo’s huge chicken feet and JunHo plays along, acting like he’s in pain. But when they get serious, the dart lands on: A celebrity who looks like (s)he’ll spend New Year alone.


They call Gutaeng (heh) and make an appointment for 11 am at his shop (which he tries to get out of once he hears that they’re shooting). He asks them where they are and JoonYoung answers “Apgujong” while Defconn honestly says “KBS”. KBS is in Yeouido though, and Defconn puts the two together and comes up with “Apgujeong KBS”. There’s no such thing!

Call done, they head in for a coffee. A young girl laughs uncontrollably when she sees them, hehe, and soon after the group of weird people make their orders at the counter. “This Member, Remember, Forever!” they cheer as they clink their coffees together.

JoonYoung leads the plea for the Staff going easy on them and giving them whatever they want because this is the New Year Special.

After that, they get into their car to head off and JunHo has a terrible time trying to fit in there with his huge rabbit ears and fat chicken feet. “I got a cramp!!!!”

TaeHyun almost busts a gut and thoroughly enjoys this. JunHo commands the designer to be responsible for this and put the belt on for him.

He dozes off mid-drive and the others joke about waking him up with water, but they just let him sleep.


Sometime later, they reach Cheongdamdong, where JooHyuk’s getting ready for his movie. JunHo complains about his poor neck the moment he gets off the car, hee.

JooHyuk laughs to see the ridiculous make-up on TaeHyun’s face and DongGu introduces himself as the guy who filled the place that JooHyuk vacated. TaeHyun shows off his Sexy Back and they go out of the small room to explain the situation to him.

They admit that they called him since they’d gotten “A celebrity who looked like he’ll spend New Year alone” but now that TaeHyun thinks about it… it’s a bit iffy, since JooHyuk’s gotten himself a girlfriend. And JooHyuk tells them to calm themselves. Haha.

He jokes that the moment he received Defconn’s call, he had half a mind not to pick it up. Then he complains that no matter what he says at his interviews (for his movies), only the parts where 1 Night 2 Days is involved makes the headlines. Ha.

TaeHyun sighs that it would have been great if Yoo HaeJin (JooHyuk’s co-star) came too. The 1 Night 2 Days family would have been complete.

They make him sit and accept their bows and he sighs that this image of them in a line in their ridiculous costumes looks dirty, really. HAHAH.  Defconn jokes that if JooHyuk were still with them, he’d be dressed up as JongMin. DongGu asks who he’d rather be like and he chooses TaeHyun. Really? With the Sexy Back, huh.

Anyways, it’s time to send their greetings for the New Year and JunHo starts it off with, “Anyways, for living so long, thank you”. And Defconn’s like, “show us a nephew (or niece) next year.” While the married men correct that to the year after since next year is a little too soon, JooHyuk mutters that they drive him nuts.

Whatever it is, they give JooHyuk big bows and JunHo has to be helped up, hehe.

JooHyuk tells them to do well without causing problems even though it must be hard because of the snow. JoonYoung interrupts to schmooze a bit and they reveal their real reason for coming: To collect money from him.


JooHyuk’s prepared to give them his money, but Yoo PD presents him with envelopes to pick from.

JooHyuk picks one and says that this particular one smells good. JoonYoung agrees and they decide on that.

He checks it and says that it’s not bad. He passes it to JoonYoung to check and then to TaeHyun. Defconn turns the envelope over but nothing comes out and uses it as excuse to pick again.

HA, it’s all because it’s only a $1 in there. JooHyuk comments that JoonYoung is losing his touch, then checks the others to find that they have way more money in them.

“As expected, this is why I shouldn’t join this team!”

The others complain that they’d made a wasted trip, hahahaha! JunHo bluntly complains that JooHyuk has Poop-hands.


Well, they might have gotten close to nothing from him, but JooHyuk has the chance to get something from them. They bring out the dartboard again, now filled with different gifts. JooHyuk admits that he wants the dried persimmons… but he strikes straight in the middle of “NOTHING.” Right in the middle!

JunHo jokes that with his 1000 won and “Nothing”, he’s “1000 Nothing”.

They have to decide who they have to go visit next and they give Poop-hands the honour. JooHyuk only accepts it because there’s no such thing as NOTHING on that board… and his dart bounces off the dartboard. HA!

The second time he tries, it lands on the choice that the others had declared the most difficult to fulfill: An elder who’d say “Why aren’t you coming for your New Year Cash?”

The others: “Let’s go to HeungGook Hyung.”

Defconn asks if JooHyuk won’t come with them while JunHo goes off somewhere.

TaeHyun: “Are you gonna go shit?”

No, he’s just going off to have his whiskers drawn while Comic-girl and her costume designer go off to take advantage of the services at the styling shop.

JooHyuk sits with the others and makes small talk. He confesses that he never passed a single episode of 1 Night 2 Days and jokes that because he’s not there, it’s fun.

JongMin comes out with his new and improved hair and while the others laugh, JooHyuk looks like this is all new to him, heh. He teases JongMin for looking like an Aunt.

Defconn invites JooHyuk on a vacation with them and he agrees, not as a publicity stunt but just as a vacation. That’s a promise, and Defconn adds on that his clothes will be decided by them. HAHAHAHHA!

1 Night, 2 Days!



Happy Lunar New Year!

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14 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 160

  1. I have been stalking your blog for quite sometimes. Thanks for a quick one.

    I watched the raw while having a mask on. Wrong move! Junho is funny as usual 😉


  2. Thank you for your recap as usual the savior before the sub come out
    Such happy and perfect episode start with reunion with maknae and end with their reunion with their beloved matthyung
    it also nice to have Donggu officially meet Gutaeng and we can see all 7 members in one frame

    S3 definitely the most clingy to all the members so definitely won’t be last time of our gutaeng appearance and he even promise for vacation so please come for full trip next..maybe he can drag another former matthyung YooHaeJin for next trip to balance the members of he come lol

    Im glad the staff still not giving up Jongmin&JJY love line lol

    Happy Lunar New Year to you


    1. LOL, saviour. I don’t claim that much credit. I know that some of my translations are off (though since I don’t watch with subs all the time, I’d appreciate if you guys tell me of the mistakes too).

      With 1 Night 2 Days, the more the merrier!!


  3. Happy Lunar New Year!

    Tae Hyun in that “Globin” outfit is seriously funny. I think this is the first time I think he exposed so much from behind. What a creative costume hahaha.

    Good to have everyone back together including Joo Hyuk!

    Thanks for the recap. Now waiting for the subs!


    1. You want an extreme “back” exposure of Cha Tae Hyun? Watch Sassy Girl. hahaha

      By the way, thanks @varietyrecaps for the speedy recap. I was wondering if you know why they call Joonyoung makdongi (IIRC). The one they used as a caption two episodes ago when he emerged from the car?


      1. Just call me Peeps.

        Makdoongi = maknae + kwiyeom-doongie (cutie pie), where kwiyeom-doongie = kwiyeobda (cute) + doongie (a slang referring to someone close/cute/lovable)


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