1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 161

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 161: Se-bae Man-hi ddo Man-hi

After getting and measly $1 thanks to the Poop-Hands of Kim JooHyuk, our guys head out to get more money out of Kim HeungGook… at Kim JunHo’s house. TaeHyun volunteered that location without JunHo’s consent at all, HAHAHHA.

Speechless, the flabbergasted Rabbit-Chicken struggles to get into the car again and while in there, the guys decide to remove their makeup, since it’s bothersome and scary (to others), pfft.

Down the lane the car goes, towards Yeouido and towards JunHo’s house. They reach the little lane that HeungGook texted to them and when he sees all the weird aliens, he can only laugh at their “new concept”. The guys strut down the lane like the cool guys from some cool movie, letting JunHo take the lead because he’s the one who knows where his house is the best.

They get to JunHo’s building and load into the lift… but the lift doesn’t work at all and Defconn and DongGu voluntarily get out. It now works. Heh.


After entering JunHo’s house, HeungGook invites himself to the sofas while the others take their coats off. Yoo PD sees a round coffee table in the middle of the living room and asks if they should remove it. JunHo just suggests it as a sitting place for HeungGook the wise. Heh.

Pwahaha, HeungGook bluntly tells them to do their “Se-Bae” and JunHo makes everyone laugh again with his bunny teeth. Down the guys go and so does HeungGook… to the 45 degree angle that he can only go to, hee. He knows what comes after their bows and TaeHyun presents him with the envelopes of New Year Cash that he has to pick from.

He tattles on how JooHyuk gave them $1 and HeungGook gets so surprised. He mutters that JooHyuk “must have weak luck” (you think?) and Defconn requests for $50.

HeungGook readily agrees and for some reason, he’s very certain that he will get it. For a very pregnant moment, he stares at the envelopes then picks the one at the very end. “This is $50.”

The envelope goes to JongMin, who’s told to just pull the money out without checking at all and what comes out is a bright yellow bill with the face of Madame Shim Saimdang – a 50 000 won bill (about $50). Whoa.


The guys celebrate and HeungGook comments that “life is just one shot”. Happy with the amount that they got, they eagerly present to him the dartboard of presents and HeungGook happily agrees to it, because life’s fair with “give and take”. And to reward him for getting them $50, he gets a set of Korean Beef in return. WHOA. His hands are Midas’ Hands and JunHo even kisses one, pfft.

Kim HeungGook: “I’ll get going now.” Hahaha, this guy is so straightforward and no nonsense. “When I leave I don’t even look back!”

Now that they’re happy again, and in the safety of JunHo’s abode, the guys take over his living room and count their money. With $46 left from whatever Choi BulAm-nim gave them, and the $50 from Kim HeungGook… and add the $1 JooHyuk gave them, they have$98 for lunch. Oooh, that’s a lot for 1 Night 2 Days’ standards. And they still have one more celebrity to meet. But JongMin wants Ramyeon. What.

From the Dartboard that they have, there’re only three categories of celebrities to choose from now:

  1. A celebrity who has a relationship with chickens (what?? I didn’t read it carefully before, but hahaha.)
  2. A Hyung you know.
  3. A legendary Daesang Winner.

TaeHyun’s most interested in the third option and JongMin suggests that they just stick the arrow in and turn the dartboard. HAHAHA. Yoo PD gives them a list of past Daesang winners and JunHo gets excited when Kim HeeAe’s name comes up. That she’s older than all of them is mind blowing to me, considering how good her skin looks.

They push JongMin to call her for the Daesang Special that he suggested and he practices how to greet her (of course, always as awkwardly as ever), only for the call not to get through, HA! So they set their sights on someone closer to them and they choose to call the Nation’s Singer, mega-famous in the 1990s, Kim GunMo. (At least I think it’s Kim GunMo.)


The call does go through, but the first thing he mutters is, “can’t hear”. They think the signal’s bad and they try to call again but the call still doesn’t sound right and GunMo asks if they’re in a tunnel or something. TaeHyun finally realises what the problem is – JongMin keeps stammering and sleepy GunMo thought that was the reception being bad. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAA!

So the phone goes to TaeHyun who solves the problem by speaking properly and they learn that GunMo was sleeping because he slept late last night.

JunHo: “Hyung-Nim! If you continue sleeping, we’ll bow twice to you!” YAH! (Koreans traditionally bow twice to the dead. The living only get one.)

They end the call and are not sure if they can pay him a visit. So they try thinking of other celebrities and with regards to the option with the chickens, JunHo is happy with the idea of visiting Lee GyeIn, the celebrity who RAISES chicken and fed them one awhile back.  But why are they even discussing this when they haven’t even thrown the dart?! They laugh when JunHo gets carried away with the chicken and so throw the dart… that bounces off three times. Ha! When it does land (thrown by DongGu), it lands on “A celebrity with relation to chickens”. Today must be their lucky day.


So JunHo puts in a call to Lee GyeIn and he demands to know why they’re calling. He’s at the chicken farm now, and because it’s busy, he tells them not to come, just greet him over the phone. But of course they insist and when GyeIn hears that Defconn’s coming, he becomes VERY hesitant. Hahahahah.

Defconn promises him that they’re not there to eat any chicken and just to get some New Year Cash. Lee GyeIn dithers… until they bring up the possibility of presents and how Kim HeungGook got away with Korean Beef.

TaeHyun: “So Hyung-nim, if we leave now, we’ll reach at around 3…”

Lee GyeIn: “You’ll reach here soon! Ah, this place isn’t far!” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Back onto the car the Rabbit-Chicken goes and while they drive, JongMin sings a song from the drama Baker King Kim TakGu. DongGu joins in and a while later, Defconn turns it into another song, haha. JongMin asks if they sang well and all he gets in return are snores from the other three.

They reach Lee GyeIn’s house and find a patch of untouched stone. BAYABA climbs onto it to leave his footsteps… only to slip and fall, haha. JunHo stomps all over it, calling them dinosaur imprints. They head over to the chicken coop, where they push JunHo in and GyeIn gets protective of all his chicken.

They enter the house and see Lee GyeIn’s rock collection and recall how Lee GyeIn once worked with JooHyuk. They sit down for their New Year Bows and when they explain their costumes as “SolBi”, Lee GyeIn heads in to get his own. After a long spiel of them playing around and giving good advice (in which Lee GyeIn tells them to go on with 1 Night 2 Days for another 30 years and the Rabbit-Chicken’s like, “I’ll be 72…”), Yoo PD presents them with the envelopes again, but this time, filled with mathematical symbols (+, -, ÷).


They all complain and complain, with JongMin arguing that their “fans won’t stand for this!” but of course, Yoo PD has his way. Only thing is that luck is on their side and Lee GyeIn pulls out a plus. And so they get their total $98 for lunch.

Lee GyeIn gets his present too, a whole box of wild ginseng and he’s more interested in the grass packaging that they came in than the ginseng itself, because he needs it for his plant, HA! He gives them some eggs to go (because of Avian flu there in Korea, eggs are expensive now. Learnt that from KoreanVarietyRecaps!).

Out they go again, and Defconn can’t stand the stuffy costume anymore and half-strips out of it. This time, they board the staff bus and JunHo has a much better time. A short while later, they find an okay restaurant and choose the spread that fits their allowance. And what a spread it is. It fills their entire long table.

They settle down happily to eat… expect for Defconn who keeps getting hair in his face. Hahaha. He groans that he wishes to tie his hair but no one helps him. On the other hand, the Rabbit-Chicken who has been having problems with his costume the whole day eats non-stop… until he complains to his designer that the sleeves are annoying. Hee.


Now that they have so much food, they play around, telling the other to eat more. At the end of it, TaeHyun points to everything and says that this is happiness. They credit it all to Choi BulAm, Kim HeungGook and Lee GyeIn. JooHyuk contributed to nothing, they said. HAHAHAHA. But in the end they relent and that him for “buying” the soda.

On their way to the next location, Yoo PD tells them that he’s checked with Kim HeeAe and tells them that it’s okay to send her a text. So they get excited over it. Pfft, he sends her something like, “Hello, Teacher, this is Excited Babo Kim JongMin. I want to speak over the phone with you. May I call you? Woo-hahaha.” HAHAHAHHA.

And a while later, JongMin gets the short reply: “Yes^^”

So JongMin calls her and puts her on speaker. He laughs and greets her as “Mister Kim Daesang”, pwahahah. Then he basically stutters and speaks in weird choppy sentences such that TaeHyun takes over the call and explains the situation to her – that they’re filming 1 Night 2 Days and how JongMin wanted to see her earlier for their New Year Greetings. He asks if she can come for their “Daesang Special” and she agrees readily.

Whoo!!! They cheer and JunHo gives talking to Kim HeeAe a try: “Sunbae-nim! Saranghae-yo!” HAHAHHAHA! But Kim HeeAe is a good sport and returns the love. Defconn seranades her too and does the same. When the call ends, JunHo brags to the others, about how “HeeAe Noona” “loves” him. He says that since he talked to her over the phone, she’s his Noona. Pwahaha. And now Yoo PD’s telling JongMin that he’s trusting him to make the Daesang special that he suggested come true. HA!

Soon after, they reach their destination – some huge frozen lake. The boys immediately get onto it, slipping and sliding everywhere. And suddenly, a huge cracking sound happens and JongMin runs out of there faster than you can say his name. JunHo follows him too.

Yoo PD assures them that it’s not the sound of ice cracking but rather of ice forming and TaeHyun calls “Mister Daesang” and “Mister Ex-Daesang” to come back in. Now that they’re back together, Yoo PD tells them that the game they’ll be playing here is “Pick the Manito”.


Since it’s been a while since they were together, this is a game designed to test their friendship. What? Anyways, they’re given 6 slips of paper to choose from one by one while the others play around on the ice behind. Each slip contains a member’s name and their task is to help him secretly without him knowing. If they get caught, then there’s a punishment waiting for them.

JongMin goes first and picks someone he’s “a little apologetic to” (I might be wrong about that). When Yoo PD asks about his manito, JunHo calls the others his “xiongdi” (brothers). When he asks the same of TaeHyun, he says that he doesn’t have any thoughts. HA! Defconn says that his manito is nice but gets pissy and DongGu says that his poor manito has to carry a lot of responsibility and gets his hands burnt. JoonYoung has a weird expression the moment he opens his slip of paper. HAHAHAH!

He gets up and calls to Defconn and immediately, they know that Defconn’s not his manito. JongMin says because Defconn’s his. Ha.


They haven’t even started the game and they’re mistreating each other out of love already. Hee. Yoo PD gives them their first game and tells them that if their manito wins, they get to eat. If they win themselves, they get to eat too. TaeHyun gets confused as always, HA!

JunHo smacks JongMin for attempting to confuse the others and Defconn smacks JunHo in retaliation. Eventually, all of them get up in arms, save for TaeHyun who stares confused, pwahahhaha.

They split into teams of three for this game and JoonYoung almost pounces on JunHo and JongMin when the two of them actually are happy that they are on the same team. His team members TaeHyun and DongGu hold them back while Defconn just smiles.

The game they’ll be playing now is Swimming on Ice and their main goal is to er, swim on ice, and get the (fake) chicken at the end of the lane to squeak. The first game is between JunHo and TaeHyun and JunHo interrupts JongMin’s introduction to have him explain that he’s not wearing the goggles because he just had surgery under his eye.

Off the two national swimmers go, wriggling on the ice on their bellies for the free style portion. TaeHyun is obviously way ahead of JunHo a while later and while he gets on his back of the portion that requires the “backstroke”, JunHo edges to the side to get some help from the floats. TaeHyun wins.

Defconn battles DongGu next (while wearing too-tight goggles) and DongGu’s way ahead for the freestyle part. But when it comes to the backstroke portion, Defconn comfortably beats DongGu. That’s unexpected and Defconn straightforwardly asks that he’s DongGu’s manito, right?

It’s JongMin versus JoonYoung next and, pwahahhahaa, JongMin has way too many heat packs stuck to the inner back of his jacket as we get to see when he takes it off. PFFFTTT, JongMin doesn’t move at all and wriggles on the spot. JoonYoung even backs a little to tease him and then later, “fakes” a cramp on his foot. So JongMin actually gets to the chicken first… though it’s JoonYoung who sounds it first. So JoonYoung wins. HA!


We finally see who their manitos are, and JoonYoung’s is obviously JongMin. Ha. JongMin’s is TaeHyun… which is why JongMin put on that show of wriggling on the spot so that TaeHyun’s team wins (and so TaeHyun gets to eat). TaeHyun’s manito is DongGu, which is why he worked so hard to win it for their team. DongGu’s is Defconn, to which he has muttered that he can’t be obvious about it but you all know what happened. Defconn’s is JunHo, to which he had muttered “so annoying”, hahahha. JunHo’s manito… is of course JoonYoung, then. Hee!

Summarizing: JoonYoung -> JongMin -> TaeHyun -> DongGu -> Defconn -> JunHo -> JoonYoung!

It’s a complete circle!

The games ends and Yoo PD tells them to take their gloves off. DongGu laughs at how JongMin wears two pairs. Yoo PD doesn’t allow them their hot packs too.

Their next game is Finger Kong Kong Kong. Er… All they have to do for this game is peel and stick a sticker on themselves, open tied plastic bags and rip the plastic from disposable bottles. They just have to do it faster than the other team.

Heh, family man TaeHyun does everything the best and his team is so way ahead that he goes over to help them. They remove everything from the other team’s and JongMin demands to know why JoonYoung is helping Defconn. JunHo gives JoonYoung a hot pack, so sweet, while Defconn gives JunHo a cold water bottle to cool his neck.

Now that they’re all done, JoonYoung asks them for confirmation… only to pull a bottle from his coat and surprise them with his team’s loss. Pwahahha.

In return, JunHo points to their one untied plastic bag and Defconn smacks him because that one WAS untied by them. JunHo just tied it back.

JunHo: “Eo! Your manito’s on that side, isn’t it?” Hahahaha, Defconn stares at his manito in the face, frustrated.


Since they’re 1:1 after both games, Yoo PD presents them with a death match, which is basically peeling a sticker. And when the whistle blows, JongMin only gives TaeHyun his and not JunHo. HA! And while the JunHo tries his hardest, his other members hassle him.

Obviously TaeHyun wins it and JunHo complains about JongMin acting weird. Defconn calls them both out for both acting weird, because he totally saw JunHo not even trying to peel the sticker at all.

Finally, the games come to an end with TaeHyun, DongGu and JoonYoung winning. And because JunHo was JoonYoung’s “protector”, and JongMin was TaeHyun’s, they get to eat too. What… does this mean that only Defconn doesn’t get to eat? That’s too sad!




Next Week!

They play with swords and laugh a lot.


7 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 161

  1. Is it just me or it’s a little sad when CTH said that he doesnt have wany thoughts on Dong Gu? I understand that their (CTH/Dong Gu) bond/relationship isn’t probably that deep yet considering the amount of time they know each other, but I still feel a lil sad. I wish they can grow fonder of each other soon. 🙂


      1. Yeah. I don’t cover everything in my recap. I can’t anyway. I can only cover what I thought was fun and hope that it’s an enjoyable enough read. Seems like not many people are interested in this episode, apparently. Haha.


    1. LOL, I didn’t think so much about that statement. I do that too… Sometimes I don’t really think of anything even when I’m asked about someone I really love. Not all of us a romanticists. 😛


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