1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 162

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 162:

Manitto-nim, thanks for helping me!

The Manito games have ended and it’s time for dinner. Yoo PD decides that they need some time alone and so sends them off to different rooms to eat dinner alone. JongMin, JunHo and TaeHyun find a wondrous spread covering a little table in their room.

Meanwhile, DongGu, JoonYoung and Defconn (he gets to eat too!) find just a bowl of rice, a bowl of plain water and a wooden spoon on theirs. And a pan-fried fish hanging on a string above them. Hahahaha. Even worse, they can only eat the fish with their mouths and only while kneeling. No touchy otherwise! DongGu looks incredibly unimpressed while the new and improved JoonYoung just laughs helplessly.


JunHo and JongMin relish their dinner. Halfway, JunHo shuffles to the wall on his left and taps, asking if the person on the other side is eating well. Cut to JoonYoung miserably spooning rice into his mouth, haha.

DongGu looks at his fish and says that since his kneeling-height is tall, he can reach it. And reach and eat the fish he does. Pffft, his face suddenly brightens, like he’s been given a gift. Defconn does the same too. On the other hand, JoonYoung’s short body isn’t doing him any favours now and he keeps leaping for the fish but missing. He’s not JoonYoung if he doesn’t have his way though, and he keeps at it until he gets a taste of the tail. Now recharged, he smacks the fish with the back of his head and the fish goes flying, right into the corner of the room. And now JoonYoung doesn’t have to leap for fish, HA. Smart guy.

While eating his fish, JoonYoung is interrupted, by a staff handing him a half-eaten bowl of noodles, courtesy of his Manito (JunHo). But JoonYoung looks at that weird thing and pokes it around, looking very unhappy. “I don’t’ like this!”. The PD asks him who he thinks it’s from and he immediately points to the room on his right. “It’s that Hyung for sure!”


Dinner ends and they’re all told to guess who their Manito-s are. Off they go to write their guesses and Yoo PD repeats that whoever guessed right, their Manito gets a harsh punishment.

He asks who thinks that JunHo is his Manito and both JongMin and JoonYoung step out. HAHAHA. JunHo pushes JongMin aside and then almost curses and twists JoonYoung’s fingers, heh. Defconn easily guesses that DongGu’s his Manito and JongMin has a little fit (“I never treated you well!”) when TaeHyun guesses that he’s his Manito. Heh, JongMin thought that he was out of the woods only for TaeHyun to turn the tables. And so, it means that DongGu, JunHo and JongMin have to go ice fishing the next morning. Heh.

Now that it’s decided, they go on to play their Sleeping Lucky or Not Games. For this, they’ll be playing the “Get It Wrong Quiz.” There’ll be 5 quizzes and their job is to run from a distance and pick the wrong answer. For every wrong answer they get, they get one point. The two with the highest points and the happy one whose Manito wins first place get to sleep indoors. In other words, there are 4 places available indoors. The other two will be sleeping on the natural freezer out at the lake where JunHo and JongMin ditched their buddies when it sounded like it was cracking.

Yoo PD repeats the rules for them and reminds them that they have to get the wrong answer.

JunHo: “Then, we can just pick the ones that we think are right.” HAHAHA.

Their first quiz is to pick a picture of real couples. (Remember that they’re supposed to pick the WRONG ones to win.) JongMin picks the one with Husband and Wife, Ji Sung  and Lee BoYoung. Heh. Earlier, he was confused whether he’d picked the right one or not and had hogged two, only for JoonYoung to swoop in and make the decision for him.

In the next round, their task is to pick the phrase with the right spelling. (AKA, they have to pick the one with the wrong spelling to win a point.) A fist fight occurs in the brawl, hehehe, and once they’ve settled down, they’re told to write the right spelling on the boards they’ve picked. TaeHyun goes first.

JunHo: “SooChan is watching, yah.”

TaeHyun: “Let’s not do this!”


Hehehehe. But luckily for the father, he gets his spelling right. On the other hand, JunHo can’t get the Korean spelling for Legal Libel right. Defconn has to step in. JongMin automatically tries to correct his, only to be told that the spelling for the phrase on his board is right. HAHAHHAAH!

Captions: “SuChan ah, even then, these are kind uncles…”

And so it is that JongMin’s the only one who gets everything right. TaeHyun asks what happens if JongMin’s the only one who gets all five right and Yoo PD just ignores him and continues on to the next game.

Six different staff members with crazy earphones come out and start dancing. Yoo PD tells them to find the one listening to pop music and… JongMin’s the one who gets it right again. HAHAHA. The rest were listening to ballads.


Since JongMin’s in the absolute last place already, Yoo PD leaves him out of the next rounds and continues with the rest. Nothing much to write about that, except that JoonYoung doesn’t know what a sigma looks like.

The final results are that TaeHyun, JoonYoung and JongMin are the ones sleeping out in the cold today. Or not, because they see a tent and say “thank you”.

Meanwhile, JunHo, Defconn and DongGu happily sleep indoors. (Only three, because Defconn and DongGu are shared number ones (and they’re each other’s Manito-s) and Defconn is JunHo’s Manito.)

Night deepens and morning comes. Light steams through the open doors when a PD comes in wake the Manito-s who got found out for their ice-fishing and the PD accidentally calls Defconn DongGu. Ha. DongGu just grins as he watches everything.

DongGu and JunHo reach the frozen lake by bus and they poke JongMin awake with a pole.

Off to the middle of the lake they go, and Yoo PD tells them to get 300 smelts. Then he changes that to 30, because I guess he doesn’t want to stay there forever, heh. JunHo changes his nickname from Mu-dori (unreasonable) to Yoo-dori (reasonable).

The three babo-s go off to their fishing spots happily and JunHo’s the one to catch the first fish. The other two get nothing and a long, long, looooooooooooooooong while later, Yoo PD finally tells them that they just have to get ONE fish each within an allotted time frame to earn an exception for the next work-mission. Defconn, JoonYoung and TaeHyun play around on the ice behind them.

Yoo PD gathers them for the closing and says that fishing-time has ended. That’s the moment JongMin gets his fish. Hahaha, nice fish, but no free pass for you. That one goes to JunHo. With that, the trip comes to an end.


It’s a new day and a new sunrise. JunHo celebrates the new beginning by sleeping in his car, until some bugger knocks on his car and calls for “JunHo Oppa”. Hehe. JoonYoung groggily gets out of his car and gets his coat stuck on the door. Peppy DongGu arrives and gets back hugs from both JoonYoung and JunHo.

All six of them finally gather and up the hill they go to see the view from Tara Gongwon, a nature park located in Tongyeong,  South Gyeongsang Province. Yoo PD asks them what TongYeong reminds them of and they immediately answer the name of Korea’s great navy-general: Lee SunShin. Hee, History-expert JongMin gives them a quick explanation and messes it up by getting his pronunciation wrong. Ah, Kim JongMin. Always 2% short of perfect.

To be honest, Lee SunShin is a general I am deeply in awe of, if only because he successfully took on 333 enemy ships with just his mere 13 ships and won the battle. For a fictionalised-factual recount of his most famous battle, the Battle of Myeongnyang, watch the movie The Admiral: Roaring Currents. With that one battle, he turned Korea’s war with the Japanese on its head (although maybe not enough in the end, since all sides just lost terribly in that war).


And so, because of Lee SunShin, the topic of the day is leadership. Yoo PD tells them that their generals are JunHo and JongMin, and the captions helpfully pit the 2013 Daesang winner against the 2016 Daesang winner.

Defconn: “(So this is basically,) do you believe in the Babo or the YAPS?”


JunHo: “If you believe in the Babo, you die.”

Defconn: “What about the YAPS?”

JunHo: “You live.”

TaeHyun: “You’ll live, but you’ll die later.” HAHAHA.

Yoo PD tells them that the two leaders and their teams have been decided already and everyone else complains. TaeHyun and Defconn complain when they hear that they’re in JunHo’s team, because it seems like they’re dividing this by age.

The two generals get their swords and TaeHyun calls their team “Han-ryang” (one “ryang”). JongMin decides to call his “Dul-ryang” (Two “ryang”). Then he decides on “Mul-ryang” (supplies).

Yoo PD tells them that other than their generals, they have to have their… boats (“bae”). And out come the pears (“bae”). Today, they’ll be racing against each other for dinner.  If they win a mission, they win the additional number of pears that they’d bet. If they lose, then they lose all the pears they bet. The team with the greater number of pears wins dinner.

The Generals start the race by betting one pear each on a game of scissors-paper-stone. Haha. After several fakes and equal hands, General JongMin wins a pear for his team  which of course means that JunHo loses one.

JunHo and his team drive off and JunHo talks all sorts of rubbish about how important a leader is and Defconn shuts that down with, “so that’s why you lost a pear?” Hee. In the other car, they’re playing around too and suddenly talk about conception dreams. LOL. But you’re all singles there, what are you talking about?!


The two teams reach the same destination at around the same time and though JunHo and TaeHyun run, they’re no match for youth and the old guys just laugh as JoonYoung and DongGu zoom past them.

They arrive at SeByeongGwan, a building that symbolises the end of the Imjin Wars, the washing away and cleaning up of the weapons of war. Right next to it is the old naval base.

Here, they’ll be playing the traditional Korean game of Yut. Dang, I have no idea how this is played and “gae gae gae” doesn’t mean a thing to me other than it sounding like “dog dog dog”. Anyways, they’re just allowed to bet as many pears as they want and if the result they predicted comes out, they win pears.

Heh, Yoo PD the stickler (who always insists on pronouncing “Concept” as “Con-cep-teu” as per the official Korean pronunciation) has a pronunciation error and the others tease him relentlessly for it.

The games start and JunHo and team decide to bet on “Gae” the whole time, because “we’re dogs”. The leader sends out three pears and loses the bet. So he sends out another 4 to bet on the same thing. Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, a gambler with gambling… this does not end well and while dancing to “Gae”, the heavens decide that JunHo needs a lesson and out comes “Yut”. Hee, that team has already lost 8 pears and we’re only just starting!


On the other hand, General JongMin giggles about how hard being a leader is (pfft, what are you saying. You haven’t even done anything). And they lose their three pears.

Back on JunHo’s team, TaeHyun’s just helplessly chuckling at the side while JunHo gets “Gae” after “Gae” on his practice rounds. So sure that his bet is going to go the way he wants too, the gambler asks TaeHyun if he knows what they should do now.

He points to the next team and says, “we should borrow pears.”

GET THE GAMBLER AWAY! TaeHyun just about busts a gut.

Luckily for them, Yoo PD rejects his suggestion to borrow pears.

On the other side, DongGu is in deep disagreement with his teammates and they basically lose more pears. Having had enough, they walk off, though not before cheering loudly while trying to trick the other side. They’re not falling for it. Instead, they’re off betting more pears and losing two more, despite barking at the game pieces.

Yoo PD tells JunHo to stop here, but JunHo insists on betting one more pear and finally, he wins one. That means that they have a final total of 3 pears, from their starting number of 12. The general raises his sword in victory while the others just trudge off.

Team JongMin goes off to walk along a mural village and up Seopirang’s 99 steps. General JongMin takes pictures of the pretty murals and basically uses his precious sword as a walking aide, heh. By the way, what happened to JoonYoung’s hair? It looks like he fried it.


Walking midway, Brain DongGu realises that the murals and the words on them are probably from famed writer Park KyeongRi’s books, she, whose hometown they’re in right now. JongMin complains that their final destination is too high and JoonYoung’s about to give up on the mission. But the moment they reach the top, the view rewards them.

Their mission here is to fill in the blanks of phrases from Park KyeongRi’s books. Heh, DongGu asks if they can’t bet half a pear for this while JoonYoung’s all “two”! Aigoo-yah… he then goes on to guess any ol’ how, while bookworm DongGu doesn’t even know the answer, having whined that Park KyeongRi’s books are deep and the words she uses are unpredictable.

“Though it’s not something without small pleasures, please love __.  You have to love__. You have to endure it as it is.” I don’t even know what it means.


JoonYoung’s answer is “JoonYoung”. Ha. JongMin’s answer is “wind”. Then “sea”. Then “waves”. What.

In the end, they leave everything in DongGu’s hands and guess “creation”. Why would you have to endure creation? And they get it wrong.

The right answer is “sadness”. Sadness has happiness? Dang, I am super confused now. I mean, in some weird abstract way, it makes sense to me but… lol. Authors…

Since there’s only 10 minutes till lunch, this group runs off to go take a look at all the murals again, and decide to bet three pears on their next try. Meanwhile the other team is in their car joking about going all in with their lone three pears.



Next Week!

They strip. JunHo one-ups them by taking off his underwear too.


Me and You” by Jung JoonYoung.


12 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 162

  1. Thanks for the recap. I could see that Donggu is the wiser one here(what he said abt betting is true..you just can’t stop coz you’ll keep trying to reclaim what you’ve lost)..JY is the reckless one..much like his secret admirer..lol.

    When you give swords to two guys..somehow they ended up like a couple of six year-olds. I can’t wait to see what these kids are up to next!

    Btw, donggu can be a tour guide if he ever decides to quit the entertainment biz.


  2. The first game reminded me of Yaps losing all the bets against the elders on the island tour (last trip of pd crayfish), though for that episode he had to lose in order to win. Thanks for the laughs Kim Junho-shi!


    1. YAPS(eu) = Yap-sap-han Sseu-re-gi = Sneaky/ Cunning/Shrewd/ Weaselly Trash = Kim JunHo (at least on 1 Night 2 Days). [In real life, this cunning trash got conned by his business partner, oh sigh…)


  3. “By the way, what happened to JoonYoung’s hair? It looks like he fried it.” LOL! He says he can wash the dishes with his hair! Haha


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