1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 163

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 163:

After losing a pear due to their lack of attention to Teacher Park KyungRi’s words, Team Young Guys run back down and try to remember every word they see.  Once they think they’re done, they run back up, where three of their pears sit on the table, awaiting their fates.

Immediately, JoonYoung grabs the question paper… but then exclaims that he totally saw this just now. He just doesn’t know what the missing word is. HA! Fish brains!

“This thing called ___ is the accumulated repository of experience and time.”

Then he declares that it’s not his (as in, he didn’t see this phrase around the section he was supposed to scout) and JongMin follows suit. They push it all to DongGu, who doesn’t know the answer and remains speechless.


That’s a pretty easy question, but none of them guess the correct answer at all. JoonYoung even complains that this is first time in his life that he’s seeing the word “repository”, pwahahah. JoonYoung begs the PDs to at least let them know if the correct answer is among their guesses.

The PD just presses them to answer immediately and JongMin starts… only to push it to JoonYoung, ha! But in the end, they guess “Knowledge”, which is wrong, because the right answer was “Memory”. How could you get that wrong?! And so they lose three pears.

Out on the streets, the gambler and his buddies laugh at his gambling tendencies while they make their way to the statue of Admiral Lee SoonShin. Tall and proud the statue stands, facing MyeongRyang Straits, the very water body where he’d achieved his stunning 13-against-333 ships victory. Heh, they joke about facing the emnemy with their chicken feet since they can’t compare to the admiral.

They make it there right in time for lunch games and this one will pit both teams against each other. The winner gets laver-wrapped-rice with fermented marinated side-dishes (AKA, ChungMu-style Kimbap) and honey/caramel coated buns for dessert while the loser just gets laver-wrapped-rice. To win the tantalising side dishes, all they have to do to win is to make the longer line with their clothes. HAHAHAHA. Are you sure this programme is safe for 15 year olds?


TaeHyun complains that Defconn isn’t wearing much but takes heart to know that JoonYoung and DongGu probably aren’t either. Then JunHo interrupts to say that he’s wearing boxes, pfft. That blows Defconn’s mind a little, but he recovers to show them his long white belt. Hehehe.

The other team is feeling defeated already, with DongGu complaining that TaeHyun and JunHo are the kind to wear lots of things, while Defconn’s clothes are just already big.

Anyways, the two teams call each other and start off by laughing at each other. Pfft, these little kids. They bicker and brag and blow hot air and once they get off the phone, TaeHyun is taken aback when Defconn mentions including their underwear in the game.

TaeHyun: “Even our underwear?!”

JunHo: “You’re not taking your underwear off?!”


They’ve got to bet their pears for this too and Team Old Guys are so confident that they really go All In with their three pears. The other team bets two.

Team JunHo has a blast taking everything off within their given 5 minutes and we’re treated to the entire process of JongMin peeling his numerous layers off like he’s a large onion. Please note that there are bystanders watching all of these, heh.


JunHo: “This is [what] a leader [does]!”

Kim JunHo, you’re the best. Jjang!


While that proud leader stands around in the bare open while his minions arrange his boxers, up on the hill, the other team hides behind the little walls of the pavilion there.

Once they’re done and the 5 minutes are up, the old guys call the young guys, because it’s a pity that only they get to see JunHo’s desperation. HAHAHAHAHAHA, Defconn points the phone’s camera towards JunHo’s nether regions, thankfully shielded by a towel wrap-around, and JunHo gets so surprised and startled that he smacks Defconn on the face repeatedly, hehe.

“Don’t film [it] with a camera!!!” he screams, all while ignoring the VJ behind him who’s pointing his much more professional and capable camera at him too, heh.

Yoo PD takes a walk around their line of clothes and notes that they didn’t actually stretch their clothes out to the maximum. TaeHyun just points to a sign on the barricade behind them, nothing that they’re doing none of the things it’s telling them not to do – No Leaning, No Fire, No Littering. But there’s no sign that says no stripping. Heh.

The clothes get measured and while waiting, JongMin only just realised that there’s a hole in the pavillion’s wall, right where his… er… interesting part would be.


JongMin guesses that their line is 20m long. Well, the other team got 29m 20 cm, which is impressive but no match for JongMin’s 32m 55cm. WHAT?!

JongMin gets so excited to hear that they’ve won lunch that he jumps up and accidentally shows the world more that he’d like to show them, heh. He settles for sitting down and giving DongGu a high five that way.

The other team is flabbergasted that they’d lost and JunHo sadly wears his boxers back on. Defconn offers to help him but JunHo’s experienced with skirts, all because of that time he played Jyana on Gag Concert.

The winners call the losers and JongMin crows about how both JoonYoung and DongGu DID wear their thermal underwear. But the best part was, DongGu’s coat was a double layered one that could be separated and in between there was a super long belt hiding there. HA! He brags until Defconn just ends the call mid-talk, heh.

JongMin’s reminded of the “fortune-telling” they did just a little before their official gambling game started earlier that day and is awed by how its prediction that they’re going to get rich this year came true. On the other hand, the team who “found” that their “hopes and wishes will all come true” gets no side dishes or dessert for lunch and have no more pears, having lost them all in the bet gone wrong.

Heh, JongMin is delighted with his pears and does sageuk-speak. But he’s not very good at it and DongGu has to correct him, hee.

The three of them enjoy their lunch, and JongMin hilariously describes how he can’t stop eating because the salty side dishes make him crave the rice which then makes him crave the side dishes. And he spits rice while saying that. Aigoo, Kim JongMin ah…

The losers are offered their lunch of plain rice and laver and JunHo has the guts to mutter that they should go into diversified investment. *Snort*


Defconn chides JunHo and tells him to be careful of his friends. JunHo tries to justify his gambling-ways, knowing that he’s being stupid. But then, there’s always that thought… “the next one’s an opportunity [to win]…” TaeHyun cries in laughter between them, heh.

But they’re the only ones laughing because the production staffs’ scrambling to put together something, not having expected JunHo to lose ALL his betting-pears and be unable to continue the race at all.

It’s not such a big problem after all, since Yoo PD decides to just be a loan shark and lend JunHo those pears at 100% interest, pfft. JunHo decides to borrow 10 and no one can stop him, pwahaha. He even commands Yoo PD not to tell his “enemy” (the other team).  TaeHyun collapses, cackling.

For the next game, Defconn suggests that they bet two pears but JunHo’s putting 5 instead. SOMEONE STOP HIM! And worse, their mission there is a Lucky-or-Not game. But TaeHyun is the icon of misfortune and the other two aren’t exactly lucky guys either!

TaeHyun tells JunHo to step up for their next game but JunHo quakes and says no, hee. They settle it with scissors-paper-stone and the heavens decide that JunHo has to take responsibility for his choices. Heh.


So it turns out that JunHo’s the “archer” who’ll have to pick his water-balloons and “shoot” them at 2 staff and Defconn and TaeHyun. Three of the six water-balloons are filled with ink though, and as long as neither TaeHyun nor Defconn get hit by the ink, they win the bet.

While TaeHyun and Defconn suit up, JunHo tells mutters that if he loses this, he’s got nowhere else to go any more. Ha, he then quotes an ancient phrase wrongly and Yoo PD the stickler corrects him.

The staff and TaeHyun and Defconn stand in a line, waiting for the Admiral to throw the water balloons at them. The first staff gets hit with an ink bomb. Everyone freezes, including JunHo, ha. Phew! The second staff is hit with a water balloon. But later, Defconn gets hit with a water balloon – that’s good! – and luckily for this cat with 19 lives, JunHo manages to hit TaeHyun with only a water balloon and not an ink bomb. He gets an additional 5 pears instead of losing them, whee!!!

Out on the streets, JoonYoung and DongGu chant for JongMin, who’s nodding off, while they drive towards Korea’s longest cable car ride.

They board it and the others enjoy the ride and view while acrophobic JongMin shudders and gets nauseous. When the end comes in sight, JongMin hurrahs, ha.

Up another flight of steps they have to go again and JoonYoung complains. DongGu laughs as he looks back to see the poofy-haired guy climbing up the stairs on all fours and JoonYoung tells him to think of him as a poodle.

They reach the absolute pinnacle and their PD calls for Admiral Lee SoonShin to appear. A staff in an Admiral’s helmet comes to give them 100 won each, the Korean currency that stars Admiral Lee SoonShin’s image. To win this mission, Lee SoonShin has to visit all of them – in other words, they have to flip the coins such that all three of them get it with Lee SoonShin face up.


They bet a pear for this and lose, ha.

DongGu argues that it’s a game against them and wooo-waaahh… he actually uses math to argue. Heh.  “1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/8. [There’s only a 1/8 chance that it’ll turn out the way we want.] Haiyoo, it won’t work out!” And so they give up pretty easily, heh.

Before they go, the PD tells them to leave a letter to be sent to themselves a year later. With the figurines behind them.

JoonYoung’s one is a short “To JoonYoung-ie. What have you been doing, lately?  I’m just sending this.”

On the other hand, JongMin finds his ridiculous, making the PD laugh. He shares what he wrote, which is: “To JongMin. JongMin ah, in 2017 too, you did well by really giving your best, without regrets. You had a good thing happen in 2016 though, so how could you do well in 2017 [too]?” What kind of words are those at the end?!

DongGu’s one basically tells his 2018 self that the memories he had were good and tells him to definitely live happily.


Down below, JunHo’s team drives to the hilltop that showed phrases from Park KyungRi’s books on the way up and Defconn, in the car, even before he knew about the mission, decides to bet 10 pears on this next one. OH NO. JunHo’s infected one!

But when they’re up there, they only bet one pear and they get the exact same question that JoonYoung had gotten.

“Though it’s not something without small pleasures, please love __.  You have to love__. You have to endure it as it is.” JunHo and TaeHyun basically guess the name of TaeHyun’s kids, heh, and so of course they lose the one pear they bet.

Off the three of them go to recap Author Park KyungRi’s words and JunHo sighs that it’s just too difficult. Heh, this team seems a little cleverer than the other one because they take pictures of the phrases with their phones and revise even on the way back.

Now that they’ve studied, they bet 8 pears on the next question. The one which answer is “Memory”. Lol.

Yoo PD shows them the question and JunHo’s immediate reply is, “that’s not mine.” HA!

TaeHyun thinks it’s not his and Defconn’s not sure. TaeHyun guesses that it’s “Hometown” then “Memory”. But they’re not sure EISH!@#$#@%trrqert!!!!!!!! They lose their 8 pears by guessing a synonym of “Memory”, off by just one syllable. ARRGHHHH, so close but not enough!

JunHo bugs them for another question and Yoo PD obliges.

“At ___, the people you long for are not there.  ___ is the foundation of one’s life. Especially for literary people, it’s the basis of the memory of their younger times.”

Defconn’s pretty sure that the answer is “Hometown” and Yoo PD tells that that they’re right.  Hehe, JunHo wants to continue with this game but Yoo PD unceremoniously puts an end to it.

On the other team, DongGu says bye to some of his excited fans while the poodle drives them.


JunHo and team can’t stop thinking about how they lost 8 pears just because of the word “Memory”. As they drive, JunHo tries to make a “finance” deal with Yoo PD but that doesn’t go very well especially when Yoo PD suggests that one of them will have to take a dip in some water body. Heh. Defconn’s okay with that, but JunHo… yah… the guy doesn’t give up and pushes his luck, and argues for an even better “interest rate” in which now all three of them will have to get wet. In the sea.

By now, the race is nearing its end and both teams arrive at the same pier. They take a boat out to Hansan Island. TaeHyun successfully feeds a seagull a snack and so does JongMin. Defconn asks where JoonYoung is and… he’s inside sleeping, along with his YAPS elder.

Pfft, JunHo’s mouth twitches as he sleeps and Yoo PD edits it to seem like he was dreaming about all those times he failed his bets.

They reach Hansan Island and marvel at all the nature around them as they walk down the paved lane.

Soon, they reach a shrine standing proud and resolute against the setting sun, overlooking the seas and commanding it with its muted grandeur – Hansan Island’s Jeseungdang Shrine. It’s the place from which Admiral Lee SoonShin used to rule over the three provinces during the Japanese Invasion of Korea during the Imjin Wars.

They head outside and JongMin gets the honour of reading the words that Admiral Lee SoonShin once spoke right there. They sigh to hear the worry and burden in his words and JunHo comments that it’s not easy being a leader. Heh, TaeHyun snarks it doesn’t seem like that for his leader.

Yoo PD tells them that they’ll be playing against each other for this last part of the race and it’s a one-against-one series of games. They won’t bet their pears on whether their own member wins or not. Instead, the other two not playing still do get to bet who will win, but they can choose between the one on their team or the one on the other team.

For the first one, it’s titled “Turtle Ship”. Yoo PD tells them to choose one member… and TaeHyun realises that they meant the (spiky) Turtle Ship’s back. JoonYoung whines that JongMin will totally fail at this. And we see those terribly painful acupuncture mats laid out, heh.


Something happens to make DongGu laugh. Cut to Defconn running over to his leader to stop him from betting way too many pears again, HAHAHAHA. Pfft, DongGu and JoonYoung bet AGAINST JongMin while Defconn and JunHo bet FOR JongMin. Really? It’s like this is the first day you know JongMin.

So JongMin goes against TaeHyun and all it took were a few hops for JongMin to fall over in pain and out of the game. TaeHyun never even touched him! HAH, JoonYoung and DongGu run towards TaeHyun in joy and JongMin realises that they correctly never believed in him at all, heh.

JunHo complains that JongMin lost on purpose and JongMin has this hilarious look on his face like he’d just been terribly betrayed and that it doesn’t make sense. JunHo declares that he’s as much a coward as JongMin and tries getting on the mat. He doesn’t feel the pain at first, mostly because he was still wearing his socks, but the moment the sock comes off and he does an (assisted) hop, JunHo hobbles out of the mat, HA.


Yoo PD the loan shark finds this fascinating and eggs them to go head to head against each other. In return, he’ll give the winner 2 pears.

PWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH, what happens is basically two men trying to balance themselves on the mat, screaming and screaming while making little hops on the spot. In the end, JongMin falls over himself first which means that JunHo wins.

The next game pits DongGu against Defconn and TaeHyun bets “all in” (only 3 out of their 7 pears though) for JongMin’s team (aka, DongGu). DongGu’s team bets for him too.

The first question asks at what age Admiral Lee SoonShin passed the state examinations and DongGu raises his hand almost immediately. He chuckles that he roughly knows it and guesses “40”. Yoo PD lets out a disbelieving laugh but he’s wrong.


Defconn guesses that he took it when he was 12. DongGu guesses that he took it at 41. From Yoo PD’s reaction, Defconn is pretty certain that the age range is in his 40s and so guesses 32. AND HE’S RIGHT!


So Defconn gets it right but loses pears for his team in the end?!

DongGu admits that he was confused between the 30s and the 40s and we get a recap of how Defconn was going to say 31 but then changed to 32 at the very last second. HAHAHA.

Finally, Team JunHo has a 4-pear debt while Team JongMin’s still has a capital of 5 pears.



Next Week!

They shock some people with their terrible dances.


12 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 163

  1. Finally get to watch this episode(been super busy of late).

    JH really an “all-in” guy..LOL. from gambling the pears to taking off his clothes. That was a crazy game..and the looks on the Dog team when it’s announced that the other team had won..hahaha!

    Il yoong PD as a loan shark..that was hilarious. He should have known better than preparing a mission that involves betting.

    Lucky for JM, he had Donggu who wisely convinced him to bet as minimum as possible coz JJY was sure to do as JH did.(btw, donggu’s coat is cool)


  2. Incorrigible, incorrigible Yaps! Defconn, despite being stronger physically, can’t stop him at all.
    At the other end of the scale is Donggu, the voice of reason and restraint.
    While in the middle, Cha taehyun just cackles, making us lollll too.


  3. Just wondering, i everything ok? It’s been like two weeks since the last update.. and the blog used to be updated pretty regularly… Anyone else worried a bit?


    1. i was dead anxious.with no recaps for two weeks its like having lunch with no dessert. i wonder if something bad happen. i wish they continue recapping 1 day 2 nights


    1. yeah..makes me wonder too..what’s more the other blog wasn’t updated too. is there something happening that we don’t know about? peeps..u ok?


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