1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 168

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 168: Hangover Race

It’s a new trip and this time, Yoo PD specifically wants them to come empty-stomached. What, is he going to be nice and give them food? What’s going on?

Hahahaha, the moment JongMin steps out of his car, he complains that he’s hungry and the moment all the guys step into a room, DongGu says that he smells tteok-galbi. What are you talking about? It’s just alcohol all around the place.

Pfft, apparently TaeHyun’s a lightweight, because he passes out every time they go out to drink. They take a look around and marvel at all the Korean traditional alcohol on the shelves all around them. From Gangwon province in the north to Jeju province in the south, over the years, Koreans have developed several hundred types of alcohol (why am I not surprised).

Yoo PD announces that it’s the Traditional Alcoholic Drinks Tour this trip and they all groan to realise that the reason they had to gather at night is because they’re going on a countrywide trip, meaning that the staff needed the extra time to have them transported to the south.


JoonYoung pulls the first page off the board beside him and they’re introduced to all the places of origin of all the different kinds of alcohol. There are so many places that Yoo PD has invited traditional Korean Wine sommelier Lee HyunJoo  to give them a gist of it all. She places the total number of traditional Korean wines at around 750 (wow) and Defconn’s reply is: “Shall we now try some?” PWAHAHAH. Korean = Alcohol.

Lee HyunJoo the sommelier first brings out Moonbae-joo and Kanghongro from the Gyeonggi province. Out of all the wines in Korea, three are cultural assets – and Moonbae-joo is one of them. It has a rich smell, one that’s sweet and every one of them comments and appreciates it… until JunHo suddenly raises his glass and orders for a cheer. “Remember this Member!” HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Kim JunHo! This is a tasting, not a wine party!

Yoo PD complains as much and tells them not to just down these precious wines in one shot but to properly appreciate their scent, colour and flavour. The others do just that while JunHo agrees with the sommelier that the taste of pear is strong in Moonbae-joo – that’s why it’s called that, where “bae” means pear in Korean. Interestingly, pear isn’t one of the ingredients used to make it.


The next alcohol introduced to them is Hamhongro, the one that’s famous during the Joseon times and which was mentioned in the well-known romantic folktale of ChunHyang-Jeon. In that story, the two lovers, ChunHyang and MongRyeong drank the wine just before they parted – it’s sweet (ham) and it’s red (hong), and therefore it’s named that.

Pfft, JunHo’s face totally changes once he takes his sip of it though – it’s too strong, heh. And they joke around about the loser of their games drinking from their spit-bowl. Eeks. Boys…

The next wine introduced is from Jeolla Province, the place with fantastic food – SongHwaBaekIlJoo. It’s a wine drunk and made by monks who lived in the cold mountains. It’s made with pine pollen (that’s so cool!) and everyone raves about how refreshing and light it is. Then JoonYoung craves for gamjatang. Pwahaha.

Their next alcohol is Jindo-Hong-joo, with 40% alcohol. It doesn’t have a strong scent but everything changes the moment you down it. JunHo breathes out “fire” and suddenly, the whole room bursts into protest and complaints: GIVE US FOOD! TO GO WITH THIS!

And then they start laughing foolishly. PWAHAHAHAH! THEY’RE DRUNK ALREADY!

Sommelier Lee HyunJoo agrees that all these wine go well with soups and introduces her next alcoholic drink: Yigang-joo from the JeonJu Province. It’s transparent but a little yellow thanks to the turmeric in it. It’s one of the three famous alcoholic drinks in Joseon. To be accurate, the three drinks are: Kamhongro, Yigang-joo and Jukryeokgo.

Defconn comments that it’s sweet and mild. LOL. When it comes to food, all they can say is “WAAAAAH”. When it comes to alcohol, they become eloquent scholars.


The next alcoholic drink is Jukryeokgo (the last of the three alcoholic drinks that were famous during the Joseon times). This one is made out of bamboo extracts and is supposedly good for bruises. DongGu pipes that he learnt that it’s made with medicinal herbs and everyone gapes at the bookworm’s vast knowledge again.

While Sommelier Lee HyunJoo moves on to the next alcoholic drink, TaeHyun’s plonked his face into his shot-glass and has fallen half-asleep. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Even his eyes have gone bloodshot.

They take a break from all the alcohol and Yoo PD teases that they’re not drunk yet, right? JunHo screams that they’re MEN! WE DON’T GET DRUNK ON THIS LITTLE! Uh huh.

The alcohol tasting continues and by the time they’re through with all 13 of them, they’re significantly quieter and definitely tipsy.

Yoo PD wakes them all up with an alcohol-quiz and tells them to find the alcohol in front of them whose name corresponds to the one he calls out. TaeHyun starts giggling and then mutters that he must be drunk if he’s thinking of his wife. HAHAHA, WHAT?! Anyway, the first three winners apparently get “awesome” benefits, according to Yoo PD.


In the first round, Yoo PD tells them to find the Andong-wine and Defconn’s the only one who gets it wrong. They continue the games and Defconn ends up last in place while JoonYoung becomes number one. Ha, Yoo PD probably thinks that they’ve drunk enough and asks a question that doesn’t require them to drink anymore alcohol: choose which of the four named alcoholic drinks is not one of the three famous alcoholic drink of the Joseon period.

JongMin: “WHICH IS IT?!”

Pwahahahahha! He’s totally drunk! That’s for you to answer!

They get into their teams, with JoonYoung joined by JunHo and JongMin while Defconn’s joined by TaeHyun and DongGu. Then Yoo PD announces that the trip isn’t really themed around alcohol. HEH.

JoonYoung pulls another page off the board beside him and sees all 51 National Highways snaking around Korea highlighted on a map.

The real concept of his trip is: Following the National Highways, Hangover Soup Road.

HAHA, everyone bursts into gleeful laughter at hearing that it’s about food and Defconn whines that he REALLY wants some right now.

JoonYoung peels off yet another layer on the board and they see all the hangover soups that they can get while following Route Number One.

Yoo PD tells them that this is only part one of the staff’s prepared highway race. He says that it’s because the boys keep finding it pitiful that their trips are so short and so they just decided to make their specials all about their national highways, which means that our guys will be doing cross-country trips till the end of time.

Examples of what else the production has prepared are “Route 7 Fishing Road”, “Route 12 Isolation Road” and so on. HAHAHHA! Yoo PD insists that they have to cover all the highways and they’re not allowed to leave 1 Night 2 Days until they’re done with them. Pwahhahaa, TaeHyun laughs that he’s got a job for life, one that he can even pass down to his son.


Yoo PD briefs them on the history of Hangover Soup and then JunHo pipes up to point out how he’d said that they’re starting “today”. HA.

Yoo PD brushes that off and tells them that they’ll be divided into two teams for this trip and that the deadline is at 7 pm tomorrow at GongJu. The one who brings the most delicious Hangover Soup wins and the loser gets a heavy penalty.

The rules of the race are simple:

  1. They can only eat and packet the food to takeaway if they succeed at their mission.
  2. If they fail their mission, they can use their one chance card.
  3. You have to get recommendations from locals. Internet searches not allowed.
  4. You can only find one restaurant (for each food-type) at any one place/stop.

He lets the winners (JJJ) start off at Seoul while the other team will be leaving shortly at 11.30pm on the last express bus to Mokpo, which they’ll reach at 4am. Hehehe. Well, food from the south is always more delicious actually, thanks to the Hanam plain.

Mwahaha, the winners think about their plans for tomorrow and “agree” to meet at KBS’ Headquarters at 7 am. Let’s see if they really manage to gather then.


Meanwhile, the losers hug the winners goodbye and get on the bus to the bus station. Hahaha, DongGu breathes “2 Night 3 Days” and misses his grandma when he sees fishcakes. Meanwhile, Defconn craves donuts, heh.

Maknae Joo PD…. eh…. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Their accompanying PD assures them that they really chose this randomly… but coming along with these guys who were deserted on an island is fellow island-men Joo PD and their maknae writer. Hee, they’re Team Deserted Island.

Finally, they get on their busses and they’re totally excited when they tap their tickets and the machine reads out their seat numbers. They gush over the upgraded seats and then call JunHo, heh.

As the bus moves, DongGu reads off their map and notes all the places of interest that they’re supposed to go to.

Time passes as they sleep away the alcohol in their systems, and quietly, the bus speeds down the highway towards Mokpo. At 3.38am, the lights in the bus come on, signalling that it’s time to get off.

Pfft, Defconn complains immediately after he gets off the bus and suddenly is all smiles when he meets a lady with her bike on a vacation with her husband in the terminal.

They walk on and get help from a resident. Pointed to a good 24-hour restaurant, they head off happily… then get the good idea to call the others at the grand, glorious time of 4 am. Hee, JongMin totally ignores them while businessman JunHo picks their call up and grumbles in his sleep.

Sometime later, they arrive at their destination and request for hangover soup, laughing a little at how they’re eating at 4am. Then Defconn orders one bowl of “Bone Hangover Soup” for EACH of them and when the owner-ahjumma says that they’re famous for their stir-fried pork too, he orders that too. HAHAHAHA. Then they salivate over the side-dishes.


AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I cannot stand this! The ajumma just brought out a heaping bowl of jiggling pork! It’s like jelly – so soft, so geletanous, so delicious looking! >__< it’s like a mountain in a bowl!

But according to the local nearby, it’s not even a lot – the regulars get more and even refills. Whoa.

It’s delicious and all of a sudden all eyes fall on the side dish that’s just delivered: Oysters. I have NEVER, like never ever, had oysters as a free side dish. I always had to pay for them. The next time I go to Korea, I’m looking for this shop.

But of course, on 1 Night 2 Days, nothing comes for free and the guys are given a pot from which they have to choose their missions from.

DongGu picks the mission (because TaeHyun insisted that both him and Defconn are unlucky, ha) and he gets: Find the Candy!


For this game, they’ll all have to eat the different flavoured candies given to them and spit out the one with the flavour that the PD requests.

They get their candies and go through the flavours, with mint, chocolate and so on. All’s good and well until Defconn finds a cherry flavoured one in his mix while the other two don’t (they have strawberry-flavoured ones) and the three of them erupt in anger and accuse the staff of not wanting them to eat. HAHAHAHA. When it comes to food, don’t play!

PD bashfully admits that they’re all half-asleep and accidentally mixed up the flavours.

Defconn complains that the flavours are all mixed in his mouth now since he’s salivating so much and 30 seconds later, the PD tells them to spit out the mint-flavoured one.

Immediately, TaeHyun spits something white out, muttering that he doesn’t know, followed by DongGu spitting a white one out too and finally Defconn to. But they’re all half-asleep and have no idea what’s going on that they must spit everything one before realising that they got the right one, ha.

Finally, they get to eat, thankfully, because TaeHyun said that he’ll go crazy if he doesn’t get to eat. Heh, I agree. Heh, Defconn starts talking to the camera and TaeHyun asks him who he’s talking to. “The viewers!”

As they inhale the thick, soft pork with Napa Cabbages, TaeHyun mutters that he’s glad that he lost. Right?! Food from the south is the best (to me). Ha, they joke about turning this into a Food Tour and TaeHyun insists that everyone must take the last bus from Seoul  because only eating at the ungodly hour of 4am does this then taste so good. DongGu’s too busy eating to say a thing, heh.

Defconn shows us the mountain of bones from just one serving of soup and TaeHyun says that coming down for a short overnight trip just for this would make a perfect stress-releasing trip for busy workers in Seoul and DongGu’s not that far gone to not note that it’ll make the cost of the dish too expensive. Heh.


A while later, after they’ve cleared everything from their plates, they head to their car while the staff have their early breakfast. Seeing the sun in the distance, they emphasize that it’s only 6 in the morning, heh.

An hour later is when Team JJJ gather for the start of their trip too at KBS and JoonYoung, alone there, complains that the other two are never any help. Hee.

By the time they’re all there, actor Choi SooJong is up on the steps waving at them, haha. They run to him, asking if he knows of any good Hangover Soup restaurant in Seoul. He knows one. At his house. HA.

He admits that he doesn’t drink much, so he doesn’t eat that much. But after a short while, he recalls that there’s a good place at the KBS Annex.

They send him on his way and JunHo envies how he’s still so springy like a young PD. All you have to do is stop drinking so much then.


Heh, so they do decide to eat at the place “Admiral Yi SunShin” recommended. JoonYoung thought he played another king though. Well, he’s not wrong, he’s played all sorts of Kings from Korea’s long history.

HA! And then JunHo decides that there IS where they’re going to go to because (as JoonYoung outed him) he’s already decided to just play along as he’s certain that the three of them are going to lose anyway. Yoo PD reminds them of the punishment he said they’d get (a very, VERY harsh punishment) but all three of them snark that nothing scares them already. They’re the kings of punishments. Hahah.

After a short ride, during which they call and wake TaeHyun, they end up at the restaurant JunHo used to frequent when he was still a rookie gagman. It was cheap and good and opened almost 24 hours. It’s like the restaurant that raised KBS’ talents.

All those memories come rushing back to him the moment he steps in and the starts ordering all those things he used to order, complete with Fried Egg. He’d asked the owner why everything’s to cheap and the dear lady had replied that she’d liked waking up early to prepare everything and loved how everyone would enjoy her food for cheap. That’s so nice.

The food comes and like robots on automatic, the three of them take a spoonful. And Yoo PD’s there to stop them. Hee.

JoonYoung picks their mission and he asks what “Flying Bottle Caps” mean. Haha. It’s their mission, in which one of them will have to pop open bottle caps with a spoon while the other two have to catch the flying bottle cap from 2 meters away. They have 30 minutes to succeed.

Dumb and dumber try opening the bottle caps but they basically just try from the pain. Ha. In the end, JongMin’s the better on of the two of them and he opens the bottles while the other two try to catch the bottle caps.

They start their mission… and JoonYoung catches the very first flying one. WOW! But then he drops it. HA! So they lose that mission and JunHo insists that they use their one chance here.


They go again, now with a minute to succeed and JoonYoung wins it for them.

So back into the restaurant they go to finish their breakfast and JunHo marvels at how the Hangover Soup really just hits the spot. Hee, he calls for the cook and asks again why her food’s so cheap yet delicious. She replies that she made them all with sincerity. She’s still so nice, she’s such a gem.

Down south, TaeHyun, Defconn and DongGu welcome the morning sun and Defconn complains that he’s still full. His solution is to sleep while the food digests.

Haha, they arrive at Muan and almost immediately, he finds a weak young prey to hang his arm over. Hahaha, he act chummy with the high-schooler and manages to get a recommendation from him. Off a while later, some girls giggle when they see the guys and again, Defconn greets them like a resident. DongGu marvels at how he does that.

They head to the place the high-schooler recommended and finds that it’s not open yet. So Defconn runs to another passer-by and gets another recommendation. Ha.


They’re pointed to a humble but well recognised restaurant where the owner tells them that they’re okay to come even though they’re an hour earlier than their opening time.

Pfft, Defconn checks the menu out while TaeHyun teases about how he said that he was full.

While they’re served side dishes, another ajumma runs through the restaurant, moving so fast that the table cloths flutter as she passes by. Hahaha, she can’t believe that they came on her day off and snaps at the production team to just let the three of them eat.

Hah, she adds the live octopus to their Yeonpotang and Defconn, who took a tiny little sip, says that it feels like gentle waves in his mouth. They pick their mission and it’s the exact same one that JunHo and Team just got. And suddenly, a “pop” comes from the corner, where the ajumma just popped open a bottle to demonstrate. HAHAHA.

Out they go to attempt their mission, with the ajumma worrying about them not being able to eat if they fail.

Best of the lot, Defconn pops open those bottle for practice. But he can’t make them fly and it worries the others. A while later though, he gets the hang of it and they start their challenge. However, neither TaeHyun nor DongGu manage to catch a single bottle cap.

Well, until the 1 second 28 millisecond mark that is. That’s so dramatic! Hee.

So they get to eat again, just mere 4 hours after having their huge Pork Bone Soup at 4 am.


They gulp down the soft and gentle broth and in the middle eating, Defconn asks if they should head to Hampyeong for Beef Tripe. How can you think of your next meal while still eating your current meal?!

Heh, they recognise that the ajumma as the one who’d appeared on National Singing Contest and request that she sing for them.

Though it’s only 9 am, with all the ruckus and joy, it feels like 9 pm at the end of a busy, eventful day.



Next Week!

More food. More excitement. Time for me to go eat.


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  1. You’re back!! 🙂
    Are you gna recap the episodes in the middle? 😛
    Would love to see your comments on your Cha Tae Hyun being a family man and going home the earliest segment!


  2. Welcome back !!!
    This episode made me so, soooo hungry. Thankfully all of them cleared their mission and got to eat. Just reading your recap here is making me drool again.


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