1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 169

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 169: Hangover Soup Race Part 2

After their Pollack Soup, Team JJJ head off down the highway and decide to call TaeHyun. HAHAHA, he’s down on the ground lying around and trying to digest his extra-early breakfast. They poke fun at his large forehead and laugh again to see Defconn lying too, across the table.

JoonYoung asks to leave them one line: “Sleep well~” before he and his team themselves doze off.

The three of them finally reach their destination, Hwaseong, and ask some office staff for where the good food are, though they get a little embarrassed for some reason. They end up taking photos with the staff too before heading on their way to the restaurant recommended.


The sun has risen and Team Deserted Island down at the bottom of Korea at Hampyeong are on the prowl again. Wheee, they end up walking through a traditional market and getting freebies and happy smiles along the way.

They ask for yet another restaurant with delicious Hangover Soup and they’re pointed to one that’s been in the business of making Tripe Rice Hangover Soup for 30 years already. TaeHyun has a taste of the soup and they end up wanting to take it away too: so, it’s time to challenge succeeding a mission.

The mission they’ve picked is to guess which foot another customer will enter the restaurant with first and… they fail. So the soup is eaten by another maknae staff. HAHA. Aw.

JunHo and team end up at the restaurant in Hwaseong recommended to them and almost immediately after their orders come in, a female staff demands to know what they’ve eaten. HAHAHAHA, both JunHo and JongMin had sneaked a bit of the side dishes. Yoo PD demands they open their mouths and both timidly stick their tongues out, after swallowing everything, ha.


This time, their Hangover Soup is made of oysters and seaweed (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!) the bubbling broth is terrible – IT LOOKS SO INVITING THAT I WANNA EAT IT! But I’m nowhere near Korea!!!

JunHo brazenly takes a spoonful of the soup despite Yoo PD staring at him. They choose their mission to succeed and it’s basically the one that TaeHyun, Defconn and DongGu had succeeded at their first restaurant – spit out the sweet which flavour is called out.

Heh, JoonYoung eats one and declares his delicious. Pfft, they hold the sweets in their mouths, with JongMin looking like some kind of chipmunk as he attempts to separate them into the different parts of his mouth.

JongMin is certain that he can spit the right one… but fails on his practice run. Heh.

Yoo PD calls for the chocolate-flavoured one and though JoonYoung and JunHo get theirs’ right, JongMin spoils all the fun and fails it. Therefore, “because of Kim JongMin”, those guys don’t get to eat. They argue for just one spoonful to taste and Yoo PD lets one of them go ahead. Heh, they play rock-paper-scissors and lucky guy JoonYoung wins. He stuffs the entire spoonful in his mouth and then wriggles because it’s too hot, haha.

Pfft, JunHo and JongMin attempt to sneak a bite in but Yoo PD’s there to watch their every move. Heh, so it becomes that the rest of the staff get to eat their first meal of the day while JJJ can only look on. Ha, JunHo can’t sit still and so decides to direct a food-programme, assigning JoonYoung to be the cameraman and JongMin to be the reporter. Then he goes around bugging the staff (his former “slave”), hehe.

Meanwhile, JongMin manages to get a bite of the Oyster-seaweed Hangover Soup while “interviewing” International Referee.

After having lost their last mission, TaeHyun and team have gone on to NaJu. HAHAHA, Defconn’s like the local resident no matter where he goes, greeting everyone like they’re long lost friends. He manages to get some recommendations for Gomtang and gets slightly upset when someone gets super happy to see TaeHyun (after giving him a normal greeting).


While they wait for their Gomtang, they make small talk with the other customers and get confirmation that the Gomtang here is the best. It’s a little different from the normal ones.

Soon, their bowls of Gomtang come out too and the lady-boss introduces them to their food. What completes the Gomtang is the sauce personally made by her mother-in-law. DongGu has a taste of the beef (seems like the production staff on this team isn’t so strict) and they decide that they want to eat this too.

So it’s time for missions and they let the lady boss choose it. Ha, so for this mission, they have to skip rope five times together – the catch is that the person in the center has to hold up a tray of things and can’t let anything drop.

They each try being the one in the center and since DongGu and Defconn fail spectacularly, it’s all down to TaeHyun.

They give it a try… AND PASS! But then they didn’t say,” Challenge!” HAHAHHAA! It’s not counted! That’s so annoying!


So they try once more and TaeHyun messes up. Oh well. But they can’t forget the taste of the expensive beef and end up using their one chance. All they have to do is skip three times.

And they do that perfectly well and get a little greedy… so they go for their fourth skip… which is when Defconn’s pants drop. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! HAHAHA! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT, HAAAA! This is like, not script-able!

Anyway, they pass and so get to eat their Gomtang. They share one bowl together, but, it’s enough for them.

JoonYoung, JongMin and JunHo walk down the streets of their CheonAn and plaster themselves against a fence, watching some kids play around. Haha, why so creepy? The kids discover them and the girls scream in excitement. The three guys ask for recommendations, which they get and off they go.

They reach their next restaurant and demand their missions the moment they sit down. Yoo PD insists that the food has to come out first. HAHAHA, to tease their competitive streak out?

For some reason, Soondae (which is not a Hangover Soup dish) comes out and JunHo chuckles. The food finally comes out and both JunHo and JoonYoung declare that they’re not leaving without eating this.

The mission that they chose is the one that TaeHyun and gang just failed – guessing which foot the next customer enters the restaurant with. HAHAHAHA, after much “analysis”, they give it a try and… guess it right. They practically revere the grandma who just walked in. She’s so adorable, not knowing what the heck just happened.

Finally, Team JJJ gets to eat their second meal of the day and JongMin’s particularly expressive today.

They all agree that it’s PERFECT as Hangover Soup and after that, it’s just sounds of hungry men devouring everything.


Heh, Defconn and team end up at Gwangju for their next dish and Defconn screams teasingly when some girls scream in their way. They get a recommendation from a lady and then manage to stop another guy on the phone who tells the other person on the line that he’s got something to do with an “important person”. HAHAHA, so cute.

After asking around, they end up at a humble restaurant that serves Young Pumpkin Pork Stew and are about to order when they see the blood red dish for another table pass by. Ha, they decide that it’s too spicy for them and TaeHyun’s all, “pass”.

So they order a less spicy version and Defconn gets first dibs on this one. Even just smelling it makes TaeHyun choke.

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA! Defconn can’t speak after his spoonful. But that’s why he wants to eat that! Because the heat is PERFECT to battle their hangovers.


Their mission this time is a simple throw-the-dart. On the dart board, the options are: “Eat”, “Don’t get to eat”, “Pay and eat”.

They enlist the help of the customers nearby and his first shot goes wide. Then DongGu takes a closer look and sees that there’s actually an option that goes: “Pay but don’t get to eat.” HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! Seriously! Aigoo, this programme.

The customer goes yet again and his dart lands on “Pay and eat”. The three guys leap up in happiness, because money is not a problem where food is concerned. Wheee! Like me!

Haha, they eat their food and sweat all their stresses out. They’re about to head off to the next place when they’re told that there may not be enough time. Heh, DongGu demands that they go try their last dish anyway, because they’re men while TaeHyun snaps at them to stop eating already. Defconn blusters that he’s the one eating everything but DongGu ends up the one getting all the credit, complaining that he feels so darn cheated, heh.

Team JJJ are about to head to GongJu, the final basecamp, and JunHo calls his junior, Oh NaMi, whose hometown is there, for recommendations. She calls to ask her brother, and they’re directed to a Spicy Fish Stew restaurant.

Hehe, their mission there is the one with the skipping rope and JoonYoung is terrible at it. It didn’t even take him one hop to spill something. JunHo’s even worse. Hahahhaha, he’s so terrible that JongMin takes over and apparently, he’s talented at this.

But when it comes to the real challenge, Unidentified Flying Objects appear. Heee!

Pfft, they find the kettle’s lid several feet away.

So they head back into the restaurant and order their staff to hurry and finish everything because they have no time. Then JunHo goes for the kill, unable to stand how slow they are. Hee. Yoo PD smacks him.


The skies have darkened and the sun has gone down. The three J-s have made it to basecamp and look for Defconn and friends, who haven’t arrived yet. Heh, they see beds laid in a row and JoonYoung asks if they’re, “sleeping again?!”

Heh, while waiting, JunHo sings songs, replacing the lyrics with food items. The other three soon come and after they gather, DongGu reports their experience like a reporter. JongMin loudly and directly asks how they’d passed the skipping rope mission when they have Defconn.  Oh dear.

Ha, Yoo PD explains to them the rules of their ending game here and tells them that the team who wins gets to go home immediately. They all jump up, heh. The losing team will have to sleep a night here and do a morning mission the next day.

The judges to judge the Hangover Soups are brought out and Team TaeHyun goes with their Spicy Young Pumpkin Pork Stew while the other team goes with their Sundae Soup.

The judges eat their fill and cast their votes. They gather again and TaeHyun announces that theirs is not the soup. Some ladies look like they made the wrong choice. HAHAHHAHA.


DongGu asks his own manager which dish he chose and the manager’s like, “I like spicy food. But the soup was delicious.” Pfft.

DongGu presses his manager and then he mutters… “the soup was delicious.” HAHAHAHA. Further investigations make it seem like TaeHyun and team are gonna lose.

JunHo and gang scream in delight. But when it’s time to tally the vote, they lose 12 to 16. HEH.

So Team No-Longer-Deserted go home and the three J-s head off to sleep. Hah, they cackle that they actually won, since the other team had to sleep on chairs last night while all they slept at home and all they did that day was eat, play and sleep.

Morning comes and JunHo finds an extra person sleeping amongst them. Huh? It’s TaeHyun, who’d sneaked back in last night. Haha. He couldn’t go back home at dawn for fear of waking his three precious babies.

One by one, they wake up, then wonder why nobody’s waking them up when it’s already 9am. Eh? JongMin takes a look outside and he says that there’s no one there. Eeps. I note that everything’s being filmed by installed cameras. HAHAHA.

They finally head out to find out what’s going on and they find a note left behind for them. Apparently, everyone had gone home last night and the note has detailed their morning mission and had told them to film themselves. PFFFTTT!!

Each of them get their cameras… and then PD TaeHyun takes over setting up the other cameras. Well, it can’t be so hard since he’s done that in The Producers, right? Heh.

While he’s hard at work at that, JunHo breathes into JongMin’s camera and the three of them basically stick their cameras in each other’s faces. Lol. What would they do if TaeHyun weren’t with them?


Snort, their morning mission is to do the limbo and these stiff ahjusshi-s can’t even pass 1.25m. JunHo plays around and they try it again together one more time. Or dozens more time. They’re just stiff like bamboo poles. Aigoo yah. Maybe it’s time for some yoga classes.

Heh, their managers come to help them and one of them suggests that they remove the mats below them. With that added 5 cm removed, they pass under the limbo and succeed.

I’m just surprised that they really followed the instructions and did the missions instead of just going home.

Heh, the guys set up their own cameras without TaeHyun’s help this time and do their ending greetings, leaving a really big space where TaeHyun, Defconn and DongGu are supposed to be. And once they’re done with it, JunHo shouts, “Helicam!” and so off their hand-cameras go, flying in the sky.


Next Week!

Spring has come and it’s time to head out.


12 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 169

  1. Is that Donggu’s manager? Because he looks like Cha Taehyun’s. He has been appearing on the show since the beginning of the season (Try to check the Summer Escape Trip when CTH got to go home first). Unless he is now with Donggu, but I am 100 percent sure he was Taehyun’s manager. By the way, thanks for coming back. I did miss reading your recaps Monday morning. 🙂


      1. HI I rechecked the episode myself, and sorry my bad. CTH’s manager was young looking like Donggu’s. It’s just that whenever I see him in the background, I always presumed he is CTH’s manager. Carry on lol


  2. note to self: Never. Eat. Or. Drink. When.Watching.1N2D! almost spew out everything in my mouth when defconn dropped his pants. HAHAHAHA!


  3. Defconn ! What happened to your pants?! That was so unexpected but hilarious and embarrassing!

    Why did Taehyun stay overnight? I wonder if it’s to fulfill the punishment he had (when he lost by going home first) and/or to get more practice with camera/directing and/or perhaps he was asked to stay to help his teammates out…


    1. Nope, he just stayed because he didn’t want to wake his three tots by creeping in home at those ungodly hours of the early morning. And if he’d left then, he’d have reached home then.


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