1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 170

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 170: Emotional Trip with Poems

SPRING IS HERE!!!! Cold white winter has gone and in its place is spring with its soft pink blossoms. Our guys walk down this path paved with romantic pink, the path that’s also known as the “Wedding Path”.   Haha, let’s hope for some marriages this year.

They’re currently in HaDong, South Korea’s literature capital. It’s the place that’s inspired many famous novels, one of which is writer Park KyeongRi’s “The Land”, she, whose hometown in TongYeong we visited just a few episodes ago. Besides inspiring so many poets and novelists from all over Korea, HaDong also gave birth to many of them.

JunHo lets out a sigh of awe upon hearing all that from Yoo PD, though he can only bashfully chuckle when JoonYoung asks if he recognised any of them. Ha. Of course, DongGu knows them poets and authors.


For this special about poems and poets, Yoo PD has specifically invited several poets to join them and increase their worldliness. The guys peer around… and Yoo PD thanks them for appearing (as the poets). Pfft. What kind of wisdom and eloquence are we supposed to expect today?

To prove that point, Yoo PD asks them if they know of any poems and JunHo pretends to be knowledgeable and gets called out and then the three embarrassing ones start singing when DongGu states his favourite poem, only recognising the title as the one song that JongMin used to sing.

Heh, and because poets usually use pen names, they each come up with their own, which of course are childish. What else did you expect with these guys? Defconn is called “Korean Pork” while JunHo’s called “Pooping JunHo”. They object to DongGu’s pretty self-created pen name and make him accept the name “Cow’s Tongue”. Ha, JongMin becomes “Hairless” (after JunHo suggested he be called “Waxing”) while TaeHyun is renamed as “Tae-bal” (I think it’s something from Final Fantasy) and JoonYoung is “Blank (Brain)”. LOL.


Once that’s done, Yoo PD requests that they talk and act like poets (after coming up with those kinds of names?) and passes them the poem “Self-Portrait” by poet Yun DongJu to read out aloud. No, not Yoon DongGu. That’s to show them the importance of self-reflection and from there, they’re going to play a pre-game for lunch.

And that game is to list and memorise, in a row, the flaws of the one member selected. HA! This is so 1 Night 2 Days.

They start off with DongGu’s flaws and basically all his physical flaws are laid bare as they go down the line. When it comes to JunHo though, he messes up and gets hit by the others. One particular smack sends his glasses flying. HAHAHA. WHAT.

Next in line of fire is JongMin and DongGu basically cracks his heart by following JunHo’s “he doesn’t have a girlfriend” with “he only looks at women’s faces”. Heh. And then none of them get to say TaeHyun’s flaws because the first guy in the line, Defconn, stated that his flaw is that he looks, “younger than me!” Ha!

–So Defconn gets smacked, but that doesn’t compare to the shots sent his way with “he has rashes”, “he likes to lie” and “he doesn’t date real women.” He ends that by blurting that “he doesn’t like himself”. And for some reason, that round lasts super long. Pfft, they talk about the white hair on his beard and then went on to talk about his bad-looking pants. Aw. The worst one was “his face looks weird”, bestowed upon him by JongMin. I feel so sorry for him.

JoonYoung’s round is so boring that the show just skips it but when it comes to JunHo’s turn, they all cheer and celebrate, having looked forward to this moment, HA! His flaws include, “he smells like poop”, “his breath is smelly” and then “he doesn’t trim his nose hair”. AWWW!!! Pfft, they go another round and JunHo erupts when JongMin accuses him of having “yellow teeth”. Aw, JunHo yah… our Mat-hyung.


Hee, the game comes to an end and Yoo PD tells a furious JunHo to take a couple of breaths.

JunHo: “I can’t. I have bad breath.”


To help calm him again, Yoo PD gives him a poem to read – If by Life, You Were Deceived – by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

Even though life tries to cheat you, do not be sad or complain.

With that one line, Yoo PD introduces their real Lunch Game this time and basically, they’ll each be smacked by one of two persons and they have to guess who smacked them. JunHo chooses number 1, believing it to be good. Then he’s told that 1’s the first one to be smacked. Ha.

It’s down to either Defconn or JongMin smacking JunHo and JunHo complains that places that start with “Ha” give him misfortune. Because the last time he was in Harbin, he lost way too many times too, hehe.


The game starts and JongMin hits JunHo. JunHo thinks it’s Defconn’s doing. Ha! Then JongMin hits JunHo again and JunHo calls out, “Defconn” again. Ha!

He has to be hit until he gets it right. Yoo PD asks if he’s not angry and JunHo assures him he’s not. Then JongMin hits him and JunHo immediately says “Defconn”. JunHo: “I’m sure of it!”


TaeHyun cackles, not understanding why it’s so difficult to guess this correctly. So off they go hitting each other again and JunHo calls out JongMin this time. But it was Defconn. HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is so hilarious, pwahahah!

The rest of the members continue with the game too, but they guess way too easily and JunHo screams in frustration.

After all that beating, both physically and emotionally, they head off to lunch, taking a drive along the road lined with cherry blossoms.

They arrive at HaDong’s pine forest, the place that had been marked as Korea’s 445th National Treasure. Created by King YeongJo in the 1700s, it has been well maintained since then.

Heh, they tease Pooping JunHo, telling him to absorb the scents of the pines.

They arrive at a platform and sit in a row according to their ranks.

First and second place Defconn and JoonYoung get a spread, full of Spring Greens, while JongMin in third place gets a lunchbox stuffed to the brim with healthy spring foods. Even DongGu in fourth place gets a nice traditional lunchbox while fifth place TaeHyun gets Kimbap with Spring Greens as filling.


No need to worry about our JunHo, because he gets lunch too. Out comes “John Zahller”, his former slave, in his “professional arty-farty” costume to pour our worldly pooping poet a cup of espresso (“I don’t drink coffee though!”) and offer him a book of poems. Heh, in order to earn each spoonful of someone else’s food, JunHo has to memorise, perfectly, a poem.

Off our poet goes to enjoy the calm and steep in himself in culture… which he does by spitting out the words to Yun DongJu’s solemn and melancholy “Foreword”  like a machine gun. How are you hoping to remember that like this?

Heh, he poses, looking super proud with himself, which is when TaeHyun screams for him to come already because they’re almost scraping the bottom of their bowls already.

So JunHo goes for his test and does pretty well… until he reaches the very last line. Ha. So off he goes again.

He takes so long that DongGu’s lunchbox is empty and sitting, sparkling like pure gold, and Yoo PD calls for him to come already. He passes this time and TaeHyun gives him his teaspoon. Ha. JunHo waddles over to first and second place for his huge spoonful.


Happy with his mouthful of food, he skips off to memorise another poem and he comes back singing it, since it was featured in a famous song. Ha. But he gets a pronunciation wrong and doesn’t get his food.

After lunch it’s time to rest and digest all that food. What better way than to relax in a pine forest and write beautiful poems? They’re told to write their poems, with the help of mirrors showing their own reflections. JoonYoung pipes that it’s easy for singer-song writers like him and for once, feels like JongMin (who proudly shows of his one line) is his Senior in the music-industry. Ha.

They write and reflect, along to Remember This Member by Roy Kim, Kwak JinEon, TaeHyun and JunHo. “Don’t forget this day, even when you’ve gone home~ It’s our first day meeting, but for some reason, we really click. Remember, this member, us.”

Time passes and finally, they’re done with their poems.

Tae Bal Cha TaeHyun: Self-Portrait

You too, now, like the old pine tree behind you, have aged a lot.

You may miss your good days, but you will soon miss this moment too.

So you should see it more often and remember it.

The red spider webs around your eyes reflect your years of hard work.

However, just like the pine trees watching behind me,

Because I have many friends around me,

I won’t be lonely.

Defconn: “Isn’t that his will?!” YAH!

That was so touching and then you come up with that?! Pfft, and TaeHyun starts writing to his children, giving the house to TaeEun and telling the other two to lose weight and be good to her sister.



In contrast to TaeHyun’s thoughtful poem, Defconn takes the chance to let his fury explode.

Korean Pork Yoo Defconn: Self-Portrait

When a finger has been bitten, there is none that feels no hurt.

But all ten of my fingers have been bitten, so it really hurts.

With all those mean words from those insufferable beasts,

With clenched fists, I will stand again and run.

*JongMin complains that Defconn just called them all Beasts*

I love myself, that much is true.

A mirror may be able to reflect my reflection, but it cannot reflect my future.

For the me reflected in the mirror, today too, I’ll run.

I like his last two lines.


Kim JongMin: Self Portrait

(He claims to have made it rhyme.)

You fool.

What did you tell the hyungs?

Yellow teeth and skin disease on the back of his neck?

You gave too much hurt to those hyungs.

Seeing my reflection in the mirror,

I can’t stop smiling.

You look so happy teasing them,

To the extent that you’re looking so sexy, huh?


JoonYoung’s up next and he announces that he used metaphors.

Blank (Brain) Jung JoonYoung: Self-Portrait:

Seeing up close, I see a chopstick.

Seeing from far away, I see a telephone pole.

In a mountain, it looks like a tree.

In the sea, it looks like an anchovy.

And he ends it by showing off his self-portrait, bragging that he learnt to draw in Paris.



Time for JunHo’s poem!

Pooping Kim JunHo: Self-Portrait

Spring has come.

In the mountains, the flowers bloom,

And in the field, birds chirp.

A bird (sae) came close to me.

With a fluttering heart, I asked the bird:

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Cigarette Smoke. (Dambae-naemSAE)”

“His name is Bad Breath. (Ip- naemSAE)”

“And in a moment, Poop Smell (“Doong-naemSAE) will be coming soon.”

Next year, I hope for Good Smell (Choeun-naemSAE) to come meet me.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love JunHo! Hee, TaeHyun’s practically screaming in laughter and when he comes up for a breather, he asks to take a picture of it. Hehehehe.

JunHo offers another homage to Yoon DongJu with his altered version of the poet’s “Self-Portrait”,  replacing words with “yellow teeth” and finishing it with “he goes to the dentist to get his teeth whitened”. HA! By the way, TaeHyun is having too much fun with JunHo’s poems. I think his stomach’s hurting. I know mine is!



And now, for voracious-reader Beef Tongue’s Self Portrait.

Beef Tongue Yoon DongGu: Self- Portrait

As ever, my heart is like that of a 13 year old.

But unknowingly, looking at the sides of my eyes,

I see wrinkles.

Like the footprints on a snowy path,

Like the wooden path I walked on,

Like the sea waves rushing towards me,

The memories of my life,

Those traces,

I see them now.

Which happy occasion’s laughter left that trace?

Many people come to mind.

With the rest of the coming wrinkles too, with those people,

On the dairy that is my face,

I want to complete my journey.


That’s a wonderful poem.


JunHo explains that writing those poems was a fantastic way to release his anger. Hahaha, poor thing. I hope you’re feeling much better now, yellow teeth!

Thanks to the pine trees and the poems, our guys head off, feeling very much more refreshed and healed. They head off to their next destination with DongGu driving and JongMin being told to stop singing. Haha.

They arrive at the beach, complaining that the water’s still too cold to enter.

The grump all the way to the beach, and then Yoo PD complains that they’re not done yet, SO STAY RIGHT THERE! HAHA.

They do as they’re told, pfft, freezing for a moment before playing with the sand like kids. Then they speed off when Yoo PD tells them to come running. First come, first serve!


Panting and powering on, they finally reach the destination. They look towards the producer, expecting something and all the Yoo guy says is, “we wanted to show the viewers the beautiful view of the sandy riverside here… and thanks to you guys, we filmed it well. With our helicam.”

HAHAHAHAH. Who is this cheeky PD and where is our always-solemn Yoo PD? I notice that Yoo PD’s been teasing them a lot. Did some alien come and do something to him?

Anyway, he busts out a banner and welcomes them to The First 1 Night 2 Days Poet’s Spring Picnic. He asks what a necessity at picnics is.


“Dance,” he says. No. The answer is always food. No matter what. Even when sleeping, the answer is food. Food rules the world.

But dance he makes them do.

JunHo practically bounces all over the place and for his efforts, he gets a Walkman. It even only plays tapes. Ha. JunHo: “I’d rather you give me chocolates!”

Or toilet paper. And off the guys go, calling for Poop Smell the bird.

A walkman’s the lousiest prize that Yoo PD has prepared though for this upcoming game, and to motivate them to play harder in the coming game, he brings out all sorts of prizes, the best of which is a massage mattress.

The game they’ll play is Drop the Handkerchief. But instead of dropping a handkerchief, they’ll be dumping water into pails that each of them will be hold above their heads.


JoonYoung goes first and from a bucket, he picks someone’s name. He cradles his bucket of water above his head, trying to scare each and every one of the guys. Haha. When he comes to TaeHyun though, he dumps all the water over his (covered) head and runs off. TaeHyun never expected that, so he gets cross-legged while trying to get up, haha. Of course he loses and JoonYoung gets to TaeHyun’s seat.

Next up is Defconn and he demands that his pail be FULL. Then he proceeds to pour the water all over himself as he walks around, ha. He dumps it on JongMin’s pail, and off they go, running. But only a few steps later, Defconn plants his face into the ground and JongMin catches up, kicking him in the butt. Pfft, poor Defconn, he’s wet, he’s sandy, and yet he still has to endure JongMin’s water-slap. And of course the veteran delivers it powerfully. He wets JunHo too, ha.


It’s JongMin’s turn to walk around and chase someone out of his seat. He mutters that as long as it’s not DongGu, he’s fine. And he picks TaeHyun. Ha.

So off he goes to dump water on TaeHyun. TaeHyun’s had enough of this bad luck and is determined to win this round. So, somewhere from the skies, Sonic the Hedgehog gifts him some superpowers and this snail actually manages to catch JongMin. Off he goes, to prepare his water-slap, and despite feeling unsure of his aim, he delivers a perfect one. Ha, he’s not even sure after that fact and asks if he should go again.

Time for TaeHyun to pick his next opponent… and he picks his name. HAHAHA!

With JunHo egging him on behind, he decides to cheat and pulls all the names from the bucket out. He opens them one by one and the very first one he opens bears his own name. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! But finally he finds JunHo’s and up JunHo comes, crouching and getting ready to run.

It doesn’t matter though, because he just ends up tripping over his own feet and letting TaeHyun get away. Pfft.


So JunHo’s it next and he goes to pick his next target.

Fast and decisive, he goes the wrong way and beelines for JongMin. He dumps and runs… and then falls over his own two feet. HA. JongMin grins at catching up to JunHo and boinks him on the head with his empty bucket.

JoonYoung: “No one’s thinking of the prizes anymore!”

Time for the guy whose “teeth from my ancestors that I can’t clean” to get his water slap. Angered, JunHo passionately recites the lines from Yun DongJu’s Self Portrait and then gets a face-full of water thanks to JongMin.

Last for the game is DongGu and the target’s JoonYoung! The two young-uns run, both neck in neck. But the semi-athlete wins and that marks the end of the game.


It’s prize-giving time and TaeHyun wins first place. Predictably, he chooses the massage mattress (which SooChan is obviously going to claim for himself) and second in place DongGu chooses the coupons worth 300 bucks. JoonYoung takes the gold necklace and JongMin takes the toilet paper JunHo wanted.  In the end, JunHo and Defconn fight over the laundry detergent, because neither drinks instant coffee.

With JunHo ranking higher, he wins the laundry detergent while filial Defconn accepts the coffee for his father.


Next Week!

Play time with the citizens!


10 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 170

  1. finally get to read your recap! thank you! it’s been quite sometime since i last laughed like a lunatic(the last one was that summer episode of french skipping & eating lunch in class). the your flaw game is absolutely brilliant.. taehyun was rolling in laughter and even donggu cried with laughter. i can see donggu struggled a bit to spew an insult(he still a nice enough guy but that’s slowly changing!) but i must say this episode belongs to junho & deffcon. btw, taehyun’s poem is nice but the best goes to donggu’s. somehow i’m touched by his poem.


    1. HAHAHAHA, yeah, I agree. They went a bit crazy this episode. And Yoo PD’s becoming a little more devious. Maybe by next year he’ll be a mini-Na PD. A very very mini one.

      I loved DongGu’s poem. It sounds even better in Korean. Sounds very contemplative.


  2. Thank you for the recap 🙂
    And applause…..! To Yoo-PD n writer-nim for the concept (poetry!) and to the cast that made this such a fun watch. They act blur and all that but they’re very creative. Love their ‘self-portraits’. Really liked the scenery in this episode too: cherry blossoms, pine trees, winding river and mountains in the distant…. truly poetic.


  3. Thank you for the recaps and especially for the poem translations. Donggu’s poem especially seems rather bland the way they translated it, but has good style in your translation. They really didn’t do him justice.


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