1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 171

After their happy playtime earning prizes, our six guys head off to base camp.

(Sorry for the lack of pictures. Did this overseas and only had my phone.)

In no time at all, they soon arrive at BuJat-jib, their base camp for the day. There, they take in the beauty of the place and bug the resident yellow (golden) dog, ha. (In reference to JunHo’s “yellow teeth”, that insult that was thrown to him by JongMin last week.)

They’re now in HaDong’s JeongDong Village, the oldest village in HaDong province.

Yoo PD tells them that he’s invited a real poet… and then olden day clothes come out for all of them. He’s making them cosplay Kim Sat Gat, one of the most well known poets of satire and humour of the Joseon Dynasty. We saw his statue back during DongGu and gang’s “Brown Tour” with comedian Kim JunHyun. (Fun fact: Kim Sat Gat’s real name is Kim ByeongYeon and shares the same name as the bodyguard who protects the prince played by Park BoGum (who was from the opposing team) in Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds.)

LMAO, Yoo PD pulls a poem from Kim Sat Gat’s works and Defconn raps to it. It basically talks about wandering from place to place and so, their dinner game today is for them to go round in pairs and do speed-quizzes with  the residents. If they get 3 right within the time limit, they are allowed to receive one dish from the resident. In return, they have to write a poem using the initials of the residents’ names as gifts. They have 1 hour to complete their mission.

Ha, JunHo and TaeHyun strike gold the first place they go to and get savoury pancakes. Defconn and JongMin get a HUGE bag of eggs. And they’re not just any ordinary eggs too, but “cheong-ran”, eggs that are filled with more vitamins and minerals. In bird-flu Korea, eggs are precious, but these are even more precious. And though Defconn tries to return much of it, the grandma won’t hear any of it.

JoonYoung and DongGu visit the same house that Defconn and JongMin are at and the lady there calls the young ones ‘babies’. Haha. Anyhow, Defconn and JongMin get their three questions right and, hahahha, the lady says that she has great spring vegetables for them: “bitter ones!” And JongMin’s smile fade while JoonYoung runs off. Ha. But then she brings out sweet dried persimons.

The next house that JoonYoung and DongGu visit, the grandma’s husband comes to sit together for their quiz too. But there’a a little incident in which the grandpa sneaks a peek at the answer behind and JoonYoung automatically passes that. HA. Since when did he become so honest?

They make off with seasoned spring greens and JoonYoung asking if the granny knows anyone with meat around here. Heh.

The games continue, in which some of them bother the residents to cook the food for them (ramyun and eggs). But the grandma and grandpas don’t even grumble and one of them even brings out his 24+ paper cups to make coffee for them and the crew, haha.  Plus, it seems like JunHo and TaeHyun are on a mission to rekindle the love on the island, seeing how they end all their poems with ‘love you’ and how they make the husbands recite them to their wives while holding their hands, heh. And an hour later, they’re gathered back at base camps.

They all reveal their gains for the day and TaeHyun and JunHo get jeon (savoury pancakes), pork belly (along with a frying pan, hahahahahhahaha!) and their pot of cooked ramyun. DongGu and JoonYoung get 2 types of kimchi, their seasoned spring greens and rice. JongMin and Defconn got their eggs from JongMin’s super-fan, super-cold dried persimmons and strawberris for dessert. But of course, they don’t forget the forever-needed ramyun. But it’s not cooked. Heh.

Immediately, JongMin and Defconn argue the moment Yoo PD even utters something then JongMin backs down and admits that he was going over the top. Heh.

Yoo PD lets them keep their ramyun, and even provides them with the pots needed to cook it. However, they have to share the ramyun with others, which is great news for DongGu and JoonYoung.

Whatever it is, in the end, they all share each other’s food anyway.

After their warm, delicious dinner, they gather at the town hall and here, Yoo PD tells them that he’s invited several poets again. Having been tricked one too many times this day, they refuse to believe him.

But then three easels are brought in and on each of them are poems, accompanied by simple, childish drawings.

They guess that the poets are either children or elders. They read the poems, getting a bit confused by the misspelling in the first one. But soon, 77 year old poet Kim KilJa, 71 year old poet Kang JeomSun and 74 year old poet Lee SunJa come to join the party.

Hehe, they’re bashful when praised for the poems they’d personally written and we see how they’ve been learning  to write Hangul twice a week from since a year and a half earlier and that’s a big thing, because while knowing how to write in Hangul is a basic literary skill for the average Korean in Korea, not all the elderly can, because, note this, they’d spent most, if not all, of their formative years either under Japanese occupation or the Korean war. If you need mentally strong people, these are the people you look for.

And the three survivors learnt Hangul just because they were frustrated at not even being able to write a letter to their grandchildren.

But though they work hard, Hangul can still be hard, and the guys try to clarify what the misspellings in the first poem are supposed to  be. But spelling is not everything, because despite them, the beauty of her poems still shine through and Yoo PD shares how granny Kang JeomSun won an award for her poem.

It’s revealed that Kang JeomSun is a huge fan of 1 Night 2 Days and has to watch it everyday. JunHo decides to be a little shit and insists on Kang JeomSun choosing one of them to be her favourite, hahaha. She repeats that she likes everyone, but then reaches out to hold JunHo’s hand, hee.

Yoo PD addresses them and says that this nice night is great for poem writing. He brings up how the members have prepared gifts for the grannies…. er what?? And everyone looks as lost as I am.

HAHAHAHHAHA, Defconn’s the first to realise what he’s talking about and the real piece of little shit is right here on the production’s side, because those prizes he gave out earlier which the members worked for aren’t for them. They’re for the grannies, heh. Pfftt, look at Yoo PD acting all brazen and righteous.

Everyone’s eyes widen upon seeing TaeHyun’s Massage Mattress but no one gives much attention to JongMin’s tissues, hehe.

Yoo PD makes the grannies choose from TaeHyun, DongGu and JoonYoung, then choose from JongMin, JunHo and Defconn.

Therefore, Granny Kim KilJa, JoonYoung and JunHo form one team, Granny Kang JeomSun,  Defconn and TaeHyun another team while Granny Lee SunJa teams up with DongGu and JongMin.

Their Sleeping Game is as thus: with the theme of “my story” (the grannies’), the members are to help the grannies form their poems, though the poems must be written by the grannies themselves.

Off they go to the grannies’ homes.

Granny Kang JeomSun’s awards and newspaper cuttings all come out the moment the three step in her house, heh. But even with the prizes, genius poets are sometimes stumped too.

JunHo gasps when he sees granny Kim KilJa’s life-like drawing of her husband, who has since gone from this world. But with her is her cat. At first they thought she was calling him Son (A-deul), then she clarifies that the cat’s actually named  Adele, as in after that singer who sings “Hello”. HAHHAHAHAHA!

They get straight to her story, and she shares that she married when she was 22 while her husband was 27.

JunHo prepares to write about her love-story but then she says that back then, there was no such thing as love. You just live, and then get married, and then you live like that.

JunHo: “Alright. Love… there was none!” HAAAA!!!

She was just paired up with her husband through her grandfather and had never even met him till the day they were to wed. Pffft. I’ve heard of stories like this but they still amaze me. And she basically had her first look of him through a hole, pfft. That perspective is kinda heart-fluttering though? Heh.

Granny Lee SunJa might as well be SiYoon’s grandma, with her love of wrting and books and learning. Her room’s filled with them all and she’d even written a love poem, haha. She says that the person she needs the most in her life is her husband first and foremost. Her children come after. Heh.

They change topics and it’s revealed that she was born in 1944. Oh snap. When North Korea first invaded South Korea on the 25th June 1950 and essentially started the Korean war, she was only 6.

That spring, she enrolled in elementary school, but then, her school got hit by a bomb. She went to school with all the innocence and naïvity that only 6 year olds could have, not knowing anything, but there was only chaos there, no teachers or anything. From then on, she couldn’t learn. Sigh.

And that’s why she loves learning so much.

A similar fate befell granny Kang JeomSun too, she, who would’ve been even younger then. She shares how she could only work and work and work to survive, how she didn’t even have time to dream since she got married at 20. And then I get a bit lost because she speaks with a heavy dialect and given that I barely managed to understand official Korean, heh. But essentially, she lost the chance to learn driving, which she would definitely have been able to master, only because she couldn’t write nor read.

Her little dream was to just learn how to drive. Hahahaha, she even knows the car she wants to drive. A little red hatchback. Heh. TaeHyun draws it out for her and she giggles at seeing her dream car on paper.

Back to granny Kim KilJa where she replies that it’s been 10 years since her husband passed away. Though she waves away the sentiment that she must really miss him, she sighs. She ends up deciding to write to him and then scratches her head and complains that it’s too itchy. Pwahahahaha. She’s so cute. They’re all so cute.

JunHo asks about her penname and JoonYoung offers ‘Adele’. Ha.

Time passes and Kim KilJa finishes writing her poem. That was fast. JunHo reads and goes, “HaDong’s meat is good…” Haha, a minor mis-spelling turned “air” into “meat”.

JongMin checks out granny Lee SunJa’s calendar and notes how she details all her plans, till the end of April, heh.

Alone, she writes her poem too and DongGu finds her diaries. Pfft. He goes through them (with her permission) and it’s filled with her daily mundane but happy memories.

Hahahahhahahahah! Defconn’s trying to teach granny JeomSun a cheer/greeting/action/whatever-the-hell-that-is that frankly, kids don’t even do nowadays. He calls it their team cheer.

TaeHyun asks her who she thinks of the most and she replies that with her mom and her oppa. TaeHyun asks her where she’d like to bring them to, even though they’re not around anymore, if she gets her driver’s license.

“All over the world.” As long as they’re with her.

Brimming with regrets and helplessless, she describes all the things that people can easily do with their parents nowadays and what they can even choose not to do. But back then, they couldn’t do a thing. Couldn’t buy their parents things. Couldn’t give their parents allowance. Just because they didn’t have the ability to.

Seeing this, TaeHyun suggests that she write about her dreams and imagine how her life would have been like if the world were different back then. What about writing a letter to her mother?

Staring into space, she mutters the words, about writing to her mother with the letters she learnt, about telling her mother that she lived well, about how if she were still alive in this good world, how she’d give her allowance and buy her good food and clothes… doing all the things she couldn’t do now… “shall we try writing that once?”

Alphabet by alphabet, with the two men by her side guiding her every step of the way, she begins writing her very first letter to her mother, hesitantly and unsure, but still striving on and working to complete it, muttering every letter and syllable under her breath as she does.

The time comes, when the poems are to be read. Pffft, granny Kim KilJa takes the blanket that was supposed to be her cushion and spreads it out to share between her, JoonYoung and JunHo. When it seems a little too small, JoonYoung quips that JunHo doesn’t need it, HA!

On the other hand, DongGu’s wrapping his jacket over granny Lee SunJa, making sure that she doesn’t get the chills.

Granny KilJa mutters about reading her poem in front of so many people.  But she goes first.

Adele Kim KilJa: Confession

JeongYeon’s grandfather.
It’s been 10 years since this grandpa has gone.
It has also been 10 years since I moved to HaDong.
Because the air is so good, I am not going to the hospital frequently.
And I’m living like this (happily).
JeongYeon’s grandfather, over there,
Are you sick/ in pain or not?
I’m curious.
MiJeong-ie, HyangSuk-ie, JinSeok-ie, BongSeok-ie and JeongYeon are all doing well.
ByeongMin-ie, DaMin-ie, don’t worry about them.
Until I go there, be well.
JeongYeon’s grandfather, the words that I couldn’t say to you while you were alive,
Today, I’m saying them.

I love you.

LAWLs, JunHo emphasizes on her pen name being Adele and so Defconn bestows upon Kang JeomSun granny the name (Red) Velvet and DongGu calls Lee SunJa granny Black Pink after the clothes they’re wearing.

Next up is Granny Lee SunJa’s masterpiece.

Black Pink Lee SunJa: The happy today we were together.

I couldn’t study when I was young.
I had no friends too and was lonely.
My parents too, believed that a woman can’t go out.
After dinner, Father would stand out at the door and protect.
Because I was so lonely, I cried a lot.
But then in my life, as I lived it, the chance to study/learn came.
While learning at Jeong Do School,
Today became this happy.
If days like this, happy days, came frequently, that would be good.
Because I’m so happy, I laughed.

So study you punks still in school and skipping class.

Pffft, and Defconn points out to DongGu’s penname, Cow Tongue, printed at the bottom of the page and mentions how it makes it their names look like the name of a beef broth shop.

Finally, it’s time for Velvet’s. Haha.

Velvet Kang JeomSun: Little red car

In my dreams, I bought a car.
Because I didn’t know Hangul,
Even though I wanted to get a driver’s license, I couldn’t.
I want to buy a small car.
I want to take mom on a ride.
I want to bring her to the blossoms at Hwagae.

And it ends with a drawing of her imagining herself driving her mother and oppa in a little red car surrounded by pink blossoms.

We end the episode with a little award ceremony for all the grannies for their award-winning poems. And Kang JeomSun does that Defconn greeting, hahahahha!!! So cute. All the grannies are just so cute.


6 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 171

  1. hey thanks for the fast recap(i was surprised!😂)

    ah, after the crazy episode last week..this week is a bit “quiet” but i love how these guys can easily talk to the elders. had to admire them..and the elders are all very good sports. cute grannies.. it’s nice to hear stories from the elders.. i love it when i hear stories from them about those old days..my grandpa would tell abt the time during the Japanese occupation too and that always make me thankful of the “easy” life we led today.


  2. I didn’t know you’re back writing recaps. I thought you’d stop after you said you didn’t watch 2D1N anymore. But today, I thought I checked out your site because you know… what ifs. So imagine my surprise when I saw you’ve been recapping since the Hangover Soup Special. Lol. Today episode seems heartwarming. I’ve always liked it when they did specials with the citizens. Can’t wait to watch it!


    1. Lol, no… I just haven’t watched the episodes I haven’t recapped because of a lack of time, not because I’m dropping 1 Night 2 Days. Why would I drop this?!

      I’m no Kang JeomSun granny, but I like 1 Night 2 Days!


  3. “Alphabet by alphabet, with the two men by her side guiding her every step of the way, she begins writing her very first letter to her mother, hesitantly and unsure, but still striving on and working to complete it, muttering every letter and syllable under her breath as she does.”
    Hey Peeps, i liked the way you wrote this paragraph. It is beyond recap. It is poetic, like something from a good book. Nice!
    This episode reminds me of the other episode where grannies were also featured. Everytime they talked about the past and their loved ones who have passed on, i get teary eyed.


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