Unnie’s Slamdunk S2 Ep 11

I kinda fell in love with this show. (I’ve been watching it for a bit these few days.) But it only has subtitles on Monday and I had some time on my hands (for once!) and so what do I do? I write a recap of course. Not a very long detailed one though.

Unnie’s Slamdunk Season 2 Episode 11:

The three terrible dancers of Unnies gather at JinKyeong’s house to practise their steps with Coach KyuSang. (What’s his nickname? I forgot.) But before they shake their butts (awkwardly, lol), they look through JinKyeong’s daughter’s baby pics. Ooh!! JinKyeong looks so pretty with longer hair. And what does YeWon say?

YeWon: “Oh, (your daughter) looks so sturdy/strong! Like a guy!”


After that, they gather in a room and JinKyeong’s mother readies a comfortable seat and prepares for a show. JinKyeong tells her mother to judge them without bias and Mom shoots back, “you do well yourself (you worry about yourself).” HA, why are you worrying about her being biased when she snapped about your singing in the car?

Heh, JinKyeong’s mother watches them but her jaw drops when she sees JinKyeong’s er… embarrassing moves, heh. She finds that they all dance well but says that YeWon dances the best.

Coach KyuSang goes into a lesson about the clapping part of their choreography and Mom follows. Then she suddenly interrupts them to point out all her daughter’s flaws. “You’re the worst!” Hahaha!

Annoyed, JinKyeong pulls her mother out, which she resists, but in the end, she stands among the other women and clapping along. She’s clapping like a soldier, ha!

JinKyeong: “Mother, please go eat!”

Heh, when “Mom” becomes “Mother”, you know someone’s annoyed.

Heh, Mom joins them for the next step in the choreography but gets chased off to please go eat and so she repeats how her daughter’s the worst (dancer) back at her. They repeat that, until Mom walks out… only to dance along while hiding behind the door frame. Ha!

“Mother, please go eat!”

Ha, but at least we now know whom JinKyeong gets her dancing skills from.

Finally, she goes to prepare their meal , where InSeok PD apologises for coming over, making a mess and making her go through so much trouble (she’s prepared their lunch). But like any mom, she waves that aside, happy to help in any way, as long as it makes it easier for her daughter, even if just a bit. She asks InSeok PD to please treat JinKyeong well. Aw.

“Who’s mom am I?”

And then she continues dancing around while they eat, heh. “Please see my daughter in good light!”

Several days later, they gather at their dance practice room, and Sook comes in, talking like a worried headmistress, pfft, worrying that they’re not developing (culturally). She tells them to read, please, and gifts her book to JinKyeong.

Reading a quote off the book about worrying about how others see oneself, she tells the other girls to say something without thinking about what others feel, which is a feat for them, since they’re entertainers and their jobs rely heavily on their image.

Heh, Sook tells her to go first and she says, “really… people who do politics…”

HAHAHA, they flip out, since it’s a sensitive topic in Korea now, and she insists that it’s why she has to say it now.

“Really, people who do politics… please…”

JinYoung: “Unnie, bye.”

“Please… take care of our country.”


The two dance teachers come in, putting a stop to all these shenanigans. The ladies break into three groups for their assessment and… whooo!!! Everyone does well, like totally well. Of course the professional idols nail it, and YeWon and Sook are on point. ChaeYoung lags a little sometimes and JinKyeong and JinYoung call it off a little earlier, heh.

OMG, they really did well.

Coach HwaYoung points out that there’re still a little difference between the professionals and the actresses. But also, Minzy and SoMin have got the flow down pat. Lastly, she tells them to pay attention to their expressions, because the cameras capture that.

This lesson, they’ll be focusing on the flow and their positions may change to make sure that when they move into the different arrangements, it works. Heh, Sook can’t help but laugh at JinKyeong dancing and when JinYoung changes place with ChaeYoung and can’t get the rhythm right, JinKyeong snaps at her to just follow what she does. Because they have the same choreography. HEE!

PFFFFTTWAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, JinKyeong’s stiff, exaggerated dancing is so hilarious. She makes me split my sides laughing. She even makes the Coach HwaYoung collapse in laughter, ha!

Since YeWon’s gotten so many dancing lessons and knows the details of the steps, enough to teach other others, she’s made Vice Class President. Oooh, she’s come a long way from the very bottom! But it wasn’t easy. She really practised a lot.

JinKyeong learns from YeWon and nails it immediately. JinYoung gets the same lesson and YeWon tells her not to exaggerate her actions because her bosom’s big, so even if she moves just a little, it’s VERY obvious. HAHAHHAHAHA! That sounds like a diss at JinKyeong even though it isn’t.

YeWon worries about JinKyeong’s way-too-sexy outfit, but Sook tells her to give up and forget it, because she was worse in Season 1 and they all just let her be, with the thought that she’s crazy. Hee!

To end off the lesson, they try to make the ending pose prettier. But the shape that the teachers want is a little difficult for Sook to pull, since her legs are way shorter than JinKyeong, heh. So they settle for something less difficult and it’s one last round to make sure that the flow… flows.

After dance lessons, they head off for meat, where JinYoung whines that she has to lose weight. Heh, she gives in and melts the moment the meat melts in her mouth.  Pfft.  They laugh and eat and SoMi even stuffs a huge wrap into her mouth, unaware that the camera’s filming her.

And next on the agenda on another bright sunny spring day, is the day for them to go choose their stage costumes. Their celebrity stylist Choi HeeSun had brought the original costumes that she’d made for several girl groups and off the girls go to choose the outfits they want. From TWICE, to AOA to KARA, there’re lots to choose from.

The ladies head off to the toilets to change and their laughter can be heard ringing through the corridors. “Even if I don’t fit, I’m wearing it!”

First to come out to show off to the coaches and their producer is SoMi, wearing a TWICE outfit like it was made for her. She then introduces Sook, saying, “this is a big problem.”

And out comes Sook, looking like a stuffed meat roll. Her pants won’t even button, HA! Oh dear. Idols are just too skinny.

Next up is Minzy in an off-shoulder dress, laughing that she’s feeling awkward. Aww!! Our tough rapper looks like a gentle lady!

YeWon comes dancing into the yard in an AOA costume, and Coach GyuSang stands up to teach her the proper steps, ha. Must be an occupational hazard. And Sook covers her from our view, worrying that our hearts would stop beating because she’s so mesmerising, ha.

JinYoung comes in a tight-fitting red dress that AOA wore, and though the stylist notes that she’s perfect for it, when she does her over-the-top-sexy version of their song, Sook calls her disgusting, heh.

There’re just two others’ in their costumes left to reveal and Sook goes, “ah, one of them is pretty.” HAHAHHAHA.

ChaeYoung comes skipping into the yard in a TWICE number. It fits her, thought she admits that her previous 2 outfits didn’t. And then YeWon demands to know where JinYoung is touching (YeWon’s boobs). HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Everyone cracks up when they see JinKyeong in her Girls Day outfit, paired with blue tights and a toilet paper hair band. HEHEHE. Sook teases her for looking like an Olympic athlete. She does a little dance and Sook takes away the “drunk ajusshi”. Pfft, the two of them continue dancing at the side to absolutely no music at all and then Sook asks a very important question: “Excuse me Teacher, sorry but… can we (the two of them) really be part of a girl group?” Heh.

The stylist asks them to reveal why they chose those costumes and SoMi immediately blurts out: “I just wanted to wear something TWICE wears.” Aw. “Please don’t ask!” Haha. They let her and ChaeYoung dance to a TWICE number and SoMi is happy again.

Sook just chose the costume that would stretch the most. Ha! Guess the pants can’t stretch enough.

JinYoung is praised for how she totally fits the bright red dress and she and Minzy do a little dance.

But all these are just for play, because their stage costumes have already been made. They’re not fully made, only about 50-60%, but the ladies are excited to see them anyway. Hahaha, Sook announces to Stylist Choi HeeSun that they’re changing their diet from today: Only one serving a member each meal from now on. HA! They promise to lose 5kg.

YeWon suddenly chatters a lot when she discovers that the costumes look like something she’d suggested at their last meeting and the stylist admits that she took inspiration from there. ChaeYoung gets a red off-shouldered one because her shoulders are beautiful. SoMi, Minzy and YeWon get pink, green and yellow costumes, just like what YeWon had suggested the other time. JinYoung worries about the boob slit on her orange-red dress. Hahaha.

But at least it’s better than Sook’s, who complains that she totally saw an ahjumma out on the streets gazing at the cherry blossoms wearing her exact same outfit. HAHAHAHA! The outfits still need to be tailored to their sizes and to soothe her anger, the other girls point out all the special accessories on her outfit and then suggest that her pants be made shorter… and shorter… and Sook bursts out in mock-anger, hehehe. JinKyeong has the flashiest bling bling purple costume evar.

Now that they’ve got an idea of what the stage costumes are going to be like, Coach KyuSang tells them girls that they may be happy now, but they’ve got to be careful with the choreographies, since with so many colours, at the slightest slip, the performance can be ruined. He continues to warn them…and YeWon chirps that they’ll do well. Heh.

They open their one-serving lunch boxes, promising to watch what they eat, and ChaeYoung tries to steal JinYoung’s food. HA! That lasted all of 2 seconds.

Later at night, they gather at the studio for a recording of their song again. Sook grumps for the girls to just come in already, since they’re out there making a heck of noise, and JinYoung comes in to feed her a sweet and give kisses, heh.

Coach G-serious and the producers come in too and the ladies burst out into a song, congratulating Coach G-serious on his upcoming marriage. Then they say that he has to sit for a hearing. The one that they hold immediately, hee.

They accuse him of tricking them (regarding his relationship-status) and he mutters that he didn’t though. They realised that they never asked him, heh. He’d even told the writers in their meeting and SoMi loudly complains that he should have told her earlier. JinKyeong complains that he’d even danced with their maknae. HAHAHAH.

Are men-to-be-married not allowed to innocently dance with kids who’re still schooling? Sook even grumbles that there was a three-way love triangle between him, her and SoMi. He stutters that he’d kept it all in because SoMi needed encouragement then and SoMi snaps that she’s not going to do it. Do what? Pfft.

SoMi: “Don’t be sad. I’m not even going to stare your way!”


But they admit that they’re really disappointed that they had to learn of his upcoming marriage through the news and Coach JinYeong admits that he revealed it only because a reporter called him at the company. They wonder who leaked that out and he guesses that that talk somehow came from Unnies Slamdunk. Heh, no one knows how that got leaked and suggests answers. And JinKyeong suddenly has an idea.

Sook: “Was it you?” HAHA!

Nope! She just thinks that it was Coach JinYeong’s fiancé who got jealous after seeing his “love-line” with SoMi. HEEE.

But SoMi’s more concerned and perplexed by how the reporters chose the saddest picture of her as the cover for JinYeong-ssaem’s marriage announcement. And how everyone else’s pitying her when she doesn’t really feel anything about it, heh.

But, it’s time to get serious and sing.

ChaeYoung’s first to stand at the mike and JinYoung, the self-appointed coach to ChaeYoung, comes in to remind her to do her cutesy cheer before singing. HAHAH! Sook grumbles again, heh.

She’s so much better today that the coaches sit up and even let out a “yeah”.

In the waiting room, YeWon looks like death is coming to meet her. We’re shown clips of how she’d first refused singing to how she’s belting out I Have Lover. We even get a never-before-seen clip of her singing with Vocal Director Han WonJong and wow, she’s like a musical actress. Her classical tone is so obvious and beautiful.

But now, it’s time to sing a pop song.

She stands at the mike, gathering all her strength and cups her cheeks… so that “please, please, please” ends up sounding like “poo-lish, poo-lish, poo-lish”. HAHHAHA! But she’s SO MUCH better and I’m amazed at how she’s hitting the notes. She passes that part and it’s time for another verse.

Eeps, this one is much more difficult. She needs to shout in a high pitch, loud, bright and full of happiness. I don’t know if she can pull it off with her throat like this and also because she’s one who usually uses her head-voice when singing in that range.

And as expected, she sings like she a soldier chanting, hahahah!

The producer’s and vocal director’s smiles fades as they realise the problem, knowing that it’s not working and yet unable to instruct her to keep singing because the key’s so high. (She might hurt her voice.)

Producer Kim HyeongSeok and Vocal Director Han WonJong regroup and point out what they need from the singer from that part. Something that YeWon’s not able to give them right now. They wonder if they have to change singers, but hearing YeWon desperately practising her singing from the room across, their hearts sink and they hesitate.

Anyway, knowing that they’ve done well so far but that it’s not enough, they let her go for a full run just so that they have a clip to judge. But as they’d expected, and as YeWon had concluded too, it doesn’t fit the song. It sounds like something from Hairspray the musical rather than something refreshing from an idol girl group.

She comes to the studio, admitting that she’d been practising that part with her head voice, which is not what they need because they need someone with a strong, powerful voice. And so she gives up this part.

Coach JinYeong comes in, asking if her throat’s the problem. The producers reply that even if YeWon does pull through, she won’t be able to make it fit. The tone given and required  just don’t match at all.

Letting out a sigh, Coach JinYeong admits that there’s no one among the 7 ladies who has that innate, born voice and power that they need. Uhm, but they have someone who definitely has a lot of lung power. When she laughs, you can hear her from a kilometre away.

Producer Kim HyeongSeok suggests somebody… and that’s how Kim Sook gets called away to the studio. Hehe, she’s a little apprehensive to be asked to sing that part which she hadn’t practised for.

YeWon: “Unnie. Please. You can do it!” And JinKyeong’s in the back going, “meom meom meom meommeommeommeom~”

And so Sook goes, singing like she’s in the shower. What the. She’s perfect for it! And suddenly Producer HyeongSeok bursts into happy giggles. On the other hand, Sook’s so confused, not comprehending why they’re saying that she fits the part. Don’t look down on your lung-power Sook-unnie.

She has a nice tone, and it sounds like it’s super easy for her to pull off those lines. With YeWon, you could hear that she was straining. HAHHAA, producer HyeongSeok’s so happy that he has to stand but Sook’s so confused at how they’re saying it works.

Now that they’re certain that Sook’s good for the part, they bring everyone together, to see if they need to rearrange the parts among them. JinKyeong asks if Sook and YeWon are changing parts and Vocal Director WonJong immediately goes, “that’ll be great”.

Sook: “That must mean that I did badly (for my original part).” Haha.

But it’s in that 1st verse that she really wanted though? In season 1, she’d been disappointed that it took 1 minute for her part to come out.

The coaches agree that they didn’t assign the parts perfectly and YeWon pipes up immediately to say that she told them that she couldn’t do it from the start. It didn’t fit her. It was too high. But no one listened.

They reply, expressing how they’d wished for her to fully express her potential, but it’s Coach JinYeong, the one who’d been with her at all her vocal lessons, who explains the burden that she’d been under the whole time while she breaks down and cries. Aw. But she came all the way this far only because the coaches kept pushing her and telling her that she could do it.

Even 2 weeks earlier at their first studio-recording, YeWon had admitted that the key that problematic part was in didn’t fit her at all. But because the coaches, and even the other members, were expecting so much of her, she felt the burden and worried a lot.

Back in the studio, she explains that she could totally hear that she wasn’t right for the part but Producer HyeongSeok tells her that whether she can do it or not is not the problem. They’re just changing the parts up because everyone’s busy and has schedules. It’s not that she can’t do it. And training and practising and working hard is not wrong at all.

YeWon completely breaks down at that and ChaeYoung totally understands.

YeWon goes out for a little air with Sook to clear her head and JinKyeong sighs that YeWon’s just too pure. If she’d thought of this group as part of just another variety programme, she’d have been fine with them changing the parts, but because she’s so innocent, she’d worked and practised so hard for it, which is why the fact that the parts eventually had to be changed hit her so hard.

Voice Director WonJong is most apologetic that his words that she couldn’t do that part wasn’t a lie. To the very end, he couldn’t give up on the perfect sound.

ChaeYoung shares that she totally understands how YeWon’s feeling now. In just the last recording, she was under so much stress that she cried the moment she got home. She’d felt so much like an idiot. Hehehe, JinYoung takes her in her arms and showers her in kisses.

ChaeYoung: “I really wanted to do well.”

JinKyeong: “You’re. Doing. Well.”

PWAHAHAH, they stare at her because she said it so soullessly. Is it already 10pm? Is it her sleepy time?

YeWon finally comes back, her eyes still puffy and her nose still blocked. But Sook stays outside… and after a moment, while pulling the most innocent and puzzled faced ever, JinKyeong mutters, “it smells right?” She means that someone had farted. HAHAHHA.

Immediately, ChaeYoung, JinYoung and YeWon get into an uproar while the others don’t even care, heh. They all accuse JinKyeong and JinKyeong retorts and asks if they don’t fart too, hee.

Then she complains that when they were eating samgyupsal earlier, someone kept eating all the meat. SoMi? Hee. It was so bad that she even ended up eating those not fully cooked yet heh.

She points fingers at SoMi and Minzy and the captions show that Minzy was the origin of the fart. HAHAHAHHAA!!!! It’s always the silent ones that kill.

Minzy: “Unnie, it’s okay. Just fart a lot.”

Anyway, they come back to the song and Sook agrees to change her part with YeWon. She mutters the words to her original part and says that it didn’t fit her, to be honest. And YeWon cry-whines about how Sook had wanted to be in the first verse. HAHHA, that’s so cute they immediately laugh.

SoMi: “She couldn’t lie and say that it isn’t that.” HAHA.

Sook announces that she doesn’t like the first verse anymore. She doesn’t like how hard it is to sing and dance then, heh. YeWon continues crying, so JinKyeong breaks the pity-party up by groaning for her to hurry up already, because she’s feeling another fart coming up. HAHAHHAHAHAHA!

It’s her turn up next, but she runs for a toilet break first. Toilet break done, she comes back and does her “meom meom meom” voice exercise… only for her voice to break. HEH. But at least she does well enough for the recording today. She really must have practised a lot.

And now that all of them are done recording their parts, it’s time to come back to YeWon, who has to record her new part. She sings once…

And Producer HyeongSeok and Voice Producer WonJong accepts it immediately. It only took one try. WOW. This part really fits her. But because it ended so fast, they ask her to do it another time, and this one comes out even better. What the hell, I can even hear the love flowing in her last line. This is HER part! She did even better than Sook! SoMi, are you wearing your pajamas in the back?

And now it’s time for cuts of their V-live interviews, where SoMi speaks in English, ChaeYoung says hi in Mandarin, Coach JinYeong dances (they made him do it, heh) and they shake their butts.

Ha, it must be after 10 pm already because JinKyeong speaks like a zombie. They show off the “It” items in their luggage and what the hell are JinYoung and SoMi doing piling on top of Minzy? JinYoung, who’s supposedly on her diet, shows off her stash of junk food while JinKyeong reveals all her perfectly new books filled with words she can’t even pronounce properly.

And uh… the girls basically go crazy… and go crazier when their chicken delivery comes. I thought you’re all supposed to be on a diet!

And JinKyeong ends it off with: “Berry Berry Ddaeng-kyu. I La-va Es-ra-el. Chaii~na.” Pfft. What?

(That was her saying bye in English and sending her greetings to Israel and China.)


Next Week!

The Unnies go on KBS’s variety programme 1 vs 100 and ChaeYoung wonders if she has stones for brains. Heh. Plus, it’s time to get it down and show what you have for a RAP WAR!

I THOUGHT I SAID IT WAS GOING TO BE SHORT! WHAT DID I DO?! And now I am back to having no time… ei….. T_T


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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