1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 172

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 172: 1N2D’s First Unity Rally – We are One.

Time for a new trip! But it’s not one of those cross-country, follow-the-highway ones. I think these guys are really set for life with 1 Night 2 Days, with the rate at which they’re completing that. Or not.

Anyway, there’s a new mission for this trip – “practise dancing and send in a clip of yourself doing so for 3 minutes.” The guys have until the day before their next filming to complete it.

TaeHyun: How am I supposed to practise (dancing)? This is crazy.

Hurr rope in your kids.

And their second mission is: be at Wando Naval Terminal carpark at 7.50am and ready to go.


HA, JongMin and JoonYoung don’t understand what that means at all and they assume that there’s a huge punishment for the late comer.

So several days later, we get to see what Yoo PD’s up to. He’s planted flags of our boys in front of a huge ferry and when Defconn comes and is ushered in, he learns that they’re going to Cheongsan Island.

Heh, he grabs his flag before heading in, securing his number 1 place.

One by one, JoonYoung, TaeHyun and JongMin arrive and ha, JoonYoung runs when he sees TaeHyun running behind him. HAHAHAHA, they don’t even know why they’re running. They’re so hilarious.

Yoo PD tells them the reason they have to be here on time – the ferry leaves at 8 sharp and boarding ends exactly at 7.55am. HAHA. JunHo’s still sleeping in his car though and DongGu comes to get him with just 4 minutes to go. Do they even know where to go?

Pfft, YAPS runs and grins when he grabs his flag… but then he gets lost and DongGu’s way ahead of him, already on the ferry. Ha.


Now that they’re all safely on the ferry, Yoo PD brings out their outfits for the day. They’re green, and when they stand together, they make the phrase “This Member, Remember”. I like Remember This Member better.

Anyway, Yoo PD announces the opening of 1 Night 2 Day’s “Very First” Unity Rally. Ha, everything’s the very first for him.

The reason he’s come up with this is because though both Season 1 and 2 had strong unity between its members, in Season 3, they’ve been fighting against each other non-stop. HEH. Hark back to just last week where they stabbed each other in the hearts with their sharp words.

And so, everything they’ll be doing today will be done together. “We are one!”

The guys put their hands together to do their cheer and get it perfect in one try.

Yoo PD tells them that they’ve succeeded their first mission. No, it’s not doing the cheer well. It’s all of them getting on the ferry on time. Thus, they earn themselves 10 bucks. And then they immediately disagree on how to use it, hehe.

But no matter, because they soon set their differences aside and stare out into the wide blue sea, shoulder to shoulder. After, they go off to get food. Of course it’s Ramyeon, but DongGu must be getting used to this show because he’s thankful for it. HA!

HEH, they tease JongMin for eating Ramyeon again and Yoo PD notes that he’s put on weight.

“I’m the fattest now compared to Season 1 and 2!” says JongMin.

Of course they end it by being true to themselves: they sleep.


In no time at all, they arrive at their destination. Designated as the prettiest village in Korea in 2013, Asia’s very first slow city – Cheongsan Island, where the canola/rape blossoms that go as far as the eye can see greet them. Those blossoms remind them of Han HyoJoo, whom they filmed with last year (has it really been that long since I first started recapping 1 Night 2 Days????).

29 April to 14 May 2017 – that’s the period when everyone in Korea can go for a sudden Spring Vacation no matter where they are!

They load up on the bus and can’t stop gaping in awe at all the flowers around them. Ha, JunHo calls them “Han HyoJoo”. Seems like she left a really strong impression on them.

Yoo PD informs them that this island has the most Anions in all of Korea and JongMin’s like “what’s Anions?”

Someone: “Something like Pocari (the sports drink).” Ha.

It’s something good for you, JongMin ah. Maybe it’ll slow your rate of aging by reducing the rate of oxidation of your cells. Stop eating so much Ramyeon!


They don’t really understand what the Anions are for and JongMin puts his head out for a breath of those Anions in the air. “How does it smell like?” JunHo: “Like your bad hair smell.” HAHHAHA!

The bus drops them off at a trail and they walk up together and spot the rock that’s supposed to look like a leaping tiger. But there’s more than a fake tiger to see – the whole of Wando Island below them.

OMG, the rocks there are magnetic and the boys basically spend all their time playing there, heh. It’s all magnetic, so no matter how many compasses you bring there, you’ll never be able to tell north from south.

The staff bring out their menu for the day. There are 6 items in total, but of course, they’re not for free.  The guys will have to work for it. Then they guess that they’ll just end up with the worst one: Wando Laver with Rice. Heh.

Their first mission of the day is for them to mend the hurt they gave each other last week – instead of listing out all their bad points, it’s time to give each other compliments. As long as they do a total of 6 rounds together, they succeed.

JoonYoung: “Isn’t… isn’t it too hard?”

So Yoo PD attempts to help by making them share the good deeds they’d recently done. Ha.

They try to push the task to each other and JoonYoung volunteers to go first. Recently, while walking in front of a hamburger shop at 12 midnight, he saw an Ajusshi fall over, his wallet and phones spilling out. He even saw how much the man had. (HAHAHHA!) So he put the wallet back in the man’s pocket and sent him off in a taxi using his own (JoonYoung’s) money after calling the Ajumma (the man’s wife?).

Defconn’s good deed was that he helped a granny bring her heavy things up the steps of the subway. The others complain that it’s basic courtesy! Then he continues that he drank the granny’s bad-tasting drink. The others praise him for doing a good deed. Pfft.

JoonYoung: “Do you have evidence?”

Defconn: “Do you?”


JongMin… I don’t even understand what he’s trying to say, really… Anyway, he ended up helping his best friend ShinJi.

TaeHyun shares the total sum of all the unpaid debts that his friends still owe him. That’s his good deed.

Then he realises something. “Please take that out. My wife will kill me.” HAHAHHA!

After that heart-warming session, they carry on with the game and everyone lists DongGu’s good points easily. But then DongGu himself forgets and ruins the round. Heh.

They agree that it’s hard to remember those long things and Defconn suggests that they just end everything with “Jjang!” Ha! But then he himself ruins the next round and they all complain that “Jjang” makes it worse. Everything sounds the same. Heh.

YAPS attempts to make it easy: “Eyes are pretty. Nose is pretty…”

HAHAHA! These guys are so sly.


It works this time and TaeHyun enjoys all the compliments thrown his way. It lasts for about 2 rounds, during which JunHo complains about Yoo PD’s expression distracting him. The round ends with TaeHyun ruining his own round.

Yoo PD: “Is it that hard to give each other compliments?!”

JunHo: “We can’t see the good points!”

The game continues and finally it reaches JunHo’s turn. JunHo wonders if there’s something good to say about himself. Heh. They’re totally having fun teasing him. And his good points are: “his breath is average”, “his cigarette-smell is fragrant” and “his tooth has become less yellow”. HAHAHAHA. TaeHyun’s the first to give him a real compliment – he makes good gags.

And JoonYoung puts a kibosh on that with “his socks-sense  (sock fashion) is the worst”.


JunHo’s good point is that he cut his nose hairs and Defconn’s compliment is that he cleans his ear hairs.

JunHo: “I didn’t have any!”

And DongGu praises him for not suiting the colour green. HAHAHHA! This guy’s is not joking.

PWAHAHHAA, JunHo starts getting pissed and pulls out all his bad fashion. Oooh, JunHo has some muscly legs!

Aish, all these guys… do they know what a compliment is? Our poor JunHo!



For the sensitive Defconn, DongGu says something nice. Then JongMin follows it with, “he’s needlessly strong.” And several compliments later, JunHo continues with, “and he has aging spots on his face too…”

HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Defconn immediately complains and gets pissy and Yoo PD has to remind him that they agreed that they wouldn’t get pissy. So the two men hug it out. Hee.

And his own self-praise is that he doesn’t get pissy even with all that. Ha.

Hee, JongMin’s insists on teasing him and even TaeHyun can’t help but follow too, pointing out the flesh/hair popping out at the sides of his cap. Aw, hahahahha! For the first time ever, JoonYoung cackles so loudly in the background that it even drowns TaeHyun’s ever-present laughter.

Anyway, a long, very long, time later, they end the games a little too early for JoonYoung’s liking – he never got to say “he dates manga characters well”. Aigoo. They all go to comfort the angry and pissy Defconn who lets out a loud roar.


And so they lose the chance to eat their octopus and vegetables dish, since they can’t praise each other enough.

Heh, JunHo lets the remark about his socks get to him and he asks Defconn if his fashion is really that bad.

Defconn: “Yeah it’s pretty severe.”

JunHo, JongMin and Defconn look out at the view below them while the pretty boys DongGu and JoonYoung apply sunscreen. TaeHyun: “The ones applying sun screen are the handsome kids. Those not applying are the ugly kids.” Heh.

JoonYoung: “Ahjusshi-s!! Please take care of your skin a bit!”

The guys head over to the canola flowers below and JoonYoung suggests playing their Telepathy Game, which they’d played with HyoJoo the last time.

They find the road that was famously video-ed in the “Arirang MV” and spend some happy times taking photos. Then they complain about sharing all the flowers and this romantic view with just other guys.

It’s time to talk about their homework, the one in which they had to practise dancing for three minutes. Yoo PD blurts out that some of them even hired a dance teacher to help with it (pfft, I know who) and JunHo mutters that he was going to become Poppin’ JunHo. But then he gave up. HEHE. TaeHyun did Gangnam Style with his kids.

As expected, DongGu’s the one with the teacher while Defconn, host of Weekly Idol, says he danced to BTS’ Fire. No one knows what he’s talking about, pfft. PWAHAHAHHA, JoonYoung’s hilariously stiff in his clip while TaeHyun has a blast with his two daughters.

Heh, DongGu just practised the choreography for his upcoming drama (the one directed by “Ra JunMo” (TaeHyun)) with his teacher, as does JongMin with his crew (we can’t even see his head though). JunHo really had Poppin’ HyunJoon come over to show him a few moves but instead of popping, JunHo ends up doing his Zombie/Jyana dance.

Heh, Yoo PD reveals that they’ll be dancing among the flowers today, but not alone, because they’ll be joined by some ladies.

Off the guys go to find their lady-volunteers and soon, each of them has a lady by the hand.

We’re joined by Im JeongHwa, Park MiJa, Park OkJa, Park JeongSeun, Yi HyeSoon and Yi SoonOk.

For this game, all the guys have to do is to stay on the mat for as long as they can. (They’re playing one at a time.) The catch is that the ladies joining them will be trying their absolute best to push them out as a group. Let’s see who lasts longer! And the longer the guys last, the better the food they’ll get.


If they last for a total of 6 minutes, they succeed. But for every one minute they fail, a dish gets taken away.

Of course Yoo PD knows that ladies have hearts of gold, so he tempts them with cash vouchers for use at department stores if they win. And immediately those hearts turn to stone.

“Even if we die, we have to push them out!” HAHAHA.

And off they go to practise bumping men out while JoonYoung tells JunHo that he’s got this game in his pocket. All he has to do is spread his bad breath. Pfft.

The ladies are fitted with their cameras and microphones… and JunHo signals the start of the competition with: “Men, Hwaiting! Women, BOOOOOO!!!!!” How childish can you get, heh.

JongMin dances first, as do the ahjummas. The whistle blows… and he’s out in 5 seconds flat. HA!

JunHo, why are you so shocked? Well now, let’s see if you can do better.


He goes up and the famous trot “So What About My Age” starts playing. He dances like a crazy man, determined to show it to the ladies. And less than 10 seconds later, he’s bumped out. HAHAHHA! He totally falls flat on his back.

Up next is TaeHyun and he’s given a fast song to dance to. Hee, he runs in between them and manages to survive a light push, but in no time at all, he’s flying off the mat. HAHAHA! Dance time with daughters don’t make you stronger.

JunHo figures that the ladies’ weapons are their elbows and given how it makes it hard for them (TaeHyun lasted all of 10 seconds), the ladies agree to keep their hands behind their backs.

Defconn steps up to the mat and gets SUUUUUPER EXCITED to hear BTS’ Fire, the song he’d practiced hard for. The whistle blows and the song stops soon. But with the power of the Fire, Defconn manages to stay in place for quite a long time. Hahaha. The 6 of them don’t manage to push him off, since he recharges with “FIRE!!!” every few seconds, hahahhaha! What is this wriggling, it’s so funny, hehehhehe!

Finally, after a long, long time, Defconn tumbles out of the mat, exhausted, and the rest of the guys try to revive him. Hee.

Defconn’s record is 1 minute and 47 seconds. Ahhh… not enough.

Well, it’s gonna be hard to hit 6 minutes. But Yoo PD takes into account how the ladies “cheated” earlier and lets them have the Abalone Samgyetang if they last for more than 3 minutes and Seaweed Bibimbap if they last more than 4 minutes. They’ve already earned themselves Abalone Ramyeon and Wando Laver and Rice.


For that 1 minute they’re hoping for, DongGu does push ups to prepare for his round. Aaaaaannd… I think that’s a bad idea since he falls out in just 27 seconds. You should have saved your energy! You’re underestimating the power of the ahjummas!

Pffft, what’s going to happen to our poor JoonYoung, that chopstick? He’s going to be broken in two. But he needs that Samgyetang to beef up! Heh, Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow comes on, which JoonYoung calls “his song”, and he dances like a “balloon” and a “squid”. Their words not mine!

Pwahahaha, JoonYoung screams in pain the moment the whistle blows and immediately, the ladies go soft. Hee. Man X Man got it right: The love of a woman protects better than a bullet-proof vest. His record: 1 Minute 17 Seconds. Ah! He should have held out for another 7 seconds to get the Seaweed Bibimbap!


With their total accumulated time, they’ve scored Ramyeon with Abalone, Samgyetang with Abalone and Seasoned Laver and Rice. That sounds like a feast to me. As long as there’s abalone, it’s a feast.

So off they go to seat by the sea side and they gasp to see the huge portions heading for their table. HAHAHAHA, JongMin goes straight for the noodles (they might bloat) and DongGu wonders why he doesn’t have a Ramyeon CF when he eats so much of it.

TaeHyun: “He looks disgusting while eating.”

And JunHo tries to score one right there and then by acting lovable and cute while eating his.

TaeHyun: “Aw, dirty!”

Yoo PD introduces them to the origins of the food (the abalones’ just floating on the sea right behind them) and comes up with “Wan-bok”. Pfft, I missed this PD’s slip-ups. It’s a combination of Wando and “Jeon-Bok” (abalone).


JunHo tries the Samgyetang and wonders if something’s wrong. He lifts out a paper bag from it, haha, and Defconn points out that it’s just a bag of Korean herbs.

JunHo: “I love Da. I love Chicken.”

Soon, they’re nearing the bottom of their bowls and Defconn asks for more rice and more laver. Defconn asks for a deck of 50 laver like a deck of cards. And the gambler corrects him – there are 52 cards in a deck.

LOL, they fuss when JunHo takes several pieces of laver at each time.


Next Week!

It’s more games for these members!


6 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 172

  1. hey, peeps! thank you for the fast recap! have yet to watch it but i really like to go to cheongsan island one day..sounds like a beautiful place.

    1N2D has taught the boys to be devious and sneaky that they find it’s hard to find nice things to say, huh? even donggu can throw some insults easily now.😂 and JJY..when was the last time we hear him laugh that loud?


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