1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 173


1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 173: 1 Night 2 Day’s First Unity Rally – We are One!

After lunch, it’s time for a nice walk… to base camp. And on the way, they see a life-size cut out of Han HyoJoo. HEHEHHEHE. Did she really fulfil her promise and come?


PWAHAHAHAHAHA, they tricked their own selves into thinking that HyoJoo came. But, nope, she didn’t. In order to soothe their feelings, Yoo PD gives them some time to take a selfie with HyoJoo’s cut-out. HA, all the uncles plaster their faces right next to hers and one by one, they send all their selfies to HyoJoo, desperately wishing that she would reply to theirs first.

Poor DongGu doesn’t really know her though (the special episode with her happened right before he joined the programme) and he just sends her a picture-less, “Hello, this is Yoon ShiYoon.” Hee.

For the others, JunHo commands them not to write anything – they’re only allowed to send a picture… but Defconn already wrote something. And so he’s disqualified and TaeHyun bursts out laughing.

Meanwhile, JongMin scream-shouts that HyoJoo replied him and Yoo PD wonders what the hell he sent for her to reply with, “Oppa ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI really don’t believe this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”. And cue:

PWAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!! The boy really knows how to get a girl’s attention.

YAPS did the same thing too. “Why is everyone doing this to me?!” HyoJoo complains. And JoonYoung calls him trash, heh.

And to reward him for a job well done, Yoo PD lets JongMin have a few words with HyoJoo over the phone.

He doesn’t know her number though, and JoonYoung agrees to pass it to him. Pfft, he gives him HyoJoo’s co-star Han SeokJoon’s number instead. TaeHyun dials a number too, and when it goes through, he passes it to JongMin.

With a fluttering heart, JongMin answers… and suddenly: “Eo?”

TaeHyun: “SuChan ah, it’s dad!” HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! He was doing his homework.


They dial another number and a man answers the phone. It’s just Comedian JunHyun, hahaha. This is all JunHo’s doing, and JunHyun guesses just as much.

Finally, JongMin gets in touch with Han HyoJoo and he practically giggles to hear her laugh over the phone. She guesses that they’re on CheongSan island (from the picture they sent) and everyone tells her how much they miss her. She gets to talk to DongGu too and then JoonYoung takes the phone away to speak to her, one-on-one. “Noona!” That earns him a glare of envy from the other hyungs.

They egg her to come on again and she promises to make them Kimchi pancakes, after JunHo teases her for her “failed” chicken stew the last time. They promise each other to meet again soon and the phone call ends.


Heh, is JongMin in love with her? Because he can’t stop giggling while thinking of her.

They continue walking along the flowers and see a cardboard cut-out for couples.  JoonYoung and JongMin give it a go and suddenly JoonYoung’s screaming, wondering why JongMin’s holding his hand, ha!

They come up behind a bunch of canola blooms and they’re going to play a game for snacks here.

It’s a simple game in which Yoo PD will call out a number and the same number of people among them will have to stand. They’re not allowed to speak to each other and while the game is going on, they have to close their eyes. Yoo PD calls out 5 and amazingly, 5 people stand up.

Our guys cheer for the drink that they’ve earned, that is, until Yoo PD hears from the audio PD that they cheated (JoonYoung had assigned each of them a number and if the number called out is more than their assigned numbers, they’re to stand). Yoo PD accepts that they won the first round, but they’re not the only ones with a brain and he sends some staff to stand among them, making it hard for them to collaborate and cheat, hee. I see “Maknae” Joo PD among them!


But what is this, he basically calls the maximum number allowed, meaning that all of them have to stand. He even lets Alpha-O’s half-stand go and gives the boys their iced coffee and abalone-bread.

After that, they even get time to sleep.

Night falls, while they dream of HyoJoo, and once the moon comes out, the boys are awake and noisy again. They chatter all the way to their new shooting area, where they’re going to be playing for dinner.

They’re playing as a team and against others again. That “others” being members of the staff.

They groan to see some people in that team, namely, Lee WonHyo, the fastest runner on 1 Night 2 Days and Kim JaeHoon, who’s just as fast. But when Joo PD is announced, they all just go,
“Okay, call.” HAHAHA!

Of the others still standing among the staff, the guys are allowed to choose another 3 to go against.


The guys are not sure what they’re supposed to pick – are they supposed to pick the strongest/fastest people or the smartest people?

In the end, they choose Alpha-O, Oh GyuHwan, Joo PD’s forever partner, Maknae-writer Kim YoonHo and Kwon JeongHyun, one of the very beefy “ladies” who ran after the guys in the School Special and dumped them in the inflatable pool. They eliminated one of them because he’s TaeHyun’s VJ. If he plays, then TaeHyun won’t have any air-time since no one will film him, heh!

The chosen ones come out in orange and everyone laughs at Alpha-O’s oversized shirt.

Now that the opponents have been chosen, our guys finally get to see what games they’re going to play: Arm Wrestling, Tug-of-War, Relay and Quickly Drinking a Drink from Hell. What is that last game, HAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

JongMin and JunHo decide that they’re dead, thanks to Kwon JeongHyun. Whether it’s Arm Wrestling or Eating Quickly, he’s the ace.

To motivate them, Yoo PD promises our boys a full Meat and Seafood Set if they win and for the staff, they get a Chimaek party.

Off they go, playing rock-paper-scissors to decide what game to play. It’s Arm Wrestling first!

All the guys have to do is play against each other, with the winner staying on to play and the loser giving way to the next player. They’ll continue in a relay of strengths like this and the team with the last player standing wins.

HA, JunHo calls for tiny little Alpha-O to come and Alpha-O gives it all that he’s got, even trembling on his tippy-toes as long as he has to hold on. Neither arms moves an inch for about a whole minute. HEH, JunHo goes red in the face and GyuHwan has to be dragged away.


JunHo’s gonna die within a second with the next player. Oooh, JunHo actually lasts half a minute with the next player. DongGu easily trashes him, even though he’d said that he’s bad at Arm Wrestling.

The staff must be getting nervous if they’re calling their calling their ace out now. OOOHHHHH, Kim WonHyo finishes DongGu in literally 2 seconds.

It’s now our guys’ turn to get nervous and they decide to play with their left-hand. Like that helps them at all. TaeHyun fails. JoonYoung fails. Defconn saves them, but it wasn’t easy.

Finally, our favourite PD steps up to the plate and he brings the laughs even before he grasps Defconn’s hand. Heh, he’s no easy target for the guys as he defeats Defconn. WAH. Hehehe, Joo PD totally relishes his victory, only to be trashed by JongMin.

JongMin still has 2 more players to overcome, but one’s enough to end it all, thanks to a cramp at the side of his tummy, heheheh!


Their next game is Eating Quickly.

In a relay, they’re to eat Ice Cream, Spicy Ramyeon, Lemon, Cola, a slice of Watermelon and Poison. What is that last one?! The team that finishes the first wins.

HAHAHHAHAHAH, our guys do their cheer perfectly well and super-fast, but the staff can’t decide on what to say and end up just mumbling nonsense heh.

Hee, the first to start off the relay is DongGu and Alpha-O with the watermelon. HEHHEHE, GyuHwan looks like a cute squirrel stuffing his mouth and he finishes after DongGu. JongMin slows them down with his Cola, but it doesn’t matter because the staffs have problems too. But when it comes to the spicy ramyeon, JunHo almost loses their lead while Joo PD stuffs it all in. The teams are neck and neck at this stage and it’s down to who can eat the lemon faster. PWAHAHAH, JoonYoung can’t handles the sourness of the lemon lets the juice dribble.

The staff almost lose the game when they can’t handle the Korean medicine (the poison), and indeed, by just a hair’s breadth, they lose the game. (Defconn ate his ice cream in two mouthfuls.)

Defconn: “Even while I was doing it, I found myself cool too.” HAHHA.

So it’s a tie between the teams and after a very long meeting, our guys lose the scissors-paper-stone game that decides who decides what to play. HA. But at least the staffs choose to play the game they chose.

In true 1 Night 2 Days fashion, the tug-of-war game doesn’t just involve a rope. There’s an inflatable pool in the middle too, heeh.

Defconn’s got front position, facing off against Joo PD, and he warns the others not to lose the rope. DongGu tells them that this is a man’s game!

And almost immediately, the rope skews the staff’s way. HEH! And so, the moment strongman Kwon JeongHyeon so much as exerts 1% of effort, Defconn topples head first into the pool.


Pfft, the rest of our guys laugh at him and Defconn demands to know where the loyalty is.

He pushes JongMin to be first for the next round and… of course they’re no match for the 2000 year old deep rooted tree Kwon JeongHyeon. And so “plop” goes JongMin.

And so team 1 Night 2 Days loses their Beef and Seafood Set while the staffs win their Chimaek.

JunHo is volunteered for another round against  Alpha-O Lee GyuHwan. If he wins this tug-of-war, our guys get a chicken to share. And “plop” goes Lee GyuHwan, barely 1 second into the competition, heh. Aw, he looks like such a sad, wet puppy!

Yoo PD gives them another chance to earn more chicken. All they have to do is win the relay race.

Pfft, JunHo can’t help teasing GyuHwan, whom he starts the race with, and angered by the humiliation, GyuHwan runs like his life’s on it and manages to overtake JunHo by many meters. The rest of the staff widen the gap too (I love how JeongHyeon’s tummy bounces as he runs, hehehhehe), running like there’s no tomorrow and exerting every little bit of their strength even though they’d won the whole competition already.


“Jegichagi! Jegichagi!” JongMin screams, demanding another match for more chicken. But brutal Yoo PD just glosses over that and calls it a night.

But of course, no matter whether before the camera or behind the camera, whether cast or staff, everyone’s part of 1 Night 2 Days! Remember, this Member. We are one!

Off everyone goes to the food hall for the Chimaek party and the atmosphere’s so good that Main Writer acquiesces to our guy’s demands for beer just so that they can join in the drinking. YEAAAAAYYY!!!!

To add to the fun, Yoo PD lets everyone sleep indoors today too! BUT!


But! There’ll be someone joining in their slumber party. Yeon GyuTae PD. AKA, JunHo’s Slave, AKA, John Zaller. HAHAHAHA. And I finally figured out where the John Zaller name comes from, thanks to DongGu. It’s short for “Even just existing, he’s handsome.” (재만으로 생긴) HA!

Immediately, JoonYoung guesses that he snores a lot.

Yoo PD tells them that their mission is to move from one room to the next without waking GyuTae PD, who’d been up even the previous night doing editing. Pfft, he’s just telling them not to sleep.

If they succeed, they’re leaving work immediately once they get up. Otherwise, they’re hiking. Hee.

Aaaaaaaaaand then, with a very wide, bright, shiny grin, Yoo PD pulls GyuTae aside off-cam and gives him a can of coffee and a can of energiser drink. Ha!!

The guys catch GyuTae drinking the coffee and so bring him close to them so that they can keep an eye on him.


Soon, it’s sleepy time at 12.30am and Defconn scoffs to see GyuTae PD lying by the door surrounded by pots and pans. Hee!

The lights go off and almost immediately, DongGu gives him a massage to coax him to sleep while JunHo whispers sweet nothings.

Sometime later, JongMin, Defconn and JoonYoung (?) creep up to try and escape. HEH, JongMin makes a creak while opening the door and Defconn accidentally knocks over a kettle, causing our handsome John Zaller to wake up.

They try again later and suddenly, John’s voice pierces through the night: “why aren’t you asleep?”

Ah? Soon, it’s 6 am and the sun’s already up, in the bright spring.


The morning song plays and Yoo PD’s surprised to see TaeHyun come out of the room on the right. The one which they’re supposed to go to after escaping.

Then JoonYoung comes out. Then JoonYoung and Defconn and DongGu.

“Where’s JunHo?”

BANG! And the door bursts open to show this:


Rewind to 1.55 am. GyuTae PD’s all knocked out by then and the boys easily creep out. Pfft, they even have time to giggle and celebrate their escape.

JoonYoung: “Look over there! It’s like he’s dead!”

Yoo PD asks them to wake GyuTae PD up, who admits that he had NO IDEA AT ALL. HEH.


Next Week!

Someone breaks a watermelon with his head and JunHo’s eye becomes a target.


3 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 173

  1. Fun episode! Many LOL moments. I kept hearing Cha Taehyun’s cackles throughout. Haha! Special shout out to Alpha Go during the arm wrestling with Junho. Poor fella ><


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