1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 174

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 174: Guardians of Legacies

“What’s up bro!!!!”

Pfft, what’s with the English this morning?

It’s a new spring day, greenery all round and birds chirping.

Defconn, DongGu and JunHo find each other and wonder where the rest are. JongMin’s somewhere else with TaeHyun and upon not seeing DongGu, his conclusion is: “we’re early right?” HA. TaeHyun figures out that they’re doing this trip in teams and decides that he’s all set, since he’s teamed with JoonYoung, heh.

It’s Sangrim Park at Hannamgun, Gyeongnam, that they’re at today. It’s a man-made forest in Korea, made 1100 years ago by Choi ChiWon during the reign of Queen JinSeong of the Silla dynasty (wow). And JunHo checks that out on the internet in case it appears in a quiz later, heh.


TaeHyun, JoonYoung and JongMin gather at a grass patch at one end of the forest while the others gather at the other end. Turns out that they were grouped according to what they chose as answers to the phrase “My own legacy”.

JongMin and TaeHyun shared pictures of the people they love. JoonYoung shared a picture of his neck. Nothing’s more worthy of remembering or passing down to the later generations than his vocal power for a rocker. Defconn chose his album, DongGu chose his very first sit-com’s script and YAPS took a photo of his money (pfft).

So the teams are separated between Tangible Legacies and Intangible Legacies. Team Tangible decides that their team name is going to be Yap-Pak-Che, short for YAPS, Knowledge and Strength. LOL.


It’s a race between two teams again (the title being: The Scenery of ALL Parts of Korea) and the rules are simple:

  1. Choose a destination on a map and move towards it.
  2. Complete the missions there to gain “years”. (Which is represented directly in Korean Won, LOL.)
  3. However, if the other team reached that destination first (and fulfilled the mission), the mission is nullified.
  4. Meet at the apricot tree by Hwaeomsa Temple at 2.00 pm.
  5. For each 10 minutes late, 50 “years” will be deducted.
  6. The team with the most number of years win.

So it’s a game of speed and accuracy. JoonYoung’s big question is if they’re fed if they win, heh. And then he turns the Jirisan Korean d’hote into Bear Soup (a literal translation of Gomtang (which is NOT bear soup at all!)). HAHAHAHA!

The maps are given and immediately, the rash people on both teams choose the one place that gives the highest number of years, 10,000 years. HAHAHA, DongGu immediately stops JunHo the gambler and insists that they go with something easier as a warm up first.

To further motivate them, Yoo PD presents them a menu of snacks that they can “buy” with their “years”.

There’ll be bears to see and the boys can’t wait to see the cute little things.

As JongMin drives along the road that appears on the navigation system towards Nochampan-daek (literally: Old Minister’s House), TaeHyun yawns, complaining about how he and his family can’t go on their vacation again this year because he’s so busy.

In almost no time at all, they reach the place that holds the promise of 300 years (and so hamburger and coffee).

They gasp at the beauty of it and learn that it was the birthplace and house of the Korean Baduk World’s first serious Baduk player, No GeunYoung, who’d regularly bet the deed to the house on his baduk games, leading to it changing ownership at least 27 times, HA.

JoonYong: “JunHo Hyung doesn’t even have a house!”


Same gambling tendencies, same scale, different betting powers.)


So of course the mission here is to play baduk. Uhm, more specifically, the idiot’s version, which is – shoot the opponent’s baduk stones out of the board. And their opponent is Alpha-O, of course. (The English name of Baduk is “Go”.)

They’re evenly matched… until Alpha-O shoots his own stone out. HAHAHAHAHA. The 1 Night guys take the lead and basically do a kamikaze with Alpha-O’s last stone. And so the guys win their 300 years in under 5 minutes. HAHAHHAHA. Alpha-Oh vehemently shakes his head when TaeHyun suggests a round of arm-wrestling.

The other team’s still driving to their destination and suddenly JunHo suggests choosing a leader, an idea that DongGu shoots down immediately.


They pass the province-border to Jeollanamdo and towards the birthplace of Song HeungRok, King of Pansori and creator of the Dongpyeongje singing technique. LOL, DongGu explains his title to the others with it’s like “King of Baking”. And so of course we now have “King of Skits” and “King of Hip Hop”, therefore creating the “Three Kings of 1 Night 2 Days”. Heh.

A beautiful little girl in vibrant pink appears to give them a lesson on Pansori. She sings her introduction – 12 year old Jeong WooYeon (LOL, why did her parents name her “coincidence”? But that’s a pretty name). She’s accompanied with her pansori professor, Kim SeonYeong, who teaches them a little about Pansori. (If you still don’t know, it’s Korea’s traditional singing technique.)

OMG, I don’t know how that come of sound comes out of that tiny little body, but she sings like a professional when she puts on a performance. Most children her age would just be interested in boy-groups instead of loving traditional music like her and they ask her, perhaps, which idol-group she likes and she says BTOB. HAHAHA. She likes SungJae.


They egg her to sing more after hearing the pansori-version of GFriend’s Me Gustas Tu, hahahha, and the PD snaps for them to just do the mission already. Their mission is just to hold their breaths longer than WooYeon can.

Defconn: “WooYeon ah, do you wanna speak to SungJae?”

But DongGu beats her by twice the time. Heh.

TaeHyun and gang end up at Ildu Gotaek, a hanok built by the four filial sons and one faithful servant of aristocrat Jeong Yeo-chang in Jigok-myeon Gaepyeong Village. Andong town was the Kensington of Joseon in the past, but Hamyang, where Jigok-myeong Gaepyeong Village is, wasn’t lacking in the aristocrats either. As the saying goes, “Andong on the left and Hamyang on the right.”

(*Break* You guys better thank me after this. This recap full of Korean history is killing me.)

HA, they find a Joseon-toilet there (TaeHyun: “Do you like, uh, grill something here?”) and have fun trying to figure out how it works. That’s one dirty piece of wood.


Three tables appear for TaeHyun, JongMin and JoonYoung’s mission and it’s… write the words “filial son” and “faithful servant” in Hanja (traditional Chinese characters). The words were written above the entrance to the compound. They have absolutely NO idea. HAHAHHA!!!!

But to be honest, the words “filial” and “faithful” are right behind them. And the words are bigger than their faces. It takes JoonYoung to find that out.

Then they wonder how to write the word “servant”. HAHA!

To succeed this mission, they all have to get the words right. But of course they fail, and so they fail to get their 500 “years” here.

On the other hand, JunHo and gang reach the Hwangsan Military Monument, built during the reign of King SeonJo of the Joseon Dynasty to commemorate the victory of Joseon’s founder General Yi SeongGye against the invading Japanese back then. Eh… it’s in pieces now thanks to… er… events during the Japanese Colonial period.

It was said that General Yi SeongGye managed to kill the Japanese commander Ajibaldo by shooting an arrow to skew his helmet, so that his Captain, Lee DuRyan could finish the job by shooting straight to his neck.

And so the mission here is for them to shoot at each other’s faces. The “bow” being their nostrils and the “arrow” being some pieces of tissue. Pfft. Shoot his eyes and you get 10. Shoot between and you get 5, just like how if they hit his philtrum. Hit a score of 30 with just 10 “arrows” and you win.

JunHo: “That’s easy!” You be quiet!

DongGu gets to be General Ajibaldo while the other two stand behind the line and fail all their practice tries. Then they bet all the “years” that they have now for chances at repeats. Defconn and JunHo insist on it while DongGu tries to hold them off, but trying to convince them is like trying to climb Mount Everest in a day.


Their first shot was promising, hitting JunHo in the eye (they changed targets), but in the end, they fail the mission. And lose all the “years” that they have. See! Gambling is bad!

TaeHyun and gang almost choose to go where JunHo and friends have gone but decide to just go straight to the 1000 year old pine tree. JunHo and team wonder whether to go there too or not and JunHo demands a coin from DongGu.

DongGu: “I have none! You lost them all!” HAAA!

As fate would have it, JunHo and team head to 700 year old Petroglyphs (rock carvings) at Daegok instead of the pine tree too.

And there, they’re going to have some petroglyphs etched onto their foreheads too. They’ll be trying out the Korean Martial Art of Pakchigi – where the head is used to butt the enemy. Uuuuhhhhhhhh…. I can think of better weapons than my head…

Pakchigi King Park DaeGi appears screaming and shouting, jumping and waving his arms around like a warrior on a sugar high, hahah, here to give them a lesson and demonstrations. Other than Pakchigi, he’s a self-proclaimed master of Taekwondo, Dangsudo, Geomdo and Taek-kwon. Though when he demonstrates his Taek-kwon, Defconn gets suspicious, HAHAHAHA.

DongGu can’t stop laughing, not being able to believe what he’s seeing.

But laugh all they want, because our Pakchigi master is no fake and he proceeds to shatter a whole apple with his forehead. Like… why would people do this… Then he proceeds to shatter walnuts and DongGu collapses, unable to keep his chortles in. I mean, I feel for him because I’m in the exact same situation! Then he pounds a whole watermelon in half.

It’s… it’s… cool and undeniably amazing, but… WHY WOULD ANYONE BOTHER PRACTICING THAT when the world has all sorts of weapons?! (He spent 12 years before being able to crush the walnuts with his forehead.)

And their mission here is to win a Head Wrestle against the King of Pakchigi. WHAT?!

Defconn: “DongGu’s first.”


LOL, for this game, they’re to push each other out of a circle using just their heads while squatting and DongGu, while he puts on a good fight, gets pushed out in a few seconds. JunHo lasts a bit longer, but only because he complains that it’s painful, HAHAHHAH.

DongGu: “What is this, really????” Your words are mine.

Defconn gets thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to pushing Park DaeGi out, but no cigar. LOL, Defconn complains about Park DaeGi “cheating” and the Pakchigi King gives him tips and a handicap. Finally, Defconn manages to push Park DaeGi out and the guys earn their 700 years.

Over at the 1000 year old pine tree, where JongMin and gang will be having their last mission, a huge box with a bright red bow is delivered to them. What the hell in in there? I have learnt not to trust the 1 Night 2 Days team unless they’re talking about going on for 1000 years. The three fools are supposed to climb up the mountain to the tree with that. That’s their mission. PFFFFT. WHAT?!

JongMin stands aside, complaining that he has an allergy to something inside and TaeHyun screams at him to stop talking rubbish and help, HAHAHAHA!

Later, the guys have so much trouble that Yoo PD comes down to help and JoonYoung happily, sneakily passes the work over. HA! The poor guy doesn’t even realise it until they’re some many meters away.

Then JongMin runs away, leaving the other three to struggle up. HEH!

After so very long and many steps later, huffing and puffing, they arrive at the very top of the 1000 year old pine tree. I love how Yoo PD’s gasping through his introduction of the tree, heh.

At long last, they open the box… and find a Wheel of Fortune. PFFFFFTTTTTTWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!


Multiple “Succeed” and “Fail” options alternate round the wheel and the three of them decide to go for that “third time’s the charm” rule. They think that if they fail twice, then they’re going to succeed on the third time.

HA, and that’s exactly what happens, meaning that they have a total of “1300 years” which they can use to buy their lunch.

When they call JunHo to brag, both teams lie to each other about the number of “years” that they have and… of course it just ends with JunHo and Defconn falling asleep while DongGu drives towards Hwaeomsa Temple.

First built in 554 during King Jinheung of Silla’s reign, the Hwaeomsa Temple is one of the 10 most famous temples in Korea. The original was burnt down in 1592 and rebuilt later during the Joseon period. Lying in the southwest corner of Jiri Mountain, it houses various other National Cultural Heritages too.

Their mission here is a Hwaeomsa Quiz. Defconn’s unspoken pat on DongGu’s shoulder says, “we’re trusting you”. HAHA.


They’re given a few minutes to go study up on the temple and its history and the three split up in three different directions to learn as much as they can, with Young Kid DongGu studying with his phone while JunHo uses some book taken from the tourist centre.

Sometime later, while JoonYoung and gang are fantasizing about what to eat, the Yap-Pak-Che team sit through their quiz.

Huh, we don’t get to see how they did and only get to see TaeHyun, JongMin and JoonYoung come reach Hwaeomsa Temple.

One by one, they count their coins (100 years = 100 won ≈10 cents)… until they reach the 500 won mark.

And we finally see that Defconn and team got their one-question-quiz right and so now have a total of 1200 “years”. On the other hand, JoonYoung’s team only has 550 “years” because they spent some on Hamburgers on the way and arrived 30 minutes late, HA.

And so it is that JunHo, Defconn and DongGu get to eat a table full of Jirisan Food while JongMin, TaeHyun and JoonYoung get 1,750 won ($1.75) to go buy ramyeon. HA.


Next Week!

They stay up late to find bears. And splash water in each other’s faces.


Bonus: JongMin and JunHo’s new song, Good Zombie. I don’t even know what to say about it, hurr.







8 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 174

  1. hey..thanks for the recap. love it when it involves history and beautiful scenery. how on earth do they able to maintain such forest all these years? amazing!

    when it comes to betting, KJH can’t help himself eh? And KJM ends up with ramyeon again. 😂


  2. Hahaha good zombie. Yah i also don’t know what to say about it. Not sure about the lyrics of song as I watched the k version. It is an unusual MTV. Nice to see joon ho and jong min together.

    Thanks for the fast recap and congrats to your one year old blog 👍


  3. Thanks for the fast recap!
    My usual routine would be watch the raw video, read your recap, then watch the subtitle 😀


  4. I wondered if there was a road to the top of that mountain – probably not… And so… Who were the poor guys who had to carry the Wheel of Fortune back down?! Probably the crew…


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