1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 175

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 175: Guardians of Legacies

Welcome back for another episode of plain dumb boys playing around with a chopstick poked into fried seaweed (what is that thing on JoonYoung’s head?!). Time for more history lessons and more of the best sights in the Republic of Korea!

And of course, the best sight is always a spread of food, which Team DongGu, Defconn and JunHo see set before them. The winners dig in without much hesitation while JongMin uses the money his team earned from doing their missions to buy two cups of ramen to share.

After lunch, they head over to the Species Restoration Technology Institute, which our guys thought had something to do with a bell (“Jong-bok-won” = SRTI while “Jong” = Bell). HA!

They’re ushered into a little theatre, to watch some clips about how the people here work hard to keep Korea’s Natural Legacies alive, as they have done so for the last 50 years.


They watch pictures of the area’s dwindling animals, from bears to tigers. (Ironically, both animals hold great significance to the Korean people. Click here for more information.) Through the years, their population had dropped, such that wild Korean tigers got completely wiped out in South Korea. However, the Moon Bears shared a better fate and right before they completely disappeared, the people of Jirisan gathered together to help raise their populations again.

The guys gasp and smile like dads at the little bears on the screen shown at the end of the presentation but they’re blown away when the screens lift and the curtains behind part to show a real live Moon Bear prowling around right in front of them from behind a glass screen. JunHo asks if the bear wears his “panty” on his chest, HAHAHAH!

JoonYoung stands up to take a picture with his phone and Oh-Gong-Yi (the bear) stands up too, surprising them all, haha! Then for some reason, JoonYoung asks how bears pee and poop. What.

The guys then explore the exhibition area in the institute with their guide and see the other animals that share Jirisan too. They arrive at a little corner showing the different kinds of faeces from the different animals and JoonYoung points to one that “seems to look like JunHo’s”.


JongMin asks what the Number 1 Canine species in the world is and while JongMin wonders if it’s the Wolf, TaeHyun mutters, “it’s the one that drinks so much that he becomes a dog…” and DongGu points straight to JunHo who’d just come out of the Institute, HA!

Pffft, someone let out a loud fart and JunHo doesn’t even bother to refute the accusations.

Yoo PD tells them to go try and find a wild bear in the nearby forests.

“Ahh, this is great…” they go. And three minutes later, Defconn commands JunHo to get let go of him and JunHo commands the same of JongMin who’s clinging onto him, HA!

They meet the park ranger, there to show them how to find wild animals by the little tufts of feathers, fur, poop and what-not that the animals leave behind.

He shows them the feathers of a cuckoo bird and shares how he once met a bear and screamed, which just resulted in both him and the bear running away from each other since they both got so shocked and scared. HAHAHHAHA!

And soon, they’re off exploring and come across the footsteps of a wild boar. They all get sucked into the fun of finding the many other footsteps left by the wild boars.

They find some eaten grass too and learn that it’s the result of some deer passing by.

Some time passes and Yoo PD decides that it’s time for a mission. It’s a simple one – just find the poop of some animals within a limited period of time. Those who find them earn themselves rest time while those that cannot have to go clean the poop in the pen of the bears they just saw.


JoonYoung warns JunHo not to go poop and collect his own, heh. JongMin goes around sniffing the ground while JunHo wonders where he’d poop if he were an animal. It’s not such a difficult task after all, because the moment Yoo PD calls “start”, JoonYoung finds some. Then JunHo finds some too, followed by TaeHyun. DongGu found his way, way before and JongMin shows off his collection. Meanwhile, Defconn can’t find a thing, hee.

TaeHyun sends his poop collection to the ranger and guesses the animal that made it right. JongMin comes too and JunHo jokes that his are peanuts instead. Pfft, the ranger smiles and asks him to please eat it, heh.

JoonYoung and DongGu come by too and get a little taken aback when the ranger pours the poop right into his bare hands. They’ve all gotten a bit of Civet Cat’s poop. With just a minute to go, Defconn comes over with something… and is told that it’s just soil. HAHAHA! The thing he thought was fur was just some mold, hehe.


So it becomes that Defconn has to go clean the bears’ pen, but JunHo can’t go rest before creating trouble and drops some poop in JongMin’s pocket, hee! Haha, the last time, on the Deserted Island Special, Defconn was the one who cleaned the poop from the cow shed too!

Then JoonYoung adds fuel to the fire by suggesting that they head back to the theatre to watch Defconn work. The two Dumb and Dumber pair laugh non-stop in front and soon, Defconn jokingly runs after them with all the mock-anger he can muster, heh.

Pffft, the five of them really gather at the theatre and discuss the movie that they’re “gonna direct”, called “Deff-bear”, about Deff-bear’s first love.  JunHo asks if it’s supposed to be Rated 19+. Pfft. And when the curtains open, they laugh to see Defconn toddling around in the pen.

Musical man JunHo: “Shitting, shitting, it’s really too difficult.” (Ala “Look Down” from Les Misérables.)

HAHAHHAHAHA, Defconn really puts on a short performance for the members to see when requested to but they’re not very appreciative, heh.

30 minutes later, when the sun’s a lot lower in the sky, Defconn’s close to finishing his task. With his help, Oh-Gong-Yi’s living space becomes a lot cleaner.

A long time later, when the sun’s set, the guys come out to play again and are in awe at the star-filled sky. Heh, JunHo and JongMin scramble to sit at the swings. Yoo PD asks JunHo if he ate well and rewind back to just 30 minutes earlier – Yoo PD had let them all eat dinner. No missions required.

DongGu had muttered that it feels like the dinner before heading in for military service and Defconn had loudly asked, “it’s not our Last Dinner, right?”

Defconn: “Ai, I can’t eat much”. He says that while a mountain of food is right before him.

A while later, JunHo complains that he can’t eat anymore and both he and JongMin show off his super-fat bellies, haha!

Yoo PD tells them that they’re all sleeping inside tonight and immediately, they know what’s coming next. Mr Dan: “BUT!” HEHE!


A monitor screen is brought out and they’re shown a wildlife documentary. HAHA, their faces scrunch up in fear and disgust and Yoo PD tells them that normal documentaries take a year to film. They have just one night though.

It’s an all-night mission today. Well, not for everyone. They’ll be separated into three teams. One team gets to sleep immediately, the other has to go round and find 3 mammals by way of torchlight and they start listing the mammals that live nearby.

JoonYoung: “Fish! Fish!” Aiyoo…

The third team will have to go sleep in a tent filled with monitors connected to cameras and have to go film whatever appears on it.

Heh, JoonYoung volunteers JongMin from his team and Defconn from the other team to pair up together, since they’re the ones who have the worst luck when it comes to things like this.


For the Lucky-or-Not games, there’ll be three rounds. First place gets 3 points, second place gets 1 point while last place gets none. The team with the highest number of points gets to choose what they want to do first.

First game is: Protect the Camera.

Defconn loves the title, since he thinks it’s all about strength, until the “camera”, which is basically a Go-Pro on a tray of “memory”-flour appears. Yoo PD tells them that they’ll have to turn 15 rounds with that tray on their head and walk straight through those painful acupuncture mats to deliver the flour straight into a container waiting for them at the end. They have 30 seconds. The winner is the one with the most flour in his container.

Defconn and JongMin are doomed, since one is terrible with turning while the other can’t even endure those acupuncture mats. HAHA.

JoonYoung does just fine, but when Defconn tries it, his tray goes flying in the last second, hee!! Most of the flour spills on the ground, HAHAHAH.

DongGu goes up… and follows JunHo’s advice to go slow. He goes so slowly that time’s up right before he manages to dump the flour in the container. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! The god of flubbing is back!

Having learnt his lesson, JunHo turns super-fast this time and grits through the pain to make it to the container. It must be that he’s desperate because he does manage to last long enough to dump quite a lot of flour into the container, enough to challenge Defconn and JongMin. But JongMin’s just as desperate and manages to dump more flour into the container, meaning that he and Defconn get 1 star while DongGu and JongMin get zero.

The second game is: Hit that Water Test.


Based on a game of Scissors-Paper-Stone, the winner has to throw water in the loser’s face while the loser has to protect his face with a plastic cover. The one who reacts faster and correctly, wins. HAHAHHA, the guys note that the plastic cover is super important, because back then, when they’d used a pot as a cover, Defconn grabbed had it instead of the squeaky hammer and clubbed JunHo on the head with that.

It’s DongGu versus Defconn first, and DongGu manages to react faster than Defconn, so he wins a point. In the second round with JongMin, they both pull out paper but JongMin’s instincts react and he water-slaps DongGu, the water even hitting JunHo who’s just standing behind, HAHA. 2:1, in DongGu’s favour!

But he and JunHo lose their lead soon. AAAAAHHH!!!!!! In the last round with DongGu against Defconn, DongGu wins, but he makes for the plastic cover instead. The gods must be on their side, because Defconn drops his, meaning that DongGu manages to rectify his mistake and gain that last winning point.

It’s DongGu versus JoonYoung now and DongGu makes a wrong call, oops. JunHo, despite focusing all his energies on his match with TaeHyun, loses. Then JunHo makes another wrong call against JoonYoung, meaning that TaeHyun and JoonYoung take first place again with a total of 6 stars and DongGu with JunHo and JongMin with Defconn are tied.


For the last game, to give them all a level playing ground, first place gets 5 points while second place gets 3.

And the game: Staying in Place. They don’t think it’s a difficult game… until they see the pose that they have to be in, hee. JoonYoung and TaeHyun rejoice while Defconn commands JongMin to take the lower, more difficult position. DongGu tells the tent and its monitors to wait for him, haha.

JoonYoung and TaeHyun last for a total of 57.12 seconds.

Defconn and JongMin go up next and JongMin rattles off all the ways he thinks will make it better for Defconn, who hears nothing, hehe. Then Defconn tries to get on JongMin’s thighs and immediately, the two of them fall over, with JongMin hitting his head on the floor. Finally, after a very, very long time of fooling around, during which JongMin laughs at Defconn without his specs, the two of them get on with the game and despite Defconn demanding whoever who laughs to go away, it’s JongMin himself who makes him burst out in laughter and ends the game.

For some reason, JunHo takes the position that needs more strength and DongGu whines that JunHo’s thighs are just too skinny. They’ve never tried that position before and JunHo shouts that if DongGu puts his hands out, then they’re starting immediately. If they fall off, then it’s a no count! Haha. But they start that way and with JunHo’s “hangintherehangintherehangintherehanginthere”, they miraculously last a total of 1 Minute and 48 seconds. Defconn and JongMin had lasted for all of 1 Minute and 19 seconds. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA, DongGu praises JunHo like he’s his child and JunHo goes red in the face.

So Defconn and JongMin are last in place and TaeHyun tells them to go already, hehe.


The two tied teams go back to the water-slap game and JoonYoung just wins it all, his reflexes amazing JongMin. That’s until JunHo manages to sneak a win away from him and JoonYoung tells TaeHyun to let him take the next round. Ooh, someone’s angry!

And then JunHo wins the Scissors-Paper-Stone game and lifts the plastic cover to his face.  HAHAHHAHAHA. By the way, JoonYoung’s reflexes are really no joke.

While JunHo gets a head-bath for his mistake, JoonYoung reveals the secret to his reflexes. No matter what, he was going to put out Scissors. So all he needs to react to is the other person: If it’s paper, he tosses the water. If the opponent puts out stone, he protects his face. And TaeHyun shows them all how he practised that.

Damn, he’s a genius.

JunHo:  “All I practised was protecting my face.”

Next Week!

It’s all about baseball!


11 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 175

  1. Hey, Peeps! Woohoo! Another fast recap.. thank u..thank u. i am so busy nowadays that i watch the episodes quite late(only watched ep 174 on friday) so i really appreciate your recaps.

    jjy somehow reminds me of a toilet brush with that hair..😂


  2. Thank you! I like Pd Yoo’s new nickname – Mr Dan!
    (Ps: thanks for the link to korean tigers. An interesting read 😊)


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