1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 176

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 176 Part 1: Guardians of Legends

Defconn and JongMin head out to their tents, with Defconn sticking his video camera in JongMin’s face as they walk. TaeHyun and JoonYoung just head back to basecamp to sleep, hehe.

Elsewhere, JunHo meets with park ranger Kim JeonJin, who notes that he must have lost at the games, hahaha! He shares that there are various nocturnal animals like raccoons and otters around here. JunHo worries that the animals will run away the moment they approach them but luckily for him, they usually just freeze in place.

Under the starry skies, JunHo and DongGu head out to search for mammals… only to keep coming across birds. HAHAHA.


But while they have an easy time strolling down the lane, Defconn and JongMin breathe heavily as they climb down some steep slopes. They reach their camping area and are given night cameras to install on the trees themselves. Pfft, JongMin’s clueless as to what to do.

The staffs teach them how to operate the cameras and screens from their tent before leaving them alone and almost immediately, the two scaredy-cats worry about an animal entering their tent through the gap at the bottom of their door-flap (which they couldn’t close thanks to the power cables).

PPPFFFFFTTTT, JongMin suddenly freaks out and we see that it’s all just because of a bug, hahah! Snug in their beds, TaeHyun and JoonYoung call JongMin and Defconn and then DongGu and JunHo, trying to trick the latter into believeing that JongMin and Defconn have already completed their missions. Hurrr, those two gullible ones fall hook, line and sinker and JunHo runs.

The first mammal that they find is one that can fly – a bat.


Meanwhile, JongMin and Defconn agree to sleep for just 20 minutes. WHY ARE YOU BOTH SLEEPING AT THE SAME TIME?! And of course, they miss the animal prowling just a few meters outside their tent. HEHE, their accompanying PD and Park Ranger laugh at the two of them and it doesn’t help that JongMin wakes up in the middle of that, peeks at the screens and goes right back to sleep.

It takes him a while before he realises that there IS something out there and he wakes Defconn up. They both have no idea what that bright white thing standing proudly against the dark backdrop of the calm night forest is, just knowing that it’s pretty.

Their Park Ranger comes to pay them a visit and figures that it’s an elk that they’re looking at. JongMin and Defconn have succeeded!

Elsewhere, JunHo wishes to find just the very thing that JongMin and Defconn’s cameras have already captured, but no matter where they go, they just don’t see anything.

Suddenly, across the river, something moves. It’s an otter! But the two of them don’t see it, pfft. Instead, they find a pheasant and get captivated by its colours.

They walk and walk and walk and find nothing. Soon, JunHo starts feeling sleepy… and then they sit in the middle of nowhere and go to sleep, just sitting, like that. Thanks to the dwindling battery power of their torchlight, they end up just forfeiting the mission and heading back in to sleep.

With the help of all the members and the numerous park rangers, 1 Night 2 Day’s “Exploration of Jirisan’s Nocturnal Animals” gets its debut.

To save costs on this low budget documentary, TaeHyun does the narration… with his two eldest kids. HEE!! I love these cutie-pies!! TaeHyun shows them the nature that wraps Jirisan, from green foliage to the wild boars, bats and roe deers that were caught on camera. It’s kind of hilarious how TaeEun’s like amazed by everything while SuChan’s at the side just looking terribly uninterested.


SuChan answers each and every one of his father’s questions and grins while TaeEun cowers in her father’s arms at the sight of the bat.

TaeHyun expounds on the power of nature and finally, father and son get to watch footage of a Moon Bear’s cubs. SuChan says that they’re cute and TaeHyun agrees. And then…:

“SuChan ah! You were once cute too!” HAHAHHAHA! At least Dad soothes the burn by admitting that he’s cute now too. “But in the past, you were reeaaaaaaally cute.”

SuChan: “Moon Bear, from now on, we’ll protect you well. Annyeong!”

That’s so sweet.



1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 176 Part 2: Live by Baseball, Die by Baseball

Several days later, our guys come together again and run out into a baseball field in their 1 Night 2 Days Baseball uniforms. It’s baseball season! JunHo brings a chair out and calls himself the director, sitting unceremoniously while the others stand, hurr. DongGu’s a fan of the Doosan Bears while the others are fans of the Hanhwa Eagles. Defconn supports the Ssangbang Wool Raiders. LOL, that team got dissolved in 2000.

Joining them are former pro-baseball player Jeong MinCheol and KBS Sports Announcer Lee Hyang. Hehe, Lee Hyang came over to play in an earlier episode and had a “love-line” with Defconn. While our guys list out the names of Korean baseball’s various famous players, Jung MinCheol slowly turns bitter when no one mentions him, hee.


This year marks the 118th Anniversary since baseball was introduced to Korea, having arrived here by boat into Incheon in the year 1899. Yoo PD introduces them to their Baseball Coach and Baseball Fairy, the latter for whom they cheer, HURRR.

DongGu can’t believe that it’s Retired Baseball Player Jeon MinCheol who’s standing right in front of him, since the guy looks so different from when it was still a pro. JunHo adds salt to wound by blurting that he wondered why Announcer Lee Hyang had brought her manager and MinCheol serves it right back by noting that JunHo looks shorter than he’d expected, HA!

The two of them serve petty, teasing insults like that, back and forth, and Defconn and Lee Hyang get teased too, when Defconn asks her how her trip to Japan was. How did he know? They shared little notes, hehe.

Lee Hyang introduces MinCheol’s achievements to everyone… although all of them happened before the new millennium and JoonYoung asks what a “wan-tu” is, thinking that it meant something like boxing’s “one-two punch”. It just means that MinCheol pitched a whole game to victory all by himself without a second pitcher. That’s bloody awesome. It also means that he pitched 150+ balls all on his own. He’s like a real life ChilBong (hopefully without the romantic woes. NO, I’M STILL NOT OVER THAT.) And his early career kind of answers why JoonYoung was looking so lost when the guy came out, heh.

JunHo tries to snub him and asks if he got offers from Japan’s Major Leagues and MinCheol easily retorts that he’d already gone and come back, heh. JunHo gets smacks.

MinCheol: “Ah, if you’re tired, please go in and rest.”

JunHo: “May I know your age?”

MinCheol: “I’m 46.” (He’s older than JunHo and so JunHo can’t boss him around, hehehehhehe.)


MinCheol points to both JoonYoung and DongGu as possible batters, since they run fast while JongMin’s probably good as a pitcher. JongMin’s delighted, hee. Defconn looks like he’d make a great catcher. JunHo offers himself as director and MinCheol jokes that it’s not funny as a gag-sketch. MinCheol points to TaeHyun, naming him the all-important 4th batter. It’s just because they both once lived in the same neighbourhood. PWAHAHAHAHA. What?!

Yoo PD announces that they’re going to be playing for lunch now (yes, already) and shares how MinCheol’s in the same boat as them, since he’s their new director. If they eat, he eats. Otherwise, he doesn’t.

Yoo PD calls out to their opponents and the ChangYeong baseball team (its members all elementary school kids) comes running out, singing the Pororo theme song of all things, HAHAHAHHA!


JunHo goes to tease their little captain but just because they’re small, it doesn’t mean that they’re weak! They shout confidently that they can defeat the adult members and MinCheol encourages them, calling them the future of baseball. All the kids go quiet, not knowing who the guy past his prime is.

Defconn asks if they know who Lee Hyang is and one by one they chirp that yes, they know her. HAHAHHA!

Their coach is called out and he introduces himself as Coach Hong JeongSu. He confirms that Korea’s Ryu HyunJin, starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is an alma mater of ChangYeong.

Pwahahaha, the kids are asked who they think is the easiest to defeat in team 1 Night 2 Days and they reply “Kim JunHo” in unison. Haaaa!!!

For lunch, it’s Tangsuyuk and Jajangmyeon on the line. It’ll be a game of the best of three.

JongMin tells the kids not to go easy on them and everyone laughs at how he’s raising his shoulders in an effort to intimidate the kids.

Director MinCheol calls for TaeHyun as leader and Numero Uno JunHo runs out in objection. MinCheol shuts him up by wondering where the bad breath is coming from, oh mai gat!

They get into their positions for the first game, which is a simple game of turning 15 rounds on the spot and hitting the can off the opponent’s head with a soft bat.

Yoo PD tells them to choose 6 members for this game (the 1 Night boys only have 6 people though?) and the order in which they’ll play. MinCheol decides that JoonYoung goes first, followed by JunHo. Ha, JoonYoung interprets that to mean that MinCheol is giving up hope on JunHo but MinCheol insists that the 2nd position has a very big meaning.

JunHo: “What meaning?”

MinCheol: “I’ll text you that later.”

HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!  Is he the baseball version of retired badminton player Ha TaeKwon?


On the kids’ side, Jin WonGu steps up while JoonYoung twirls his way out. Defconn warns them that JoonYoung’s a real ddorai (crazy nut). WonGu chooses JunHo to have his can on while JoonYoung chooses JongMin. HAHAHA, the rivals turn and slam into each other. JoonYoung manages to hit the can off JongMin first but WonGu misses his can. The kids yell that JunHo purposely ducked, causing WonGu to miss the mark and even DongGu has to tell JunHo not to bluff kids.

Heh, JunHo chooses Jeong MinCheol to hit the can off of while kid Kang JaeMin chooses Kim JunHo. HAHAHA! JunHo pitches a fit, complaining that he’s a player now and so JongMin takes his place. MinCheol gives JunHo a trite “sorry” but JunHo’s drowned in all thoughts of his can flying 150km away. So of course, JunHo smacks MinCheol while pretending to be too dizzy and the two 43 and 46 year old whack each other while JaeMin watches, having long hit the can off JongMin’s head.

JunHo: “Ah, what a pity, I could have hit (you) more!”

Jeong MinCheol: “I knew you would be like this!”

Up next is JongMin vs Kang JunHyeok, the latter of whom calls out, “please come, YAPS-nim.” Hahaha. JunHo’s become the kids’ toy. JongMin calls out to Yoo IlYong PD. HAHAHHAHA!!!!! He’s been annoyed by all the times Yoo PD called out to him while he was sneaking a bite.


JunHyeok wins this round with a hard and definite whack off JunHo’s head and on the other side, JongMin hits the can off Yoo IlYong PD’s head in one shot too. But that’s not his goal and of course he smacks IlYong as much as he can before he collapses from the dizziness. HAHAHAHA! I’m amused that Yoo PD didn’t hit him back.

Defconn loses against Gu BonMin and DongGu wins against Kim MinSeok. Those kids are no joke!

Before the very last round, the score is 2:3, in the kids’ favour. It’s a tense fight since our guys lose the game if they lose this round and TaeHyun’s innocent tap on his opponent’s arm mid-game has them all clearing their seats and arguing in loud voices when TaeHyun hits the can first and so supposedly wins the round. TaeHyun gives the excuse that he’d thought of the kid as his son, ha! Anyway, the go for a tie-breaker and the kids win.

The second game that they’ll be playing is King of Strikeouts.

Their goal is to throw balls and hit stuffed toys off the table with it. Each stuffed toy has its own score and the team with the highest accumulated score wins.

MinCheol makes his team try-out and DongGu stays consistent as ever as his ball goes wide (it actually bounces off the ground several meters before the target), HAHAHA. MinCheol: “OUT!”

However, JunHo, TaeHyun and JongMin show great promise. So the three of them are chosen for this game and JongMin rejoices to hear that he’s the “closer”. Then he asks what a closer is, HA!

MinCheol gifts the guys personalised hats with the number that he used when he was still playing in the Major Leagues.


The toys are set up and former ace pitcher MinCheol’s invited to give them a demonstration. Hehe, they make him stand far, far behind the starting line, at the pitcher’s mound, watching with full anticipation while MinCheol mutters that it’s been 10 years since he’d done this and admits that he doesn’t have any confidence at all.

Everyone gapes at the first few fast balls, but when it’s obvious that MinCheol’s not hitting any stuffed toy soon, the smiles fade. Heh. Eventually, MinCheol comes standing several meters closer and hits the stuffed bear cleanly and swiftly with his fast pitch.

Announcer Lee Hyang is invited to throw a ball too and she hits that very same bear in one try. HAA!

And MinCheol has to try and silence a kid who screams that the “Legend’s confidence has been shattered!” I love these kids, ahahah! They’re so NOT shy!

TaeHyun steps up to the plate for his first try and the same kid who was screaming earlier tells him to straighten his hair, like there’s a problem. So TaeHyun asks and he asks why he had to.


JunHyeok (the kid’s name): “Ah, you got tricked!” Pfft!

Unfortunately, TaeHyun doesn’t manage to hit any of the stuffed toys and his opponent, MinHo, cleanly hits the 1-point-bear twice. He does it like it’s second nature to him. It looks so easy! JunHyeok tells him to go for the 5-point one, remarking that “Life is just one shot”.

JunHo’s up next and MinCheol tells him to go straight for the 5-pointer. So he does and succeeds with just his first ball. HAHAHHAHA! Everyone runs after him, cheering and for some reason, JongMin pulls his hair. But JunHo misses with his remaining 4 tries.

When it’s over, MinCheol says that rather than recognising JunHo’s skills, he’d like to praise his own eyes (his own ability to pick unpolished gems, lol) first, heh.

Kid WonGu tries for the 5-points but keep missing even though he’s always gets so close. At one point, the ball brushes against the toy but it doesn’t fall. Ahhh…

JongMin the closer goes right up and he immediately tries for the 5 pointer one. It’s always either too high or too low though, and after the third ball, the boys can’t watch him fail anymore and JunHo goes over to slap him awake. MinCheol tells him to get the 5 points and believes that he’s going to get that 5 points with the two balls that he has left.

HAHHA, the little kids immaturely try to distract him, but it doesn’t work because JongMin focuses with everything that he has and sends the ball hurtling right straight at the toy. The grown kids run after each other, with over-excited coach MinCheol grabbing JongMin in a huge bear hug.

Ahhh, the kids fail to overturn the score and so our 1 Night 2 Days guys win and MinCheol mutters that it’s embarrassing how they were so happy to win against kids, ha.

The last game for lunch is: King of Sliding. The team whose player slides the furthest wins.


The kids seem to have lost some of their fight and their coach tells them to buck up. So they gather to do a huge cheer together, ending it by throwing their hats. And the old-kids decide to follow that.

JongMin’s up first and he bursts into a sprint towards the huge wet canvas laid out for him… but then he suddenly skids to a stop, afraid of the pain that’ll come when he dives into it. HAHAHA. But dives he does, anyway, and he refuses to tell the others where it hurts, just that it hurts a lot.

His 8m 80cm is bested by Jeong SiYeon, who’s biggest takeaway is that the dive was suuuuuuper fun. “Totally fun. It was like a water-slide.” HEH!

JunHo takes almost everything off before his turn and rushes to put everything back when he’s warned that it’s going to be very painful if he does that. Heee, he gets a cramp after his slide and his red underwear show through the wet white pants.


PPFPFFFTT, DongGu dives an impressive 11m 50cm that stuns the kids and to cheer their teammate up, they remind him of the Jajangmyeong and Tangsuyuk that’s on the line. HAHAHAH, nothing like food to fire people up.

But, well, I guess JoonYoung doesn’t care for that because he skids to a stops centimetres into the mat and ends up in last place, HA! “It’s too scary!” And MinCheol was saying how JoonYoung was meant for great things (like winning this).

TaeHyun loses the next round against MinHo, who hilariously cautiously hops away from the canvas when JunHo interrupted his sprint. That means that the kids have won this Lunch Battle without Defconn even playing and MinCheol mutters that he’s proud of the kids as their senior in baseball.

The kids take up on our guys’ offer to for a consolation match (“Let’s have some fun!) and TaeHyun laughs at how they’re all, “Me! Me! I can win that Ahjussi!” The kids don’t even get anything while our guy’s upgrade of a 2-person portion of Jajangmyeon hangs in the balance.


And so Cha MyeongChul slides his way to 12m 40cm away, beating even DongGu’s record. Pffft. Nothing beats a kid determined to win.

Yoo PD laughs at that and so acquiesces to a discount. As long as Defconn slides past the kids’ lowest record, they get 2 portions of food. Lee Hyang sends Defconn a “hwaiting” and that’s all that needed to power the giant to slide way past the mark.

Lunch games come to an end and the kids’ maknae, Jeong SiYeon, is asked how he thought of the competition.

SiYeon: “They were easy.” HAHA!

MinCheol picks JongMin for MVP. And chooses JoonYoung as the one who was the worst.

They tease Lee Hyang and Juno tells her to marry Defconn if they end up meeting every week. But when she’s asked to pick the most outstanding player, she calmly picks DongGu, heh.

DongGu gives a very convincing interview like he’s a real baseball player after a huge game and YAPS comes along to break up the party with a water hose, HA!


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  1. wow..you are superfast today..i saw the recap is up at 1am(tht’s 4 hrs ago) my time but too sleepy to read it. heh.

    just wondering..how is watersliding scary..JJY? 😂


  2. Thanks for the fast recaps. Now 2days 1 night has kids as guests. From elderly to kids.. They are winning fans from all age groups 😃


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