1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 177

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 177: Live by Baseball, Die by Baseball Part 2

After losing to mere elementary kids, our boys, their coach and their fairy board the bus. Four cheeky monkeys plus one coach see Announcer Lee Hyang sitting alone and tease her, asking whether she wants DongGu or Defconn to sit on the empty seat beside, her, hehe. These little bastards!

Lee Hyang’s rendered speechless and so they leave it to “fate”, and cheer when they see Defconn coming up the bus first. Defconn just gives them this deadpan expression, looking completely unamused, HAHAHA.

On the other bus, the kids settle down too and sigh that they’re really, really hungry. Ah, kids, also known as hungry ghosts.


Back on the bus with the old boys and one fairy, MinCheol chirps that JunHo doesn’t actually have breath that’s as bad as he was expecting (HAHAHAAAAAAA!!!) and then proceeds to stroke the side of Defconn’s head, looking for the flesh popping out of his hat. Pwahahahaha! Someone has been watching 1 Night 2 Days!

Soon, the two teams arrive at Incheon’s Chinatown, where Chinese food can be seen being made from any storefront. They gather at a certain Chinese restaurant, with the kids taking up two huge tables and ordering as much as they can with Yoo PD’s permission, despite JongMin complaining, ha.

JunHo suddenly calls out for the kids’ Maknae, SiYeon, who comes willingly, and confesses his love to the kid, whom he had to ask for his name first, pfft. He just wanted a mouthful of whatever the kid’s gonna get.

DongGu points to the inside of another kid’s, JiHoon, hat, where he’s written, “to the family I love, I’ll keep my promise”, where that promise is to become a pro baseball player. Aw. While the adults and the retired baseball player get emotional, the food comes for the children and instead of looking like happy dads, like one would expect, the men look more like starved hyenas.

And SiYeon comes over with a piece of meat like he’d promised, hehehe. They’re so innocent; I don’t understand comments about them being rude. They’re just kids having fun. While JongMin attempts to steal the meat, the lone dad in the team, TaeHyun, pushes it into SiYeon’s mouth, telling him to just eat it himself, heh.

But the boys don’t have to be too envious, because they have their own bowl of Jjajangmyeon to share. But that doesn’t make for good entertainment and Yoo PD gives them gloves and to JoonYoung, announced as the worst player, a catcher’s mask. They can only use those gloves to hold their chopsticks and eat like that. Pfft, Coach goes first and slurps up a hell lot, after looking like a terrible loser, pfft. And when DongGu gets his turn, he sticks his chopsticks in the stiches and gets a huge mouthful.

Hahahhaa, that’s the secret and TaeHyun manages to pick up a thin piece of pickled radish to eat too, just like that, hehe. JoonYoung’s turn comes and it’s just hilarious how it’s so hard for him to eat. The boys play round after round of scissors-paper-stone to decide who gets the chance to eat and poor JunHo loses over and over. When it’s finally his turn, all his bad karma come back to him and the guys imprison him in place and give him no leeway, just like what he did to them.


Round and round the one bowl of Jjajangmyeon goes… always moving past Coach. JongMin sees the annoyed expression on his face and MinCheol admits outright that he’s annoyed, heh. The Jajangmyeon is soon finished and all of a sudden, Yoo PD goes, “Kim JongMin –ssi!”

HAHAHAHAHAHHA, he was hiding behind someone, secretly munching on a piece of sweet and sour pork that a one of the kids had given to him, because he’d felt sad for him, aw. So Yoo PD recognises the pure hearts of the kids and lets each of them feed the member that they want to feed the most a piece of meat. All the kids come running with meat, which is just heartwarming to see.

That’s until we see that JunHo’s picked a piece of meat himself, which then gets stolen by JongMin, HA!

Lunch comes to an end and it’s time to part ways. Yoo PD asks Team ChangYeong to say something to the 1 Night 2 Days members and SiYeon gets up to deliver the honour.

SiYeon: “Please work harder in the future.”


Sometime later, our guys find themselves at another huge field, with a weird contraption on the ground. Yoo PD tells them that they’re here in the flesh to watch a live baseball match, since they’re on a baseball vacation-trip and as they’re in Incheon, they have the chance to watch either the KIA Tigers vs SK Wyverns or the LG Twins vs Hanhwa Eagles match, which will play concurrently. Hahahaha, immediately, the Eagles fans rejoice, while the one Doosan Bears fan complains.

There’s something going on with Yoo PD because their final game is not to see who gets those entrance tickets but to see who gets to go home early. What is going on? If they win that one game, they get to go home, without whatever sleeping games because there’s no sleeping over for them. Just go straight home! Home Run!

Yoo PD asks them what Baseball matches remind them of and while DongGu answers “Pizza and Chicken”, JongMin answers, “KISS TIME!” Ha!


Defconn jokes about him being happy to do that with JoonYoung but JoonYoung retorts immediately that while JongMin might like it, he hates it.

For this first game, My Dream, King of Home Run, they’ll be playing for allowance to be used to buy their snacks.

Pfft, to play, they have to wear a stocking over their head and with whatever torque they can muster, using the ball at the other end of the stocking, hit a small carton with it. The distance it flies determines how much allowance they get.

JongMin goes up first and in true variety spirit, TaeHyun pulls the entire stocking down his face. JongMin complains that he can’t see but he sees perfectly that his carton has been squashed, courtesy of YAPS. Heh.

Then he screams “challenge” over and over and over again while always missing the carton, pffft.  In the end, he wins 10 bucks.


JoonYoung goes up next and DongGu remarks that he looks like a handsome earthworm, pfft. His stocking then gets caught up and the ball ends up smacking his own head, heh.  His first challenge results in a miss and his second results in a foul. But third time’s the charm and he sends his carton flying past the 30 bucks line. HAHAHAHA, it’s just hilarious how Yoo PD looks so flabbergasted at that.

HAHAHA, DongGu, our poor SiYoon-ie! Just look for yourself! He misses on his first try and JoonYoung laughs at how his hand spins along with his head. AHHH, DongGu’s ball makes contact with the carton and it flies past the $10 line, but because he didn’t say “challenge”, it doesn’t count. And then he totally fails and gets nothing after that.

Defconn earns $10 while TaeHyun sends his wrecking ball flying into his body, DongGu’s side, then to Defconn’s face, PWAHAHAHHAHA! On his last try, he sends it hitting against the side of the chair the carton’s on.


JunHo the gag man is last and as expected, he makes a funny face and takes forever to make his first hit. Pffft, he ends up collapsing from dizziness before he hits anything at all.

So the results are: JoonYoung with $30, JongMin and Defconn with $10 each and DongGu, TaeHyun and JunHo with nothing.

Remember the game where whoever wins gets to go home early? Yeah, it’s actually all about betting. Gambling “batting”, not Baseball “batting”! HEH.

For the team that they’re rooting for in the matches later, the boys will have to choose the top 3 players they think will have the highest batting average. For each “safe” the batter hits, whoever chose that pro gets 1 point. For each home run, 2 points. Walk earns 1 point each, but it only comes into play if there’s a tie. The final result will be calculated after the games and the one with the lowest score sleeps on the baseball field tonight. Pfft.

[Okay, some explanation of the terminology for non-baseball fans! (I personally am one.) As you should know (come on now), in baseball, there are 4 bases, 1, 2, 3 and home. When a team is on offence, AKA, the batting team, if the batter hits the ball and reaches first base before the catcher there catches the ball, then the batter is “safe”. So for our game, that’s one point.

A home run is obviously when a batter hits the ball so far that he manages to run through base 1, 2, 3 and home before the ball is thrown back. A walk happens when the pitcher messes up and fails more than 4 of his throws.]

TaeHyun suddenly has a mid-life crisis, wondering whether to be loyal to his favourite team or whether he should put “going home” as his priority. He consults his fellow Eagles comrade and YAPS roars at him not to disturb him because he’s busy analysing who’s gonna win, HAHAHHAHAHA!

JunHo: “SK’s delivering the home runs these days!”

But when TaeHyun pushes him to answer, he hesitantly mutters that for affection’s sake, he’ll stick with the Eagles, pfft.


Yoo PD gives them an out though – if someone catches a wild home run ball, then no matter the results, that person gets to go home immediately.

The boys play scissors-paper-stone to decide who gets the team he wants and TaeHyun wins first. He immediately chooses the Hanhwa Eagles, as does YAPS. Defconn is totally clueless as to which team he should root for and decides to just go for whatever the others said – SK Wyverns. And JoonYoung and DongGu choose LG Twins immediately after, haha. That leaves JongMin with just the KIA Tigers and JongMin only screams for his team after the others pay lip service, saying that it’s the best team, HA!

While TaeHyun checks out the batting records of Hanhwa Eagles’ players, JunHo’s reduced to just going: “eenie-meenie-minee-mo”. Pfft. Defconn calls his friend in hopes for some advice and while the friend can’t offer any himself, he knows of a Baseball Announcer who comments for the SK Wyverns. Lucky!

DongGu calls someone too, like JoonYoung while TaeHyun has to show JongMin how to work a smartphone.

Later, they gather again to share whom they’ve picked as aces and JoonYoung chooses Luis Jiméne while DongGu chooses Kim YongEui (because he looks like PD Yoo HoJin, he says). TaeHyun chooses Kim TaeGyun, a rather safe choice, considering his recent record, while JunHo names someone from the Lotte team. HAHA! For real, he chooses Yang SeongWoo. Defconn goes with Choi Jeong, king of Home Run. Lastly, JongMin goes, “CHOI!”

Staff: “You wrote here Lee MyeongGu though!” HAAA!

So he admits and declares Choi HyeongWoo as his second. PFFT. They only asked for your Ace!

With that, they run off to the bus, excited to go have some fun. Hahaha, JoonYoung’s stuck with all those people who have no money for snacks while Defconn learns that he really chose the right team as JongMin mangles the bus’ curtains, PWAHAHA.


Defconn and JongMin reach their stadium, then learn that there’s suddenly a problem. There aren’t enough tickets, meaning that they’ll have to play a game of chance to see who gets to watch the whole game live in person… while the other gets to watch the game live on his phone. WHAT IS THIS?! Eish!

Anyway, poor Defconn loses and gets his personal table and chair OUTSIDE the stadium, his position for the rest of the game.

The other team finds their way to their stadium and laugh to see Jeon HyunMoo there as opening guest. Then the Hanhwa Eagles fans find that they’re in the same position as Defconn. 1 Night 2 Days, this is the most disappointed I have ever been with you. What’s with not letting people watch baseball matches!

JunHo squeezes $10 out of JoonYoung and happy to be watching the match live, JoonYoung acquiesces before skipping away with DongGu.

JongMin’s match starts first and a kid toddles over and passes him a bag of snacks. He stands for the national anthem and then totally misses the start of the match, pwahaha! Poor Defconn, he shouldn’t have lost! It’s like the wrong person lost the ticket!

Outside, Defconn watches from his phone, which is just hilarious, because the telecast is a few seconds later than what’s actually happening. So it’s like, he hears roars from the stadium, has no idea what the heck just happened, so he runs to check the telecast on his phone which doesn’t show what happened until a few seconds later. HAHAHA.

He then appears on the stadium’s screen when it’s dance time, crazily cheering for his team.

Over at the match between the Hanhwa Eagles and LG Twins, loyal crazy fans JunHo and TaeHyun are having the time of their lives, chanting their fandom cheer and mucking around while waiting to watch the match.


JoonYoung and DongGu barely find their seats just in time to see JoonYoung’s second pick earn an out. [Three Outs and the offending team changes to defending and vice versa.]  DongGu’s Ace earns him one point with a Safe while JoonYoung’s Ace earns another Out again. Then his third player gets an Out too, HAHAHA!

The game continues and while JunHo’s face brightens, JoonYoung sinks lower and lower into his seat, like dark clouds are gathering right above him as his players fail him one by one. But finally, someone delivers and with his 1 point earned, he leaps up like it’s the 4th of July.

Hahahaha, DongGu and JoonYoung are caught on camera at the LG Twins match and the commentator there butchers their names and wonder what mission they’re doing.

Commentator: “Well, we’ll know next week.”



At JongMin’s game, JongMin is made to stare-down a mascot and participate in a dance battle while Defconn sighs over and over again outside, as things don’t go his way, muttering that he knows that he’s going to be sleeping on the field tonight.

PFFFT, the two Eagles ahjusshi-fans are busy having the time of their lives outside the stadium, cheering and doing two-people waves.

Inside, JoonYoung’s got his face in his hands, since the guy sitting beside him, DongGu, just earned a point.

Then Defconn screams when his player earns him a point, hee! HAHAHHAHA! JongMin runs to the very back of the stadium to watch, over the edge, Defconn celebrate. Then he turns his head to see someone hit a safe base and see no reaction from Defconn.

JongMin: “They didn’t film that!” Pwahaha.

Someone hits a homerun and Defconn doesn’t react, which makes JongMin scream in glee, since it’s obvious that Defconn didn’t get to watch it on his telecast, heh.

The game finally ends and Defconn is finally allowed inside. He runs straight to JongMin to gloat and then heads down to the players to interview one. Ha, he interviews a SK Wyvern who thanks him for cheering him up from outside, but the Wyvern’s “favourite” 1 Night 2 Day member is JongMin.

JunHo and TaeHyun are also allowed into the stadium near the end of the match, where JoonYoung’s nightmare continues. Heh, he’s the one with the lowest score. Then his Ace hits a foul in a full count [4 balls, 3 strikes], heh.

But towards the end, JoonYoung ties with TaeHyun and JunHo runs to the field to interview an Eagles player. He chants Lee TaeYang’s (the player) name with the other spectators and when TaeYang leaves, the spectators chant JunHo’s name. Hee! The power of the Nation’s Variety Show!

The games end and we get to see the scores for Defconn and JongMin first.


First, JongMin’s guesses – KIA Tigers: 9 Safes.

Defconn’s guesses – SK Wyverns: 8 Safes, 1 Home Run

Defconn’s Ace Choi Jeong got 1 Safe while JongMin’s Lee MyeongGi got 1 Safe too.

Defconn’s second player, Han DongMin got 1 Safe too while JongMin’s Na JiWan got 1 Safe.

Defconn’s final player, Jamie Romak scored a Safe while JongMin’s final player Choi HyeongWoo scored nothing.

Pwahahahah, Defconn collapses, thinking that he lost, only to bounce back up a second later, a little late to reality, hee.

So JongMin loses here and has to sleep in the field.

In the other stadium, JunHo reveals his results, which is 1 from his Ace, Yang SeongWoo and nothing from his second, Jeong GeunWoo. His third pick, Kim TaeGyun, delivered 2 points all by himself.


TaeHyun has got only two points, thanks to Kim TaeGyun. He’d bet wrongly on Jeong GeunWoo and Ha JuSeok.

DongGu’s got 2 points from Kim YongEui, none from Oh JiHwan and one from Yang SeokHwan, keeping his score at 3. HAHAHA, DongGu totally pretended not to know Yang SeokHwan earlier during the match just to surprise JoonYoung.

JoonYoung, while he gets no points from Jiméne, he gets two from Park YongTaek and Yang SeokHwan.

That means that JunHo’s tied in first place with DongGu while TaeHyun’s tied with JoonYoung. However, since TaeHyun’s picks got 2 walks and JoonYoung’s got none, JoonYoung fails in the end and has to go sleep in a tent on the field tonight.

Heh, Defconn and JongMin call TaeHyun and reveal their results and I love how happy the three of them are about JoonYoung losing.

While JunHo and DongGu describe the full moon as a baseball, JoonYoung walks behind with his head hung low.

JoonYoung as he snuggles into his covers: “This is the worst, the worst.”

JongMin’s just happy and snug, heh.




Next Week

Time to put those muscles to work! Have none? Well, time to make some, 1 Night 2 Days style!


4 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 177

  1. JJY a “handsome earthworm”?😂😂😂😂
    Donggu is getting cheekier!(he still bad at sports, huh?)

    i think my brain got fried a bit with all the baseball info and honestly..i still dun fully get it. oh well. i am a football(soccer) person so..

    btw, thanks, peeps for the fast recap. it’s so hot over here that sleeping is hard. hope ur place is not as bad.


  2. You’re early as always peeps! Thanks for taking the time to explain the baseball thing. As a non-baseball fan, I never understand the world of baseball. It’s very confusing.


    1. You’re welcome. I bet it’s still confusing though – I never went into details. But it’s a fun sport! Definitely try if you get the chance! Or its sister, softball.


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