1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 179

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 179: Welcoming Summer; Best Body Special!

It’s time for summer, which means bikinis, and for guys, showing off their abs. Or in the case of our guys, their one packs (maybe save for DongGu). So Yoo PD attempts to return them their pride and get them back into shape!

After the workout, led by Kim JunHo (Korea’s first professional bodybuilder, not the one who wheezes after exerting just a bit of muscle), and the tough (but hilarious) training by Olympic Judo twins Cho JunHo and Cho JunHyun, our guys are feeling a little more than just peckish.

TaeHyun and Defconn are tied in their badge collection (the one with the most badges gets a free pass from FISHING) and it’s time to decide who that last precious “best student” badge goes to.

“Kim JongMin-ssi!!!!!!”

As winner of the game played last week, Defconn gets to choose who wears what and he gives JongMin the very flimsy Ballerino suit because he’s “very sensitive to the cold” and the HaeNyeo Diver’s suit goes to JunHo because it makes going pooping difficult, hahahha. JunHo is grateful for it because it keeps out the cold. The others get nice, elastic clothes.

They take the bus and groan their way up a hill. PFFFFTTTTT, JunHo makes everyone laugh, with how his face has turned red from the tight suit and the effort he used to get up there.

The others guess that their next exercise is swimming (while DongGu deviously suggests hiking), and Yoo PD reveals that it’s Pilates. HAHAHA, their Goddess-Instructor Yang JeongWon comes up, to the boys’ absolute joy and excitement and she wonders why their clothes are like that, referring to both JongMin and JunHo, hehe. The tight suit must be causing JunHo all sorts of grief because he totally mixes up the instructor’s name. Can he hear through the head-suit?

Yang JeongWon explains that Pilates focuses on developing one’s core muscles and JongMin asks her to choose the one with the best body. Heh, JongMin raises his shoulders in an effort to look the best but he’s the first to be eliminated because it just looks terrible, haha.

Before they start their lessons proper, they move off to a more comfortable place. Ha, JunHo turns into a total hobo there while DongGu gets criticised for doing push-ups to stave off the cold.

Yang JeongWon arrives and starts her demonstration. But no more than 20 seconds later, she bursts into laughter, unable to handle the teasing that the guys send her way, since those Pilates moves make her look weird.

Thanks to Yang JeongWon pointing out how the mask might be bad for JunHo, he gets to take it off and it’s just hilarious how it’s like pulling his whole face off. And when it comes off, black marks streak his face like he just grew a beard, haha!

But at least JunHo doesn’t worryingly look like a cooked lobster now.

The boys sit on their mats, while groaning a whole lot and all it takes for Defconn to start screaming is the very first move. Seeing how the goddess instructor rushes to him, the other guys scream too, heh.

She takes them to the next step that’s supposed to look something like a mermaid posing but it just makes JoonYoung look like an anchovy, JongMin, a pufferfish, and Defconn, a seal. JunHo looks like he’s about to let a loud one rip and JoonYoung gets to that conclusion first and says it out loud, making everyone laugh.

They go on to the next move, the Plie Shuffle, where they’re supposed to totter with their heels together and work out their inner thighs. DongGu remarks that Defconn looks a little like a bear and Yang JeongWon uses the example of going to the toilet with JunHo. She’s figured out what they relate to the best.

They ask their instructor to show them a difficult move and initially, they’re not impressed, saying that they can do it too, but the moment she moves their legs like the propeller of a helicopter, JoonYoung’s all, “I can’t”. HAHA.

JongMin’s pushed to give a demonstration and he turns it into break dance.

The guys all love the next move, since it really stretches and relaxes their muscles. JoonYoung has fun with the next move, kicking JunHo while pretending to do a ballerina side-kick and Defconn joins in the fun too.

After their practice rounds, (JoonYoung: “Ah, this is not the test?!”) they go into their real test, with both DongGu and JunHo hoping to get at least one badge from here.

Instead of difficult moves, it’s one that tests their attention and how clear-headed they can be. Resting on just their butts, they have to move their legs according to whatever Yang JeongWon says. And she can say aaaaaaaanything, not just “left, up. Right down.”

Pffft, Defconn already has problems with keeping the basic position, going red in the face while trying to keep his legs off the ground. In the end, he loses and in the next round against JoonYoung, TaeHyun loses. PWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, JunHo practically looks like he’s about to give birth, going totally red in the face and eyes bulging. In the end, he loses, just because he can’t hold on anymore. TaeHyun almost faints from laughing.

So the three that passes go on to the semi-finals, with DongGu determined to do his very best in order to earn a badge here. Then he loses with the very first instruction. HA!

In the end, JongMin wins, which means that he’s the one with the most number of badges.

Our guys reach basecamp after a while and immediately head to the food truck when they see it. Hehehe, they’re stopped immediately, and while heading to their rooms, DongGu casually announces, “in (JongMin’s) right pocket, there’s a fried snack!” HEH!

Immediately, Yoo PD feels around and JongMin almost gets away until Yoo PD checks the socks in his hands and finds the snack hidden there. EEEK!!!

But the production must feel sorry about them having to go fish because they gift them with chocolates, drinks and even massaging devices. JongMin messes around with everything, totally not knowing how to use anything and DongGu laughs at JunHo wrapping the electronic eye-massage device around his neck.

They become suspicious when they’re told to come into a room. Usually at this time, they’ll be somewhere outside playing their dinner games.

There’s some weird machine in there and they start working out, since like JoonYoung guessed, those snacks and drinks were a trap.

As expected, that machine is used to measure their fat levels. The three whose fat levels, after working out so much, drop the most get prime beef. The rest get a meal of beans for their required protein boost.

One by one, the guys go up onto the scale as the others do push ups and Pilate moves behind, doing whatever they can to lose all those fats.

Soon after, Yoo PD announces the result that all of them have lost fats. The difference of the amount of fats lost between first place and last place is 4.3kg. In fact, first place lost 4.5kg. That’s… who else has got that much fat/ weight to lose other than Defconn? And so it is, Defconn. He lost 4kg of fat while 0.5kg turned into muscle.

2nd place goes to DongGu who is definitely ecstatic about getting to eat prime beef. Defconn wonders what fats he has to lose. Last place, who lost a mere 0.2kg is TaeHyun, thanks to him eating too much earlier. And in second-last place is JoonYoung.

JongMin immediately screams, since he has a chance of being in 3rd place and eating the beef.

Yoo PD stuns them with the news that 3rd and 4th place only lost a difference of 0.1kg of fat and JongMin’s super confident about this because, “Hyung, I got my snack taken away, but you ate yours.” WHAT?!

PWAHAHAHA, back at the food truck, we see how JunHo had stolen the snack too, but since he got away, obviously he got to eat it.

The time to see whether the gods favour the honest and right come and they drag the announcement of the name. In the middle, JoonYoung suddenly tells Yoo PD to stop for a bit, since this is too fun, HAHA. But honesty is rewarded and JongMin wins 3rd place and therefore, beef.

Heh, the winners sit right next to the losers and tempt them with the sizzling sounds of grilling beef. JunHo’s deeply upset and suddenly becomes a whistle-blower about all the times JongMin sneaked something to eat. Pfft, how did dinner turn into a court in session?

TaeHyun’s the first to provide video evidence of JunHo sneaking something to eat and gets a meat wrap in return.

After dinner, out they go and complain about the huge waves. But it’s not raining and the waves are not out to kill, so fishing is still on.

Yoo PD tells them that aside from JongMin, one out of the five of the others will be chosen to go fishing. Well, that was the plan, but the storm alert has ruined everything. Ha, JongMin gets so hilariously disappointed while the others cheer.


Since it was a promise to the viewers that they would go fishing, Yoo PD has searched out tomorrow’s weather forecast and basically tells them that come morning, the weather’s confirmed to be calm (or as calm as seas can be), so the chosen person will have to go fish for octopus and catch at least three before he can go home. The rest can go home the moment the morning song is played after filming for the closing.

To decide who goes, Yoo PD lets them go suggest their own games which will be picked at random.

The very first game chosen is by JoonYoung and he totally has a weird, long-ass name for his game:  20 Elephant turns and grab the flag 5-10m away.

HEH, TaeHyun stumbles while still doing his turns and JunHo crawl-wobbles all over the place in his effort to go get the flag. Eh? Why isn’t TaeHyun going for the flag at all?

And we see how earlier TaeHyun totally plotted to have JunHo exert all his energy and go through to the semi-final round, where he’ll obviously fail (since elephant-turns are his kryptonite), and therefore have less energy or attention during the second game. He even asks after JunHo casually like he’s out of breath like a true actor, haha.

Of course, JunHo loses the game and JoonYoung wins.

The next game is a simple one of standing broad jumps.

Defconn marks a record of 2m 9cm while DongGu flies to 2m 33cm. JunHo…. takes a very, very long time to prepare. But when he leaps for it, he becomes last in place. Strong-thigh TaeHyun goes for it and falls backwards into last place, heh.

JoonYoung: “Yoon DongGu, welcome to heaven!”

Hehe, DongGu’s safe from having to go octopus fishing.

The next game is Tissue-Bucket Basketball, suggested by the very amazing JunHo. Ha, he fails at his own game.

TaeHyun and Defconn don’t do much better either and the three of them go tossing their tissue balls over and over again while This Is The Moment from the musical Jekyll and Hyde plays in the background. Ahhh… this goes on for way too long. Until JunHo throws a clean, straight chunk into the bucket.

JunHo screams in absolute joy and admits that he’s already forgotten all the hardship earlier. Earlier, it was “long-face”, but now, it’s all “smile”!

The final game to decide who goes fishing for octopus… will be decided by an octopus. Pfft. Remember that octopus that correctly guessed the outcome of 8 matches for the 2010 World Cup? Paul the octopus? Yeah, now we have Mun-eo Yoon-Ho (Octopus “You Know”) to help us out here, heh.

Basically, in the 30 seconds that he is in the tank, the side that he favours more, left or right, decides who’s fishing tonight. Heee, TaeHyun stands to the right and Defconn stands on the left. Once in the water, YoonHo goes straight for the left… then shoots straight to the right… and then slowly dances over to the left, crossing the line only at the 0.1 seconds mark.

As such, Defconn wins the round and it means that TaeHyun’s going fishing soon!

The next morning, sun rays beat against the shiny seas, creating millions of diamonds as far as the eye can see. The morning song is played and all 5 of them come out. Defconn even manages to confirm TaeHyun’s fishing trip with his fisherman while TaeHyun’s still in the room, totally conked out.

Sometime later, when he’s due, TaeHyun’s finally woken up for his job, which is to get on a boat and pack fish. At first he says that the waves look calm, but then… one by one, the staff of 1 Night 2 Days succumbs to sea-sickness.

Ehh… the nets come up one by one, but all that’s in the nets are crabs (this is hilariously reminding me of Deukrayngdo). And then fish. Cha TaeHyun, are you there to work or play, because all he does is play with the fish.

After a long while, an octopus finally surfaces and TaeHyun’s loud cheers announce its arrival. Once by one, the octopuses are dragged up the boat and TaeHyun laughs that his mission is completed upon holding the third octopus in his hands.

Next Week!

We go to Jeju to catch some popularity!


Sorry, will add the pictures later. i just came back from a funeral…




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