New Journey to the West S4 Ep1

New Journey to the West Season 4 Episode 1:

When in the world did this happen?! Like… where were the news of this happening? How come I didn’t know anything about this? Until I suddenly stumbled across it?! HUH?! How come I didn’t know that these 6 nutcases are going to Vietnam? HUH?

But I found out about it, so here it is. Episode 1, season 4, New Journey to the West. This is its first recap.

We open to SuGeun talking nonsense as usual, this time not rubbish-Cantonese but rubbish-Vietnamese. I still have no idea what he’s talking about. Anyway, all 6 of our guys are back (not SeungGi though). Uhm, Song Mino, why are you shaving your head? And what in the world happened to SuGeun? As usual, they’re nuts, huh.

As with every trip,  the guys gather for their dinner-meeting before their trip and SuGeun messes with Na PD who was yawning, hehe. KyuHyun comes for a visit and SuGeun comments how that rumour about how he could really drink. KyuHyun: “It wasn’t a rumour. You heard that from TV.”


HoDong comes too and complains about KyuHyun’s drinking rumour (that he drank all night, lol) and poor KyuHyun whines at SuGeun. Pffffftttt… what are feeling all wronged for? It’s true that you drink way too much though, as the flash forwards show! And keep your pants on!

Mino comes and Na PD jokes that it feels funny seeing how he returned to his celebrity looks with his blue hair. HoDong checks with the maknae that he watched the broadcast of the previous season and flubs his pronunciation. HAHAHHAHA. It’s the legendary Kang-Ho-Dong-Korean, where sometimes, even Koreans don’t understand what he’s saying.

HAHAHHAHA, Mino’s innocent explanation gets mixed in the haywire called communication and sounds like, “the fact that I’m on this programme, it’s like an act of god”. Well, I don’t think that’s such a farfetched idea! He’s crazy nuts as the flash forwards show, heh. What’s with, “I can’t swimming! Yeah.” and then cursing in HoDong’s ear?

Mino recommends WINNER’s JinWoo as a funny guy, since according to him, he has no idea what he’s thinking about and mid-praise, SuGeun tells him not to talk up his potential rival and replacement, hehehe. Immediately he changes it to, “but he’s worse than me!” and variety veteran replies with “there’s no one in our team (worse than Mino).” HAHHAHA. Kang HoDong just stuffs his mouth.


Finally, JiWon comes to join and complete the team and announces that he worked really hard on his “common sense”. He stuns KyuHyun with his correct answer to 7×8 (I love how the bar is set so low) but then fails a world cup question and in the flash forwards, gets stunned to hear a World History question in his quiz. HEH.

In the present, JiWon acknowledges that his knowledge of geography isn’t great and admits that he didn’t know that SunCheon was in the Jeolla region. Na PD explains that they never went there when they were doing 1 Night 2 Days though and HoDong suddenly loudly rebuts. Na PD sets the record straight that he (Na PD) probably went with his writer after leaving 1 Night 2 Days and HoDong thinks… and notes that he was the first to leave 1 Night 2 Days(so he wouldn’t know for sure if they did go to SunCheon on 1 Night 2 Days or not). The entire group roars to realise that it’s like a gathering of People Who Left 1N2D there.


We then delve into this segment where HoDong starts talking about food, eating food, saying that he doesn’t eat carbohydrates and then ordering 4 bowls of cold noodles (among many other things) and not eating his rice.

Uhm… why are they arguing about movies now? It’s team Great Wall versus Doctor Strange… and Na PD’s like me, sitting at the side, fingers in his hair and just watching the kids go at it.

Suddenly, Mino’s super confident about his table tennis skills and suggests a bet. He gets HoDong riled up and suggesting that the loser shave his head. Wait a minute… what the… Mino’s nuts. He stands up to accept the challenge… uhm… I think we know loses…

Mino: “This is swag!”

This is NUTS!

SuGeun says it the best: “when you drink, you get (unnecessarily) excited.”


Then when SuGeun leaves his seat, HoDong suddenly suggests to JiWon, “if he loses, you (Mino’s partner) cut your hair, since you’re the hyung. If I lose, SuGeun (HoDong’s partner) shaves too!” PWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mino tries to pull KyuHyun into this too but KyuHyun’s just “I have to cos I’m going to the army after this!” HAHAHHAHA!!!!!

It’s SM VS YG! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! I bet you SuGeun has no idea what’s happening because he’s got his arm over HoDong in solidarity and Mino says that he has to ask his CEO for permission. CALL! He tries to push it off but Na PD’s on Hyung-Dongsaeng terms with YG and immediately calls the CEO on his own phone. HAHAHHA, YG agrees (“In my opinion, Mino looks the prettiest when his head’s all shaved.”), just asking them to leave 1 cm behind and when JiWon complains about his situation, YG’s all, “no, you can’t (cut your hair).” HAHAHHA!

Na PD is asked who’s side he’s on he’s like, “on one’s”. Mino argues and SuGeun saves the day with:

“Director-nim can’t cut his hair. If he does, he looks really ugly.” Pfft.



Ohthankgoodness I couldn’t with how they’re all talking over each other.

The next few days, Mino’s off practising for his match, since he suddenly gets the cold feet and soon, Na PD’s at the revered holy place where SuGeun got his own hair cut last season before the trip.

The guys arrive for their pre-trip meeting and Mino’s already resigned to losing his hair.

JaeHyun’s with Na PD and hears about the bet.

JaeHyun: “Has Mino’s activities ended?” Hahaha.

The moment the boys enter the room, a huge table tennis table’s right there waiting for them. HoDong admits that he practised yesterday and has even brought he’s own personal racquet for this game. HEH, SuGeun comes in like an old uncle and JiWon gets asked if he’s dating, cos he comes in in full make-up. JiWon then goes to fondle Mino’s hair and Mino takes a last commemorative shot with his long green hair, expecting to say bye-bye soon.

KyuHyun asks a lewd question innocently, not aware that asking “how are you going to shave there” is just awkward (since HoDong’s already half-bald, his bet was to go full hairless and you know, his head’s not the only place where hair grows).

PFFFT, Mino suddenly asks for an advantage because this is a game between a pro and an amateur and what comes out instead is: “shouldn’t I have a penalty?”

SuGeun the referee chase JiWon away, telling the fully made up guy to go to his cheerleading spot.


Heh, JaeHyun just smirks. SuGeun does all sorts of nonsense and JiWon tells him to just stop and start the game already. Pfft, SuGeun never does anything easily and it takes forever just for him to decide who starts first. They get the answer! And then JiWon fiddles with the scoreboard, seeing something wrong with it. JUST START ALREADY! OMG! WHY YOU GUYS SO SLOW?!

FINALLY, they start and HoDong wins the first point in 2 seconds thanks to Mino’s mistake. And they take a few minutes to celebrate, which is when the last word on the “banner” behind them forms and turns it from “Kuririn Table Tennis Community” to “Kuririn Table Tennis School”. Kuririn’s the name of the bald character from Dragon Ball the anime.

Soon, the games reaches 3:0 in HoDong’s favour. When will they end this game if they dance after every point? It goes to 4:0. JiWon pats Mino’s back and tells him to do “as you always do”. Are you sure about that? He’s always been terrible at the game though.

Another word from the banner behind them falls and “Table Tennis” becomes “Volleyball”.

It becomes 6:0 and they celebrate with KyuHyun’s At Gwanghwamun while JaeHyun dances stiffly like an ajusshi.

Lol, Mino loses a point just because he can’t serve well. They won’t be finishing the game until day breaks. Then Mino lets another ball fly and HoDong now admits that he regrets all the lost hours he spent practising yesterday.

9:0 becomes 10:0 and finally, it’s down to the last ball.

Mino: “Ah, I’m screwed.”

SuGeun: “Only now?!”

HoDong fears for the mean remarks that the WINNER fans will be throwing his way, and Mino throws his last ball. Bye bye, Mino’s green hair.

HEHEHEHEHHEH, Mino sits sadly on his green chair and mutters that alcohol is his enemy. Mino tries to argue for different style and his hairstylist comes in, saying to just shave everything off. Hahaha, the PDs of NJTTW had just called the hair salon to let him know that he was needed the day right after their dinner-meeting, since “Song Mino-ssi is going to lose anyway.”

HoDong cackles to hear that it takes a year for the hair to grow back and Mino laughs like he’s lost his mind.

OOOOHHHH!!!! The hair gets tied in a little tail and snipped off, giving Mino a little hair as a souvenir which he uses as a brush. NOOOOO… The hair at the back is left alone, and it just looks like some laver in some angles. That’s just terrible, just shave it off!

That ordeal over, KyuHyun lazes around and moans that he’s “hungwee~”.

Kang HoDong’s suddenly called out and Na PD tells the others to pick whatever they want from a super long table of buffet.  Afterwards, they tell Na PD what they think HoDong will eat first.


Choosing your Character Game: Guess what HoDong’s buffet preferences are!

The first dish that he eats gains whoever guessed it right 10 points. Then 8 points, then 6, 4, and finally 2. The one with the most points wins. But, if HoDong says any of their names, then that poor fella gets a point taken away from him.

SuGeun and Mino guess that HoDong’s all for Japchae while JiWon thinks it’s the Boiled Pork. JaeHyun thinks it’s the Beef Tatare while KyuHyun guesses Fried Rice. Did you all not hear the declaration that HoDong doesn’t eat carbs? (I mean, he does in the end but we’re betting on what he eats first here!)

And as expected, HoDong goes straight for the meat and turns away from the carbs. Heh, KyuHyun has a little excited fit when he sees HoDong scoop the rice.

He comes back and all eyes are on him as he eats the raw fish. Ha, JiWon suggests that he eat the meat and he actually FEEDS the guy, earning himself 8 points while SuGeun comes back with the whole bowl of Japchae, with the excuse that there needs to be more food.

He sets the bowl right in front of HoDong but HoDong just takes the vegetables beside it and JiWon moves the Japchae far, far away. JaeHyun mutters nonchalantly that the Beef Tatare is great and as if programmed, HoDong eats it, earning JaeHyun 4 points. Then he eats the rice, earning KyuHyun 2 points.


JiWon tries to get HoDong to say someone’s name (pffft) and HoDong mentions SuGeun by relation, but doesn’t say his name and SuGeun and JiWon get into a stare down, which JiWon promptly loses and HoDong asks if this is a hidden camera. Heh, HoDong ends up calling SuGeun twice and Mino once. LOL, why does Na PD get one point taken away? Is he in the line to be one of the characters?

KEKEKEKE, JiWon’s got HoDong all chatty now and HoDong cheerily calls out to him. And then again. HoDong suddenly starts guessing what they’re playing with him and gets edgy when they ask him if he’s going to go get another plate of food or if he’s really going to drink that water.

HAHAHHAA, HoDong annoyed that he doesn’t know what’s going on and goes red in the face from trying to guess. He guesses that it has something to do with him calling out names and seeing how JiWon’s all being treated well by all the others he follows. JiWon suddenly asks if he can drink coffee and HoDong threatens to call his name. JiWon’s all, “go ahead” and unexpectedly, HoDong utters a hesitant “Eun JiWon?”

The he goes into a “Eun JiWon” tirade, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, continuing even after JiWon kicks him. And so now JiWon’s in absolute last place. HEH!

HoDong announces the end of dinner and Na PD gets up to announce the results.

Na PD: “Though he was in first place at the beginning, but his name was called 198 times, so he’s now at -190!”

JaeHyun manages to get first in place with 1 point (HA!).

Kang HoDong becomes Zhu BaJie (forever) and is forbidden from eating his fellow pigs. Ha, JaeHyun asks if he can go it and HoDong says he’s eating beef.

JiWon’s given the honour of being Sun WuKong and to up the ante, they present him with a vest full of nasty electricity thing. HEH!


JaeHyun’s Tang XuanZhang and awarded the 6 precious and powerful remote controls that control’s the machine in JiWon’s vest. He even gets cash and morning coffee every day.

KyuHyun becomes Sha WuJing, and because “Sha WuJing originally came from dirty water”, every time he sees water nearby, he was to be immersed in it. PPFFFFTTT!!!

Lee SuGeun’s Piccolo from Dragon Ball and has the crazy outfit to go with it. Everyone can’t help but burst into laughter as SuGeun gets his face coloured and we see how his annoying huge shoulder pads obstruct him from even entering rooms and how it attracts the attention of a foreigner at the airport.

JiWon goes to put on his Sun WuKong vest and JaeHyun decides that this is a good time to test out his new toys. Pfffft, he goes turning on every single one and though he initially mutters that it’s not that bad, in the end JiWon succumbs to the pain and JaeHyun hilariously fumbles with the remote controls, not knowing which is the one causing the pain.


We’re 8 hours from leaving Korea to that new place: Vietnam!

At once quiet and agricultural and at once rumbling and bustling with over-spilling streets, Vietnam is the place to go if you want something different.

HAHAH, our get on the plane in their amusing costumes and SuGeun and JiWon look hilarious from the back.

HAHAHHA, SuGeun and JiWon start to introduce the show, but then forgets what season they’re at and has to look back and get the answer from the staff. Then JiWon forgets where they’re going. Only on a Na PD show; only on a Na PD show do you just go without even knowing where you’re going.

SuGeun finally takes his costume out so that it doesn’t bother other people.

LOL, while the others sleep, HoDong opens his window a creak and munches on his meal. Did he ask for extra?

Ha, these guys must not have been to a tropical country in a long time because they complain about it being too hard (because it’s too humid) to breathe.

Once on the bus, Na PD immediately starts their dinner game.

Talking about dinner, it’s time to talk about the delicious eats at Vietnam! From Beef Pho to soup, from barbequed meat to Banh Xeo, there is nothing that this country lacks. Want bread? There’s Bahn-mi. Want meat skewers? There you go.


The first place that our guys will be going to is a noodle shop that President Obama visited when he was in Vietnam. Na PD cheerily says that there’s an amazing dish there and happily says, “Pork Noodles!!”

Waaaaah!!!! Kang HoDong can’t eat that!!!!!

Close to their destination, SuGeun touches up his green make up and looks around embarrassingly. Pfft, he walks sideways into the shop and nearly falls over when he forgets to turn before entering a doorway.

They make their way into a special room set up just for them, with BunCha lying on the tables before them, enticing and waiting to just be enjoyed. There’s also fried Seafood Roll and a cold bottle of refreshing beer.

They play scissors-paper-stone to decide who gets to “taste-test” and it’s down to Sun WuKong and Piccolo. JiWon wins. HA, he looks like he just ate the best thing in the world.

Since it’s their first day here, Na PD lets them all have a bite of it and everyone digs in, save for HoDong who munches on the rice noodle alone. Then Na PD tells them that it’s time to go. LOL, up the bus they go and HoDong demands to know what the dish actually tastes like. JiWon says he was about to go crazy.


Na PD tells them that they’re on their way to their hostel now and if they manage to all answer a quiz correctly, the bus stops and they get to go back for lunch.

But then…

“Who’s the current president of America?”

SuGeun: “Trump!”

“Who’s the director for the movie “Agasshi”?”

JiWon: “Director Kim ChulGi.” WRONG! Kim ChulGi is the Animation Director for Robot TaeKwon Boy!

They go for round two and:

“Who composed Symphony No. 5 in C Minor (Destiny)?”

HoDong: “Beethoven!”

“Who is the author of Hong GilDong?”

JaeHyun: “Hong GilDong!” PWAHAHAHHA!

They go for third round and SuGeun correctly answers the Baseball question before it’s even fully asked. JiWon and Mino gets their questions right, as do KyuHyun and JaeHyun. Finally, it’s down to HoDong and he’s asked: “what’s the name of the first month in English?”


HoDong: “Januaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!” HAHHAA.

They head back to the shop, with SuGeun rushing them in case the noodles get bloated while HoDong mutters January all the way. HAHHAHA. BunCha. Don’t underestimate it.

HoDong pouts when he’s given no leeway to eat the pork dish and sniffs at all the vegetables. Ah, this is the first time I feel so sorry for you.

Ha, a staff signals the end of filming, but all the cameras continue to train on HoDong, who pathetically plays with the pork in his bowl.


Next Week!

JiWon’s forcefully thrown out and they try to get out of their clothes. It looks more hilarious than it sounds! And talking about sounds, SuGeun’s back to talking nonsense.


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  1. Just finished watching this episode. Took a longer time because there were many other things to watch and i found it rather random (at the beginning). There were some funny parts but i hope it gets more interesting in the later episodes…


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