1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 180

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 180:

It’s a brand new trip and our boys swagger and run out of the airport at Jeju screaming, “Han HyoJoo!” Lol, wut?! It’s been a year since they met HyoJoo, and since we found out that JongMin’s in love with JoonYoung.

This time, instead of getting their hearts stolen, they’re here to steal the hearts of the residents of Jeju! With a population of 660,000, it surpasses the population of Yeouido’s by about 10 times. However, recent viewership statistics show that the residents of Jeju watch 1 Night 2 Days the least. Well… Jeju’s so pretty that you don’t even need a TV (according to Defconn.)

Therefore, their mission this trip is to catch the hearts of the people and Defconn immediately dances and cheers, trying to guess what cringy catchphrase Yoo PD has come up with for them. HA, they just go with whatever Defconn came up with and the men shrink away after doing it.

Down the picturesque roads of Jeju the boys go, with them gaping at the view outside. But then Yoo PD passes them comments that 1 Night 2 Days’ viewers have made and the first one goes: “More than now, please be harsher (make the trips more difficult).” The next one says: “The difference between the people who get to eat and the people who have to starve have to be more concrete/obvious in order for it to be more fun, is what I think.”

Lol, as JunHo rattles off the comments, the smiles on the members faces fade slowly and at the end of it, they even explain the steps that they’ve taken to ensure that 1 Night 2 Days remains difficult and fun.

Yoo PD then passes each of them criticisms that’ve been written about themselves and TaeHyun’s one starts off nice (“Cha TaeHyun’s reaction makes the scene. It’ll be great if he keeps laughing…”) but ends up hilariously negative (“…but now it feels less like (real) laughter.”).  Ha, TaeHyun blames JunHo for that.


JunHo’s criticism is that, “his childish ways are good, but nowadays he keeps taking his clothes off though… Please get rid of your belly fat!” HA! JunHo mutters that he’d really like to make a six pack too… and Defconn presses him to commit to creating one in 6 months but all JunHo is willing to say is

that he’ll work out as much as he eats.

Defconn is told that seeing him work so hard is good, but nowadays, it seems like he’s not worrying so much. HA. Why is that a criticism? JunHo can’t believe that that’s it and takes the card, while Defconn insists that there’s nothing more. But then: “Ah why didn’t you read this… Your forever-single character is funny too.” “Why did you leave the piggy part out?” HAHA. And JoonYoung adds fuel to the fire with, “that’s him already worrying!”

Defconn attempts to move the conversation onto JongMin but JunHo refuses, saying, “No, no, let’s talk more about Defconn.” Heh. I see that DongGu isn’t laughing as much. I guess he’s gotten nervous from all those bad remarks about him online. Or is he just tired from filming The Best Hit??

JongMin’s told that after he’d gotten his Daesang, he’s been messing with the rules – ha, DongGu argues that he’s no longer like a babo and he’s lost weight. Pfft, the others pressure him into committing to his character and JongMin finally bursts out in indignity, asking if he can only work on 1 Night 2 Days, but the boys just won’t let up.

When everyone calms down a little, JunHo attempts to sort everything out and says that from this, he promises to work out while Defconn has to stay true to his character and live as a forever-single forever without ever kissing a girl. HAHAHHAHAHHAA!!!!!

JoonYoung’s little request is for him to get his hands out of his pockets. HEHE.

And DongGu: “DongGu-sshi doesn’t have to work hard alone to be funny. He’s just no-fun.” That’s… just sad… aw… “He’s the funniest when he picks on the hyungs/ when the hyungs pick on him. DongGu Hwaiting.” HAHAHAHAHA! So DongGu, don’t try and force something but just play happily! PWAHAHA, the other guys take that as cue to turn DongGu into their toy.


Heh, all of a sudden, Defconn’s telling JongMin to shave his “body hair” if he forgets his roots and JongMin agrees. Pfft! Hahaha, they immediately tease him when he doesn’t volunteer to do the ending-clap which is usually a job for the eager maknae.

They soon reach Jeju’s 5-day market which welcomes about 1000 people each day but are told not to go down the bus yet. Yoo PD gives them a mission to go undercover and film a KBS documentary. They invite one of the KBS hosts working on a documentary at Jeju up and she teaches them some Jeju-slang.

TaeHyun and Defconn are picked to go on this mission and they follow the host to go interview a grandma. Heee, she knows TaeHyun but doesn’t know Defconn and the boys on the bus giggle.

They interview a couple at another stall and they voluntarily admit that they like 1 Night 2 Days, especially JongMin and TaeHyun. Ha, Defconn’s anxious ways start appearing after a while and at another stall, the lady says that she likes variety shows “like 1 Night 2 Days”. Ahh!

But then she says that her favourite entertainer is Yoo JaeSuk, pfft and says that JongMin’s her favourite member. Pwahaha, when she’s about to name her second-favourite, Defconn goes “haha” and she wonders, “does HaHa go on 1 Night 2 Days?” Hee! And she likes JongMin because he’s still young, HA! She’s clumsy but he’s clumsy too!

Hehe, Defconn suggests that they take the mask off, complaining that it’s too hot and at the next stall, they hear that the owners don’t watch variety shows much because they have to work early and late. Plus, they used to watch 1 Night 2 Days but not anymore and the guy’s favourite member is Kang HoDong, haha!

At least the lady’s favourite is TaeHyun because he’s handsome.

Another granny happily admits that she watches 1 Night 2 Days well, along with The Return of Superman.  Her favourite is JongMin again, because he’s strong/ reliable, but she likes DongGu too because he’s such a nice person. Wow, she names all the members of 1 Night 2 Days, from TaeHyun the good father, Defconn (“pig, pig!” HAHAHA!) the good person, “the gag man, aigoo the gag man, the weakest one… WHO IS THAT?! Ah, JunHo, JunHo!”, to JoonYoung who speaks English well. She watches 1 Night 2 Days every day. Ha, she even manages to name the five kids on The Return of Superman but she doesn’t watch the documentary that the KBS host does, heh!

Their next targets are some very young kids and we hear that their moms, their Oppa and even themselves like it.  They like the funny parts but one of them doesn’t like JongMin, heh.

HAHA, they go back to the stall which owners don’t watch 1 Night 2 Days to buy some snacks and reveal themselves. HEH! Everyone comes over to greet TaeHyun and when Defconn reveals himself and complains about how they implied that he’s ugly, they laugh and joke with him.


The rest of the guys come into the market too and Yoo PD tells them that they’re going to be playing for their lunch here. It’ll be a series of games to be played with the people there at Jeju.

Defconn’s up against JongMin and they each have to go find people willing to play with them. Hehe, JongMin easily finds an ajumma while Defconn walks far and wide to find a strong reliable man (who volunteered himself). After spinning their Wheel of Games, the dart lands on Kkanari Bokbulbok, which basically consists of each team choosing from two cups, one of which holds Fish Sauce and the other with nice cold coffee, and having to drink both down.

Defconn and his man win!

JunHo’s up against JoonYoung this time and they play Eating a Lemon Quickly!

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, the volunteers have to eat a lemon first, and while JoonYoung’s volunteer finishes his first and gives JoonYoung a head-start, in the end,  JunHo wins, after dribbling lemon juice all over the place.

Finally, TaeHyun’s up against DongGu and TaeHyun goes to the lady whom they interviewed earlier, the one who doesn’t watch 1 Night 2 Days but liked him. DongGu finds the man whom they’d interviewed earlier too and picks him because he’s muscular, HAHAHA.

The game they play is Losing Scissors Paper Stone and though the ajumma didn’t manage to “lose” a single round in the practice rounds with TaeHyun earlier, she wins against DongGu’s team in the end.


So it becomes that the people who gets to eat that lunch are TaeHyun, JunHo and Defconn.

Back on the bus the boys go and Defconn complains about DongGu not talking much today. That puzzles the guy and Defconn explains: “when you don’t talk, you’re no fun, which worries me.” HAHA.

JunHo does some exercises while on the way to lunch to reduce his belly fat while DongGu whines about missing all the delicious Jeju food. Heh, Defconn commands him to say that more funnily and DongGu just goes blank. JoonYoung laughs at the ridiculousness of it all and mutters that the line really sounds like something from a forever-single.


But all that is forgotten the moment they make it to the seaside restaurant, where dishes filled with various seafood like abalone and octopus wait for the winners. Heh, our poor losers can only sit at the side and drool or drink their plain water.

Yoo PD notes that it’s only the YB (Young Boys) who can’t eat now and JongMin points to the three older guys, going: “married, married, married.” LOL? Since when did Defconn get married when he’s forever-single? “He got married to Asuka, you know, Asuka”, goes JoonYoung, referencing an anime character, hahaha!

But Defconn’s got the last laugh because he gets to eat while JoonYoung can’t.

Initially, they’re all ready to endure the hunger, but soon, the three Young Boys end up going to the winner’s table to “help”. Yoo PD has to tell JongMin not to block the camera, ha!

Halfway through lunch, JunHo’s singled out for his obligatory workout and after a few feeble moves, the weak blob goes still from fatigue, heh. JongMin’s called to do the ending-clap (before all the cameras officially are turned off) and he smack’s JunHo’s very round tummy instead.

JunHo starts getting pissy and Yoo PD announces that one of the criticisms that the viewers had brought up was that it is uncomfortable to see them actually get pissed. HAHAHHAHA. “So don’t get pissy.” Immediately, the two of them deny ever being pissed and JunHo gets up to head to the bus… where they all sleep.

They end up at Sagye Beach, which is just so extremely beautiful.

Yoo PD tells them that they’re continuing their mission here and they look around, seeing no one except for a lone fisherman.

So Yoo PD gives them more hints, asking what Jeju reminds them of. He smiles when DongGu suggests HaeNyeo (“Female Divers”, literally “Sea Women”) and TaeHyun gapes to realise that they’re going after the HaeNyeo now. HAHAHA, they have no idea how to do that at all.


Yoo PD assures them that it’s not difficult this time and they just need 2 members.

Who gets to stay out of hardship will be decided by how fast they manage to wear their HaeNyeo divers’ suits. PWAHAHAAHHAHAHA, Yoo PD stares as them unhappily when they wear the suits efficiently and without much fuss, because it was not what he’d expected at all. What he’d expected was some flailing and clumsy overexcitement, which was what he’d seen from Alpha-O when he was testing the game out in their meeting room, HAHAHAHAH!

So we skip through that and are told that Defconn won that round. So he’s safe from having to do whatever mission they have to do later.

Soon after, three HaeNyeo come to join them and one of them talks so fast and clearly like she’s rapping. The funniest thing is that she speaks the Jeju dialect, which is famous for being completely different from Mainland Korean and JunHo thinks she’s cursing him.

The rapper, Jo JeongSoon is 62 and has been diving for 47 years. The lady beside her is Kim YeonSeon, now 65, and diving since 50 years ago. Finally, we’re introduced to Kim SooSeon, age 68 and a veteran diver with 53 years of experience.

Wow, they’ve been diving since their middle school days and JunHo wonders if there are any 20, 30 year old HaeNyeos. There are none. The youngest ones are only around 50 years old. JunHo asks who’s going to continue the tradition and Madam Jo JeongSoon just raps that these guys can just do it. HA! “Isn’t that why you came?” HAHAHAHHA!

Since they still have to decide who else gets to stay out of the mission, off the other guys go to play Musical Tubes. The one who wins is safe from the mission, along with the one whom the HaeNyeo pick as their favourite.

HAHAHA, round the tubes the men go, dancing along to the music. The HaeNyeo cackle when they see JoonYoung and his floats roll over but in the end, it’s JunHo who loses the round. HEH, he goes off to the grannies to have their dance party and even sits on one of their lap.

TaeHyun even comes to join, totally forgetting the tubes, and later, when he can’t manage to sit on them without rolling over, he gives up.


Eventually, JoonYoung wins the round and the HaeNyeo pick TaeHyun as their favourite member.

JunHo: “I’m pissed! Hng!”

Jo JeongSoon: “HNG! I’M PISSED TOO, HNG!” Hahahahhahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Finally, to decide who goes to learn from the HaeNyeo, the three remaining guys are made to compete. They have to pick up a squishy shellfish with chopstick in 3 seconds and hold it there for three seconds. They play scissors paper stone to decide the order and JunHo wins.

So he gets to go first and… succeeds easily. Pfft, what kind of game is this? DongGu and JongMin easily succeed too and we see Yoo PD laugh helplessly. This is not what he’d imagined at all. All those times Alpha-O couldn’t pick up those shellfish. All those times he looked so foolish…

HEH! They’ve got to pick someone else to try out the games!


So it becomes that JongMin and DongGu have to carry out the mission with the HaeNyeos.

Pfft, all 4 winners enter the water, flopping here and there, unable to even get on their floats. Elsewhere in the shallow sea, the HaeNyeo have already gone to pick some seafood for the flopping seals to eat.

Ha, JongMin even needs DongGu’s help to wear his flippers.

And once he’s done, he screams worriedly for the HaeNyeo, since they’re not anywhere in sight and one of them suddenly pops up with an octopus. Pwahahahaha!


They play around with the boys, slapping the octopus on their heads and in their faces.

JongMin finally gets into the water and finds something between the rocks. Pfft, he screams more than he works at getting it out.

Elsewhere in deeper waters, DongGu pops up to say that there’s nothing, but just below him, a HaeNyeo picks a sea urchin out while still holding onto the octopus. With some coaching, he soon gets some sea urchin, earning the pride of his mentor.

Back up the land they go to and the HaeNyeos happily feed the six men spoils from the sea.


Soon later, after washing up, the guys end up on the bus again, to go to Marado (Mara Island), the place they never got to go to the last time because of the weather. But luckily, today, the weather’s fair and perfect for a boat ride.

They show their tickets and go up the ferry… only to find their seats taken by 6 other people.  They’re a little flustered and they learn that unlike the random people they had interviewed at the market, these 6 are definite fans of 1 Night 2 Days. And each one of them is a fan of a certain member in 1 Night 2 Days.

The mission here is for the boys to find their own fan, something that makes TaeHyun very confident and makes DongGu very nervous.

HEH, Defconn goes first, checking out the ladies and their reactions to him. He reaches out to a lady who smiles widely at him and what he gets in return is… “(it’s great) meeting you for the first time”.


Next Week:

They get their faces utterly painted and JongMin demands to know what’s going on.


4 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 180

  1. hey, peeps. thanks for the recap..been super busy( & super tired) so i have yet to watch even last week’s episode.. so i am very grateful for the recap.

    i think donggu is very tired too..guessed he used up all his energy & enthusiasm for the drama..which is a riot itself. wish i could go to jejudo for some rest..sigh.


  2. “…Defconn explains: “when you don’t talk, you’re no fun, which worries me.” Also, Taehyun doesn’t laugh as much because Junho is no longer funny LOL.

    While they’re just joking around, it’s true though that the members are highly dependent on each other ever since the beginning of this season. Like how each member influence the mood or reaction of each other. Even the grumpy Gutaeng then wouldn’t be as funny without Cha Taehyun laughing at his grumpiness or JJY complementing Gutaeng’s old age hehe. That’s why this show is highly dependent on the members’ chemistry. This isn’t a Yu Jaesok or Kang Hodong show (it was during season 1). And that’s the reason why I like this season and program.

    Thanks for your weekly recap. It sort of took me a while to watch the latest episodes because of work ehehehe.


  3. I just wished that Taehyun and Defconn removed their mask while talking to the grandma in pink. I hoped they’ll invite her again.


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