New Journey to the West S4 Ep 2

New Journey to the West Season 4 Episode 2:

So… after that SERIOUSLY HUMILIATING table tennis match that ended in Mino looking like a laver-head, we’re now in Vietnam, the place where they serve the best Pork Noodles… which Zhu BaJie the piggy can’t eat. Hee. HoDongie can’t eat pork!

Back on the bus after lunch they go and Na PD brings up how he’d once told them that this trip was for KyuHyun, who’s going to the army soon after. He says that they’ll be surprised once they get to the accommodations. That sounds ominous.

They’re 5 minutes away from base camp and with each metre, KyuHyun gets more and more nervous. Then in the distance, they see “Army Hotel”. HAHAHAHAHA. You’re sending the guy about to go to the Army to Army Hotel just before he goes to the Army?! Pffft!


But unlike its name, it’s no barrack full of flies or anything. It’s air conditioned and there’s carpet on the ground. They’re introduced to KyuHyun’s room, which stuns them and they don’t understand why the room’s like that – why it’s a presidential suite! HEOL! It even has a presidential chair in there! Its toilet is as big as my room and the toilet bowl is automatic!

Hee, while the other Hyungs shuffle around in awe, KyuHyun’s heart’s about to burst. He demands Na PD to tell him what’s really going on and Na PD admits that because this room is expensive, they can only afford to stay here for a night – they used the budget for 6 rooms on this one room. Therefore, everyone has to stay here tonight, in KyuHyun’s suite where there’s just one bed. There’s lots of floor space though!

Na PD shows them where the cameras are – the places where they’re allowed to sleep. First place gets the bed, second gets the comfy sofa. Third place gets a sofa that’s only 130 cm long while fourth sleeps under a table, HA! 5th place sleeps in the clothes room.


PWAHAHAHA, they complain the moment they’re led to the toilet and of course, sixth place has the porcelain bowl to sleep in. I meant the bath tub, not the toilet bowl!

Na tells them that he’s not making them do any games because they’re already adults – so discuss among themselves who sleeps where and the one who leaves the suite first is last in place. It’s not difficult to stay in then.

…unless you factor in what boys they are. Pfft, JiWon blabbers some nonsense and the others just team up to carry him out. HA! Wheew! Out he goes! Bathtub for JiWon! Oh no, what if someone has to do a big number that night?

HEH, the production asks JiWon who he thinks will be out the door next and he refuses to answer. He can’t guess either.

Inside, they discuss who goes next. Pfft, immediately SuGeun says that if he were on toilet duty, he’d have locked the toilet door. JaeHyun offers to take up toilet duty instead, which gets on HoDong’s nerves, because he thinks JaeHyun is up to something. Hee, there’s nothing like democracy in variety!


JiWon yells the time left from outside for some reason while SuGeun whines that they’re ganging up against him. They just agree that they’re fine as long as they’re not made to sleep in the toilet and amusingly, they decide to give the bed to KyuHyun who’s about to go to the army.

HoDong takes the large sofa while they agree to SuGeun the shorty getting the short sofa. Mino and JaeHyun get whatever’s left. Pfft, they push Mino out, acting for JiWon’s sake then calmly walk out in a line. Eh? Why is JaeHyun third in line, taking the short sofa instead? Because he’s not going to sleep anyway?

Eh… suddenly we’re shown clips of the two people on this show betting on the wrong things… Na PD and Song Mino… something weird is coming up isn’t there? I don’t know what it is though…

Anyway, we come back to the present. The guys gather in the living room and Mino fingers a pink t-shirt and they question the talisman on a pillow and an odd bag on the ground. SuGeun’s still in his green Piccolo makeup, making them laugh.

Na PD tells them that the name of the game now is: Horror Special. LOL.

Immediately the guys look around, as if looking for some ghost and HoDong’s expression stiffens.

Some tubes connected with elastic come out… waitaminute… HAHAHAHHAHAHA! They put the tubes through their arms and hook the elastic over their heads, resulting in them looking like zombies.

Na PD reveals the “handmade Wheel-of-Fortune” to them, where 90% of the spaces are covered with the word “Loofah” or “Scrub” while tiny little circles indicate a prize of a Lamborghini or a Porche. LOL, some red circle outside the wheel is drawn, with the words “Reset” on it.


Everyone gets up close to read what other nonsense there is on it.

Ha, Na PD introduces them to their game. With those tubes on their arms, each of them will have to succeed at a mission. The first zombie has to get a talisman off his forehead. The second zombie, wear earphones and guess the song playing. The third zombie has to wear the pink shirt while the fourth zombie will have to put the black backpack on right. The fifth zombie has to piggyback their huge doll using a carrier and the last just has to turn 15 times and point to something on the Wheel of Fortune.

If they succeed everything on their first try, then they get 5 chances to pick something. If on their second try, 3 chances and if on the third try, just one chance. They have 100 seconds to complete everything.

HAHAHA, they’re told not to help each other and HoDong tries to show that he can do take the talisman off his forehead with his feet. Then he gets a cramp in his stomach.


The game starts and at first, HoDong shakes… then uses his toes to flick the talisman off. KyuHyun just puts his ear against the earphones and guesses the song right.  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA, JaeHyun has a crazy time fighting against the shirt, such that even if the others complete their missions well, he’s already lost it for them.

So they change up the order, with SuGeun volunteering for shirt duty. He thinks JaeHyun lost because of his long arms. And for this second round, SuGeun takes off all his tops and goes stark naked.

Off they go for the next round. HoDong does well, as does KyuHyun and SuGeun… but then we come to JaeHyun with the doll. He takes so much time he barely stands up before the time ends.

Then he realises his mistake after the round ends, making the others speechless.

JaeHyun: “Ah, I get it now. Let me go one more time.”


Mino sits forlornly at the Wheel of Fortune. He just wants to poke it. Anything is fine. Just let him poke it once. So they gather their wits for the last final round and passes.

It’s now all down to Mino and his finger. They look forward to getting the Lamborghini, the Porche, a trip to Jeju or a dragon ball. Then SuGeun realises that if he presses reset, they can redo everything and get 5 chances to poke something.


So it’s down to this one chance. They bless the precious finger and sends Mino off for his elephant turns. Steadily he turns… then steadily he presses the Reset Button. HA!

Behind the cameras, the staff gape and Na PD very bluntly exclaims: “How is this possible?!” Pfft!

But there’s no arguing it because the red ink on Mino’s finger is right there on the Red Circle.

HoDong asks if Mino wasn’t dizzy and Mino just goes: “I was dizzy, but I focused.” Heh. Nothing beats a desperate man.

Pfft, they act out time being rewinded and restart the first round.

HAHAHAH, Na PD suddenly starts discussing with his writer where they can buy a second-hand car and SuGeun demands that they settle the emotional hurt (that the car’s not new) with 3 million dollars. Na tries to bargain and the others come to join too.

Back to their positions they go, but this time, KyuHyun has some problems guessing the song. Heh, he knows that it’s game over for them but HoDong insists that SuGeun rush through wearing the shirt anyway. Wah waaaah.


They succeed on their “second try” and Mino goes straight for the Porche. HEH, Na PD collapses. But Na PD! You never said that it would be a human sized one! There’re toy versions you know! He just resigns himself to coming out with $250,000 for that car. Ei…

Then he pouts to hear that they’re going after the Lamborghini.

HAHAHAHHAHA, Mino goes straight for the Lamborghini this time too. Really. If you dream it, you get it.

Not for JiWon though… he tries those elephant turns and just ends up collapsing on the 15th round. Then Na PD suddenly comes kneeling in front of them, pleading for mercy, HA!

Na PD: “We just wanted to have fun! I’m sorry!”



Na PD pointing to Mino: “He’s a weird kid you know.”

Mino: “Address me as exceptional!”

Na PD ends up trying to persuade them that Dreams are more important than Money and he offers to exchange that all with 3 dragon balls. KyuHyun slams it down with, “and what can we exchange the dragon balls with?” HEH.

JiWon argues that the viewers won’t accept this and Na PD insists that he’ll persuade us somehow. Cue a Windows Movie Maker quality persuasion clip with a Na PD cut out.

In the end, they settle for 5 dragon balls, meaning that our team still has to get 2 more before the team will grant them their wish.

Na PD promises them that he’ll grant all their wishes. “The Dreams that are worth more than Money.”


Time passes and while they were having fun, the sun sets.

Soon, it’s time for dinner and SuGeun whines for some refreshing beer.

Off they go to a nearby restaurant and SuGeun in his huge-shouldered Piccolo suit tells Na PD not to act so depressed. “Stand proud with your shoulders up!” Ha!

Na PD assures them that the food there tonight will be of the absolute best quality. Oh yeah! Bring the spread out!

First out is the “Goi Bo Bop Thau”, a beef salad with vegetables in spicy sauce. Meeeee!!!!  Salivating right now. The boys play for the chance to have a taste and JiWon wins and he proclaims that it’s the best appetiser.

But of course, in order to eat anything, they have to play against Na PD and this time, we’re going with a 4-syllable quiz. All of them have to get the answers right, starting from JiWon to SuGeun and back again in order to eat. I remember how terrible they were… ever since the first season.

JiWon, first to go, fails. HAHAHAHAH, JaeHyun immediately activates the massages on JiWon’s costume, making the poor guy groan. Cue a series of them all failing their quizzes, with JaeHyun’s “Bai?”…”Bye” taking the cake. TA-DA. They fail.

Out comes the next dish, “Bahn Xeo”, which is basically Vietnamese Crepe. Waaaah… KyuHyun almost eats his hands.

Na PD calls out to a restaurant staff to demonstrate how to eat that huge crepe and she greets them in Korean, prompting HoDong to ask if she’s Korean.


“An-i,” she goes in informal Korean, HAHAHA. So cute.

Mino asks if she knows Super Junior, and she does. But when HoDong asks if she knows him, she’s like, “no, no.” BURN.

She cuts the crepe into 6 pieces and wraps it in rice paper with other vegetables and dips it in sauce. The boys play again for the chance to have a taste and finally, it’s HoDong who wins it. Hee, all of a sudden, Na PD stops them and runs up… to pick a piece of pork out, meaning that HoDong can’t eat it, HAHAHAHHAHA!

So the boys go to play again while HoDong tries not to burst in anger. Heh, it’s so obvious what a pain it was for him, seeing how his head goes red. Mino ends up having that one bite and makes the others stare impatiently while he just goes bugged-eyed, speechless from how tasty it is.

It tastes exactly like how Na PD had described it – an orchestra. HoDong sniffs the pork in displeasure.


In order to taste that explosive taste, this time, they have to complete the name of famous international stars told to them.

Pwaha, the irritated people who haven’t gotten to eat anything throw out the suggestion that whoever loses this time will get cursed out and when KyuHyun wonders what happens if it’s someone older who loses, SuGeun’s all, “I don’t care. Now is Yaja time!”

Cue JaeHyun losing and getting chewed out by both JiWon and SuGeun, neither taking a break at all, leaving it to Na PD and his team to censor everything. Hahahah, how bad was it that HoDong goes, “wah that was painful!”

Thinking that it’s the end of their chance to eat Bahn Xeo, they sink into their chairs, but Na PD gives them another try. Starting from SuGeun this time, it just ends the moment it gets to Mino. Heh, he pretends that whoever’s name he just blurted out exists and when KyuHyun finds no such person on the internet, KyuHyun starts rapping all the curses he knows. Hehe.


Once more, Na PD gives them yet one last chance and this time, it’s HoDong who trips up, not knowing what comes after “Galileo”. OOPS. THE MAT-HYUNG JUST FAILED. Then youngest-Mino whispers a curse deep in his ear which turns HoDong beetroot red. HAHAHAH. I wanna know what he said!

After the Bahn Xeo goes, the Bún bò Nam Bộ comes. All they gotta do is complete the proverbs well. All six of them groan, complaining that it’s too difficult. Na PD agrees and lets them have the dish if they each just answer one question right, in order.

Then, JiWon, first in line, fails. And Mino spits the answer out, completely annoyed that JiWon got that wrong when “even I know”.

The next dish comes out and KyuHyun whines that he’s hungry.

HEH, they do well for this round, but when it comes to JaeHyun’s turn, he can’t remember what the right answer was supposed to be. Na PD asks: “when you think it’s too late…” JaeHyun: “set off!” AHAHHAHAHA! He complains that Park MyungSoo’s version of the quote (“When you think it’s too late… it’s too late!”) messed with his brain and SuGeun is hilariously pissy with that wrong answer. So of course they don’t get to eat again.

Fried rice comes out and HoDong emotionally talks about the virtues of Fried Rice.

Heee, this time, while Na PD calmly recites the first part of the quizzes, the guys nervously spit out their answers. They get all of the questions right, and it’s finally down to SuGeun. “Get your spoons ready!” he commands.

Then he proceeds to answer in gibberish when Na PD asks him his question, making the others collapse and wheeze in laughter.


They have yet another dish to play for… and SuGeun answers in alien gibberish again, not knowing what the answer is, hehe.

It’s the end of game time now and even Na PD finds it such a pity that they didn’t get to eat the Bahn Xeo that he actually offers to let them play another round. They’re of course all up for it, until they learn that the dish costs just $3.40. WHAT. NO GAMES ANYMORE! They’re just buying it!

JiWon runs over to SuGeun to get closer to the food and get poked by Piccolo’s huge shoulders, haha.

Round and round the Bahn Xeo goes around the rice paper and into their mouths. They sigh at its tastiness and KyuHyun even says that he just needs this. Nothing else is needed. Meanwhile, HoDong slouches at the side, sulking and eating just the thin crepe at the side and not the fillings which contain pork.

Finally, they make it back home and wash up. Hehe, JiWon takes over KyuHyun’s bed while SuGeun uses his facial products.


Of course, we can’t go to sleep without some kind of mission for the night and Na PD assures them that this one’s easy. He tells them that his room is nearby (“beside, beside”) and the one who gets there first gets thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much of an advantage.

Ha, the boys play scissors-paper-stone to decide who goes first and it’s Mino. HAHAHHA, he asks where the room is again and the guys all just chuckle, since it’s been repeated so many times already.

Six cards lay on Na PD’s table, each of them turned upside down.

Mino is invited t pick one and he sees that his mission is to hide a ping pong ball in someone (anyone’s) luggage/carrier.

He hides the ping pong ball in his baggy clothes and nonchalantly goes back to the presidential suite, where HoDong pesters him and giggles that the shave makes him look super cute. It makes him feel like the “youngest son”.


JiWon heads over to Na PD’s room next, and groans when he sees that his mission is to steal 5 pairs of underwear from the others. PWAHAHAH. “Tomorrow morning at 7.30, if you spread your “panty” collection, you get breakfast.” HEHE.

HoDong immediately questions JiWon once he returns, asking if the mission starts now. JiWon just brushes him off and sends him to Na PD’s room. He flips over a card and for some reason, Na PD and his staff burst out laughing. LOLWUT, his mission is to “be quiet”. WHAT? DO WHAT?

“If, by tomorrow morning at 7.30, you say absolutely nothing, you get to eat with us.” HAHAH! How can this guy do nothing? He talks all the time, slouches all over the place and bugs everyone. That’s a six-star level difficulty for him! And immediately, he makes some gibberish sounds, his last for the night.

Pfft, he stomps back to the room in a snit and acts like he’s about to cry. The others just ask what the problem is then leave him alone, ignoring him, Haha. HoDong sighs and grumps and goes red in the face again. HEH. JiWon doesn’t care at all and goes to steal a pair of underwear. Then he goes to think about how to steal another one.

SuGeun’s mission that night is for him to get all the members’ signatures/autographs. Ah, that’s a little difficult, especially when JiWon and KyuHyun both catch on really quick.

His first target the moment he gets back is HoDong. He asks the guy if the production is basically telling them not to eat, then sees that he’s prone on his sofa, rolled in a blanket with a fever-cool-patch on his forehead. PFFFT. This is what happens when you make HoDong shut up. Hilariously, HoDong bites his lips, annoyed that he can’t complain and commiserate in SuGeun’s misery too.

Ahhh, JaeHyun gets the hardest (well, objectively, according to the production) mission – grill a Hoddeok and eat it. He has to make it look natural. He decides that he’ll just go back and announce that it’s his mission – to make it and eat it. So he does that and, HAHAHHA, JiWon wonders what he’s doing and walks away, suspicious.


KyuHyun’s last to meet Na PD, but we don’t get to see what his mission is. Hehe, he comes back to see JaeHyun hard at work making the Hoddeok.

PWAHAHAHAHAHHAA, HoDong totally acts like he’s terribly sick, what with his “cough” and his “stomach ache”. At first Mino worries about him until JiWon comes along and suggests that his mission probably is to not make a sound. But he doesn’t know that it’s exactly that and Mino and KyuHyun try to guess why HoDong’s acting like that.

Heh, all of a sudden, SuGeun calls Mino over to sign a little piece of paper and Mino innocently does so. But when he tries the same with KyuHyun, the older, more wizened guy hesitates and silently shuffles away. HEH!

SuGeun complains and while the guys laugh and joke, HoDong lies limp on his sofa, sick from not being able to talk. HEEH.


Next Week!

More shenanigans. Just tune in.


Okay, this is probably the last recap for the season – I just decided to do them until the English Subs come, which is already happening, with the Fansub and VIU. Because this is a show where recaps don’t do justice it at all.


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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