Dalk-galbi 닭갈비


Missing from Deukryang Island, leaving behind just a memo – the 3 brothers…!
Abandoning the production and wanting to succeed at escaping Deukryang Island but…
They didn’t plan properly and didn’t bring money.

So the 3 brothers who return to the Three Meals House to make dinner quietly…

What’s tonight’s dinner’s Menu?


Dalkgalbi! 닭갈비

Dalkgalbi Marinade:

  1. Prepare 2 big spoonfuls of Gochuhjang.
  2. Add salty soy sauce please.
  3. Add lots of mashed garlic too.
  4. Add sugar generously.
  5. After mixing once, add coking wine for a memorable taste.
  6. For a sweeter taste, add corn syrup.
  7. For spiciness, add red chili pepper powder.
  8. Add a little pepper too.
  9. After adding sesame oil, mix it once more.
  10. Lastly, if you add Eric’s ginger powder, dalkgalbi marinade is done!

Preparing Dalkgalbi Ingredients:

  1. Put the chicken meat in a plastic bag.
  2. Add the marinade just made.
  3. Until the chicken is coated well with the marinade, squish it.
  4. Soak the ddeok (rice cake) in water beforehand to prepare.
  5. Cut sweet potatoes and carrots in appropriate sizes please.
  6. Cut the young cabbage leaves in appropriate sizes too.
  7. The onions too, slice them long.
  8. Stack the perilla leaves and cut them with scissors.
  9. Cook the ramen, but leave them hard.

[E-cipie:  Because the ramyeon noodles will have to continue being cooked in the Dalkgalbi, leave them hard.]

10. Wash the ramyeon in cold water to make them tight.

End of preparing the Dalkgalbi!


Making of pickled radish
(that goes with Fried Chicken) [Literally: Chicken Radish]

  1. Cut the radish into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Top a rice bowl with sugar.
  3. Top a rice bowl with vinegar too. (use a different rice bowl)
  4. Prepare water in a rice bowl to, in 1:1:1 ratio to the above ingredients.
  5. Put them all in a pot with the radish.
  6. Put it over fire until the solution comes to a boil.
  7. For taste, add carbonated water.
  8. Once the solution comes to a boil, remove the pot from fire and cover with a lid, leaving a slight gap.

[E-cipe: Cutting the fire the moment the solution comes to a boil allowed for the taste to penetrate the radish while leaving it crunchy.]

If while eating Fried Chicken you find that you don’t have enough radish, make it like this and enjoy!

Genuine Dalkgalbi Recipe:

  1. Add the marinated chicken to a heated wok.
  2. Add the carrots and sweet potatoes too.
  3. Once in a while, in order to prevent it from burning, mix it up and add some water.

[E-cipe: Whether it’s sweet potatoes or carrots, since they take a long time to cook, adding water from time to time prevents it from burning.]

4. Once it’s somewhat cooked, add the cabbage and onions and stir-fry until they wilt.
5. Add the soaked rice cakes and the ramyeon too.
6. Finally, for a more fragrant flavour, add the perilla leaves.



Something’s such a pity? This is not the end!

This kind of dish needs fried rice!

  1. Cut the remaining chicken and vegetables roughly.
  2. The savory laver that cannot be left out of fried rice – cut it and add it too.
  3. Add sesame oil.
  4. Until the marinade permeates the rice, stir fry.
  5. Add sesame oil once more.
  6. Add salt to taste.
  7. Finally, sprinkle cheese over it.

Fried rice with a hint of Italian flavours is done!

The recipe for an irresistible Dalkgalbi!
Eric’s recipe that you just want to follow and eat!

Next week too, wait for it~


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