1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 181

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 181:

They’ve gone to Jeju to capture the hearts of the residents, and now they’re on a ferry to Marado with a bunch of their fans… but they don’t know whose fans they are!

After Defconn gets rejected by his choice, JunHo’s up next and he basically acts cute to the ladies. The ladies give a relatively big reaction to him (JoonYoung: “Does his bad breath not smell?”), but JunHo aims for a guy behind them… and gets rejected, HA!

JongMin’s up next and he narrow his choices to between a man and a lady. The lady smiles slight at him sitting next to her while the guy keeps his stony face on. In the end, JongMin reaches out to the man, saying: “It’s great to see you, my fan!”

And he pops up and goes, “I’ve been wanting to meet you!”

HAHA, so JongMin’s the first to succeed at this mission of “Find Your Fan”.

JoonYoung just reaches out to a guy without even trying to find any hint and gets rejected by him.


Pfft, TaeHyun goes straight to the first guy behind and pats him on the back, saying, “I even know (his) name.” Eh, but he passes by him and walks to the other guy… then turns around and puts his hands on the shoulders of the lady in front.

“It’s great to see you, friend!”

And the lady goes bashful at being recognised by her idol. Hehhehe, TaeHyun complains that she was too obvious right from the start. Haha, she can’t speak.

PWAHAHAHA, JunHo jokes that he and the others rejected are trash and DongGu flails and whines, wondering what will become of him if he chooses the wrong one. Heh, he looks up close at the ladies from behind and glances at the guys. Hee, he reaches out to a lady in front… and gets rejected. Hee!

Defconn has another go and he reaches out to the huge guy behind, arms wide, calling for his brother. He found his fan!


JunHo reaches out to the lady fan that rejected DongGu and gets rejected AGAIN. HAHAH! Indignant, he demands to know why she smiled at him, only for JoonYoung to swoop it and recognise her successfully as his fan. Fan to JunHo: “You’re too funny!”

There are only two people left on the bench and the one lady there is DongGu’s fan while the man behind is JunHo’s.

Down the deck to nicer chairs they go to and Yoo PD announces that they’re going to play with their fans today at Mara Island.

These fans are not just casual fans – they’ve been fans of our guys for a long, long time and Defconn’s fan, Kim JinWoong, shares that he’s been Defconn’s fan since his first album and he likes him because he likes strong raps too. Heh, he’s asked if he’s married and he says that he’s still single.

“Motae Solo (Forever single!)!!!!” the others scream. LOL.

They next talk to TaeHyun’s fan, Park MiJin, whose been TaeHyun’s fan since 2nd year of high school and has been his fan for 16 straight years. That means that she saw him get married and she laughs that she froze upon hearing news of that.

JongMin’s fan, Park JooSeob, has been his fan since his third album… but he confesses that he’s really a fan of “ShinJi-noona”. HAHAHHAHAHAAAAAA!

Defconn notes that DongGu’s fan is not that young and she, Jo HwanHwi, admits that she’s been his fan since High Kick Through the Roof. It’s been 7 years since then.

JunHo’s fan, Kim MinHyeong, has been a fan since 16 years ago (wow) when JunHo was freshie gagman. In fact, MinHyeong’s dream was to be a gagman and JunHo has been his role model. Defconn looks forward to seeing his personal talent but he humbly mutters that because he doesn’t have anything like that, he gave up on his dreams, aw.

Pfft, JoonYoung asks if it’s because he didn’t choose his role model wrongly, making JunHo annoyed. But his own fan says, “I wanted to have the same life as him, but the risk was too high.” HAHAHHAHAHAH! So you couldn’t take being caught a gambler or having your company almost go bankrupt because of a fraudulent partner? Pfft.


JoonYoung apologises to his fan for not recognising her immediately. He rattles that he thought she’d never come to his fan-signs before but the first thing she told him was that she’d received his autograph. HA. She’s 21 year old maknae-fan Kim SuHyeon and he finally remembers her from Daegu.

LAWL, JongMin asks if she really likes “a person like JoonYoung” and she replies that she likes him… as a fan. HEH.

They find out that JinWoong (Defconn’s fan) and MinHyeong (JunHo’s fan) are the sporty kind and MiJin (TaeHyun’s fan) laughs that she does boxing. DongGu’s fan, HwanHwi, runs, which he likes very much and JoonYoung brags that his fan SuHyeon majors in Korean Language and Literature… then asks what’s Korean Language and Literature (he means he doesn’t know what the term in Korean means. But the name’s so literal!).


JongMin asks his fan what he’s good at and he blusters that he’ll just have to see and read the situation, hehe. Defconn brags that JinWoong’s a black belt at Taekwondo and JooSeob confidently replies that he’s a yellow belt (aka, he passed 2 exams). HAHAH!

As the boat moves towards Mara Islands, our boys spend time talking and laughing with their fans.

Soon, they arrive a Mara Island, where blue skies meet them.

JoonYoung and SuHyeon get out first, each confessing that it’s their first time at Marado.

Huge wide plains that melt into the sea spread out before them and Yoo PD introduces them to the island of just 50 residents. But in just the last year, it received about 1,200,000 visitors and so is actually quite famous, especially for its nature and fresh air. It looks like an abalone to me.

Yoo PD gives them an hour to explore the place with their fans and Defconn asks if they can’t use the money that their fans have with them, hehe.

Yoo PD: “No.” Only those who found their fans on the first try get $10 while the rest get nothing.

Pwahaha, JongMin goes one step further and asks if he can’t just eat alone and Yoo PD tells him to do whatever he wants to. Hee, JooSeob’s so nice and just smiles and agrees when JongMin asks to go get some food first.

Since the sun’s setting soon, Yoo PD sends them on their way.

DongGu worries about HwanHwi not getting to eat dinner but she just assures him that she ate a lot earlier. HEH, MiJin giggles that she did eat earlier… but didn’t eat her rice because she was so nervous of going on camera that she dieted.

SuHyeon adorably tells JoonYoung that at first, she thought this was a scam, hee, while JinWoong’s a little intimidated by how many cameras there are. Hee, SuHyeon sasses Defconn and he jokes that it’s easy to tell whose fan she is. They laugh at how awkward JunHo and MinHyeong in front, where JunHo takes MinHyeong’s hand, then accidentally whacks him, resulting in MinHyeong giving him a small smack on the face in retaliation, hee.


DongGu finds some bread and runs over, telling TaeHyun to pay for it while he and their fans munch on the testers.

Hee, JunHo enters a convenience store and tells the owner to wait for TaeHyun the “boss” to come. He asks a kid to feed either him or JongMin a candy and it goes into his mouth. Heh, he runs with MinHyeong while JongMin and JooSeob slurp on their noodles after refusing to buy JunHo anything.

TaeHyun and MiJin happily takes a walk and come to a lighthouse. They explore the place and while they walk further down, they make small talk where he learns that she’s getting married in October and take we-fies.

DongGu does the same with HwanHwi and end up sitting at a picturesque spot and chit-chatting while eating popcorn. She was worried that she would make some sort of mistake as the representative of  his fans. Ah, I see why she’s his fan. They both really think a lot and worry a lot.


Elsewhere, JunHo’s teaching MinHyeong the steps to be YAPS. LOL. Then MinHyeong shocks him with news that he actually was a trainee at KBS before and even appeared on an event that JunHo hosted.  OMG, he was the star of “Nangamhane~” (Awkward…~), a skit which he even won an award for. But after being unable to fulfil his dreams as a gagman like JunHo, he ended up becoming a sports instructor.

JongMin goes a pavilion with JooSeob where JooSeob shares more about how he came to know about JongMin and how he wishes that this time could last longer.

Finally, Defconn, JunHo and JoonYoung and their fans come together, where Defconn gets amazed by how MinHyeong and JunHo looks the same from behind. They see a guy fishing in the distance and suddenly start quizzing each other.

They come across TaeHyun, who called JunHo “Pissy-hyung”, heh, and feeds him a snack. JunHo happily munches on it (he’s not supposed to, as someone who couldn’t find his fan even with 2 chances!) and then he turns to find Defconn’s camera in his face and Yoo PD calling out to him, HAHAHHA.

JunHo argues that he’s 43, Pfft. What kind of argument is that? He points to TaeHyun and says that the snack was given, only for TaeHyun to refuse him when he asks for cider, heh.

Finally, they just take a picture with a monument together and it’s time to play for dinner!

The sun sets and the people find themselves before Marado’s one and only school. After 2016’s lone student graduated from here, it’s on break.

Here, they’ll be playing Knowledge Sieve Dinner Bokgulbok and according to their ranks, they get to choose their side dishes. No matter what, they get to eat, it’s just that whether they get the side dish of their choice, it’s another matter.

First in place gets to choose three dishes while last in place gets to choose only one dish.


First round – English Quiz. LOL.

JunHo: “What’s the Froblem?!”

It’s a simple game of charades, but instead of being silent and using only gestures, they can only describe the word in English.

HAHAHHA, JunHo and MinHyeong go first and MinHyeong does well given what nonsense JunHo spits out. While playing it he even has time to curse, pfft. Then he blurts “come out here” in Korean but with an American accent and goes red in the face just trying to explain the next one. Ha, but MinHyeong’s amazing with how he guesses a really long proverb with just the words, “my cousin” and JunHo continues to go: “WOW!”

HA, JunHo doesn’t know the English translation of the words and so breaks down each syllable and just tries to say anything that sounds close to it in Korean.

In the end, they manage to get 4 words right.


Defconn and JinWoong is up next and it’s obvious that Defconn’s English is better than JinWoong though it doesn’t mean that JinWoong terrible at it. Pwahaha, why does he say “WOW” or “HEY” at every word? HEHEHE, he says the English version of various words and tells JinWoong to “cut” whatever does not fit.

A phrase “small peppers are spicier” comes up as a question and Defconn just goes “small”… and glances in JongMin’s nether area. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! (In Korean, “pepper” is euphemism for “penis”.) He and JinWoong tie with JunHo and MinHyeong at 4 questions right.

The games continue and TaeHyun’s terrible at English. Heh. But MiJin and he manage to get 3 correct.

DongGu actually surprised me with his English and how it doesn’t actually have much of an accent. He easily breezes through the charades and tie with JunHo and Defconn at 4 correct.

Finally, it’s the international kid’s turn and as expected, his English is way better than his fan’s. But it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect! “Mother, Father fight! And knife, water, SHOT!” PWAHAHAHAHAH!!! He was trying to explain the phrase that’s literally translated as, “Couple fights are (like) cutting water with a knife.” In other words, “Lovers quarrels are soon mended.” SuHyeon doesn’t get it at all.

But with his international experience and her English lessons, they get a total of 7 correct between them.

Lastly, it’s JongMin and JooSeob. JongMin yells, “are you okay?!” and JooSeob replies with “Yeah, I’m… sorry.” PFFT. Oh no. JongMin starts gesturing in the end, prompting DongGu to run over and grab his hands, so he starts speaking in Korean on just the second question. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH, TaeHyun’s cackles right through the night.

They get to “Octopus” and JooSeob can’t understand what “Head, 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!” means, hahahhaha! Then it becomes “Fish-heads/ Animal-tails” and JongMin goes “Head! Eat!” OMG, poor JooSeob! HAHAHAH, TaeHyun ends up joining in the guessing, seeing how terrible JongMin is and he gets 2 right while JooSeob can’t figure what the hell JongMin’s trying to say. At one point, at the literal phrase “My nose is running 3 feet (aka, I have my own problems)”, JongMin goes, “My mouth, three!” HAHAHHAHAHA!

In the end, JongMin gives up and he and JooSeob get 1 correct. Crying from laughing too hard here!

So JoonYoung’s in first place, but since TaeHyun, DongGu and JunHo are tied, they decide to have a tie breaker, where all three guess what JongMin’s trying to say. HEH.

Hahahhaa, through some kind of miracle, all three of them are tied again with 1 correct each. Then the big question comes: “Earthworm.”

JongMin: *points to ground* “Rain… rain, snake! Snake! Small snake!”


JiWoong gets that right, meaning that he’s in second place and later, it becomes that MinHyeong is third while HwanHwi’s in fourth. SuHyeon and TaeHyun are in fifth place and obviously, JongMin takes the cake.

The second game they’ll be playing is “Guess your idol’s breath”. Ha.

In this game, the fans will feed their idol various food for a minute and later, they’ll breathe into a little gadget that tells them how bad their breaths are. The higher the value, the smellier, the better.

Yoo PD asks MinHyeong if he’s smelt anything bad after spending all these time with JunHo.

MinHyeong: “Eh, I don’t know… this smell was coming from somewhere…”

Pfft, JunHo puffs a breath of air in his face and he goes, “ah, I now know from where.” Haha.

Yoo PD’s created this game especially for JunHo who’s been finding all the accusations unfair.

But when they later try out with the machines, JunHo’s number comes out to be the highest. Well that didn’t help his image at all…

Lol, how boring was this that they cut the whole game out?

Anyways, DongGu wins first and gains 5 points followed by TaeHyun, JunHo, then Defconn, JongMin and JoonYoung scraping the bottom together.

In the third round, they’re going to be playing a game that we’ve played on 1 Night 2 Days before.

Just like in the game with Jo InSung when he was guest, the fans will be tied to each other around the waist with a string while the idols will stand far on either end and wait to have their faces painted in black paint. It’s essentially a game of tug-of-war, but with black paint to make losing it more humiliating.

SuHyeon and HwanHwi go up and while HwanHwi has the upper hand at first, the moment SuHyeon turns to see her precious Oppa’s cheeks coated in black paint, she springs up and zooms straight for DongGu, caking his face in paint and taking the win. Woah. Don’t mess with a fan’s oppa.


MinHyeong and JooSeob are up next and JooSeob just utters the words “black” at JunHo pre-fight. He thinks of all the times JunHo messed with his precious JongMin and despite his lanky frame, stands rooted… but that lasts for only a second and MinHyeong lovingly palms JongMin’s face black while JooSeob tries with all his might to pull MinHyeong away to no avail. HAHAHAH, MinHyeong even has time to write BABO on JongMin’s forehead!

It’s time for the ladies to battle again and like earlier, SuHyeon slips and falls and MiJin goes to apply paint on JoonYoung’s face like she’s applying a mask. Mmm~ On the neck too… This time, SuHyeon’s no match for the powerful lady.

The men come together it’s MinHyeong vs JinWoong. It’s no competition at all and JinWoong creams JunHo black all over, even applying it to his beer belly and asking for more black paint. Hee.

HAHAHHAH, JunHo snaps at MinHyeong and later when TaeHyun addresses him as JunHo’s fan, JunHo goes: “Fan? Bullshit.”


JunHo: “I thought a bear was coming at me!”

Therefore, after tallying up the total, it’s Defconn in first place followed by TaeHyun and JoonYoung with a tie. JunHo’s in third place, followed by DongGu and JongMin wraps up the end.

First-in-place Defconn asks the ladies what they want to eat and when MiJin replies that she wants meat, he takes the meat, heh. TaeHyun asks SuHyeon what she wants and takes those that she doesn’t want. JunHo immediately complains but gives in to HwanHwi, only taking those that she doesn’t want, leaving her with at least a respectful plate of anchovies.

JongMin and JooSeob have radishes and chopped onions with their rice. JooSeob hilariously relishes his side dishes and TaeHyun wonders what exactly is so delicious there. JooSeob replies that the combination is a killer. “To be honest, eating like a bird seems to be a good thing.” Pwahaha.

TaeHyun: “You are definitely JongMin’s fan.”

JoonYoung: “Hyung! He’s ShinJi-noona’s fan you know!”

Defconn happily enjoys his meat while JunHo whines again and JongMin tries to tempt him with his radish and onion combi. Defconn calls MinHyeong over and gives him some delicious food. As expected, JunHo tells his fan to fight him for it with scissors-paper-stone and JunHo just loses the round. MinHyeong ignores him and slurps it up, heh. LAWL, the fans and boys run all over the place to get and share food, but whenever JunHo tries to fight MinHyeong for food, he loses.

Then TaeHyun calls MinHyeong over and JunHo loses the game against him again, hee.

Defconn makes HwanHwi work for some meat and HwanHwi’s totally up for it. Dancing? No issue at all.

PWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, Defconn stuffs HwanHwi’s wrap with lots of meat, and insists on stuffing it in her mouth when it’s obviously too big. I find it hilarious how DongGu’s hovering all around her like a mama bird.

HA! MinHyeong goes up to dance too and makes it an embarrassing one with gyrating hips. But at least he gets meat! MinJi shouts out to her fiancé and JooSeob dances EXACTLY like JongMin, ha!



Next Week!

More fan stories and the guys go on a “working holiday”.


9 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 181

  1. hey, peeps! thanks for the recap. this sounds like a great episode. i am super jealous of the 6 fans.. i would love to meet the guys!


  2. hi peepz!! thanks for the recap as always, I was wondering what was the translation of that term when Jongmin said “Go Go Sing,” and then they flashed that KBS is complying with broadcasting rules something. Was that a curse word? Viu didn’t really translate it (or did I miss it?) Thanks in advance!


    1. Ah, the term was 속도위반, which literally means “Speed Violation”. But it’s also slang for “shotgun (marriage)”… and obviously JongMin chose to act out the more… salacious meaning, LOL. “Go go shing” means something like, “Go! Go! Zoom!” Then he wraps it up with Baby Fast!

      HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! I kennut with JongMin this episode!


      1. Ahhh that’s why he was like Baby Fast hehe. I hope KBS goes back to subbing their own show like before mid-2015. I actually don’t mind waiting for three weeks. because Some jokes and Korean subs get lost in translation. Thanks always!!


  3. Hey guys, about the inking game, any chance knowing what materials they used,I want to make a game like that for our party 🙂


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