A year has passed and gone. What have you done? Are you still running? Or have you gotten too tired?

Re-posting the speeches by my favourite boys, just because. Plus special guest. Hope you guys continue to be well!

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 128



Yoon SiYoon; Yoon DongGu:

The first lecture: The Road Even The Navigator Doesn’t Know

He brings up the PIXAR animation, Cars, and  brings up how the main character Lightning McQueen ends up the on the side road that he never knew of running parallel to the highway that he’d driven though a hundred, a thousand times. He compares the road to our lives and shows that when we make detours, even though we take a much longer time to get to our destination and have to endure the climb up the hills and the rolls down the hills, that side road, that detour, shares with us beauty that we would otherwise ignore and miss.

He then brings the topic closer to home, talking about himself. Just like them, he was once a student, going to school, doing part-time work and all of a sudden, he was casted in High-kick Through the Roof and even though he was a kid who had no idea how to act or even read a script, he was suddenly praised and loved as an actor. Then after that, he starred in Baker King, Kim TakGu, that got ratings higher than 50%. Anyone else would have been happy and exhilarated by that but he?

No, he was scared.


It was because that wasn’t an achievement he earned himself and it terrified him, because he thought that it was solely due to his luck and that if he went even further, the public would find out that he was not all that, that he was too normal and could fail, and he would therefore lose everything that he had achieved and gained that instant. His acting senior TaeHyun’s face of understanding appears onscreen.

He therefore began to hide himself, avoiding all shows, especially variety. Why? Well, we all saw how terrible he was a table tennis. Pfft. He’s a pro, really.

However, while he was hiding, his other coworkers continued working and striving on, even if there were mean comments and became actors and actresses worthy of pride. While he was in the military, he deeply regretted hiding and holding back and losing the chances to experience the ups and downs of life because he was afraid of failure so much so that he decided to join 1 Night 2 Days.

Even if it’s hard and scary, he wants to feel those joys and sadness from chasing one’s dreams, or even from simply living life, for himself.

Then he ends the lecture, reminding everyone that the whole thing was for the dish that he had chosen for dinner, hee.

After a lot of comments about how he had performed too well for a first lecturer, it’s time for Defconn, who greets the hall with a cheesy “I feel full, even though I didn’t eat much, (DongGu:” Surely not!”) due to your warm welcome”. Hur.

If DongGu’s story was about seizing chances and his regrets about not taking opportunities, Defconn’s story is about a man who took those opportunities.



Yoo DaeJoon; Defconn:



The second lecture: Turning Chances into Miracles

He’d debuted in 2003 and had gone on many different shows, even one that turned him into a labourer at a makgeolli factory. Unlike DongGu who hid so much, he was eager and when JaeSeok had asked him to meet for Infinity Challenge, even though the quickest he could come was in 1 hour, he said that he would make it there in 10 minutes. That’s how he ended up in Infinity Challenge (as it’s 8th member, an irregular pitch hitter that fills in for when the regular hosts can’t appear for that episode for whatever reason).

Later while working, he experienced an energy slump and really considered quitting when HyungDon had told him to take it easy and stop being anxious. With him, they created the team HyungDon and DaeJun and proceeded to release a slew of hits (Hemansahang, Meet Me, Give me beans, Get Out) and soon later, he ended up on 1 Night 2 Days, where the morale was so low that they didn’t even try to get close to each other because they thought that the show would be over in 6 months. Hee.

Instead, it has continued for 2 years and 6 months and became greatly loved. In any case, what he accepted as simple little jobs turned out to be great miracles for him and he wishes that the students, who are all in the prime of their life, would seize all sorts of opportunities like him and as he raises the picture of his choice of dish, he tells them that he hopes they’ll meet miracles. Haha!



Kim JongMin:

JongMin goes next and starts off telling the room that he’s not someone really qualified to teach anyone but even though he has a limited vocabulary, he wants to tell them that even fools have lots of worries.


The third lecture: A Fool’s Concern

Koyote’s leader for 17 years, 1 Night 2 Days’ member for 9 years! They cheer him on, and he continues to say that the point is, he was never the one in the spotlight. He was always the one beside the main character. The room goes solemn and he gets flustered, muttering that he didn’t mean to do that. HAHA. This is so JongMin.

He explains that he started off as a dancer for the first generation idol group R.E.F. at age 18 and he once thought that the cheers they got was for him. He then went on to become a dancer for Uhm JungHwa, taking the position right beside her and getting coined the “V man” . He thought that meant that  he was handsome, when he never thought that way before.

Later, he went on to variety shows and became the “Innocent Man”, then became “Clumsy” and finally simply became a “Fool”, a character type for which he became the icon of. Right then, he was drafted for his military service and had to leave 1 Night 2 Days and while he was gone, the show had wormed its way into the people’s hearts and earned a huge following.

When he returned, he suddenly found it unfamiliar and became lost. He really thought a lot and concluded that he needed to be positive, so he read all the positive comments and quotes he could find on the internet but that didn’t reflect in his performance and he ended up getting harsh criticism. That was when he fell for the negativity and started to think bad of himself (“I must be a person the world doesn’t need. I’m sure you’ve felt that. Who’s felt that?” *crickets* “Oh, you haven’t reached there yet then! You will get there soon!”) but then he went back to those positive quotes. Like that, his outlook went from positive to negative and then positive and to negative again and it just flip-flopped like that for a while until he realised that:


The positive person builds planes; The negative person builds parachutes.


When you’re in a slump, think of that.




Life’s like that.

A child once told his mother that he wanted to live a normal life when he grows up and his mother replied that that’s the hardest thing to do in the world.

We all want to live normal lives, but when the time comes to decide, we don’t know how. Even then, we continue on with our lives.



In our youths, we can be anything. We can be confident in our dreams.

Like an uprising plane, live, with the people who support you.

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 129:



Jung JoonYoung:

The fourth lecture: Am I a Bad Boy?

He asks the girls if he looks like a bad guy and an overwhelming number of them reassuringly say no… but a “yes” punctures the moment. HAHA!

He laughs at the reaction, saying that he does get that kind of mixed reactions a lot and points out TaeHyun and DongGu as guys that are conventionally thought of as “nice guys”. He fails to mention any of the other guys, haha.

By “Bad Boys” and “Nice Guys”, JoonYoung was referring to man-woman relationships and therefore, today, he’s there to talk about his relationship experiences.

He asks what a bad guy is, giving examples of guys who “manage a fish pond” (string women along) or guys who send short messages in the middle of the night, then adds on that he wasn’t talking about himself!


He mentions his realisation that he was a rather selfish person and yet, it was important to him that he and the people around him were happy. He recalls his girlfriend, whom he got upset with for minor things like when she replied his messages too late, got too tired to act affectionate or just plain hung out with more guys than he would have liked. On the other hand, as a celebrity, he couldn’t do normal things for her like hold her hand in public or even express his love in dark cinema theatres. It was okay for him, but it was too pressuring for her, and they continued like that until they broke up.

It felt like love had changed and after they broke up, he suddenly regretted it. Time passed and he dated other girls, but his demeanour and approach towards dating never changed. After repeated failures, he came to the conclusion that he shouldn’t date, because he’d just end up hurting the other party, while he’d wallow in guilt.

He therefore thought hard about how he could overcome the loneliness from the ban on relationships that he had imposed on himself and his answer was… to put in more effort into his music. In other words, turn his work into his girlfriend, haha!

When it’s Question and Answer time, many hands are raised and a lucky lady gets picked. She asks when he thinks about the girlfriend he had broken up with the most and he replies that he just thought of her when he was giving his lecture and since words just aren’t enough, he sings a snippet from his new song, Mistake, that he’d wrote thinking of her.



Kim JunHo:

After that, TaeHyun announces that it’s over for the remaining two and JunHo gripes that singing is cheating!

Then he goes up and sings Im JaeBeom’s Mark (Chuno OST), all super sad, HAHAHA!!!!

He introduces himself as “Baby Angel, Kim JunHo”, as someone in the audience had coined him, hur, and his lecture for today is how one can win every game by changing one’s mindset.

The fifth lecture: Nervousness will make you Lose. Enthusiasm (or passion/ heart flutters) will make you Win.

The he admits he’s nervous because of the previous four presentations. He couldn’t make up him mind whether to take his lecture down the funny route or be serious, hahah. He tells them what he always tells his juniors: Those who are prepared will be excited become while those not prepared get nervous (which doesn’t help their case). Therefore, he told them to always play the winning game.


He’d debuted on Gag Concert at the age of 26 and has been there through his twenties, thirties, and even in his early forties. The show’s currently at its 860thepisode and his dream is to be there when it reaches its 1000th episode.

When they give him applause, he asks them if they know why Gag Con is his dream and he explains that it’s because the show makes his heart flutter. He loves making people laugh on stage and he adores his job for that. Hehehe, young JunHo is so cute and so thin!!

Then it’s already question and answer time and a lady waves both her arms in the air enthusiastically, heh heh.

She’s chosen to speak and she starts off by saying that she’s like this not because she’s nervous but because she’s excited, hahaha, and announces that her dream is to be a comedienne like him. WOO!!!

She asks him for advice that he can give to young comediennes like her and he replies that his lecture is especially important for people like her. His heart had always fluttered every time he’s on stage and he admits that the industry is one where constant self-betterment is of highest importance and that if one busts his or her audition due to nervousness, then he or she won’t get a call back.


He tells her to remember the phrase “think-do-habit-personality-fate”, which is short for “Thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits shape your personality and that becomes your fate”. The auditions for new comedians will be held soon, so he urges her to try that out until she passes, which she should be able to do because he failed his four times.

He notes that many of them in the audience have become bored already, so he proposes a game of rock-paper-scissors where the winner gets a chance to hug DongGu. HA! HA! HAAAAAA!!!! This YAPS!

The auditorium erupts into screams and despite Defconn’s weak protests, he pushes through and nice DongGu plays along. Hee.

DongGu plays against the audience and several rounds later, it’s down to two girls. They both wish for SiYoon’s autograph and a hug from him if they win. They play against each other and one wins, and other loses but DongGu doesn’t hesitate to give the loser a quick hug.

Thanks to DongGu, JunHo wins the girl’s hearts, hee!

Finally, it’s TaeHyun’s turn.



Cha TaeHyun:

He smiles that during the Seoul University Special, he had that feeling of wanting his son, SooChan, to study there in the future and now at Ewha, he wishes that his two daughters could come study here in the future too.

He confesses that he’s more of a listener than a speaker, even as an actor, so he just throws the ball in the audience’s court and tells them to ask him questions so that he may offer them his thoughts and advise them if he can.

The sixth lecture: Live like … …

He asks for questions and a student raises her crutch, ha, and says that she’s lost interest in life. She wants to know the reason for it, since it’s making her lose her confidence. TaeHyun begins his answer by saying that he understands because his recent film (My Sassy Girl 2) failed terribly and so his self-confidence is currently hitting rock bottom. Hee, he has to tell the ladies not to feel sorry for him.

Losing interest in life is a normal phase that everyone goes through and he tells her not to be depressed because of it. The reason he chose that title for his lecture was because he had wanted to complete it with each and every one of their names. He wanted them to live like themselves, without comparing themselves to others and simply stay confident. That’s the best method.


Another student asks him how he’s stayed in love with his own high school sweetheart for so long (he married her), when she herself finds keeping a relationship so difficult to do in her own short life, heh.

He laughs that his own love life has actually been over romanticised and tells them to date a lot, since he couldn’t. He just lived his life his way and turned out like that, ha!

He was 31 when he first got married, which is considered young for a celebrity. He reveals that they had a pact to marry at 30, though he actually wanted to have a hit film before he married. HA, it didn’t happen before he hit 30 and his wife was actually totally furious about delaying their marriage for a year that she even told him to get lost.

So they broke up but they got back together and it was only after their marriage that he had hit films one after another, like Speedy Scandal. He concludes that life never goes the way you want it to, so just live in the moment and see where it takes you. He figures out that the student had recently broken up, so he tells her to cheer up, and all the old bachelors (and JunHo) chimes that there are lots of guys (in the world). HAHA! YAPS even points to JongMin, who sits chest out.

The last student asks what his final goal in life is and TaeHyun says that it’s just to act until he dies. However, he wants them to be more specific about their dreams, like him – he had wanted to be a singer, an actor and a director, so he decided then to become a director who acts in his movie and sings for its OST, Ahahahahhaaaaa!!!  In the end, he really fulfilled all of them (not for the same movie though).



Special Guest: Park KyungHee:

She declares that they’re pretty and giggles that she’s back at Ewha after 60 years. But she, Park KyungHee, isn’t a long-time alumna of Ewha because she’d only graduated in 2005, despite having entered in 1956. It took her a total of 50 years to get her graduation certificate and the girls all give her a big round of applause and one of them even shouts “I love you”.


The Ewha graduate explains that she had gotten married in the first semester of her third year and had to give up her education as per school rules and like her parents had wanted, so that her younger siblings could go to school.

It broke her heart so much to give up her education that she even dreamed of taking exams. In 2003, the school’s rule regarding expelled students lifted and she immediately, no matter what, applied for readmission for return to school.

However, at that time, her husband was severely ill and therefore, they had to live in the middle of the mountains in Ganghwado, where it took all day for her just to get to school. She couldn’t give up her desire to study, so she just did everything in the bus/trains/cars, sleeping there and studying there while getting to school every day.

Finally, she got her certificate. It wasn’t an easy road for her, because even the security guards in school would chase her around and try to kick her out, mistaking her for a troublesome old granny who had intended to bother the students.

Even after she had graduated, her thirst for learning was never quenched, and so she applied into the College of Rehabilitation and Welfare. She’s 80 now, but she’s still learning, and these days, she’s studying music, because her dream is to be able to play 10 instruments before she dies.

She’s doing that because she wants to go to hospitals and play music and bring joy to the patients there. Her point is that even at 80, you still can learn, so she wants the girls, many of whom whose eyes have turned red, to have hopes for their dreams. She had even written a love letter to all of them.

She knows that young adults nowadays have many worries, regarding their careers, their marriage and many things else and all she wants to tell them is that it’s okay not to try so hard when you’re having a hard time. She’s lived for 80 years already, and she’s learnt that you don’t have to struggle for everything. No matter whether you’re fast like a rabbit or slow like a tortoise, if you really want something, you will achieve it eventually, so there’s no need to rush. Take your time, you don’t have to be afraid. Just start.

It’s time for question and answer and a student majoring in music explains that even though she’s studying right now, she also wants to do many different things. However, many people around her are telling her to stop doing foolish things and only do necessary things, but she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do, so she’s just left with constantly worrying about her uncertain future and just the thought of it drives her to tears. The wise Ms Park gives her thumbs up and tells her she’s the best and JunHo sings Don’t Cry by Park SangMin, heh, ever our walking radio station.


Ms Park encourages her to laugh, not cry. If you put your fears aside and just start, you will succeed again and again. The most successful of the elderly are musicians, because the elderlies have come to realise that music is our closest friend. Defconn consoles her, playing with a line from Wheesung’s song, telling her, “Don’t cry, you fool(ish girl), you’re the best”.

Ms Park has inspired them so much that another student from the Strings and Wind Instruments major stands up to tell her that she volunteers during school holidays and that she wishes to be of more help to her and others like her.



Go run, fly.


3 thoughts on “A year has passed and gone. What have you done? Are you still running? Or have you gotten too tired?

  1. Wow.. thanks for this Peeps! This is one of my favourite segments in 1n2d and it’s nice to read their speeches again (jokes and all 😁)
    Cha Taehyun just needs to sing an ost for Best Hit and he would hit all goals in one drama. Haha..


    1. I confess, I watched SiYoon-ie’s clips on youtube (he’s so snarky now, I LOVE it!), plus Best Hit, and I was reminded of this. Amusingly, I was having motivation problems too, but they spoke to me so well!


      1. Indeed! There are valuable insights to all their speeches despite some of them acting like pabo (haha!)
        Ps: I really like Best Hit 😆 It’s my crack drama now. Also, it’s my first time watching Donggu act and i’m really enjoying it)


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