1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 183

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 183: Working Holiday!

They thought they were the lucky ones. JunHo thought he was going to die. But turns out, you can’t count your chickens before they hatch and the ones in the little village with cell phone signals are the ones who have to slog in hectare after hectare of farmland. The things one does just to have the comforts of modern civilisation.

JunHo finally reaches his destination and meets Nature-Guy Kim PilBong. He’s sent off to a little hut a little way from the main house to make a wish and JunHo wastes that on hoping that he sleeps indoors tonight. HA.

JunHo finds that place soooooo comfortable that he sits there for a long, long time, to the annoyance of Mr Kim PilBong, who calls him down after a while. Pfft, JunHo refuses to, preferring to sleep in the hut rather than go down and get busy with whatever Mr Kim PilBong says he has to do. In the end, Mr Kim PilBong lures JunHo down with promises of food. Whether you’re animal or human, no one can resist food, and so JunHo climbs down obediently, HA!


Mr Kim PilBong brings JunHo down to sit at a nice picturesque spot and JunHo finally questions the guy why he’s staying in the middle of nowhere. PilBong gets a little flustered and admits that his dream was to live in a mountain where there was no one. No one.

JunHo jokes that his dream is to make 150 million and party on some island in Bora Bora with all the Hollywood stars. Heh. PilBong shares that he too once thought that money was everything. “But, as I aged… (I realised that) that was right. HAHAHHA!

He points to the satellite dishes and the solar panels around, saying that even living in the middle of nowhere, he needs money to operate them and survive because they’re his only contact with the outside world. JunHo asks about meat, pfft, and as expected, Kim PilBong just sasses that if you don’t find any, you don’t get any.

But Kim PilBong has some tricks up his sleeves and brings JunHo to his self-made flying-fox line. Pwahaha, while he strings JunHo up to the main line, JunHo stares at the twig that Kim PilBong gave him, the thing he calls a “brake”. HAHAHAHAHA. But don’t underestimate the power of a simple toy because JunHo has lots of fun with it. Then he becomes a little thrown off at the hanging bridge that he has to cross to get back to the compound.


Elsewhere below the mountain, TaeHyun’s just finished changing his clothes and is about to start working on 13,223 m3 of farmland. EEEK! Mdm GapJun can’t stop singing his praises, even though all he did was put on a pair of farming pants. Hee, he finds a drum and a little later, he’s made to go plant some beans. Eh, I think I actually mean “a lot of beans”.

But barely two seconds later, Mdm GapSun’s Husband Mr Kim HeonSu pities him and tells him that they can stop already. HAHA! Mdm GapSun’s the one really wearing the pants though and commands them to plant it all the way till the end of the plot of land.

HAHAHHAHAHAHHA, the moment she leaves to make some snacks, Mr Kim HeonSu starts complaining and not doing work, blabbering a mile a minute like he’s the rapper Outsider. All of a sudden, he talks about wild boars and then five minutes later, Mdm GapSun calls them over to have some homemade shikhye and off they go, after barely planting 10 beans. HA!

Their homemade shikhye is especially rich and full. When asked how he felt about planting beans, TaeHyun admits that while he did that, all he remembered was stuff about wild boars and definitely planting more than Mr Kim HeonSu did. HA! Mr Kim agrees (pfft) and continues to rattle off about English people, bragging that he’s gone to the UK, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Indonesia too. His wife cuts in to warn that a day is not enough for all his stories. HAHAHHA!

TaeHyun mutters that it looks like the wife’s the one who does anything at all and she laughs that the neighbours think that too. Hee!

TaeHyun: “Are we not gonna do any work?”

Mr Kim: “Work? We’ll just work after resting!”

HA! This guy is the definition of YOLO.

After a while, they go off to plant beans in a different field and this time, Mr Kim’s more productive. HAHHAHAHHAAHA, 2 minutes later, Mdm GapSun calls TaeHyun to come for boiled potatoes.

So TaeHyun goes to dig some potatoes up under the watchful eyes of the couple as Mr Kim rap-talks about poet Pushkin. TaeHyun asks Mdm GapSun where she found her husband from, heh. While the potatoes boil, TaeHyun and Mr Kim feed the chickens. Mr Kim calls the coop with the chickens “the place for Samgeytang”. HA!

In a different house on the same hot day, Defconn and JongMin are going cross-eyed sprinkling seeds in the seed trays. HA, Mdm ChunHwa admits that she watches 1 Night 2 Days a lot but she only knows JongMin by name and messes up Defconn’s name no matter how she tries. Hee, compared to TaeHyun, this group is unceremoniously put to all kinds of work.

JoonYoung and DongGu are off making tofu and JoonYoung is having the time of his life, like this is the first time he’s doing this. The two strong men tell Mdm GeumOk to go rest and just trust them. Pfft, she doesn’t go anywhere, insisting on doing everything herself except for anything that just requires brute force. Then she sighs and teases JoonYoung for not knowing several phrases (to be honest, they’re not really common phrases used in today’s era) and looking so weak, ha.


Up in the mountains, JunHo’s sent to the river to wash up. Ha, he asks after lunch and Mr Kim PilBong assures him that it’s coming. So JunHo goes swimming in the lake, having the time of his life, while Mr Kim PilBong prepares… canned fish?! Ha! He grills (store-bought) mackeral for JunHo and when the guy comes back, he sends him to go get some vegetables from the garden and nearly gets a heart attack when JunHo rips the entire cabbage along with its roots.

Hee, JunHo walks past the frying pan to see eggs and sausages in it and when he turns, he sees Mr Natural adding bottled dressing over the salad. HAHAHA! They have their dinner just as TaeHyun wonders what they’re doing… while taking yet another break. Pffft!

TaeHyun tries calling JunHo, but there’s no signal where the 43 year old guy is and TaeHyun ends up giggling when Mr Kim plays with the drums like a kid. So he calls Defconn and JongMin to share that JunHo’s uncontactable and Defconn says that he’s gone to “the other world”. Heh. They find out that they all didn’t pick up JunHo’s “last call” to them and Mr Kim comments: “so that’s why the helicopte went up there (to get the dead body) huh?” HAHAHHA!

Defconn finally realises what a joker TaeHyun has beside him and TaeHyun wishes he could call everyone round for a banquet.

Hehe, Mdm GapSun comes with the potatoes and watches on like a mom as she makes TaeHyun wash his hands. Hahahaha, Mr Kim comes to join in the peeling and all it takes is for TaeHyun to ask “so how was Saudi Arabia” for him to rattle non-stop while they work. TaeHyun barely starts on grating the potatoes when Mdm GapSun tells him that it’s enough already. HAHAHA! They make and share Potato Pancakes and after all that, they have lunch, which is a huge pot of Kimchi Jjigae. Dang.

Defconn and JongMin have lunch too, and they’re moved to see Bulgogi there when Mdm ChunHwa kept insisting that there was no meat earlier.

While they eat, they ask her if she has any granddaughters and when they hear that the eldest is an adult, Defconn asks her to introduce her to JongMin.

JongMin: “Do you have a picture?” Ha!


Over at Mdm GeumOk’s, they’re given healthy organic vegetarian food and DongGu and JoonYoung act like little grandsons to her, with DongGu aegyo-ing her when she says that she’s never watched Baker King Kim TakGoo and JoonYoung muttering comfortably that the guy shooting the logs for no reason a distance away is just doing it for fun. DongGu washes the dishes while JoonYoung lounges with the granny and after lunch, all five of our guys at the village gather at the village hall to video-call JunHo.

HA, JunHo totally pretends that it was hard up there and Kim PilBong tells them to call one more person up to “help”. HAHAH, they end the call immediately with JunHo calling them “Babo”.

Immediately, DongGu and the others sense that something nefarious is going to happen and as they expected, one of them will be sent up to the mountains to “help” and TaeHyun retorts immediately, “No, we’re busy too!” HA!

Then he giggles to hear that he won’t be picked since he’s the only one attached to his hosts. The other four will have to play a game of ladders (basically, this is a game of pure luck) and the unlucky one will have to go up.


Defconn and JongMin get out of having to climb through 2 hours of natural foliage. Haha! JunHo’s totally having the time of his life. Pfft, DongGu’s the Chosen One.

The two jokers in the mountain tell DongGu to bring up a couple of ice-creams, soft drinks and ramyeon and heartily welcome him to their wonderful abode. Ha, JunHo goes, “DongGu yah! Let’s poop together!”

Wait a minute! What happens to JoonYoung now without his translator?! DongGu basically translated almost everything Granny GeumOk said for JoonYoung!

Hee, compared to JunHo who basically crawled through the mountain, panting, complaining and looking like death, DongGu marches through the grass full of life, like a freshly bloomed flower. Behind him, the rest of the staff whine. Hurr!

AHHAHAHA, this time, it’s the staff complaining and demanding for rests. Soon, they can’t take it anymore and get down for a game of bokbulbok to decide who carries all the luggage for the next 10 minutes. Heh, DongGu loses the first round for his team but he has hard-hitters behind him who pick up the slack and earn him the chance to hike without the baggage.

Haha, the guy who suggested the game ends up having to carry more and that team groans when they take over DongGu’s bag, since it’s the heaviest among all the equipment.

DongGu: “This will all be memories!” Pffft.

10 minutes later, DongGu strolls back and forth in front of the cameras, grinning obviously while someone on the other team screams that this is the longest 10 minutes of his life. Ha. They reach the riverside and play another round to see who picks up all the baggage and International Referee basically wins his team another 10 minutes of baggage-less hiking.

Down in the village, JoonYoung has to explain to Mdm GeumOk why DongGu’s not coming in with him and JoonYoung basically just shows her the video-message that DongGu prepared for her, finger-hearts and all. Hehehe, her biggest concern is who’ll eat the tofu they made together and JoonYoung just tells her that he’ll eat DongGu’s share too.


Heh, JoonYoung hesitantly asks if they’re able to handle the rest of the work with just the two of them and granny’s all, “why can’t the two of us just do it?”

After tofu, JoonYoung and Mdm GeumOk go harvest some thistle.

Heh, Yoo PD asks Mdm GeumOk if JoonYoung is doing okay but she’s so focused on harvesting the plant that she doesn’t answer at all. A little while later, JoonYoung tries getting a few songs out of her and even though she says she can’t, she ends up singing a very traditional song. Hee, he asks what song that is and she replies that it’s a song you sing while harvesting thistle. “It’s not the “Dead Drunk” song though?” goes JoonYoung. (“Dead Drunk” and “Thistle” are homonyms in Korean.) LOL, there’s basically a rather severe generation gap between them with JoonYoung not understanding quite a bit of what she’s saying and needing a translator. But I love the way he looks at her.

For once, TaeHyun’s doing some serious work this time, digging up potatoes. Beads of perspiration roll down his cheeks, which Mdm GapSun happily wipes away because it means the chance to pat him. HAHAHHAHA, soon, Mr Kim’s up to his usual antics again and singing instead of working.

A while later, they’re done harvesting the potatoes and Mdm GapSun happily asks for a photo of just her and TaeHyun. Mr Kim sings his jealousy, HA!

After work, TaeHyun gets some shuteye under the shade of a huge tree, but he’s woken up by the couple for some fruits. Ha, more food! Then TaeHyun goes to play with the fat fluffy puppies while Defconn and JongMin have to patch up the holes in Mdm ChunHwa’s hut with clay and straw.

They have no idea how to do that, so she calls the village architect and he’s shocked to hear that there’re just two of them and that these two have to finish work by today.


Ha, of course, Defconn and JongMin can’t work like normal people and have to play around, attacking each other with clay. Hee, seeing Defconn do such a good job, JongMin tries to earn Mdm ChunHwa’s favour too, only to have his clay keep falling off.

Up in the mountains, JunHo has gone missing and when asked if he’s seen JunHo, Kim PilBong just carelessly says that he’s finally gone down himself. HAHAAA! He laughs at the writer hopping in anxiety at the side because he knows that JunHo’s just up in the hut he went up to in the morning for a nap.


JunHo has to be lured down with promises of food again and then he’s put to work WATCHING Kim PilBong create furniture… with electric tools. Nearby, DongGu happily skips his way to the compound and when JunHo asks if the hike up drove him crazy, DongGu chirps that it was fun. HA!

Hahaha, Kim PilBong hugs the blocks of ice that DongGu lugged up (it’s been a while since he had some ice) while DongGu bounces his way up to JunHo’s favourite hut, with JunHo having to explain his absolute delight at being around nature to Kim PilBong.

HEEE, the fizzy drinks are mixed with the ice and Kim PilBong almost cries after having his first sip. The rest of the staff seem to feel the same thing too, ha!


Next Week!

Chef Sam Kim joins to help the guys in the village make edible food while the two in the mountains spend precious time with Mr Kim PilBong.



8 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 183

  1. Thanks for the recap! Mountain man cries because of ice and fizzy drinks… Aww.. He has no fridge? Many things we take for granted in the modern world.. can’t wait to watch it later.


    1. Of course he doesn’t have a fridge. His WIFI is spotty because his solar panels can’t even generate enough to keep them going 24/7, much less power a fridge.
      In nature, watermelons are cooled by sitting in streams.


  2. thanks for the recap, peeps! i just wonder.. where did donggu get all thay energy? surely he’s tired what with the drama shootings and all. but no.. he still can hop about like the energizer bunny..i think if donggu is chosen to go for another hike next time..the staff will fight on staying away from him😂


  3. That natural man isn’t really a natural man! He’s more of a DIY-er! It’s evident because he only does things he likes, and takes shortcuts for things he doesn’t, e.g. food preparation/preservation!


  4. I wanted to know more about the naturalist. He said he built that zipline for his children. Since he’s been in the middle of the forest for 20 years, I’m curious about the set-up of his family before and during his time in the deep forest. I’m imagining now a movie script, swear haha.

    Thanks peepz as always for the recap. 😀


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