Fight My Way Comment-Spoilers

Fight My Way poster

Heraldpop via NAVER: [Fight My Way ending] Realistically portrayed love between the “Nam-il Villa” couples; was sympathizing.

[946; -15]: Youth is enviable. Really~~~

[867; -35] If I go back to those times, I’ll really, to death, love really hard. What’s so important about work? Youth won’t come back. I want to live like DongMan.

| [245; -1] If I go back to those times, I want to just study to death and get a good job. What’s so important about love? Without money, even love leaves.

[655; -15] I cried, I laughed. It was a really cool drama!

[617; -12] Why do (you) like the diaphragm that much?

[489; -35] Kim JiWon is the best. (Her) acting is really too good [the best], her looks the best, her body the best , even her character/personality is the best. (She’s) really on the way to flourish as a good person.

[191; -3] When (you’re) young, (you) don’t know about youth. When (you’re) in love, (you) don’t see love eh~

[175; -4] Rather than packaging the reality of youth’s pain prettily, it was a drama that showed it for what it is and offered sympathy and consolation. Especially since the main casts acted really well together like one, it touched (my) heart even more. Writer, director, staff and actors, for showing a good drama, thank you.


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