1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 184

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 184: Working Holiday

It’s only been a few hours, but JunHo was already feeling the loneliness of living alone in nature. Hahaha, he finally realises how his grandfather feels every holiday season and DongGu plays along as the prodigal grandson who soon has to leave for work.

Down the fox-line DongGu flies, then into the water with JunHo he goes, where the ex-Marine sinks down under. Ha. Mr PilBong calls the rest of the staff to join in the water, but they refuse and after having fun, it’s time to start working on the bench PilBong-nim was working on earlier. Hee, DongGu takes forever and a year to join in, because he’s off applying his many creams on his face and checking his hair. But when he comes, he either takes too long or messes up and Mr PilBong just takes over. Bing-gu-ya…

Soon, the bench is done and it’s time for the “opening ceremony”. Heh, Mr PilBong asks what year they’re in and after cutting the “ribbon”, the three rest again on the bench and laugh when the PD notices how JunHo and Mr PilBong’s feet hang in the air while DongGu’s are planted firmly on the ground.


Down below the mountain, the four of them are set to make dinner for the villagers with Chef Sam Kim. That’s after working the whole day, haha. Hee, they don’t forget to mention how Chef’s favourite ingredient is the MSG pack that come with the ramyeon-s (he came before on an earlier episode) and Chef’s determined to protect his reputation today with 80 portions of Tomato Pasta and Boiled Pork (Suyuk).

Immediately, he sets the men to work, getting them to open cans… but they can’t even do that without asking him for help. Hahaha, he puts JoonYoung and TaeHyun to work dicing onions and carrots. JongMin is tasked with making the broth… and telling him how to make it is useless because he just keeps asking the same questions over and over again. Heh, JoonYoung jokes that Sam Kim could probably do everything himself faster.


HAHAHAHAH, JongMin’s then asked to portion the minced meat and he needs Chef’s help with multiplication despite being told to mix the beef and pork in 7:3 ratio.  Defconn does fantastically on his own while at the stoves, JoonYoung and TaeHyun stirfry the minced meat, looking like assistant chefs at some restaurant. Defconn laughs that he looks like the army cook instead as he stirs the huge pot of broth himself.

While Chef hovers around JongMin, time passes and slowly, the broth is done. It gets added to a smaller pot along with tomato sauce, the minced meat and diced vegetables to make Pasta Sauce. Yoo PD reminds chef that he still has Suyuk to make. Off Defconn goes to prepare that broth, while he wonders what the three guys up in the mountain are having for dinner.

Mr Natural is craving for Naengmyeon and DongGu offers to make it. He just lets the noodles sit in still water for 30 minutes. Ha, Kim PilBong insists that tuna belongs in Doenjang Jjigae and the other two look at him like he’s loco. JunHo tries a taste… and mutters that it’s just tuna stew. Hee. DongGu suddenly asks for some wild mushrooms but Mr Natural suggests adding wild ginseng instead. Heh.

Soon, he comes back with four roots of ginseng he plucked somewhere from the wilderness behind his house  and adds it to the stew. They stare at it, not knowing what that will taste like. DongGu has a taste and he sighs that the ginseng and the tuna are fighting each other in his head right now. JunHo has a spoonful too and he goes: “The Ginseng is now chasing the Tuna”. LOL.

Mr PilBong tries it and almost curses at their overreaction. Hee.

DongGu chatters and is cut off by his alarm notifying him that his noodles are done. He pours them right into a huge basin with cold water to rinse. Adding the instant sauce completes Mr Natural’s instant dinner.

The sun sets and some staff are invited to dine together. Pfft , while DongGu talks to Mr Helicam, Mr Natural drinks in two plastic containers of Cold Noodles, resulting in the one rare occasion where JunHo goes speechless. Heh, DongGu’s laughing like this is a performance by a Daesang-worthy comedian.


Time to eat the Ginseng-Tuna Stew and they play scissors-paper-stone to determine the order of their choosing their bowls. Hahhaha, Sir International Referee wins but he accidentally chooses the bowl without the ginseng. And later when JunHo and Kim PilBong squabble over finding the last bowl with ginseng, Mr Helicam pulls that precious root out gleefully from his bowl.

TaeHyun and JoonYoung are hard at work making dinner for 80+ people and Defconn suffers a bit of cultural shock to realise that the two chickens in the broth aren’t even part of the meal. They’re really just there to give the broth flavour, HEHE. So Chef Sam Kim munches on them… and Yoo PD bugs him for dinner. Hee, he immediately drops everything to mix the pasta and tries running home when TaeHyun drops his chunk of cheese into the pasta when he’s supposed to grate it in.

Chef Sam: “Can’t I just go home? Don’t say that this is made by me. After all, they don’t know me, just say that I’m one of the staff!”



Soon, after the sun has long gone down, the villagers gather and dinner is served. Defconn even personally delivers dinner to the kids in their school, where the kids all stare at him star-struck.

The elders take to the Italian dish well, as it surprisingly goes well with Kimchi and Makgeolli. Teenagers ask TaeHyun for a picture together. Mdm GapJun even loudly asks TaeHyun for another serving and then her husband stands up to dance when the boys sing to liven the atmosphere.

Dinner ends and Sam Kim is satisfied with how everyone loved the food. But he declines the offer to stay for the night or even the chance to visit Mr Natural, JunHo and DongGu. Haha.

Speaking of them, Kim PilBong tells the other two to get ready to go fish for catfish. Armed with three rods and a box of earthworms, the three head to the river where Kim PilBong and DongGu pull up fish after fish. Meanwhile, JunHo’s sitting on a huge rock a distance away, snapping at the production team to shut the lights off since the fish aren’t biting his bait. Rather than bite, they’re pecking it all off and not getting caught. HAHAHAHA.

But soon, JunHo pulls a small catfish out and he celebrates his easy catch. He brags that he’s a professional and he gets a nonchalant, not-very-excited congratulations in return.

Kim PilBong insists that they have to turn the lights off if they want the fish to come and so they do that and less than 10 seconds later, DongGu has a bite on his line. JunHo has the time of his life catching fish and not  seaweed for the first time in a long time. Hee, PD-nim asks if JunHo’s going to be fishing the whole night and JunHo tells him to just go up first.

But sleep they must and the two city-dwellers return to the compound. DongGu laughs to hear that they’ll be playing to decide who sleeps “indoors”, since either way, it’ll all feel like outdoor-sleeping anyway. So PD-nim points to the pavilion on the upslope that JunHo napped in that afternoon and says that the loser will be sleeping there, far away from the compound, alone. HEE.

Suddenly, JunHo opens his windbreaker. Because a moth went in there, HA!

To make matters worse (for JunHo. DongGu just giggles), Kim PilBong shares that the place is haunted and he even describes the ajumma and son ghosts in great detail. JunHo turns around… and jumps a mile when DongGu suddenly pounces on him.


The game they’ll play is charades, with the two men acting the words out while Kim PilBong guesses. JunHo goes first… but before that, DongGu mutters that the carvings on the roof of the hut up there look like the face of a person. And Kim PilBong creeps up to JunHo to scare him when the scaredy-cat turns to stare at the roof. HEH HEH.

Kim PilBong tells JunHo not to worry, that he’s good at this. Then he proceeds to fail to guess every single word. HAHAHAH, JunHo’s so focused on acting the words that he lets out a fart and he even screams at DongGu between words. HAAAAAA, DongGu totally whispers random words in Kim PilBong’s ears to mess him up and finally, Kim PilBong gets one right. End of JunHo’s turn! HAHA!

It’s DongGu’s turn next and while he had problems with the first word, PilBong-nim breezes through the rest of the words, guessing them all right until DongGu’s out of words to act.

Immediately, JunHo accuses everyone of plotting against him and has DongGu act out words from another set. They ace it. HEHE.


So it’s JunHo who has to sleep up there and DongGu tells the production to pass him an extra camera because JunHo’s going to interview the ghosts tonight. Hee. Even the staffs refuse to go up there and set up the tents for him, afraid of the ghost, HA!

Scaredy-cat JunHo keeps delaying his trip up there and keeps trying to drag someone with him. There’s no particular morning mission for them, other than to just open their eyes and JunHo laughs that he may not even wake up. DongGu calms him down, telling him not to worry about the morning mission… because the ajumma and son ghosts will wake him up. HA.

JunHo’s given some sulphur to keep the snakes away and JunHo asks for a cross to keep the ghosts away instead.

LOL, he spreads the mat right there on the ground and refuses to budge, accusing Kim PilBong of not being the naturalist like he said but rather, an actor. He’s given a whistle and DongGu warns him not to whistle it all night long because ghosts like sounds and will come find him. JunHo just tells him to buzz off, heh.

The villagers down below are also playing the game with JongMin, TaeHyun, JoonYoung and Defconn.  Just like the entire day they spent before, JoonYoung and Granny GeumOk can’t understand each other at all and JoonYoung comes in dead last by getting none of the words right.

Finally, it’s only TaeHyun and JongMin who manage to earn the right to sleep indoors and Sir YOLO tells the other two to just kick the wild boar if it ever comes close and it’ll fly away. HA.

Defconn sits in his mosquito net and has to assure Mdm ChunHwa that he’s perfectly good sleeping in the great wide outdoors with all the fresh air and cool breeze, otherwise she won’t sleep that night. JoonYoung too has to assure Granny GeumOk that he’s not cold at all or she won’t leave for the warm indoors.

Meanwhile, TaeHyun’s happily watching TV with his hosts and loving how he got to eat the whole day.


JunHo gathers his gear and wishes Mr PilBong and DongGu a good night. He tells Mr PilBong not to feel too guilty and when he goes up, he complains about the insect in his tent. He whines at the staff not to leave him before he sleeps and Angel DongGu grabs a sleeping bag to join JunHo since he seemed so scared.

But JunHo’s more scared of DongGu, since he’d already dozed off and wasn’t expecting any guests. Heh.

Early morning comes and Granny GeumOk hobbles over to JoonYoung, who admits that he wasn’t cold at all. Instead, he whines that he was scared. HAHA.

With her, he’s got the advantage since he’s awake even before the real morning call.

He makes it to the indicated location first and runs to make meringue out of egg whites after quickly reading the mission – the one who makes the meringue last has to deliver brunch to those in the mountains. Defconn waddles over and immediately beats the egg whites without even seeing the mission card.


He’s first to get those stiff white peaks, followed by JoonYoung, which is when JongMin comes. TaeHyun’s still lightly jogging to the place and when he sees what the mission is, he complains that he’s terrible at that. In fact, JongMin does get those stiff peaks first… but because he was so traumatized by the last time he failed and only got runny egg whites on his head, he refuses to turn the bowl over to show that he’s got it… and TaeHyun manages to succeed before him. Hee! Even more hilarious is the fact that TaeHyun hasn’t even fully woken up yet and has no idea why they’re laughing.

So JongMin’s the one who has to deliver the brunch that Kim PilBong is waiting for and TaeHyun almost spits his drink out when JongMin admits that he really didn’t do that for the funnies. He really just did the most stupid thing he’s ever done this year.

Off to the food truck the boys go, with JongMin ordering the others to make the sandwiches for him while he sits by the side munching on his own. He drinks a mixed-grain drink and doesn’t care that TaeHyun says that he’ll have to poop and he’ll then get bitten by snakes if he drinks that.

Up in the mountains, Mr Kim PilBong is wide awake and having birds eating out his hands like the Naturalist he’s supposed to be. At the same time, DongGu’s nowhere near the hut. Instead, he’s already sulking and brushing his teeth at the compound, complaining about JunHo sounding worse than a boar. HAHAHHAHAHA! He pouts that JunHo’s terrible and if you wanted to know how sleeping next to him feels like, put your phone on vibrate under your pillow and sleep on it. Yikes!

But nature heals him and off he goes to the stream to wash up. It’s just cool, clear, clean water that he uses to wash his hair and face. He doesn’t use soap in order to keep the waters clean… then he jokes that he hopes the dirt from his hair and face doesn’t pollute the stream.


He then does his morning exercise and gets a few compliments about his fitter body in return. Ha, he says that getting his pay makes him more motivated and everyone turns to look at JunHo, the guy who also just got paid but is still sleeping up in the hut.

JongMin finally reaches the compound and while DongGu runs for the bag of sandwiches, Mr PilBong’s more enamoured with JongMin. Ha, he tries to get JongMin to stay, but JongMin rejects with the line, “I’m more suited to the city!”


JunHo finally makes his way down and shares his new learning: The thing that beats ghosts and wild boars… is fatigue. HAHAHA, he was so tired that he just dozed off the moment his head hit the pillow: no time to think of scary ahjummas in dirty brown short-sleeved shirts.

JongMin passes out the sandwiches and milk to every one… and suddenly the writer laughs, head in her hands. JunHo doesn’t understand what’s going on, until the producer sniffs at his own sandwich. HAHA, DongGu immediately switches his mustard-filled sandwich with JongMin and Mr Producer finally realizes what’s wrong.


The boys close the episode with their hosts and JoonYoung giggles happily as he shows Granny GeumOk how to use a neck massager. TaeHyun is thanked for doing half a month’s worth of work (hahahahhaha) while Defconn teaches Mdm ChunHwa how to greet like a rapper.

Granny GeumOk tells her “grandson” to come again. Mdm ChunHwa tells “MinDoon” and “KeokJeong” that it was nice to see them and Mdm GapJun thanks 1 Night 2 Days for coming while Mr HeonSu asks them to come again. Mr Kim PilBong too, loved that the guys came by and laughs that while he doesn’t expect anyone to come again, it’ll be great to come at least once.


Next Week!

Pua-ha-ha-ha Kim BulAm is here to bring you healthy Korean food!


Some days, I just wanna watch my favourite show and laugh along with it without rushing to recap it all. Especially when I feel like recapping is a waste of my time and is getting annoying like it’s homework with no reward. Yesterday was one of those days. 😛


12 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 184

  1. Noooo don’t ever stop. I watched the episode translated but i was still came and read ur recap. It is fun to read ur comments ……


  2. Please don’t stop recapping. I have to admit that I am always looking forward to your recap while waiting for the subs to come out. Even after the subs are out, it is nice to read your recap. On a side note, it looks like those who went up the mountain end up playing and not doing much work compare to those staying in ths village. Hahaha.. poor jongmin has to experience everything.


  3. Just would like to comment. I’m one of those silent readers, though I really enjoyed reading your recap before watching the subbed version of this show. Well done! Just putting it up here 🙂


  4. Please don’t stop. Love reading your recaps. Sometimes the subtitles won’t translate everything and I’ll just understand it after reading your recaps.


    1. I see. Thanks! In return, if you see anything translated wrongly, please tell me, because I actually watch and recap at the same time (which I guess is why burn-out happens because I miss just watching the episodes as is) so I might miss and misunderstand some things. I don’t watch with subs again, but I’m not 100% fluent in Korean either, LOL.


  5. Thanks for your recaps. I rush to your site every Monday morning during my break because I’m used to not getting the 1N2D subs early. Keep up the good work! And I understand how you feel when you said there are some shows and episodes that you just enjoyed watching and you don’t feel like writing recaps. Thanks as always!


  6. Hi Peeps! I’m late to this episode. But i’m here. I always like to read your recaps after watching the show just to see if we share the same reaction >○<. (We do. Ha ^^)
    I am enjoying Dongu's presence more and more. It helps that i like his other show – The Best Hit 🙂


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