1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 185

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 185: Summer Korean Recuperating Dishes

It’s a brand new trip and this time, we’re starting at Andong, Gyeongsang-do.

LOL, the first thing we hear is DongGu loudly recalling that they were here last summer with TWICE at the stream. JongMin’s totally excited, but there’s no TWICE waiting for them here except for some utensils hung on some ropes. They’re told to choose one and TaeHyun grumbles about his huge chopsticks (they’re as long as his torso) as he joins the others to sit in the shade of a Hanok.

The boys store their tools on their bodies as Yoo PD introduces them to the place they’re at – Su-ae-dang. Heh, Defconn and JunHo, who are on either side of JoonYoung, joke around lamely and JoonYoung sighs at how old they play.

Built in 1939 by Independence Fighter Ryu JinGeol (pen name: SuAe) as a respite for his parents, Su-ae-dang embodies the architectural technique of the late Joseon Dynasty. (Today, it has guestrooms for those interested to stay there.)


Here, our boys will be welcoming someone who’ll introduce them to the theme of their trip today. JongMin’s excited again, but all they get is a video of Actor Choi BulAm announcing that this is a Korean People’s Summer Recuperating Dishes’ Special. HAHAHAHAH, TaeHyun complains about his chopsticks again, wondering how he’s going to eat with it. JongMin: “Do I get ramyeon?” Sigh.

They’re at Andong, mainly because it’s the hometown of the lady who wrote the very first recipe book written in Hangul, the Eum-sik-di-mang-bang. Andong’s also home to the very famous Korean Beef and is well-known for its Chinese Yam.

So that’s their theme for this trip and they open the door behind them to reveal a table-full of healthy food. Out comes the wife of the 24th heir to the Ryu Family, Moon JeongHyeon, to explain the dishes on the table. HAHAHAHA, Defconn asks if she knew she would be moving into such a household when she was about to be married (as the 24th daughter-in-law, she’d have a lot of responsibilities in order to uphold tradition) … and she sighs that the house is a bit big and relating to her days at Deok-su-gung Palace when she was younger, she’d thought that this was a Folk Village rather than just one house. HA!


In fact, when she first came, she was about to walk through the small back door but her father-in-law had forbidden that and told her to go round to the front door and enter from there instead. It took her like 10 minutes just to walk round the compound to that door, pfft. But now, since she’s one of the very few in Korea to carry this position as the daughter-in-law of a prestigious household, she’s proud of what she does.

But back to the food!

She introduces them to refreshing noodles made out of Chinese Yam and the Flame Grilled Beef.  Along with it is Poached Eggs with Seafood and even reddish Andong Shikhye, which is meant to help digestion.

LOL, JunHo tries to be funny and is about to make a very lame joke but JoonYoung beats him to it.

Yoo PD offers them the food, but of course, it comes with a condition – a game. If they all win this, they all get to eat. Otherwise…

Moon JeongHyeon: “Do I get to eat it?” Heh.

Their mission is to come up with four-syllable phrases/ words that correspond to whatever theme Yoo PD tells them. They have 3 attempts and Yoo PD even lets them have a practice round.

Yoo PD goes “Marriage” and JunHo goes “Four Seasons.”

JunHo: “Because people get married all seasons of the year!” Ha!

Then JongMin follows it with, “Bride’s Friends”. Pfft. Everyone, please remember that JongMin’s goal for this year is marriage! And Defconn completes it with “Groom’s Friends”.


So because of those kinds of nonsense answers, Yoo PD brings out the big guns and sits three judges in front of them to decide whether their vague words are admissible. Hey, they accept JunHo’s “Four Seasons”!

Heh, Defconn’s last ridiculous answer in the first proper round fails it for them and when Yoo PD throws out “Yangban” (Aristocrat), they scream and complain, since it’s not so easy to come up with 4 syllable phrases/ words for it. But desperation beings out the best in everyone and they easily pass through this round… until it’s pointed out that JoonYoung said: “Hun-Min-Jeong-Eum”, aka, Hangul, aka, the Korean Alphabets. The Yangban insisted on using traditional Chinese Characters for the longest time though, finding Hangul to be beneath them, heh.

So the judges unanimously reject it.

They press Yoo PD to come out with words relating to Yangban and he happily raps them. The next theme is “KBS” and JunHo can’t even come up with anything, having lost his mind over DongGu choosing his answer of “1 Night 2 Days”.


With the grace of the judges who decided that the 5 seconds given before the game started was not counted precisely, they go at it again but with no additional time to think this time. And TaeHyun messes up with “Bok-bul-bok… shhhh-“ HAHAHA, Defconn insists TaeHyun meant to say “Bok-bul-bok Show” and the game continues with JongMin going “Yoo IlYong-ssi”, followed by JoonYoung’s “Entertainment PD”, JunHo’s “Kim JongMin-ssi” and finally, Defconn’s “Defconn-ssi”!! HEH. They’re so failing this.

So they do.

All of a sudden, the theme song to Goblin plays and from behind come the “Eating-blins”, comedians Yoo MinSang and Moon SeYoon in black robes, reapers for food.

LOL, so that’s where the food’s going to if they fail?

HAAAAAAA, I guessed right and our poor 1 Night 2 Days boys have to watch as the two of them practically drink their food. I will laugh if our guys lose all the way and these Eating-blins pass out from eating too much at the end of the day. OMG, is SeYoon asking for rice?! JunHo’s all prepared to hit them, pfft.

Soon JoonYoung whines at them not playing any game and thus not giving them any chance to taste the food at all. SeYoon complains that they’re being so uncomfortably noisy and stare-y. JunHo snaps at the two of them to buzz off and MinSang takes this opportunity to tattle on how his senior’s so pissy, all day all night, hee.

Pwahahaha, they suddenly make the comedians put on a show and make them stuff multiple plums in their mouths at the same time.

Yoo PD understands how annoying this must be for the 6 boys and offers them a chance to eat. Whoever picks the same utensils as the Eating-blins has the chance sit at the table and it turns out to be JongMin. Hee, he tries to grab as much food as he can with his tongs and while he slurps, other utensils appear under him to try and steal the food he’s letting drop. Hee, JunHo and Defconn are warned when they manage to steal some.

The Eating-blins offer food to whoever can eat it with TaeHyun’s huge chopsticks and JoonYoung’s the only one who manages to succeed. The rest just steal whatever dropped, heh.


WHOA… the eating-blins even pull out their bag of snacks and make the boys make hamburgers for them. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, JunHo stuffed about 20 cloves of garlic in SeYoon’s hamburger but SeYoon doesn’t even react from the spiciness and loves it instead.

So that ends their trip at Su-ae-dang and off they go to Mungyeong to try the restorative summer food there. That was… kind of boring…

Anyway, Mungyeong was a “coal city” and so they’ll be trying the “pang-bu” restorative foods there, the most basic of which is pork – yakdol pork. Hee, they pass by one of the greatest sights in Mungyeong, the Jin-nam-gyo-ban, which looks gorgeous in the daylight but just reminds Defconn that they’re in summer and he wonders if they’re not doing the “Cooling Special”, aka, the “Horror Special”.

TaeHyun: “I gotta get home.” HAHAHA.


Pfft, they all scare themselves and Defconn threatens that he’s going to sue if the production team takes it too far. JunHo starts dozing off in the meantime and JongMin throws a capful of water right in his face. They all laugh and JunHo demands for food.

Heh, they have to climb up a slope and they complain that they can’t move since they haven’t eaten anything. They find themselves at the entrance of a coal mine and JongMin’s hilariously amazed by the mist. They happily enter the cool cave, where figures of miners sit along the tunnel, depicting a time from the lost past.

Walking a while takes them to other end of a tunnel where a beautiful tree-lined lane waits for them. They follow it… to find the eating-blins. Heh. JunHo’s totally annoyed right now and he whines for them to leave already.

The eating-blins are already grilling the Yakdol Pork, which is really just pork from pigs that are fed germanium and selenium, making them supposedly healthier. The eating-blins show off the chilled omija-tea, fruit salad and bibim-naengmyeon, the items that our guys are definitely getting for lunch. Here, they’ll be playing for the precious pork instead.

There’ll be three rounds of Dibidibidib, a game that’s popular in the early 2000s. In this game played between two persons at a time, there are three set positions. The first person has to act out one and the challenger has to put out a different position. If both persons do the same action, then the challenger loses and the game ends.

For this mission, the eating-blins will go down the row and our boys have to make sure that they don’t all lose him and must manage to last until at least the 60 seconds mark. If they lose the first time, half their portion of pork will be given to the eating-blins. If they lose again, then another half of whatever remaining is given away again. If they lose the third time, they get no pork.

JunHo to Yoo MinSang: “Go slowly, I’ll treat you to alcohol!”

Yoo MinSang: “I quit day-time drinking!”



Immediately, the 6 of them gather round JongMin for tips, since he played that game in variety games a lot in the past. But as you know, Shinba is just all talk, heh.

For the sake of the other guys who don’t have much experience with this game, Yoo MinSang goes for a practice round with them. Heh, they’re hilariously slow and of course fail to last past the 60 seconds mark at all. So Yoo PD puts John Zaller and Alpha-O in their midst and off they go for their first round.

Heh, TaeHyun loses on his first try while Ace Alpha-O manages to win many rounds and holds out for 5 seconds. John Zaller is the exact opposite. Hee. The others don’t do very well either and it’s all left to JongMin, who fails with 7 seconds left. Behind them, guys in black with squeaky hammers come out to hit them, heh.

So one plate of pork is taken away and they change up the order. TaeHyun goes first and fails on the first try again. Ha. The boys and their guests do better this time, but alas… their one and only hope, Alpha-O, fail them by losing on the very first try. HEH.


JunHo starts calling out for those with only “one hit” and TaeHyun’s hand shoots up. JongMin pushes him to the end, telling him to just keep going that way and DongGu mutters the title of their drama “The Best (one) Hit” under his breath, HEEEE! Our boys only have ½ a plate of pork left.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! DongGu goes first and manages to last through 19 rounds of dibidibidib! He lasts through 20 seconds on his own! JunHo tries to pull rank but MinSang’s not having it, hee. And here, Alpha-O only lasts through 2 rounds. At 4 seconds to go, the timer suddenly stops for half a second. Hey! But TaeHyun fails in one try again anyway, so they were going to lose after all.

They grumble and complain at the unfairness of the timer stopping and Yoo PD lets them play for a quarter plate of pork this time even though they’d have lost whether the timer stopped or not anyway.

So off they go, playing very well this last round. It finally reaches TaeHyun at less than a second. If TaeHyun loses this, then they lose! But no, this “Best One Hit” manages to punch through the wall and deliver a win!

So our guys manage to win a quarter plate of Yakdol Pork and JunHo’s so happy that he chokes on the fruit salad. Ha!

SeYoon prepares to grill their pork while the 1 Night boys drink and talk nonsense. They eat and drink, and eat and drink… and soon Defconn starts feeling mischievous. Heh, he starts touching MinSang all over, distracting him while JongMin switches his bowl out with theirs.


TaeHyun giggles as he brazenly takes a bite from what MinSang thought was his bowl and later, he messes with the eating-blins’ bags so that Defconn can attempt to steal from MinSang’s bowl. Defconn then keeps calling for SeYoon to come drink bowl after bowl of Omija-tea… while JongMin attempts to steal their pork. Pfft.

But soon, all eight of the guys are gathered round the grill and eating pork right off it.

Once all the meat is gone, the boys disperse too and JunHo starts scooping everything out of the watermelon, wanting to use it for some comedy. He makes SeYoon put it on and starts ordering for some mimicry and jokes. Hahahahahahah, SeYoon mimics a cow REALLY well!


MinSang has to go through that too and the 1 Night 2 Days guys have a blast laughing at the comedians.

Then JunHo brazenly eats his juniors’ meat, right in front of all those cameras. He didn’t even try to hide! So his juniors put the watermelon husk on him and demand that he make them laugh. Under Defconn’s insistence, JunHo starts acting out this script “A story of a Grandfather and his Grandson”. It’s so not funny that MinSang and SeYoon just stare in disbelief, ha!




Next Week!

They huddle in a room, screaming at a bug not to come near them.


20 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 185

  1. I am one of your silent reader. I am not that good in writing because English is not my daily language. I enjoy reading your recap before watching the subbed episode. really love it. thank you for your hard work in recap.


    1. I am a recapper of 1 Night 2 Days. I recap it without even the English subs BECAUSE Korean is not the language I use daily.

      Your English is good and fine! Don’t be afraid to use it! If you don’t, how do you become better and more confident? There’s no other way to become comfortable with a language other than through speaking or writing in it as much as you can. And the internet is the best place to do that – nobody recognises the real you, so even if you make mistakes, it’s fine. Even in the recaps, I make mistakes all the time and that’s fine. Nobody gets angry at me for that, so nobody will get angry at you too.

      Thank you very much for your comments and I hope to hear from you soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They need to sit down and eat to replenish the energy lost during the ‘3 hours’ hike to and fro the naturalist’s house in the previous ‘Working holiday’ special. 😛

        Meanwhile, these food in this episode! Make one hungry!


      2. Hurrr-

        But they didn’t really get to eat much this episode either! The eating-blins are a bit much. They should have waxed poetic about the food like JunHyun instead of just gorging on it. JongMin could have done their job. “Mm!! Waaa… Mm!!! Waaaaaaah!!!!!!”


  2. Thanks for the recap. I really enjoyed last week’s episode. I agree, this episode was a bit boring. They might be doing more cultural episodes to give Cha Taehyun and Donggu some time to rest? Maybe they were hoping the comedians would pick up the slack, but you can’t really expect them to be funny all the time without prepared material. But it was nice seeing Donggu be the ace at something and I think I noticed Joonyoung developed a dividivi strategy where he would do each pose two times and then switch. Donggu’s strategy seemed to be to peek through his lashes.


    1. Oh ho, I didn’t realise that with JoonYoung.

      I think the best way to play this game is to put out the “wing” pose if the other guy plays either of the other two poses and vice versa. Because the other two poses are too similar and the “wing” one is so obvious.


  3. hey..thanks for the recaps..peeps.you’re an angel! i am so busy at the moment that it breaks my heart not able to catch up on both 1N2D & the best hit.. i rely on recaps alone! hopefully my crazy workload will ease and i’ll be able to watch them.. missed the crazy guys.


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