1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 186 Extra

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 186 Extra: Learning Hanja

The latest trip ends and our boys sit on the log bridge, with JunHo needling JongMin to accede to DongGu since by right, he should have won – he just went blank and added one more piece to his already finished tower.

DongGu leans against the log bridge, smiling robotically because he still has to film for The Best Hit and he’s beside himself as he can’t stay back without affecting the filming process on the other side. His PD whines at him, a little frustrated and worried for him and JunHo commands JongMin to give in. JongMin hesitates, not willing to commit and TaeHyun complains that he’d run to his event.

They press him to reveal what time his event is (most music events don’t happen so early in the morning) and JongMin refuses to give it up, muttering that it’s a secret. HAHAHAHA. JunHo’s suspicious that he just made that event up.

JongMin offers to pay for their dinner gathering later and JunHo snaps: “Just don’t come!” HAHAHAHA! Bait fail! Defconn settles it by telling him to just come and pay, not eat. Ha.

Yoo PD asks the others if they don’t have any intention to sit in for DongGu and Defconn says that he has a delivery arriving soon while JoonYoung has to feed his cat. DongGu gives up and all eyes turn to JongMin.

Yoo PD asks JongMin once more if he really doesn’t have any intention to accede the win to DongGu and JongMin goes… “Of course I think about it a lot… but I have no time!” Pfft!

In the end, JunHo decides to just pick up DongGu’s slack with TaeHyun. Hee, that display of loyal brotherhood puts JongMin to shame.

Almost immediately after, DongGu rushes off to his filming set while… JongMin peeks at TaeHyun and JunHo preparing for their class. If you’re going to be like this just join! Even Yoo PD invites him but he refuses to the end and hops off.

Hanja lesson starts and Yoo PD introduces their teacher to them – Teacher Kim GwangHo, eldest grandson of the head of the family directly descended from famed Joseon Astronomer, Politician and Scientist Kim Dam who served King SeJong the Great. He’s here to teach them some Hanja words, right from the first few pages of the Thousand Character Classics. In order to go home, they have to memorise how to write the first 16 words and their meaning and pass a test by Teacher Kim GwangHo.

The two of them write and write as practice. JunHo mutters that it’s too hard.

But both of them get the first word right, easily.

JunHo fails the next word though and tries to sneak a look at TaeHyun’s. HA! He manages something close but ultimately gets it wrong.

Teacher Kim GwangHo asks them for a series of “Huang”, all with different meanings and they each get them right and wrong in turn. Hee, this is what happens when your language only has alphabets, ha! They sound the same but the words and the meanings are not the same!

With more words right, TaeHyun gets a dried persimmon and the permission to go home first.

JunHo’s left behind, having to go through more tests and Yoo PD tells Teacher Kim not to go easy on JunHo.

LOL, JunHo doesn’t know how to write the word the Teacher tells him to write and so bargains to write another word – dormitory.

This time, he gets the essence of Hanja and recites the meaning of it, which helps him write the word successfully. He gets a dried persimmon and permission to go home too!


Dormitory by Kim JunHo:

In a good house in YongJu,
Intending to stay there for a day,
A person came.
Because he liked it so much,
He stayed for 100 days.

Ooh, good job, Kim JunHo!


6 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 186 Extra

    1. You’re welcome. I knew some wouldn’t be able understand. Just see the comments on Facebook – some people can’t even recognize that DongGu couldn’t stay because of The Best Hit even though the logo was printed there. Haha!

      Anyway, more laughter for all.


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